Arsenal’s Transfer Window – Fact vs Fiction


Like all true Gooners I was a little underwhelmed by the lack of additions to our squad through this transfer window. The media did an excellent job in fanning the fires of expectation by throwing out names like Reus, Cavani, Benzema, Bender, Schneiderlin, Khedira, etc. It was a long list of names associated with 2 key positions – a holding/defensive midfielder and a striker.

There were many claims made by “journalists” (I use that term loosely here and equally could have used the term rumour-mongers) about fees, desire of the player to come to Arsenal, willingness of the clubs to sell, etc but without substantiation/proof or any supporting evidence, one would have to question the veracity of these stories. Nonetheless, the objective was achieved. Fans got excited, broad-sheets were filled, social media was abuzz and website traffic spiked. Even while no football was played – the whole world was still talking about the EPL. The brand and the product was still front and centre.

Certainly our own AFC made statements – statements of intent which we are all too familiar with, about acquiring the right quality player who would improve our team, about a “list of targets”, about a war chest of funds. There is no question AFC has a very broad and deep global scouting network – it’s been widely acknowledged – which is always on the look out for talent and not just through the transfer windows. It’s an ongoing process. If there’s a gem out there, you can be pretty sure we’ll find him. We have intent, capability and funds.

So now the transfer window has closed, what was indeed fact and what was fiction? I think we can only agree 2 relevant facts here:
1. AFC were looking to acquire a “world class” striker
2. AFC have the financial means

Fiction and conjecture…
1. Were AFC really looking for a holding/defensive midfield player?
2. Were PSG really going to sell Cavani for £50m? Did we actually make a bid?
3. Were Real Madrid really going to sell Benzema?
4. Were AFC really interested in signing Higuain and were Napoli actually willing to sell him?

AW has stated on a number of occasions that he is NOT in the market for a holding midfielder. In terms of defensive midfielders here’s what he has to say: “I think we have had that debate for a long time now that Arsenal does not buy defensive players,” said Wenger. So we can put that to bed. It’s fiction that AFC were in the market for a holding midfielder – rightly or wrongly.

So let’s focus on the “world class” striker AFC wanted. Which world class striker was available? Had a desire to join AFC? At a club willing to sell? I for one have no idea who really was on the market and who wasn’t….I couldn’t discern between fact and fiction here.

For a moment I thought Januzaj to Dortmund could mean that they were willing to sell Reus, I though perhaps De Gea to Real Madrid would mean they would be willing to sell Benzema to balance their books (a bit of a stretch). I didn’t think the Cavani option was real given Zlatan’s age and PSG not really needing the cash. Higuain was even less of a possibility with Napoli not even in the slightest way interested.

But here’s another fact we can hang our hat on – there are very, very few truly world class strikers out there and clubs who have them, are hanging on them. We don’t need any more evidence of this than Man Utd spending £36m on a 19 year old striker (Martial) who is essentially unproven but undoubtedly talented.

So I sit here wondering – did AFC get it wrong with a couple of targets? For example, Benteke or Jackson Martinez? Or were they not considered a big quality improvement over whom we have? Who was on the list Lord Harris mentioned and were they realistic…was there a list? There are many more questions. I guess we’ll never really know or we might some fine day in the distant future.

In terms of Wenger’s trial by media (which is what this is) well that’s entirely your right. In this world of disinformation and misinformation – I will reserve judgement until I have facts. The transfer window is slammed shut for now and we have a team of players we call our Gunners I will be supporting to the hilt…they are the men in the arena… “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood” (Theodore Roosevelt: Excerpt from the speech “Citizenship In A Republic” delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on 23 April, 1910)


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  1. Fact is that this arsenal team is average and i don’t see them winning the bpl not to talk of uefa championship.

    1. I disagree that the Arsenal players are average, but understand your frustration. The problem is that Wenger plays an unbalanced side. He likes playing too maný attacking mids in the same team which means we are forever playing infront of the opposing teams back four, without much width in attack as all our mids like to come inside. He hasn’t played a host of tallent he has who are now fed up and seem to want to leave ie Campbell, Rosiky. Akopom’s loan seems odd as he could have done a job in the cups fors. Still in Wenger we trust lol

      1. Yes. I would not call Cech, Koscielny, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis or even Walcott, Oxlade, Coquelin average.

        We are an above Average team, but that’s not good enough to win PL or CL. We need to be at Chelsea or City level and we can’t do that without a TOP CF.

        We are a 4th place team, until January at least

        1. Walcott isn’t average? Ok then. Heads well and truly in the sand ay pal..

          This window was a disaster. Only team in europes top 5 leagues NOT to buy an outfield player. Smacks of a lack of ambition.

          We tried to buy a ST so that shows we acknowledge our flaws, but we have a manager who thinks buying nobody is an acceptable alternative to paying above the odds. Literally no defence of the man this time round.

      2. Make a list of the clubs YOU consider the top ten clubs in Europe [minus Arsenal] and realistically fit our players into their first team. In my opinion, only Petr Cech Koscielny, Coquelin, Sanchez will appear for at least five of the teams [Bayern, Barca, Real, Juve, Chelski, Man. U, Man. City, Dortmund, PSG, Atletico]. Bellerin is still very young but already has displaced Debuchy in our team, Ozil blows hot and cold, Gabriel will get there, the ox has his hands full with too many superstars in his position [Ronaldo, Messi, Hazard, Bale, Robben, Ribery et al] but none of our strikers will make the bench for even the least of these clubs I put forward except you are telling me Walcott or Giroud will start ahead of Zlatan? Suarez? Lewa? Aguero? Rooney?

      1. Absolutely. He sounds ridiculous saying because they’ve spent heavily on potential it shows there’s not much available.

        It’s insulting to Arsenal fans to make out like Giroud and Coquelin aren’t easily upgraded. Pure hot air. I’ll tell you one thing about Uniteds new boy, whatever he contributes this season will be more than any 36mil that sits in our bank account gaining 1.7% interest.

        Shoe on the other foot, would Arsenal fans throw the toys out if we splashed 35mil on Draxler? Not a chance, the fee would be forgotten within the fortnight and we’d be excited/hopeful about the new lads potential. Not us though, we’ve got nothing to look forward to bar the usual rinse and repeat. 13 points back last year and we think adding Cech will conquer that….8mil a year Wenger gets paid for decision making like that. Daylight robbery.

        1. So who should we have bought then? It is quite clear Benzema, Cavani and pretty much every other top CF/striker was going nowhere, yet you make it out like Wenger was offered a platter of strikers to pick and choose from but turned his nose up at. This ‘idea’ is/was all based on pure media speculation, which many of you have fell hook, line and sinker for, just as this article establishes. I actually agree with Wenger in his statement about Anthony Martial. I’m sure before United panic bought the youngster, they approached Madrid, PSG and whoever else, and offered them the world for their prized possession. They were turned down for obvious reasons (Benzema is a consistent scorer and still first choice CF), (Cavani has been scoring goals from the wing and in Zlatan’s natural successor) etc etc so they were left with no choice but to settle for Martial. Monaco obviously sensed LVG’s desperation and hiked the living sh*t out of Martial’s selling price.

        2. What sounds ridiculous is your reasoning. Man United like Arsenal were in the market for a striker but ended up paying over the odds for a 19 year old who has 11 goals in 52 matches. If there were strikers better than Martial in the market why would Man United not go for them instead of buying potential when they need proven player. Are you by any stretch of imagination saying Martial is an upgrade over Giroud. Put differently if Arsenal had spent 36 million pounds on Martial would you be happy?

          Start using your brain otherwise you are fast becoming an embarrassment.

          1. I personally do not think the board done enough to make anything happen, they wasn’t happy with spending big again which has put the brakes on Wengers development of the squad.

            Think back to when we had Dein, did we fail to get the players we was linked with (and had a real interest)? Real Madrid was interested in Pires but he came to Arsenal.. Wenger and Henry had a conversation on a plane journy and Wenger then wanted Henry… did the fact that Henry not long transfered to Juve and wasn’t doing bad for them stop us from getting him? Dein payed the money and got the man.

            What has Gazidis done since he joined us?
            Messed around with Suarez, miss out on Cazorla (which we luckily got the following year), fails to invest in the squad which did cost us many players… sold Nasri behind Wengers back (confirmed by Nasri himself).

            Benzema was always gonna fail, why mess around so long with that sole target and cost us? Dein wouldn’t have, well at least I fully believe he wouldnt have but Dein is a fan of Arsenal while Gazidis is a American businessman only interested in profit.

            Getting players is a type of investment that can appear more of a gamble, we all know Wenger will play those gambles 😉 Chambers defenatly feels like a Wenger buy while Sonago feels more like a backup of what Wenger wanted originally, more of a desperate cheap gamble… and that feels like a Gazidis signing.

            Cheap and desperate gamble… Doesn’t Welbeck fit that? £16mil may not be thought of as cheap but compare that price to the prices of other ENGLISH players who had CL and international experience…

            just to point out that Welbeck was a board signing and not a Wenger signing;

            Arsenal need a man who will get Wengers targets and not worry too much about the cost, trust in Wenger to know what he needs and he will turn us back into EPL winners and the cost of a couple TOP players a year will make it happen.

            It’s not just winning titles, it’s also increasing our fanbase and shirt signings… Arsenal can make the money back on big signings easily so we need Gazidis to stop putting the brakes on and just get the man(or 2) that Wenger has identified.

            1. I think you’re right. I could never really decide if it was Kroenke or Arsene who was the problem in the transfer market, but the little evidence we have points to Kroenke. He puts nothing into Arsenal, just takes out, and that is a liberty, as he doesn’t completely own Arsenal. It was a mistake allowing him in, and the only reason he got in was because he backed the new stadium being built. He is laughing, as he is profiting from the increase in share value, and I am surprised that Usmanov has been allowing him to mop up remaining shares that are being sold.

              If only Usmanov had backed the building of the new stadium in Islington, we wouldn’t be in our current situation. I think the only way to get rid of the leech is if Arsenal become unprofitable, or he becomes bankrupt and is forced to sell.

              Having said that, the on pitch problems – playing people in the wrong places – is definitely down to Arsene.

          2. You’re dead right, I’m sure our 0 signings will outdo Martials contribution to United this season.

            Pretty pathetic that you’ve lapped up the ridiculous idea only a world class St could enhance this Arsenal team. Yes a world class ST would’ve been great, but everyone gets world class players rarely move. So what was next to improve us? Bacca, Dybala, Jackson? All would’ve improve this team but we went for nobody and you’re actually attempting to defend that. Dense as they come clearly.

            Same applies to the DM and even the RW position. Plenty better options, none taken with the party line of “world class” or nothing. Cos how many world class players do we have? 18 or so by that logic. Shame it’s really 2/3 tops.

    2. It is what it is .Wenger will add when he is ready,not when you all think he should. Just stop all this I know best crap Wenger hasn’t been at the top all this time and yes he has made mistakes like every one but he won’t budge on your views . CB

  2. 100% Fact – we were in contract talks with Cavani earlier in the summer. The deal fell apart because we wouldn’t pay his 220k a week wages. PSG must have been willing to sell and a deal agreed in principal for us to meet him to discuss a contract. This was MUCH earlier in the summer and then died out – meaning we probably moved on to Benzema after that and hit a similar block.

    Truth be told, I dunno how I personally feel about the wage issue. It does present the question why the hell did we go after these players KNOWING they’d need to take wage cuts to play for us when we can’t offer them the level of football RM/PSG can? So this is a weird transfer window indeed.

    Ultimately we did muck up not going for Benteke/Martinez/Dybala. We focused on a higher player and lost out because we weren’t going to pay their wage demands. My finger goes to Wenger and the board for that one, but they’ve made their bed now so they can sleep in it.

    1. @FFFanatic.
      Spot on comment. Absolutely spot on aticle too!

      Surely we do not know all the facts, but from the little we do know (like clear-enough statements of intent from Arsene and members of the AFC hierarchy) I can’t but conclude that Arsenal has once again shown consistency in displaying an unbelievable show of incompetence. Don’t know what their real ambitions are but I can tell you for sure it is very very far different from that of City’s or Chelsea’s -and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing on its own, except that the naive fan who thinks that his club is all out for the title this season keeps suffering disappointments.

      1. Sometimes I look at the comments here and I laugh. Anyways, the season has begun in earnest. And Arsene Wenger has made it pretty easy for me to adjust my expectations for the season.

        I expect City, Chelsea, United and maybe Arsenal to mount a serious challenge for the title. But my favorite to win it come May 2016 is Manchester City, with Chelsea coming a very close second. There is no way we finish ahead of Chelsea. We will never be more motivated than they will be over through the course of the entire season. And as for City, they have done (and will do if need be) more than Arsene Wenger will ever do to win the title this season.

        As for me, I’ve lost all confidence and trust in Arsene Wenger to win the PL title and I’ve made my peace with that. Until Arsene wins the league title with Arsenal once again, I stay on the side of those who believe AFC is never going to win the league title with him in charge. I would never hate him or blame him completely for that.

    2. Depending on where you look Cavani earns between 140-160k a week at PSG. It seems likely that he would forego such a massive pay rise, to be able to play where he wants, so I can only assume it was down to the the cost of buying, rather than the salary.

      TBH I am much more concerned about the DM position than the strike position, as it seems highly unlikely that Coq will be able to play every game. You’re obviously right, the way he completely dismissed Schneiderlin, but I really don’t know what Wenger is thinking here.

  3. Same team which signed schneirderlin, schwensteiger, darmian, depay…….. Is still the same team to fork out well over 36mil for a 19yr old………Now that’s what i call a real Gamble (Wenger ain’t the master gambler afrerall)……..yet all we do is sit her criticizing another Team’s ambition………ain’t our business if it works 4 em or not….we have nothing to lose or gain in their transfer dealings……….Judge urselves and ur Team 1st

    1. Giroud
      sanchez ozil Ramsey
      santi. coq
      nacho kos gab Bellerina
      Depay. herrera. Mata
      blind. smalling rojo darmain

      Please tell me who you think is better? I wouldn’t trade a single arsenal player for theirs

  4. FACT: Wenger is Arrogant, inept, stupid, stingy, pathetic, non-visionary,tactically un-sound complacent, calm, loved by a sect, gentle, ignorant, Lost…..

    FICTION : winning the League with a dilapidated/injury ravaged squad, competition at the highest level, Team’s drive and passion, winning mentality ….

    1. @SoOpa Fact is that comment could’ve got you a lotta likes yesterday. instead you got the opposite. Looks like fans have become to cool off. lol

    2. @wizardry…….um……. Really don’t care if they Like my comment or not….. I’m being realistic!

  5. Where are those fools, The Arsene will trust, continue paid for season ticket and you will continue give your self high blood treasure anytime you watch Arsenal match…. We are real Arsenal FC fans forever not Arsene Wenger fans

    1. Its not the so called AKB’s that are goingg to have heart trouble. Its the moronic fans with small minds that will have heart problems and high blood pressure.

      Seriously its a game, a game we all enjoy watching and most of us playing.

      I used to have heart palpatations, but ive come to realise that the world doesn’t end if arsenal loose or come 2nd 3rd or 4th (5/6th and the world may end).

      What i do enjoy is watching the lads, most of which arsenal has developed play beautiful football.

      I appreciate and like the club philosophies and despite wengers annoying decisions sometimes (such as he wrong subs in my opinion) i realise i am not a football manager and i dont watch the boys train.

      Get a grip of yourselves and enjoy your lives, or ho and support man $hitty

  6. higuian/reus/mandzukic were all available & are better than giroud , reus maybe a winger but he gets in the box & Is a great finisher fact is wenger is outdated
    Back in 98 most hadn’t a clue who was playing for under 17’s 18’s or 21’s
    They do now These secret rough diamonds aren’t out there now There’s no more Anelka’s for £500k, there’s no more Kolo Toure’s for £150k or henry/viera etc Football has moved on, every club knows every young player now

    1. Higuain was available for 60m. That doesn’t count as available. He’s not anywhere near that value and even if he could propel us to winning the PL (I don’t think he could) then he still wouldn’t be recooping his value anytime soon. That’s ignoring what would have been a silly wage demand as well…

    1. I’m here. I judged him at the end of the window and not before.

      I will now say we have to put faith in the team until at least January. There’s no point constantly belittling Wenger now for his lack of signings. He did rubbish in the market – we can all agree that. Now we see if he fudges up in the league to match and judge him on the results.

      😉 Just because we had some faith in our manager doesn’t suddenly make us idiots who don’t see that he had a bad window.

    2. “just cuz we had some faith in wenger,doesn’t suddenly make us idiots” ………..u have been having that bLind faith for well over 10yrs now! LoooooooL

      1. Depends how you define faith. I believe a person who shows aptitude in a job and has proven to be successful has earned a certain amount of belief in their ability to deliver and this is how I was using the term faith. Let me illustrate WHY Wenger deserves faith.

        Wenger changed the team from mid table mediocrity into invincibles. We then moved to the Emirates and whether you like to believe it or not had our purse strings well and truly tightened. We were selling our best players to finance the stadium and being forced to make do with what we could. Granted, during this time Wenger did not always make the best signings with what he had available and did not always use the right tactics in the right game BUT he got our team consistently into the champions league – a feat no other manager can claim to having done, especially on that kind of restriction. So we had several years of success, winning multiplte trophies and then consolidated our position as a top team in the PL despite having FAR worse finances then the teams around us.

        Now we’ve had 2 seasons without this financial restraint and this should have been our third. The fact is, Wenger bought well last year and addressed ALOT of our pressing concerns. This year he did not and he should rightfully be blamed for that. He has just won the FA cup consecutive years and should not be dismissed as a useless manager simply because you devalue the worth of the biggest domestic cup competition available.

        Blind faith and idiocy would be believing Wenger could achieve something he has never shown the ability to achieve. Contrary to what you want to argue, he has shown aptitude a great number of times and does have the ability to lead a club to greatness. This transfer window has shown demonstrably for the first time that he may no longer have the right mindset to do this. If this is true, I will agree we should replace him. BUT I will argue until my dying breath for a bit of respect from people like you who will actively ignore every shred of evidence to the contary so that you can continuously belittle our manager who has actually done wonders at the club.

        Blame him for what he does wrong – don’t act like he’s never done anything right.

      2. Also, please don’t deliberately misquote me. I said “make us idiots who don’t see that he has had a bad window”. This completely changes the quote to mean that we are not unable to see our manager has made mistakes – the complete opposite of having blind faith in someone and instead judging their actions according to their worth. By deliberately misquoting me to further your own means you’ve only evidenced your own agenda and shown yourself to be an abhorrent little worm. Disgusting behavior.

  7. at the same time the owner too is responsible shows he has no desire at all, would wenger survive at Madrid/barca/Bayern/city/chelski would he be given this kind of freedom no wonder wenger turned down Madrid back In 2003

    klopp is what we need his style would be perfect for us

    1. Wenger would have done better at Madrid. He would have had more money to spend and less constraints

      We don’t know the financial pressures on him from above.

      I still want Wenger OUT and Klopp in though

  8. At some point, we’ll have to fork out crazy money if the market continues like this, we can as well start forking it out now. 36 million quids for a nineteen year old is nuts but recall Wenger took a 10 million pound gamble on Titi14 some 15years ago and look how that paid off. Somebody please tell our lovely prof that the game is up, that Anelka would not go for 500k in this current market, that when you spend money to strengthen a key position this season, you won’t have to worry about it next season and only then can we ignore the transfer window. Barring any catastrophe, only a lunatic will still be asking for a goalkeeper to be signed next season, why? Because we got one or two or even three that can compete with the best on their day!

    1. we really should look at both sides of a coin…….. What if MartiaL becomes a Hit????? Would it have been worth every pound?………….. How much do we really think BELLERIN would cost in the market today after last season show?…….i bet he won’t come cheap!…….let’s be honest with ourselves!

  9. Wenger has dismissed concerns over the club’s
    transfer dealings, using the example of Manchester
    United’s shock £36million move for Anthony Martial as
    proof that while each of Europe’s elite clubs – including
    Arsenal – have the budget for signings, top quality
    players are at a premium.
    He told beIn Sports: “What happened last night with
    Monaco, who sold Martial to Manchester United for
    80million Euros, I’ve heard. Martial scored 11 goals in
    the French championship – that sums it up well. That
    means it’s not the money that’s missing at the moment,
    it’s not the desire of investment that is missing, it’s the
    number of players available who can strengthen the big
    “The problem at the moment is finding the players that
    guarantees you are a better team after, and that example
    last night shows you very well.
    “Martial is a huge talent – he’s 19-years-old. The
    investment is absolutely huge as well. It shows you that
    there’s not many players in the world who can
    strengthen these teams.”

      1. Like I said earlier, the hungry Wenger of the yesteryear would have signed Martial just like he did Henry. I don’t think Im totally off the mark if I said 10 million pounds in 99 would be close to 30 million in today’s market.

    1. So of all the the teams in top leagues in Europe, it is only Arsenal who can not find a player to strengthen its team? What were they looking for? Aliens?

  10. The fact is that we didn’t sign an outfield player, and in the days of an ultra competitive league, that is either highly arrogant or utterly deluded.

    It’s alright to have belief in your players, but no signings = no league title. We cannot compete while our competitors strengthen, both in depth and in the first team.

  11. We only spent 11 million and signed two players
    Only one player on senior team
    Only Team in the Top 5 Leagues NOT to sign an outfield player = Disgraceful

    Kondogbia and Jackson Martinez would have cost £50-60 millon and solved our problems

    For the next one and half weeks there is no Arsenal match so I’m going to be pi**ed off the whole time.

    Hope Giroud and Walcott and Coquelin stay fit because without them we are screwed. Only CF and DM we have (and Walcott isn’t even an out and out CF)

    Thanks Wenger for disappointing us again

  12. Fact: We were stingy and didn’t get an outfield player with quality. There was more than a few available at the start of the window that would’ve reinforced the squad and put us in good position to challenge for the title. Now if Le Coq or Giroud/Walcott get injured, we have NO DEPTH. Arteta? Are you kidding me? No offense to Arteta but he is old. Even with Giroud/Walcott healthy we are somewhat limited.

    Fiction: Kondogbia, Wanyama, Schneiderlin, Dybala, Mandzukic, Benzema, Cavani, Krychiowiak, Imbula, Reus, Draxler, Aubemayang, etc. were all going to sign for Arsenal.

    Transfer Window Grade: D

    Petr Cech was a good signing for a great price. That’s why I give us a D and not an F.

  13. In 2015, Premier League teams spent over £1 billion
    If you take out Cech and Gabriel, it would still be over £1 billion lol

    I just read the Arsenal Supporters Trust Letter to Arsenal. I don’t think it was strong enough. It just said two more players would have put us in title contention and request for Arsenal to review their transfer policy. They should have mentioned how angry and upset Arsenal Fans are and used stronger words to put pressure on them.

    If we end up 4th or worse= Wenger OUT

    I’m hoping that we stay in the race for the Title by January and Wenger gets Higuain or some CF IN January (unlikely though)


    1. Heres a fact for you. Arsene wenger believes in the players we have more than you.

      For the last 3 seasons the team has improved both in ability in class.

      Very few targets (WC, better than what we have were available) i dont blame wenger for not doing a martial!

  15. @wizardry……..these are all new signings , u dn’t have to do a trade!………they (manure) signed a 19yr old, but this was after they’d concluded business in other areas…….. Arsenal’s case is different ……Just two key signings were needed to improve the squad…..u have no idea what the feeling could do to the Arsenal team mentality ….. Unlike manure, most were bought to patch up a dilapidated squad…….there’s no doubt we needed those signings to boost our squad, not cuz we have a totally degraded squad!

    1. 3 signings….Striker, DM and CB

      we do not have adequate backup for CB….when Per and Kos got injured we got inexperience Chambers and Gabbie…both were shaky….

      Fans fail to realise that we do not have any player to rotate and provide Competition for Alexis….he cant play in every game…


      we do not have a proper RW……Oxie maybe able to play there but what if he gets injured???

      Ramsay is not good enough for RW

  16. WOW wenger instead of talking about how incompetent our club is in securing their transfer targets he has the balls to judge other teams transfers. I don’t give a fook if man utd waste 100 or 200 millions on a player. That martial kid has better skills than giroud in his prime that’s why they have shelled out so much money on him. whereas few years ago arsenal baulked at draxlers asking price.You know the market isn’t gonna change so arsene thinks that we should stick with giroud until the prices drop down. That’s not gonna happen Wenger prices are gonna go up Even more u genius.Arsenal board should tell their fans who pay for the tickets week in week out about our real ambitions.Even Watford want to win the league but they are a small club and their fans are happy only being in the league. whereas arsenal board talks about championship and don’t make enough investments. I heard arsenal fans pay the highest season tickets in uk so fans must immediately ask for ticket prices to be slashed down. Only top teams should demand such ticket prices which arsenal isn’t as we are not gonna make signings as we know players have become too costly.I would rather we don’t qualify for champs league its just revenue for the board nothing more.Every year the same excuses lame Wenger. what’s the point of that money every year the prices are gonna go high

  17. I am just wishing Arsenal to be a mid table team, then we will have a drastic change. Such as
    -Manager Change
    -Player Mentality change
    -Club Ambition Change
    -Owner Change(if possible)

  18. I have read many people say that Wenger is at fault, I want to address that now.
    Wenger hasn’t had the same power in transfers since Gazidis came to Arsenal, have a look at when we broker our own transfer records.

    Wenger & Dein broke it.
    Wenger broke it by himself getting Arshavin.
    Wenger and Gazidis didn’t break it again until Ozil and even that transfer wasn’t the one us fans was expecting, last day deal… Wenger has been happy to break the transfer record previously so why so much drama over that transfer year? The board was messing around with bidding for Suarez and look at how that turned out… it seems that we got Ozil because Wenger made it happen.

    Wenger made the Alexis deal happen, where was Wenger? Alexis chose AFC over LFC and Wenger played a big role in that transfer…

    What has Gazidis been doing?
    Dein use to get the players that Wenger wanted, what has Gazidis been doing? Putting the account 1st!

    We can also look at the Welbeck deal, Wenger has said he would of only loaned Welbeck and if he had then Welbeck would be leaving in the transfer window and an extra squad place available.

    AFC do have money, does Silent Stan want to take out a larger chunck next time for his ‘services’?

    So please re-evaluate your own thoughts about Wenger being the fault, this was never the case up until Gazidis came to AFC, Wengers FRIEND Dein wanted investment into the club and was a share holder, he sold his shares to try and get that investment to the club… Wenger has said that he and Dein are close friends, you think close friends wouldn’t of discussed something as big as Usmanov coming into the club?

    We do not need Wenger out, we need Gazidis out! Get Gazidis out and bring in Dein again and we will see players coming to Arsenal bassed on quality and not price.

  19. Calm down guys , you are too emotional! Do you really think Arsenal or Wenger ddnt want to buy? There are no available top strikers out there! Have some faith and support the team , the windows is closed! Lets move on!

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