Arsenal’s transfer window is a sign that big changes are coming….

Arsenal will be wildly reshaped soon. by Konstantin Mitov

The end of an era! Alexis is gone and we’ve won 4:1. Now let’s be real, we’re not becoming a better team by selling him to United, because he’s a top talent and the fact he will strengthen Mourinho’s side is a terrible one – no question.

But no one player is bigger than the club. Obviously Alexis was a problem in the dressing room and getting rid of him can help turn focus back on the squad at hand, because these transfer things affect the players and Wenger admitted this too.

Same thing happens with Aubameyang at Dortmund and Schurrle said it’s better for it to get over with. The transfer window is strange so far. We sold Theo and Coquelin, and it would be logical to get some replacements, but we don’t know what will happen to Jack and Ozil who could be quietly leaving for free in three months.

Honestly there’s a conspiracy theory that Ozil is letting Alexis take all the hate and he might join him at United for free in the summer, which is mainly fueled by the fact he hasn’t signed a new contract. And while it sounds logical to me, at least Mesut is putting in a performance and doesn’t disrupt the mood around the club.

So Arsenal next season could potentially be without a lot of players who have been kind of symbolic to Arsenal of late and those players do need to be replaced. And Sven Mislintat might be the architect of our new look.

We will most likely sign Mkhitaryan, who is a good player and again for the situation it is better than nothing. Besides he can form a very interesting triangle up front with Ozil and Lacazette. My only problem is that the Armenian is forcefully joining us and I’m not sure how happy he is to board Titanic right now, because we’re still in crisis.

Now if we sign Aubameyang, him and Mikhi would be so much better than Walcott and Sanchez in my opinion, but I’m still not buying this saga. First Wenger said Aubameyang would fit us with his character. Then Dortmund replied that we should be more focused on our own team rather than their player.

Now when asked about PEA, Wenger says nothing is close and pretends like nothing is happening, when Dortmund say we’ve made a bid. I don’t know, but history has taught me that with Arsenal, any transfer can fail at any time so I’m not buying it, until I see it.

What angers me is the low price we’ve offered for a player with an unbelievable goalscoring record when we charge the highest ticket prices in the world. Dortmund have a price and it’s even not that big for a January move. And besides that, we’re yet to spend the money from the Ox and we’ve sold 2 players this window plus we can bargain with Giroud.

These type of negotiations where we hope to cut every financial corner is what lost us the chance to sign players like Suarez in the past. Players have a price – pay it and you will be rewarded with quality.

Finally I would like to touch on Adebayor’s speech about how Wenger forced him out and I kinda hate Ade for what he did, but seeing how Wenger lied to us so many times I cannot dismiss this as false.

We are all about the money at Arsenal, so I don’t see how people complain when Alexis wants to earn more elsewhere. But Van Persie turns out has been the first Wenger Out person at Arsenal when he released the statement about our lack of ambition.

Whatever happens this transfer Window could be a strong indication for how our squad will look for the future. Could Ozil be waiting on the business we make to decide if he’ll commit? Too many if’s and but’s. Like every transfer Window I am just hoping it gets over with sooner – so there’s no need to cringe into glass hope-castles which could crash at any time.

One thing is certain though, for better or worse, Arsenal will change soon.



  1. arie82 says:

    F**c ade
    Who belive his word, after that insulting celebrating to the fans.
    If he angry to wenger, do that in the front his face, not to us.
    Ozil will sign new contrac i belive, since he not oriented money like sanchez

  2. tatgooner says:

    i can confirm they is no way on earth we are signing auba

    1. Billy says:

      And your source is? Unless you have any evidence i suggest you don’t make statements like this.

  3. citrenoogeht says:

    Very good article. I’m personally annoyed that we’re potentially only swapping (i.e. no money involved), one player who didn’t want to be at Arsenal – Sanchez for another who doesn’t want to come to our club (Mkhi). To me this is a poor business deal and a potentially, judging on Mkhi’s recent form, an illogical sporting deal. I think we would have been better off selling Sanchez to City and using our discretion to buy the appropriate replacement. Time will tell who got the better deal but at the moment UTD fans are definitely the happier.

    1. SuperClaes says:

      Initially thought its 35M plus Mhkitariyn…

      This feels like an insult!!!!!!

      1. citrenoogeht says:

        As do I.

      2. The Defiant Man says:

        United offered simply 35 mill. and no player, and you guys that if Mkhi is included it would still be player + money?? (rolls eyes).

        The realistic version would be Mkhi plus about 5 mill, since he has 2 and half years of his contract unlike Sanchez and his 5 months left.

        We were not in a position to take City’s 20 mill. (worse than Mkhi, believe me) because Alexis would not have agreed since 5 months from now United would give him 10 mill per year more than City…

        It was all about the money. Only an idiot would not go to this city.

  4. Colin says:

    If it’s true then i’am sure we’ll all welcome that,but this is Arsenal we’re talking about and Wegner is still their ,so let’s not get to excited, because the snake shed’s it’s skin but it’s still a snake.

  5. Arsenalislife says:

    I don’t understand Wenger and Arsenal at all. Wenger says we cannot financially compete with likes of City and United when I’m fact we are reported one of the riches and profit making clubs every year. Plus, we sold Ox, Walcott, Le Coq and we didn’t use the money from that to replace players. What is that? Can anyone with the right mind also tell me why the f*** we sell our best player to Manchester United during mid season? Why aren’t we demanding at least Martial instead of Micky who is a failure at United. Why didn’t Wenger said to United give me Martial or you will compete in summer with other clubs to sign Alexis. How low and desperate can Wenger get when he sell his best player to a manger that had been insulting him for decades? I don’t like Alexis’s attitude and his role in the dressing room but hey come on people Arsenal could have had more pride not selling him to direct rival at this point.

    1. Sue says:

      It is baffling.. especially to United of all people! Then Klopp turns round & says we’d never sell to a rival!!
      I hope this works out for us… I must admit I did want micky to come to us just before he went to United. He might play well for us, as for Sanchez I don’t care how it goes for him at united

      1. You are baffled because you forget, we are not Man utd’s rivals. They challenge for the title..we challenge for 4th spot. Liverpool and Tottenham are our rivals. Man city and Chelsea are Man utd’s rivals. If you are in doubt just look at the league winners for the past 10 years and you will see. Personally I confirmed this when Wenger sold utd RVP when we all knew a striker is all utd needed to win the title.

        1. Phil says:

          You are all correct.We are where we are and we need to have a complete change of direction from Wengers control of the last 10 years.Im convinced IvanG is slowly introducing the change he said would come.Sven and Raul will help us over the first few hurdles while they completely overhaul the Scouting and Transfer policies Wenger has continued to use.Its no wonder we have been left behind.QD,s correct in saying our immediate fight is to re-establish ourselves as a TOP 4 club.This could take a few seasons to sort out before we are back to where we all demand to be and it will not happen while Wenger is still at the club.

        2. The Defiant Man says:


          United challenge for places 2nd to 5th.
          Arsenal challenges for places 4th – 6th.

          And that’s a huge difference, you know?

          United is closer to us than City in points gained, even if in spending and indiv. quality they’re much much much closer to City than to us.

          Shows how Mourinho’s time as an elite manager is ending… Good riddance!

    2. Gooner Craig says:

      I completely agree. It’s disgraceful, disgusting and embarrassing. The club is a complete joke, it sickens me

  6. dreben23 says:

    We are not about the money at all if we swap best player in the league Sanchez for Mkhitaryan, we’ll get none if it’s only a swap deal without United paying extra money! Right? ?
    Adeba is a fool, don’t believe in fools’ opinion! Every club all over the world does the same that’s why Dortmund will banish in a exile their priceless asset – Aubameyang, because he disrespects his teammates leaving them for us. Wenger is still wonderful coach and people saw that yesterday! We’re not better team, but we played better football, hell yeah! Who’ next??

    1. Billy says:

      De Bruyne is the best player in the league. Sanchez is a great player but far from the best

  7. Thenry says:

    Are some of you on here missing a few brain cells as fans
    There is nothing Arsenal or Wenger can do with the Sanchez situation
    He wants to leave and has been offered 400k a week in wages who in their right mind is going to turn that down as a player
    As for blaming wenger who has been our most successful manager helped us build a stadium gave us 20 years of cl football and some of the best teams the ol has seen
    Including the invincible and you all have the Gaul to trash the man as if he has done nothing for the club
    I suggest you should look at the plastic fans in the Arsenal blogs that have created a toxic atmosphere at the club
    They attack their own players in a daily basis why would any top player come to s club where the manager the owners and players are shamelessly attached constantly
    Yet Wenger wins trophies regularly even them that is derided
    Look at Spurs Liverpool they win fuk all every year yet their fans back then
    Look at yourselves and all the negativity that you have created striking the club before you blame Wenger for everything
    I have been a season ticket holder since the 70s and never have I seen our fanbase been so full of entitled morons who have stopped backing the club and constantly deride the club snd attack it
    We have the worst fanbase in football you have made this great club a lagging stock in world football
    All you now us fans constantly moaning
    If you don’t like Arsenal fc then buy out kronke and run the club or fuk off and support someone else
    You won’t be missed

    1. Steven says:

      I agree with Coyg. What ‘lies’ has Wenger told us?

      1. Phil says:

        What lies has he told us?How about WE WILL NEVER AGAIN SELL ANY OF OUR TOP PLAYERS TO OUR RIVALS.How can you expect to be taken seriously with comments like you have posted?

        1. JJPawn says:

          Get real. Put it context.

          Are you going pay 400K/week?

          Selling Alexis is good business. He is now slower and not at the top of his game. One year left at this level, and then United will dump him. It was a good signing for them as he cost nothing.

          For us it is a good deal too, as we can sell Mikhi for about 25M next year if he does not fit in.

          In the best case scenario, we get the old BVB (with Aubameyang) pair and they help us into top four, while Mikhi will help us in the Europa Cup. Two ways back into the CL that will bring us better players.

    2. Sydney says:

      Arsene should pay way for another manager in summer then we start our rebuilding

      1. Sydney says:

        There must be massive clear out with Ramsay, Wilshire, Giroud, Welbeck, among outgoings, then bring in a class D/M, centre back, left and right winger (Mahrez, Draxler, Ferkil) etc as well as goal keeper (Cech) has lost it, and if Auba signs then revert to 4 4 2 formation

    3. John Wick says:

      Wins trophies regularly? A 2005 fa cup followed by 3 more in 12 years.. come on that’s hardly regularly and you call ppl plastic fans because you support an outdated manager and have a season ticket since the 70s sorry don’t share your views but that’s your opinion but here’s mine a manager on 9 or 10 million a year should have by now won the club at least one European trophy he’s had 21 attempts 2 finals, 2 defeats and has never looked close to winning one since then on top of that maybe your happy of the countless embarrassingly heavy defeats we received down the years 6-1 and 8-2 at Old Trafford, 6-0 at Chelsea, 5-0 by Chelsea at Highbury during the early years.. 5-1 at anfield countless 4-0 beatings at anfield, 6-3 at Man City 10-2 on aggregate against Bayern not to mention that disaster at Newcastle 4-0 up only to draw 4-4 what about the managers failure to strengthen areas that needed strengthen? Players being sold to rivals.. highest ticket prices in world football to watch the team NOT challenge for a league title in 14 years? The Lies ? Yeah he did some good things at the club but rest assured he did it while being handsomely paid and yeah he’s giving us years of Champions league football only to be dumped out in the last 16 more often than not oh and did I mention he hasn’t actually won it! You say your a fan since the 70s then we’ve both seen other managers at the club players come and go and so do managers don’t get caught up in nostalgia this is about Arsenal not Arsene and if you watch the team like you claim then you’d see we’re miles off the top teams and miles off winning the premier league, we have regressed and if you think by winning the fa cup is progressing your easily pleased! Or maybe you’re just thinking because we beat an awful Palace side yesterday we’re back I can guarantee last week’s performance against Bournemouth was no one off yesterday was a one off but as long as your content with Arsenal challenging Burnley and Leicester for 6th place and a manager pushing 70 fair play to you fella.

      1. Phil says:

        JW not for the first time I applaud you with the article you have posted.For all you AKB,s you should note the objectiveness and argument of what JW has said and the rationale he uses to at least understand and consider other fans views,to which of course you are entitled.Me I honestly believe you are Deluded,Outdated and WRONG.Wenger would have had respect if he had gone when he KNEW it was all coming apart.This is not recent this is 7-8 seasons ago.But I do sympathise how difficult it must be dragging yourself through these tough tough times on £9miilion f***ing a year.All you AKB,s really do need to wake up to the reality of the position we are in and who is responsible for us being there.Who are you going to worship when he finally goes or are you going with him.Pathetic to even try to respond to opinion that is proved by where we are as a club.JW – WE SALUTE YOU

        1. John Wick says:

          Thanks again Phil, i appreciate that. there’s no chance us fans who actually support the club (not Arsene Wenger) are being called plastic fans because some guy is living off past glories! Dare we speak our opinion in case we offend AKB’s! Maybe when our club is dead and buried these guys will open their eyes! The loyalty they got for Wenger is disturbing beyond belief! I’m more interested in the team being successful on the pitch and I’m not in the slightest bit concerned about Wenger’s feelings as he isn’t concerned about ours.

    4. Billy says:

      So @ thenry. Are you happy with the way we have been lied too. AW changed the EPL like no other, he WAS the master who took it to Fergie the most successful manager in modern times. But to see us fall from grace like we have is unacceptable. Yes AW got us through the stadium years, selling our best players which we put up with, the promise was we would be competing with Barca, Bayern and the rest. Reality is we have not produced the end product.

      I too have been a fan from the 70s so please keep your abuse to fans who want change and back to winning ways to yourself and show some respect to other fans.

      Personally i like the Youtube interviews as the guys show passion, i may not agree or understand what some sing ( Kelechi ) but they say it how i feel after each match.

      Big changes coming so we must all unite.


      1. John Wick says:

        Well said Billy

  8. Maks says:

    Window is not closed and Wenger looks like a bigger and bigger opstacle every day.
    I am waiting for Aubemeyang… if se dnt buy him then it s again about 10 mil more that Wenger or the Board didn want to spend.
    Last time they didnt want to rise a 2nd bid for Lemar by 10 mil so they end up offering 90 when it was too late.

  9. Ray says:

    1. Arsene should never have let a contract get so low.
    2. Arsene now has to sell Alexis at half his value which is what Miki is.
    3. Arsene is trying to sell to buy because the club do not have enough cash anymore. Lack of competition is to blame.
    4. Arsene should just leave already!

    1. Why does Arsene “have to sell Sanchez”? Didn’t Gazidis say he is happy we have had a wonderful transfer window managing to keep a hold of Sanchez and Ozil? So does this mean Wenger does one thing while Gazidis does the opposite?

  10. Uche Edochie says:

    The transfer window is not over. Until it is over, I don’t see the point in criticizing our moves in the market just yet. Nobody likes seeing their top players leave. But when they no longer want to play for you, what are you going to do? Kidnap them and shackle them to the stadium basement? It was either we sell Alexis or let him leave for free. Either way, the club and manager gets criticized. We are already in sixth position with sanchez on the side. It is not as if losing him will stop us from winning the league. Players come and go. That is the reality of this game. Big money turns player’s heads. That is also a fact of life. For 400,000 pounds a week, there is no way in the world we could compete with that and if we did offer him something similar, that would be stupid and a death wish. Now Pogba is beginning to grumble and saying that if the Sanchez transfer goes through, he wants a pay increase that will level with what Sanchez is earning. So there is trouble in paradise already. Chances are that if Lukaku, Lingard and Martial begin to put in performances that rival that of Sanchez, they too will want their own 400,000 pounds a week as well. That is unsustainable. This is an example of how big money is killing the game.

    There are many things I dislike about our manager but not being able to hold on to our best players is not one of them. Big money in football is the problem. If you work in a job where you earn 10,000 pounds in a month and another company offers you 20,000 pounds a month, you will bite off their hands. This has nothing to do with loyalty. Most of us here will do the same. This is business. We need to get over it. Miki is a top player and worked wonders in Dortmund. The problem with tops teams is that they hardly give top players the chance to settle down in their first season. If you don’t play like Messi in your first season, then you are gone. Arsenal is not like that. Miki will do well with us. Soon, everyone will be singing his praises and talking about how we got him for peanuts. Just watch. As for Aubameyang, I don’t see Wenger losing a player like Sanchez and not replacing him. So I am inclined to believe the stories I hear about him joining us. Only time will tell.

  11. oba arsenal of lagos says:

    Cool your a**es off guys, what I’m waiting for is to get auba in since mhki is a done deal,I don’t give a horses arse if Sanchez wins 10 titles with united as far as I’m concerned he’s gone plain and simple.I’m a gooner (for life!!) and all I care about is my darling club getting back on track and start winning beautifully.the new arsenal “backroom engine”is thrilling me and I just need them to get ozil and wilshere to sign and in the summer get one more winger preferably draxler or moura,and a proper defensive midfielder plus one more quality centre back.
    Do away with welbeck debuchy .I know my club will be back to being a top competitive entity in the next 2 seasons.C.O.Y.GGGG!!!!

    1. Ray says:

      Meanwhile, back on planet earth..

  12. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Wenger bought Adebayor as a little known youngster for £3m and sold him a few years later for £20m to a club who reputedly paid him 175k pw. Wenger and Arsenal helped turn Adebayor into a better footballer and a multi millionaire. He should show some gratitude whether Wenger forced him out or not. He probably set the low benchmark standard for a pro footballers attitude.

    1. Phil says:

      I wonder if he bought his Dad a new bucket and mop with his first Citeh wage packet?

  13. Ignasi says:

    Dear all,

    Please don’t trust Wenger or the media regarding Aubameyang.

    Only believe it when/if it happens.

    I for one am 100% certain it WON’T happen and that its another Benzema/Higuain scenario. Its just the media.

  14. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    U may Blame Wenger for other issue but not for Sanchez’s case. Asene tried his best to hold him but alexis refused, instead of free later let’s get mihlk now. However, one thing that is constant in life is change, am 100% sure change ll come to arsenal one day, positive change, stop hatred on arsenal.

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