Arsenal’s transfer window is looking just like our season did!

We’re ruining the transfer window, just like we did with the season. by Konstantin Mitov

I mean, it’s hard to be optimistic about Arsenal these days as much as you try to. We’ve signed one player on a free transfer and I fear this could be it for the window. The best players at the club are still more likely to leave than stay and worst of all, we rewarded a failed manager with two more years.

So why does the summer transfer window look so familiar to the season? Because we’re starting it unprepared. We’re trying to sign Mbappe, if you believe reports coming off a picture of Ivan and Wenger in Nice, who’d be a great addition if we get him, but for 100 million pounds we can surely get a decent enough striker like Aubameyang, for example, or if we so badly want Lacazzete for half the money.

Besides, Mbappe reportedly only wants Madrid and is obsessed with the Champions League which rules us out. Arsene is no longer the godlike figure for French players he was before and part of the reason is the fact he stayed for too long being unsuccessful and players recognise that. I’d also focus on more realistic targets than Mbappe. It’s really funny how Wenger spoke highly about Mahrez and when the player is trying to force the move Arsene is doing nothing.

The problem is that we are sleepwalking through the window and in the end we’ll start the season unprepared again. It’s also abysmal how we treat Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s contract, who surely deserves a new one, doesn’t he? But this is why I was so desperate for Wenger to leave.

Because this is already looking like a repeat of past transfer windows. What happens if we wait and wait and never get Mbappe? We’ll be left with nothing. Aren’t we going to get rid of Gibbs and Giroud finally? We need new players, because it’s apparent things haven’t been working out for us in years.

We were promised change, but so far – as expected, we’re seeing none of it.



  1. The lack of urgency in dealing with transfers from Wenger and the board is beyond frustrating. The likes of Madrid, Barcelona & Bayern (who actually challenge for the top honours in Europe) see the importance of strengthening their squad every season. Yet Wenger seems to think our squad who haven’t challenged for the league in over a decade is capable of mounting a title challenge with little to no additions. In my opinion this squad is 4/5 WORLD CLASS players away from challenging for the league and Champions League.
    1. Aubameyang/Lacazette
    2. Lemar/Dembele/Mahrez (Maybe)
    3. Seri/Nainggolan
    4. Van Dijk/Koulibaly/ Manolas
    The players are there. All those promises about change mean nothing until this club decides to take ACTION!
    S/O to all the Gunners out there. Peace from South Africa.

  2. Judgement at this point is premature. The only team that has really been decisive so far is Milan, with the capture of Silva, Musacchio, Rodriguez. There are a lot of moving pieces on the table with big to all-time-great players rumored to be moving (Ronaldo, Morata, Veratti, Mbappe, Aubameyang). Any one or two of these transfers will spark a huge ripple/domino effect on the transfer window. What needs to stop is AW’s tactic of keeping his cards close to the chest, which typically meant we get to scrape the bottom of the barrel at the end of the window. He must to be ready to pounce once the market opens up, otherwise, sadly, you will be proven to be right.

  3. The longer Wenger waits the less likely we are to get top players.

    Clubs want time to replace players they sell. They don’t want to sell at the end of the window.

    If we wait till the end we will either not get any players or get players like Welbeck or Lucas (we got both at the end, of the summer) who are decent but not the players we need.

    Wenger wants a bargain but we ended up paying £42 million on the last day. And getting someone like Ozil at the end of the summer is rare

    I hope Wenger is working hard for a Top player and hasn’t got his thumb up is you know what, for all our sakes.

    1. ” I hope Wenger is working hard for a Top player “.

      You’d be highly disappointed.

    2. Some players are away playing for their country and focused on the national games…
      Alexis wasn’t a quick signing but he was a signing worth waiting for though, how do you know that we haven’t had offers accepted for players but those players are away or the club wants to wait till they have a replacement in before finalizing any deal?

      Go read some stuff from the Lyon owner, a very nice bid from Arsenal and it has been passed on to Lacazette, where is he atm?

      It is more than Wenger in transfer dealings as well, what do you think Gazidis does? Do you know who Dick Law is at Arsenal?

      Your a AFC supporter right? Why not look it up?

      1. “Alexandre could leave the club but things went wrong with Atletico. For us, he is with Lyon. Today, I haven’t got any other offers for Alexandre Lacazette. I don’t know if he wants to leave.”
        This is the true statement Midkemma.
        Why are you kidding people?

      2. Arsenals transfer policy and negotiatiing new contracts is a farce. A top club like the gunners who can now compete financially with the rest of the big guns? Do me a favour, keep your bulging bank account for the shareholders and keep charging arsenal fans the most expensive tickets in world football
        Embarrassing beyond belief

  4. Does the leopard change its spots? I didn’t expect any change what so ever. Since Arsenal failed to employ a director of sport I ruled out any change.

    expect a prolific striker in the person of one Niang……
    bet y’all are familiar with that name.

    1. I once seen an Albino Leopard, and are Jaguar, and Puma’s not of the Leopard family.

    2. AFC was looking for a DoF in 2007 and Gazidis was hired.
      His official title is CEO.

      Aulas is from what I understand both the chairman and CEO of Lyon, nice they have an owner who is dedicated to the club, wish we did.

    3. Sentiments aside, I believe Arsenal and Wenger are not sitting idly by as their rivals strengthen their squads. Did anyone expect Wenger to announce every step of his player negotiations so as to please disgruntled fans. There are still ten days to the end of June and then on 1st July the transfer window will officially open. Surely at this stage there is no justifiable reason for anyone to be unduly emotional unless there is confirmation that our suspected high profile targets have been taken by other Clubs. There I would also join in the chorus of those condemning Wenger. We also need to be cognisant of the fact that not all those who are cited by various news media as being wanted by Arsenal will indeed be signed by the Club. Much of it is just sensational journalism meant to excite readers and thus improve their sales. Wenger himself has been very clear that he will at most sign three new players. It is not clear whether Sead Kolasinac is part of the three. The figure of three would be reasonable considering the fact that we may not need to strengthen the back line this season. The positions where we need strengthening are the mid field and attack. As I have stated elsewhere what Arsenal needs more than even signings is mental strength and fighting spirit. Imagine our team played throughout the season like they did in the last 8 games of EPL and the FA cup what would stop Arsenal being Champions with even more points than Chelsea got last season? Even if we signed Galacticos without those two ingredients we shall not win EPL.

  5. For me arsenal need to change from head to toe. Unfortunately the most important change needed never happened. Wenger has done a lot to this club that’s​ for sure but he seems he wanted to spoil that as well. I am afraid Wenger will have to leave this club through the back door with his head held low and humiliated by the majority of fans. And that’s the worst thing going to happen in the near future if Wenger didn’t change in the required manner.

  6. Not yet, old sport. The transfer window is still far from closing. I believe Arsenal staffs are working hard to get the required players with Arsenal’s current budget and wage structure.

    I just wish they will focus on Aubameyang and Seri (maybe Arsenal could still steal him), even though they might have to break the bank or kick some of our current players to bring the new monsters in. Or maybe they can look for some technically gifted players from Spain or Brazil.

    1. Seri has agreed personal terms with Roma, but they still need to cough up the full £35 million to meet his release clause, to seal the deal.

      As for Aubameyang ?? he doesn’t even rate Arsenal, there’s no chance of him coming ?? even if we were the last club on the face of the Earth.??

  7. Absolutely agree with the post. Suddenly AW want to sign a player for 100 while City,Chelsea and MU want to sign tested talent & proven talent.
    Is this to show he is ambatious to the foot ball world and AFC fans. This is not going to end well and AFC fans brace for difficult season ahead. I fear we might finish below Everton nxt time and they are spending and will be better next season.

    Look @ city and MU they have completed key signings without any sound or flash. And we hear all the best talent liked with Arsenal to move elsewhere​ and shine.

    We wil loose Alexis and sign some make shift players and get hammered this season and I sure AW will get sacked next year and with it his legacy tarnished period.

    Sad but it’s shows the club’s top management playing us and proved once again it’s a transfer drama with no final results.


  8. We have a new super duper (Liverpool reject) fitness coach and some boffin looking character to deal with players contracts.
    Apart from that, it’s looking grim Jim in the transfer window. ?? Wenger needs to make at least 2 major signings Before preseason starts, otherwise all hell will break loose ??

    1. Sky Sports News HQ Reports that Chelsea have joined Man City and Liverpool in the race for the Ox’s signature.

    2. Why can you not say the good stuff in a positive way?
      The ‘liverpool reject’ had a disagreement with Rodgers and left the EPL.
      The club he went to says he was a massive influence in changing the player mindset about their own fitness, we see how Alexis mindset helps him so isn’t this a good thing?
      Burgess from what I read will also have an influence in transfers along with psychology, although we have SF working on fitness (and done well) this looks like AFC wants to have a deeper infrastructure than what we already have and as much expertise they can get outside of Wenger.

      The “Some boffin looking character” is Huss Fahmy, I do think it would be nice if us supporters actually learnt more about the club we support…

      “Fahmy will work closely at Arsenal with Gazidis and contract negotiator Dick Law, who will remain at the club in at least the short-term. Law and Gazidis tend to work more directly in the early stages of a deal either through their contacts with agents or other club executives, while Fahmy is initially expected to be more prominently involved with closing negotiations. At Team Sky, he worked on rider contracts from start to finish of the process. ”

      While I agree that ARSENAL need to make some major signings, I will point to Gazidis and Law and ask why not point your finger at them?

      I am glad AFC is looking to improve upon this and hired Huss Fahmy, he is more than “some boffin” if he can help push major deals through, heck if he can then I think every AFC supporter should learn his name and at least show some respect that way.

  9. News
    Arsenal have hired Sky chief Huss Fahmy
    To deal with player contracts

    I hope this is good news for keeping Ozil, Alexis and Bellerin but we will find out in due course

    1. The guy was hired on part-time. Work a month with Arsenal and next month with Port Adelaide.

      I understand he is in charge of Contract mediation. seriously! methink that’s a job of the director for sport..

  10. I don’t mean disrespect to anyone including you Konstantin but anyone who thought we would land Mbappe would have to be disconnected from reality a little bit.

    At 18 years old and only having scored 15 goals this past season in the French league, the player is a big financial gamble only a big club could afford. Arsenal can not afford to gamble that type of money on an unproven (but promising) player. In addition, the player already rejected us last season when we could offer CL football, now he can choose any club he wants to join. Why would he choose Arsenal?

    Aubamayang would be a much wiser invest financially at half the price. But why would he join Arsenal.

    Lacazette would also be a wiser investment for a club like Arsenal.

    But the truth of the matter is any of these players are unlikely to join Arsenal both because we don’t offer CL football or a reasonable chance to win a major trophy and because we don’t like to pay the money needed to land these type of players. We have a player like this in Sanchez but we are not willing to pay him what he can earn at other clubs.

    1. I agree with you
      Mbappe would love to go to Madrid not us

      Also, Aubemeyang would be amazing but at the very least we should try for Lacazette
      Lacazette, Walcott, Alexis Ozil would be an excellent front 4

          1. Don’t forget what Ozil has done in season 2015/16.
            Don’t forget what Hazard did in that season, he was sh****t. And then in season 2016/17 he goes back to being awesome.
            Ozil can come back to form. I’d love it if he stayed.

    2. MBappe is an outside chance, I don’t think many people would say otherwise 😛
      However do you manage a multibillion pound industry?

      How many AFC supporters would buy a MBappe shirt if we did get him for a world record fee?
      Heck, I refuse to give AFC money until they show real ambition and I would buy his shirt, a statement like that could get more supporters spending again.

      Silent Stan will have noticed AFC lose just under £50 million for UCL football I believe, plus the risk of losing Alexis for nowhere near the market value for a player of his quality IF he wasn’t in his last 12 months…

      If Alexis contract wasn’t so low then I would be surprised if AFC would listen to offers less near double the offers we read about now… Silent Stan doesn’t have to sell the player to get a loan from a bank… He only needs the share prices to back him in his business deals.

      That is a lot of wealth lost…

      Just to point out as well, Alexis and Ozil are 2 of the top 5 shirt sales in the EPL, this is a lot of money.

      I got no idea how that will effect the clubs shares and Silent Stan likes to manipulate share prices, he has done it with his other clubs… Think moving that one team is on a whim or for profit reasons via assets value?

      Number 1 shirt sale was Pogba at UTD, no wonder as he was a record transfer and a big name from the media writing so many articles about him that he was basically a household name before the transfer…

      There could be similarities between Pogba signing and MBappe signing, MBappe has been mentioned in every paper it feels like and MBappe is a name on so many AFC fans lips… So many of us believing it will never happen…

      What if it did?
      How much can AFC make from selling this transfer to the fans?

      These are honest “I do not know” questions, MBappe is a dream and while I do doubt it, I do not want to ignore that there is more to transfers than just handing over money. If spending £100 million on a player could increase his share prices by £150 million then I do not think Silent Stan will say no to that.

  11. OMG what a surprise, K the moaning git with more stupidity.

    Aulas has admitted AFC has put in a very nice offer for Lacazette, doesn’t sound like Wenger is sat around waiting on a sole player does it?

    Do you even read the articles by other people on this site?
    Bob done a nice article called “Have Lyon accepted that Lacazette WILL sign for Arsenal?”

    Mirror quotes Aulas (Lyon owner) saying
    “Alexandre knows our position. If he wants to try his hand somewhere else, there must be offers, which have gone straight to him. For the moment, I have no others.”

    So AFC have made an offer, Aulas has said there must be offers WHICH HAVE GONE STRAIGHT TO HIM and for the moment there are no other offers.

    Sounds like AFC have made a very nice offer, it has been forwarded to Lacazette who is away with France ATM and I guess focused on those duties… and we are the only club to have made an offer.

    Typical K though, ignore the facts to spread depressing BS, get yourself checked out by a doctor, I seriously think you suffer from Depression and you are finding it hard to see anything good even if the good is their. You have a health issue, I urge you to see a medical professional K before you top yourself over a deluded thought.

    1. Stupid is a mean word!

      Whatever happens to ” personal opinion”. Ain’t one entitled to that any longer?

      If after 13 years you still believe transfer rumours relating to Arsenal then it is you who needs to see a doctor. So gullible goosh!

    2. I don’t think anyone who quotes the daily mirror as gospel can go around accusing anyone of being stupid.

  12. Once again, great insight from the world’s biggest football guru, and person in the know of all transfer activities, Konstantin. The guy who wants to sell Giroud, and give Ox another contract. Bravo! You’re genius, KM. Perhaps you can try and watch a few games next season before making suggestions like that in the future. What a tool.

    1. Hahaha! Maybe you should watch a game or two yourself Vlad if you don’t want Ox to sign another contract. He was our best wingback once we switched to 3 at the back.

      And most of us here see Giroud as a decent bench player never good enough for a PL winning team.

  13. I am beyond words.
    7.5 weeks to the start of the season and we have signed no one.
    The one team that needed a glimmer of hope that a top signing would bring does nothing.
    I can see him doing nothing.
    He should have taken the hint and left after the FA cup but no – he had to linger on because HE cannot let go. It should not be about him it should be about the club.
    He is utterly incapable of leading Arsenal to the promised land of PL and CL success. He is a fossil clinging onto success from 13 years ago – that is not hope that is stagnation
    The atmosphere is going to become unbearable next season and the feelings of this season will only get worse as more people see what is happening.
    Still all the AKB’s will be pleased with two more years of this…

  14. How has everyone got their knickers in a twist about a transfer window that’s not even started yet! It doesn’t even open for another 2 weeks!! Flipping Arsenal fans. Have a little patience!

  15. Honestly it is hard for me to believe anyone expected change. We all know the playbook I thought. Why would it change? The ingredients are the same as previous seasons so the outcome will be the same.

    They pretend to run around like headless chickens supposedly chasing unrealistic players (Suarez, Higuain, Mbappe, Aubamayang etc), never landing one, getting fans to renew season tickets, starting to moan that buying good players is not easy or is not like going to the supermarket, selling the only world class player we have late in the window, only to make one or two desperation buys at the end of the window that doesn’t get close to replacing the world class player we sold.

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