Arsenal’s transfers – Kroenke proves his lack of ambition compared to Liverpool’s owners

Arsenal’s Transfer window Conclusions by Dan Smith

Stan Kroenke would have known for a while that this summer there was the possibility he would be buying the rest of Arsenal’s shares, making this the ideal time to finally prove his ambition, something he hasn’t done since coming to us.
Many gooners thought news of his impending acquisition purposely happened this week, so he could (for PR reasons) deliver a big name, namely Dembele on loan. It proved to be a wishful thinking, as the clock hit 5-00 pm Thursday I had that anti climax feeling.

We didn’t even replace Chambers, making his loan pointless and perhaps Unai Emery’s first oversight. That’s not knocking our recruitment team who have been rightly praised for doing buisness early, with most deals arranged before the World Cup. They have their remit and clearly the criteria was to find value over quality. I will back anyone who puts on the shirt but I refuse to believe our Board believe that approx 60 million is enough to close a 39 point gap to City.

In my opinion gooners are cheering change for the sake of change. If Arsene Wenger had brought talent most, if honest, haven’t seen play, they would have hammered him.

Let’s forget Man City and focus on Liverpool as they finished 4th, our minimumn target. Compare the two American owners. The Henrys asked Klopp ‘what does he need to compete’ and brought him one of the best defenders and keepers available. Whether you think they are worth the money is missing the point. It’s the Henrys showing their employees and fan base they are serious about being champions.

In contrast look how we have tried to fix our defensive flaws. Everton and Leicester have signed better centre backs than us. Don’t let use us not being in the Champions League as an excuse. We were being run in this manner even when we were in that competition. Even without first class European nights, Arsenal are richer then Liverpool, Kroenke richer then Henry. With the TV deal, sponsorships, ticket prices, shirt sales, etc, we could be doing a lot more.

Like 12 months ago, we kick off the new campaign with two men being allowed to run down their contracts , while the priority this week has been recouping money. Perez has joined Wilshire at West Ham while Ospina is exspected to go to Turkey. This will carry on till the 31st with Campbell likely to go abroad while a few youngsters might benefit with a loan switch.

Welbeck won’t be offerd a new deal but should stay as we have no other back up to our strikers. I still wouldn’t rule out Barcelona calling our bluff over Ramsey at the last moment. In a months time, net spend will be less then 40 million, the wage bill is smaller and the manager’s salary has decreased.

Go see how how much money we make and tell me Stan Kroenke couldn’t do more?

Dan Smith


  1. Nayr says:

    We have actually spent more in net spend than liverpool in the last two years or so.

    liverpool sold coutinho for almost 150M while we have not sold a player for much ,chambo 35M i think was the highest in recent years.

    imagine if we had sold a player for 150M then added our 70M budget.
    that is a lot of money to spend.

    our players had regressed under wenger so much that no one wants to pay big bucks to buy them.

    ings will go for 20M while perez for 4M…who is better really?

    fortunately for us unai emery will get our players performing again such that even if we sell the fringe players like welbeck next summer,we will sell at a good price.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Welbeck leaves for free next summer

    2. gotanidea says:

      That means Gazidis, his office minions and the other people that are dealing with the business side at Arsenal are not doing their job properly

      Arsenal often have to resell their players with huge losses and they recklessly extended the underperforming players’ contracts with long durations/ huge salaries

      Whether Emery would be able to bring out the best of the current players or not, we don’t know yet. Usually if an underperforming and aging player is given a huge contract extension, he would become lazier and demotivated

      1. ozziegunner says:

        The so called back room staff only changed ove the last 12 months prior to Arsene Wenger leaving. Wenger, Law and Gazidis looked after most of the transfers in/contract extensions that are causing Arsenal difficulties.

    3. Goonster says:

      We used to sell our best players under Wenger and before the panic Ozil signing our most expensive signing was Asharvin / Cazorla for £16 million.
      You really think if we sold a player for £150 million our board would have let us spend that £150 million on top of the £70 million? May be you have been following a different Arsenal for the past 20 or so years.
      We used to be told, Arsenal have more than £200 million in reserve, but then come each summer we would sign unknown, promising and cheap players citing “Just because we have all that money in reserve does not mean it is available to spend”.

      For crying out loud we went so cheap just because we spend about £100 million on 2 striker for last season. This absolutely freaked Silent Stan and he was like “Mama mia, everyone calm down with this exciting of spending big, we need to curb it because it is making me uneasy and uncomfortable”.
      We are signing cheap players and paying in instalments, we signed a free agent that is 34 years old, we signed a cheap defender that is making me nervous. Then a few young players etc.
      Liverpool on the other side have a £70 million CB. £60 million Goal Keeper, £45 million Salah, £45 million Keita. £38 million Mane. £30 million Firminho. £34 million The Ox etc…


      1. Xxnofx says:

        Top comment
        Agree with everything you written
        A long hard season awaits us yet again

    4. Pauladonis says:

      That’s a nice way to look at it… I hope he actually succeeds in increasing the sell on value of our deadwood players…

    5. Ozenal says:

      Not sure you can turn this onto Wenger solely.

      The quality of players needed to play Wenger or Guardiola’s style is paramount.

      The difference is that Arsenal have not been willing to pay market rates for players for the last 10 years.

      And Wenger’s speciality is building up players to world class, but only for their contracts to be mismanaged or be sold off.

      He had the spine of a great team sold from underneath him and he should have left straight away because he should have known he would not be backed any further.

      These are the days of short term signings, run by accounting software and value calculators. But without anything to do with rising market values or competitor inflation added into the model.

  2. Nayr says:

    We have actually spent more than liverpool in the last two years or spend.

    they sold countinho for almost 150M,imagine if we had sold a players for 150M then added our 70M budget,that is alot of money to spend.

    our problem is that under wenger our players regressed so much that no one wants to pay good money for them,
    a case in point, perez is going for 4M while ings will go for 20M.

    under unai emery players will perform and next summer we might sell our fringe players such as welbeck for a good amount.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Ramsay, Welbeck, Cech, Monreal and Campbell will be leaving on a free transfer if no new contracts are offered and signed

      1. Lance says:

        JI, apart from Ramsey, I don’t see any of the other four being given new contracts. They will leave for free. That means we will have to replace them. Where will the money come from given Kroenke’s reluctance to spend.

        1. ozenal says:

          The star players in recent years who would have netted us lots of cash basically went for less due to their contracts.

          Sanchez and Ozil would have given us more cash. We would have been able to play a proper pressing/possession game as Sanchez has many turnovers to play possession game and Ozil doesnt press.

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    So Koscienly has been named our Main captain… He’s injured till next year, and might even leave us after his contract. Yet again another captain that’s not gon be on the pitch. His vice captains are Cech, Ozil, Ramsey and Xhaka

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think Emery and the other coaches see Koscielny’s influence, even though he is injured

      The other players would respect this appointment and hopefully would follow Emery’s guidance

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Gotanidea yea, I suppose it’s to give him that respect
        I know the other players respect him, I just hope Cech starts being a leader from the back

    2. Goonster says:

      How can Ozil even be considered as a potential Captain? My little kitten has more fight, more leadership skills and Va va Voom than a 29 year old Ozil.
      The guy is the epitome of a Follower / bottler.

  4. Patrick says:

    Give arsenal supporters a break. Too much negativity will make you fail to see any good in the club. Let’s focus on working with what we have. Tomorrow is City, let’s hope for the best.

  5. gotanidea says:

    I hope Kroenke is looking for a potential buyer for the club now

    He would get huge profit if he can sell it ASAP, like when Thaksin sold Man City to Sheikh Mansour

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      unlikely….keep hoping and deciding for Kroenke

  6. Declan says:

    The captain is the voice of the dressing room and other off field duties. His only job on the pitch is the toss up and has been said before, we have plenty of tossers to do that little job.

  7. barryglik says:

    Arsenal are in stage one
    of a two season transition.
    18/19 + 19/20.
    110 games to rebuild the squad.
    Two years from now the squad will
    be very different to the one we have now.
    Season 20/21 will be the time to really get excited.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Exactly…rebuilding needs time

      we will be formidable by then

  8. Pauladonis says:

    How good would it have been if the Arsenal board had sold Arsenal to The African billionaire when he lodged a bid of 10 billion dollars for a club valued at 1.8 billion pounds (roughly 2 point something billion dollars)… Someone like that would have pumped money into the team…

    Silent Stan definitely can’t have the same passion as a true fan of the club like Usmanov or Dangote…

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?A pox on the houses of the shareholders who sold the majority shareholding to Kroenke.

  9. Innit says:

    Liverpool spent silly money on Van Dijk and Allison
    I’m glad we didn’t spend that much on a centre back and goalkeeper
    But they have built a strong team.
    We have better strikers. That’s it.
    They have a better defence and midfield than us.

    I think Liverpool will fight City for the title
    Spurs and United won’t be far behind

  10. Innit says:

    As for Kroenke
    He doesn’t care about trophies. He cares about money, hunting and owning sports clubs to make money

  11. Durand says:

    Sorry to ruin it for everyone, but if Arsenal win anything it will be from outperforming expectations.

    Rams are valued more than Arsenal (between 2.5 and 3.5 billion) and their new stadium is costing over 5 billion and continues to rise.

    Arsenal are worth 1.8 billion and across the pond.
    His Denver Nuggets never won title, Rams never won title under his total control; made playoffs once and quickly exited.

    How many titles Arsenal won while Kronke owned 67% of club? None, thats right.

    Proof all over his franchise toys; he’s not interested in titles, only revenue streams. Sorry folks, seen it here in States for decades; he doesn’t give a shit.

    It’s a business for him, not a passion. Chelsea and City made their money elsewhere; the clubs are for their passion.

    Stan makes money from his franchise teams, it’s business to him not passion. That’s all folks, don’t expect big transfers, titles, and glory. FA cups and occasional top 4 is all.

    1. Hackinubee says:

      Will you just stop comparing Arsenal with Rams and Nuggets? Do we have the same management team? And because they’re not winning anything means Arsenal too won’t win any trophy? It’s high time you guys stop the comparism,What do you call building a 5bn stadium for a team? A Joke or an Investment?

      During the Invincibles,how many players in the team cost more than 10m? Let’s sell a player for 150m and see if we won’t be allowed to spend the money… But I think it’s high time this comparison with Rams and Nuggets stop,they’re not Arsenal!!!

  12. Ozenal says:

    Spot on!

    It has pretty much been the case throughout the Kroenke tenure.

    And weird signings thrust upon Wenger such as Park Chu Young and Lucas Perez. Which he clearly didn’t rate. When you look at some of the signings we missed out on, those millions surely would have come in very handy.

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