Arsenal’s W-men set for Wembley start?

Wilshere and Walcott must start FA cup final by Sam P

Just as Arsenal seemed to be running out of steam at this key stage of the season, with a massive FA cup final against Aston Villa on the horizon to add sparkle to our season, the Gunners have hit form again with a thumping 4/1 win over West Brom.

And as if that was not enough to send the Emirates crowd home happy, the architects of this powerful performance were the two players that were seemingly out in the cold, Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott. I doubt if there will be too many Arsenal fans suggesting that the two England internationals will be surplus to requirements now.

Jack looked like the player of old as he drifted past players, passed with pace and precision and seemed to see gaps and opportunities that no one else on the pitch could see. And he will be delighted to have scored a beauty as well because lack of goals has been one of the main accusations leveled at him.

Theo was as sharp as a tack, showing us once again that with the right runs and movement, his pace can be a hugely effective weapon. And he reminded us of what we learned a couple of seasons back as well, that he is now a very cool finisher.

It might seem harsh on whoever misses out at Wembley next weekend but after that performance today, how can Wenger leave the W boys out?

VIDEO – Santi Cazorla’s brilliant FA Cup Final freekick!!

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  1. I agree that Wilshere and Walcott should start, the only problem is who should be sent to the bench – Giroud/Ramsey/Cazorla/Özil two of these. Personally, I think todays lineup did solid enough to get a go.

  2. It’s always been Santi. I haven’t seen Santi strike a ball since last years FA cup like Jack did today. Basically Jack is more athlectic than Santi.
    No doubt Santi is so remarkable with his feet but the ability Jack has to run with the ball really opens up the whole attack. MF= MO, AR, JW, Attack AS, OG, TW.
    Where is Our DM? When teams can only create 2 shots a game then a DM is not necessary. Our CB’s should be able to handle all the pressure.

    1. OG wont do well in the FA cup final if he starts, Villa will hold a high line against Arsenal they cant park the bus there defence is crap, for OG its simple he hasn’t got the pace or strength, you need a man who can run at the defender not hold the ball up, because of Okore Giroud will have an awful time he faster and stronger i think if Giroud is on he will be man marked (Okore’s bitch all game) if you don’t believe me watch the training footage of him manhandling Benteke…… Not an easy task. I personally feel 4.3.3 with an interchanging front 3 of Welbeck, Walcott, Sanchez would work better, because as seen time and time againt Villas defence cant cope when they when Pacey strikers run at there defence Saido Mane’s 2 min hatrick can confirm that.

  3. This will definitely be interesting to see. Will he drop the ever reliable Ramsey/Santi for an in form Wilshere/Walcott. My gut says Wenger will go for Ramsey with Santi, Ozil & Alexis up behind Theo. If Walcott isn’t picked though (over Giroud), it may be a massive signal as to where his future lies, because he would be massively deflated having just scored the only hat-trick of Arsenal’s season in his 3rd or whatever start.

  4. Arsenal FC…FA Cup Winners 2015!!!
    A Chelsea fan here wishing you lots the best agnst Villa.

  5. Walcott MUST start….Let’s see who Wenger will drop but I feel Wilshere will come off the bench. Ramsey gets the nod for mi because He gives you goals. Taking nothing from Wilshere as I screamed when he scored that banger but how many times has Wilshere scored such goals? Ramsey starts for mi unless Santi starts from the bench but after what he did for us against Hull last year in the final’, I doubt He’ll start from the bench…

  6. One match and that too on the final does not bring much importance to the floor where the months of work put in by others cannot go unnoticed just a single performance from Jack. He failed to turn up at big matches made arsenal look unbalanced missed chances,arsenal should go with Ramsey and Walcott.

  7. pls any one know who that guy both walcott and wilshere went to hug after scoring is ?

    1. The club physio. They’ve just come back from injuries so that’s be why. The physio is apparently leaving at the end of the season so there’s added sentiment I guess… Or at least that’s what Match of the Day told me.

  8. I Dont care who starts, we are a team! So lets take of business, get the job done and win the fa cup! Coyg!

  9. I know Wilshere isn’t very popular among a lot of people on this site. I too don’t think he’s good enough to get into our best 11 at the moment, but I haven’t given up on him. As a local Arsenal fan and an Englishman there’s something special about seeing your own players playing for you in a cup final, especially the FA Cup. By that I don’t just mean our players. I mean players like Jack in particular, someone like me, in the sense that they grew up watching the FA Cup and loving Arsenal FC. He kind of represents the fans on the pitch.

    Every other club seems to have had their idols, childhood fans that made it. Chelsea have John Terry, Liverpool with Gerrard, United with players like Neville and Scholes. Arsenal haven’t had a player like that in a very long time. That’s why there’s such hope for Wilshere to succeed I guess…

    But anyways, whether he’s the best choice or not, I’d quite like Wilshere to play.

    1. Very well put.
      And to be fair
      despite the talk
      of the English “core’
      this season has been dominated
      by non English players again.
      And as far as I know Stirling is the only English
      player mentioned in transfer rumours so far.
      American and Russian owners, South African CEO,
      Spanish and German captains, Spanish French German
      players millions of overseas supporters Arsenal
      is a very “Un English” club in many ways.

  10. I would start the team
    who did all the hard work
    since Xmas . Walcott
    and Wilshere look sharp
    because many of the top X1
    have played 40 – 50 games
    Villa has been shite in the EPL
    but good in the FA Cup.
    Walcott for Ramsey being one possible change.
    Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
    Coque Cazorla Walcott Ozil Sanchez Giroud.
    Ospina Gibbs Chambers Flamini Ramsey Wilshere Ox,

  11. I have a problem with Ospina not starting. He is our best keeper and we should play our best players. We shouldn’t play Szczesny because it would be unfair to him not to.

    I think Ospina, Monreal, Mertsacker, Koscielny, Coquelin, Walcott, Alexis, Ozil and Giroud must all start.

    That leaves either Debuchy or Bellerin at RB and either Ramsey or Cazorla or Wilshere for remaining midfield position

    Or we could play like we did today without Giroud
    Alexis, Walcott Maybe enough firepower to win

  12. Fresh legs and pace. Both Walcott and Wilshere should start. But Wenger will be reluctant to sit Carzola or Ramsey. He might sit Giroud. My guess is Walcott starts for Giroud (I’d rather see Theo on the wing) and Wilshere is on the bench (or you may see the same lineup that started 6 straight games). I doubt we see both Wilshere and Theo start.

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