Arsenal’s Wenger and Merson BOTH need to grow up!!

They will be insulting each others’ Mums next if this carries on much further and all it is doing is making Arsenal look even more shambolic and giving those TV pundits, football journalists and fans of rival clubs more bullets to fire at us.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think we are being shot at enough without the manager and a former club legend helping them out. The childish spat between Paul Merson and Arsene Wenger has been going on for a couple of weeks now, as reported by Metro, ever since Merson had an on screen meltdown after the Gunners’ poor performance away to Anderlecht.

Wenger took that on the chin but if Merson thought that was bad, he went ballistic when we threw away a three goal lead at home to the Belgians and laid into Arsenal and Wenger again. This time the Frenchman responded by saying that he did not really value the criticism and opinion of people who thought they knew it all without ever actually managing a club.

A bit unnecessary from Arsene there, but now Merson seems determined to turn it into a playground battle of he said, she said proportions. And I think it needs to stop pretty quickly because it is not helping either peron or the club in general.

Merson said, “I think it’s childish he’s had a dig at me. Not interested in Paul Merson? He was begging me to stay when he offered me a new contract.

“I was surprised when I saw what he’d said about me. It shocked me. It’s weird.”

Come on Paul, you must realise that you are being just as childish and weird as Wenger, while Arsene, if he is not interested in this criticism, should not respond to it. The thing is, both of them want what is best for Arsenal. Of course Merson is allowed to be critical and say what he thinks, that is his job, but he did make it a bit personal and he should know better.

Have it out in private if you must, but please stop this public chest bumping will you?


  1. If people want to protest in an affordable way. We all need to phone up AFC on a given day and block the switch board, if you can afford it don’t hang up. 0207 619 5003

      1. muffdiver would I do that to you. It’s the best escort agency in London for men 🙂

        PS it’s the real switch board number.

    1. Two thumbs down do you care about our great club or not. I am always trying to think of new ways people can protest. If this doesn’t work stop your moaning and belt up.

      1. My thums don’t work from my apple products you have to wait until tomorrow for me to thum you up in my office computer OK

    By the way Merson speaks on behalf of fans oppressed by bullies at the Emirates stadium. It’s a shame people can’t voice their opinion at Emeriates being oppressed by a bunch of hooligans controlled by the board.

  3. Well no disrespect you gotta feel it some how for paul merson! Maybe he is getting a bit carried away with how wenger is running arsenal to the ground! But hey! Who blames the guy,if i were him i would be upset too! Its hard to see your beloveded love being “drag through the mud”!

  4. To be fair Arsenal is on track
    to make the top four.
    ECL last 16 is a real possibility.
    Full houses, sponsorship deals
    TV coverage in both the EPL and ECL.
    Only one team wins the EPL and
    an English side will not win the ECL this season.
    4th place is the only real trophy available for Arsenal.
    So many great matches to come against top 4 rivals
    City United Liverpool Everton Spurs Swansea
    Westham Southampton and now Newcastle.
    Arsenal has not been a serious EPL let alone
    ECL contender for several years.
    Top 4 football, financially sustainable,
    the USA franchise business model.
    And successful it is.
    Just have to learn to like top four
    rather than winning.

    1. Winning is everything ask any professional sports person. If we are going down that route the board and Wenger have got a big fight on their hands. GOYG lets be passionate and get this sorted out.

    2. @davidnz how long do you think our top players will stick around if they thought fourth is our best and when they leave who will come to replace them for us to be fourth again.

  5. The problem with Wenger is that it wil not listen to advices,his answers tell it alll:
    I know better since I am an old time manager and you people have not managed.
    Is it because someone has more experience than others that he is immune to receive advices.Everybody wish the good for Arsenal and Arsene,Myself I came to know and love Arsenal because of him but those last years his vision has light out,the team has many issues and he will not solve them.
    Is it wishing him ill to advise him in what could help the team,is it hating him in observing that the team is no more a force under him.Please stop with the stadium debt,all those years arsenal could afford a good DM and some more CB.Nearly every team have a pure DM and enough defenders.Look at Arsenal we have a team small in size and not powerful,we are not in spain this is the premier league,that why we are struggling to impose ourselves week in week out.
    by heart I would wish Wenger to change and fight back for trophies but years after years I see it will not happen.
    The best for him would be retirement at the end of this season or go to manage a team in Japan., that would suit him well and they would love him there.

  6. Arsene Wenger is soiling his own reputation by responding to a semi literate pundit(one of many) pundit who’s only doing his job.If Arsene was doing his job he would have no need to respond like he has done.

  7. The honourable thing and reasonable thing is to create a position for Wenger on the board of directors. And get a new manager for next season. The board and Wenger need a nudge in the right direction.

    1. Pls guys if AW to retire from managing the team he must leave the club he has bad financial influence over the board, I have a perfect positions for him take over Chelsea or FIFA

  8. What Merson said was right, but him and Stewart Robson just can’t stand Wenger…Merson despised Wenger from day one, wenger said he could not manage him so got rid….So from then he has been bitter towards Wenger so every time he gets the time to have a snipe at Arsene he goes for it..

    1. A good manager would have brought out the best in him not sold him. And there you have it Wenger can’t manage.

  9. Wishes for January:

    Defence – Matt Hummels
    Defensive Midfield – Mohammed Diame
    Attack – Munir el Haddadi (Loan)

      1. I often hear how difficult it is to sign players in January. And then I see key players for successful teams signed in January.

        It is true most big teams don’t sign in January. But this is because most big clubs are not stupid enough to wait until January to fill their needs. Wenger, however, is more than willing to wait and then make the weak and false claim that it is impossible to sign players in January as his excuse not to act again.

        I am not fooled.

        1. you are right but i meant on our players, OG back, Arteta back, Koscielny back, Debuchy which means no need for new players cuz we are good covered LOL

  10. LOL, every fan have different opinion on whats wrong with wenger, let me give you real truth, look at table, we are 12 points behind leaders, and its november, like wenger or not, we are sh*t, individual opinions wont change anything, we should put ultimatum to Wenger and Board, next year title or out, simple, like wenger or not, if you are not productive than you are not needed. All those milions we earned are not good if you not use it, i dont live in england but how can you pay most expensive tickets in europe for this sh*t is crazyness and not protest is even more. You work hard for your money and you spent it on something that is not worth it, no logic and thats truth

  11. I have always remained in the group of fans who advocated change of Wenger’s approach rather than replacing Wenger.

    Clearly those days have passed. Wenger has built a completely dysfunctional club. His failures in the transfer market (no CB backup, no DM, no LW he will actually use) were obvious and shocking. He has piled on with his complete denial of this reality. And his week-to-week decisions are impossible to defend.

    Sorry, I cannot defend this nonsense anymore.

  12. Wenger did not value the opinion of a person who never managed a club…. okay…
    Maureen managed some big (bigger than Arsenal) clubs, won some CL, and he said you are the specialist of failure.
    How did you respond to that, Mr. Wenger?

  13. Oh dear oh dear oh dear all this talk about an ”just arsenal protest” and if wenger stays he will run this club down to the ground this site is becoming comical were going threw a bad catch and you kids wanna organise a protest and think your going to change anything you lot haven’t even seen your team ever finish were united did last season and all of a sudden that’s it our whole club is doomed and it’s the end of the world grow up u spoilt brats and lets get threw this together the whole world Is against us at the moment and you lot are with them our team need us now more then ever let’s get them threw this bad patch and cheer them on and worry about wenger at the end of the season we support this club ffs start acting like it we love u arsenal COYG

      1. he is used to watch real madrid, barca and bayern in finals, arsenal will destroy his ritual, haha from invincibles to supporting team, we are not different than spuds last 9 seasons, we are getting crushed by heavy weights,

      2. And what makes you think a protest and you lot demanding a change of wenger bould board players stewards fitness coach share holders ect ect ect is going to make us be top again let’s rip up everything it’s taken 10 years to build and start again very clever

          1. Nothing to do with sit back and do nothing but you lot wanting to do something now is just stupid and childish talk oh sorry pep will leave now to replace wenger maybe Klopp or sienemoi will leave straight away I tell u what the best we will get now because of your stupid protest is David moyes

            1. I have wanted to do something for the last 2/3 years. Where does that leave your argument we could have had Löw this summer.

            2. So u must fancy me then if I look like a puss#y grow some balls ? Why because I’ve seen my team finish mid table season after season while you u little spoilt brat can’t handle wen things aint going to well and start crying after 10/11 games u need to grow some balls and support the team I’m so glad I’m not this new breed of arsenal fans and been brought up seeing my team struggling seeing bad football can’t get over how spoilt you lot

              1. Come on old man, now you bragging on failure of the club like it is a good thing that it has made you numb to the relatively better failure than the one you have seen before.

    1. The season is already over for some who value EPL title above any other trophy …Arsene has hoisted the white flag and conceded the PL title to Chelsea in bloody November!

      1. Evening mate,

        I will keep on posting the same post until we have got enough support and then I will let you know.

  14. Pep Guardiola has been impressing me this last year or so I think he will make a great replacement for AW he plays the the same system as arsenal “ball possession” tiki taka we won’t need to change the whole team and he will bring in big names, he has said he would like to manage in the EPL and ManCity is after him, klopp is a great manager but his strength is to inspire new players to shine, we need established players to move forward we have had enough of unknowns.

    So what do you guys think

    1. There is a lot of shit going on I hear the coaching staff are not happy with AW that he won’t lisen to anyone anymore so I don’t think he will be able to function without suport,

      If AW to go it should be now so that the new manager can advice Bould to buy the players we need, I’m sure who ever we are going after will be contract bound at least untill summer.

  15. Michael Laudrup would be nice, or the Frank de Boar & Berkamb combo. You want the old Arsenal back with all the glory? Start bringing our legends back home. If a manager has to comme it must be a young one.

    Just take notice what is happening currently in the football the world. The new generation of managers are owning the old ones.

  16. There will be a thousands of Gooners who will post on line they want Wenger out but if a protest was planned only a hundred would turn up,so I ask you all get a piece of A4 paper on write Wenger out,makes some copies and pass to your friends then send into the emirates if you are abroad of not in London.if you live in London post yourself or put up all around the emirates,Colney and the armoury.
    Let’s get the message out now Wenger out !

  17. Paul merson said wenger is afraid to sign the players we have been crying for because he will be proving that many people were right and he was wrong

  18. I think it’s a good thing that Merson’s grilling Wenger – he doesn’t take any notice of us fans. Yes Merson does come across childish but his points are more than valid. Wenger needs to go! Now, before the damage he does to our club will take years to rectify. AW is a has-been who’s too arrogant and stubborn to admit defeat. 7 mill a years and a free run at the Emirates also helps.
    We need somebody with more credibility than Piers Morgan to voice the fans disdain. Yeah Paul Merson may not be the ultimate foghorn but it’s a step in the right direction.

  19. Okay! Okay!! Okay!!! Let every Gooner pipe down and remain piped down. Your fears have been allayed. I know it is the news of the Red Devils visiting the Emirates Stadium in a fortnight time that is already sending shivers down into your spines. But you guys need not to worry over that Red Devils visit anymore. I have good news for you all. The grapevine news that I have heard which has secretly gone viral on the football gossip media. Has it that, the Gunners have put in place an unprecedented plan to bind 4 archred devils immediately they arrived to the Emirates Stadium. Those 4 archred devils that are said to be going to be binded are archred devil Rooney, archred devil Van Persie, archred devil Higuain and archred devil Falcao. They will all be binded and be casted into the Emirates Stadium dungeon and be locked up there until after 90 munites plus, before the Gunners will agree to unbind them if the small red devils will comply with the Gunners demand to cast some 3 red devils into the river Thames as a condition for unbinding and releasing the 4 archred devils and allow them go back to Old Trafford Stadium. This is the news that I have been tipped early today. But please don’t tell any one yet. It is still secret.

  20. It’s got a bit childish yes but good on Merson, I guess hes another arsenal fan whos damn frustrated! When I see keown and Ian Wright on camera you can see them biting their lip so as not to criticise wenger directly, I wish they would respectfully. Shame we cant get a few of the invincible legends on camera and ask them some direct questions re arsene and the club, the akbs such as pires, Henry and maybe viera. I think if some of the more respected ex arsenal players comment the penny may finally drop. Someone needs to have a word in his shell like as I can see wobs and akbs fighting in the emirates soon if this continues. 4 wins in the pl out of 11 just isnt good enough. The sooner sanchez can speak good English and voice his opinion, organise and reprimand the players the better, we need someone to lead on the field and goodness knows it’s not per or mikel!

  21. @samuel@ja. What are you talking about?! Is this a joke? If so don’t get it. And Higauin where does he come in?

  22. The only one being childish here is Wenger. Merson’s criticism is 100% spot on. Wenger can’t stand criticism and whines like a child right before sticking both fingers in his ears and refusing to listen. Wenger is 65 going on 6 years old.

  23. Guy roll ur banner n protest…..its time for change… some may say words to kill ur zeal some might even treating that you will get this or that but know one thing my fellow Gunners…there is no sacrifices without victory and it all start now…9years is not 9day for any baby that fails to stand at the age of 9 won’t walk more or less run at the age of 10….Wenger Out for life…we all start now till the change is effected..make that emirate uncomfortable for Wenger cos the media is behind the fans..

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