Arsenal’s WengerOut protesters look like spoilt brats!

Protesting Outside The Stadium To Get Rid Of Wenger Makes You Look Like Spoilt Brats….. by Neil Watson

I’ve just logged onto BBC sport and read a report on Arsenal fans protesting outside the ground for Wenger’s sacking….Why? So maybe he’ll be sacked before the weekend and then we go into the Lincoln match with a team low on confidence and with Steve Bould to steer the ship?

I am 100% in support of Wenger leaving, but at the end of the season when his contract expires, and not a second before. If you believe we stand a chance of winning the FA Cup with or without Wenger you’re deluded. If you think we’d be better without a manager to keep Sanchez and all the other overpaid inflated egos in check until the end of May you’re not so much deluded as plain stupid. Several of our first team are already planning where they will be living next season and have little or no regard for our team or club. If it is proven Sanchez was in fact laughing when the fifth goal went in last night then he is the epitome of everything that is wrong with football today.

To ask for Wenger’s head a second before May 20th is petulant,….like the actions of a Chelsea or City, or a spoilt child that screams and shout because they are too impatient to wait for Xmas. Even United had the respect to honour LVG’s contract until after the Cup final so let’s not stoop to below them by turning Arsenal into yet another club who, when things go wrong, sacrifice the manager.

Arsenal, like very few clubs in the world, is an institution based on integrity, respect and class. Arsene Wenger has been impeccable during his tenure at the helm, never once caught up in scandals like Harry Redknapp, George Graham, Big Sam…the list is endless.

Over the past two decades you’ve been privileged to watch some of the finest football in Europe, seen some of the most amazing goals and more importantly won more trophies than Spurs or Liverpool. We have dominated North London for the entire period, even when we had buttons to spend on players. The reason for this was Arsene Wenger.

It maybe several years before we ever find out, if at all, why business decisions were made to sell key players such as Fabregas, RVP, Henry, Vieira…….If you believe Wenger sold them so that Arsenal fans could get on his back then, once again, I have to say, you’re not thinking it through. He would have loved to have kept every single one of those players but, as in the present case with Sanchez, when they want to go there’s little you can do. Which brings me onto the here and now….

Yes, Wenger needs to go. He has served us incredibly for over 20 years but his time has come.
Yes the squad needs a revamp but only when a new manager comes in.
Yes, our board need to take a close look at themselves and consider their positions if they lack the ambition our club needs going forward.

But none of that can or should happen before the end of the season because any manager worth having won’t be available until then. We won’t be able to buy or sell until then. AGM’s and directors positions will not be affected until circumstances require a change.

Finally, and here’s the most important bit……Arsene Wenger is 67. He’s dedicated half of his working life to our club…Think about that. How many of you work for the same firm for half your working life? Very few I bet. And of those of you that have, how many can say they’ve been a true asset to their firms?…

Please show some respect and avoid this derogatory protests requesting him to leave before the summer. He already knows he has to go and doesn’t need to be humiliated at the end of his tenure. Stop whinging about the last few years not being as good as when he first started. You sound like Spurs fans when you whinge.

This guy will have a statue outside the Emirates one day and rightly so. His successor has a monumentally large task and it will be a very broad pair of shoulders that takes that job, delivers us success and remains with the club, loyally, for two decades…….I personally don’t think another manager will come close to doing that…

So when you’re making your banners, spouting off in the pub about how terrible he is or however you choose to denigrate his time with us just remember our club may have not been the most successful under Wenger but at least we weren’t Spurs…..



  1. Budd says:

    I stand by this guy.

  2. sevenitti says:

    Really, spoilt brats? The man has declined since 2011/12, maybe even before, and should’ve quit himself years ago. The only moron!c thing about the protest is how they’re not adressing the board/Kroenke. They’re the ones only caring about the one thing Wenger still manages – top4 and passing through the group stage of CL, ultimately generating profit. They’re the sc*m every arsenal fan should adress, not other Arsenal supporters. Unbelievable.

    1. Budd says:

      Listen, Wenger said that protests will influence his decision to stay or not. Now is the time. Protest your guts out and get rid of him. Otherwise, just shut up forever. There are only two ways here: either you protest (hopefully decent) or you don’t. You heard the man. Kick it up a notch, see what gives.

      1. N4NICOLAS says:

        Fans need to protest more Wenger and the board have a thick skin imagine he was even given a two year extension, what an insult to football!!! When you see him talking in interviews you know this man is a clown.. he still thinks he’s the best man for the job. I noticed he’s good in accounting so I want Wenger to resign as the Manager n move upstairs to be our Accountant I think he’s in the wrong job..

  3. Gooner Craig says:

    I completely agree with pretty much everything you’ve said.
    In regards to the protests, I think they where hoping for AW to become aware of fans unrest, in an attempt to influence his decision to leave at the end of the season. However, if like you said, they were hoping for AW to leave before the end of the season then they certainly are a bunch of clowns!
    Yes we are in a bad patch which is incredibly embarrassing but AFC aren’t a circus and after everything he has done for the club, will let him leave with dignity at the end of the season rather than embarrassing and tarnishing his name by firing him before the end of the season!

    1. bran99 says:

      things are out of hands now, remember every season when he says judge me at the end of the season? only to collect some few wins and win his own trophy and with a smiley face he signs another contract. don’t you think fans are clever and know his dirty ways?

      so if you want people to wait for the end of season then without a doubt you want your master to stay 2 more seasons coz that’s what will happen. protest now or keep quiet and award him another contract with improved salary and even less target to achieve

      1. True but let’s be objective here, Wenger has been with us for 20 years, turned us into a force both locally and internationally, built us a stadium and steered us to quite a few trophies. He will be fired bro, just not before the season is over. To be honest its best we let him do what he does best..steer us into the top 4 before we cut him loose.

        1. bran99 says:

          You are right, but even that Wenger trophy we are used with, is not easy to get it this season

    2. N4NICOLAS says:

      When u people say what he has done for the club, I keep asking myself did he do it for free? We are the ones that are loyal not Wenger, the players or the board.. we watch matches without being paid n now some fans want to be heard instead of supporting them people are saying they are brats, how?

  4. Gooner Craig says:

    Apparently Ox want to leave!! Feels under appreciated at AFC and reckons he’s gone stale! – Source: Sky Sports

    1. john0711 says:

      He will probably go to City and shine

      1. Budd says:

        Absolutely. Everyone here knows my stance over Ox. This is MY MAN, I never slated him, I always loved the guy and always trusted his talent. All of you wanted him sold only 6 months ago. Now he shows that he is indeed a man who cares about fans. He is the only positive I get from the last 5 games. It will really break my heart if Arsenal can’t hold this player. I will sell Sanchez and Ozil anytime over Ox. I simply don’t care. I genuinely hope this is just agent talk smelling blood right now. I would rather pay Ox 150k week than Ozil or let alone Walcott. Fsck that! This is my man and I will pay him 200k and play him regularly. In the centre.

        1. john0711 says:

          it isnt often we agree budd, but latley we are coming a lot closer. i support these comments, Ox is 100% better than Xhaka who we paid silly money for, we need a huge clearout of players but Ox stays if he played alongside Khante at chels he would shine

          1. N4NICOLAS says:

            The xhaka situation is pathetic n shows our scouts are clowns, we have ready made players in the league to do the job but we always go abroad n buy the ones that will take forever to get used to the style of the English game example Virgil van Dijk could’ve been bought but we bought Mustaphi who to me isn’t better than Virgil van Dijk

  5. john0711 says:

    just remember our club may have not been the most successful under Wenger but at least we weren’t Spurs ????

    Another fan who gauges the teams performance on a rival teams, i am not sure but when i last looked a) they are above us and history doesnt mean anything
    b) There isnt a trophy for finishing above spurs
    do you really think that fans not protesting will mean Wenger just decides to quit at the end of the seaon ?

    Wenger himself has today said the fans will affect his decision so the fans should show how they feel

    Wenegr deserves a statue but for what he has achieved not what hes achieving, he has been in a job this long for what he achieved. however that credut has run out.
    And with your reference to the new manager will have his work cut out, that depends WHO the board picks and what backing he is given
    Pick Simone and give him equal funds to the other top teams and this period will be forgotten.

    Pick someone like Howe and restrict his funds and yes he will struggle

  6. antiwenger says:

    Get your facts right,most of those protesting were calling for Wenger NOT to sign a new contract when his expires at the end of the season, which makes sense considering there’s no single reason whatsoever why he deserves a new contract.
    Speaking of Man united,Moyes and Van gaal were literally hounded out of the club by the fans within a very short period.Same with literary every top club where managers can’t afford one year of failure let alone over a decade of failure.
    Wenger should be really grateful to Arsenal fans because at any other top club,he wouldn’t last a year with his tactical ineptitude.

    1. muda says:

      Sorry for the thumb down, I meant to thumb you up.

      1. Budd says:

        You sound just like the referee sending off Kos. Sorry for the red card, I just watched the replay and yes, you were right, there was no foul, it was a dive and Lewandowski deserved a yellow. But hey, is water under the bridge now.

        1. muda says:

          Lolz, but it was deliberate if you asked me, remember that van. Pasie 2nd yellow vs barca? it is up there with this one.

    2. N4NICOLAS says:

      I agree with you Mate, it’s not as if he brought us from the lower league to the EPL n then won the treble.. this man is paid well too well in fact to be honest n we the fans demand that he does what every top earning coach does… top four isn’t an achievement so let’s stop fooling ourselves

  7. muda says:

    If wenger announce that he will leaving at the end of the season just like Henrique do, then trust me nobody will ever protest about again. we all love Arsene but we are just fade up and tired of the humiliation without any real hope that it will happen.

  8. davidnz says:

    Neil you ask
    “How many of us work in the
    same job half our working life”?
    Almost none of us Neil because most jobs don’t last that long anymore.
    You also say “how many of us can say we have been a true asset to our firms”?
    I find that comment very demeaning. It may surprise you but 99% of us
    believe we give our best in our work and are or were indeed an asset to our firms.
    Neil you also say ” Finally, and here’s the most important bit……
    Arsene Wenger is 67″. Indeed. Neil, Arsene is 67 and he is
    still being paid 8 mill salary with no pressure to win anything.
    Now if that’s not the quintessential spoiled brat I don’t know what is.

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Well Spoil us then lol
    We have been in agony for 12 seasons

    We are pretty much guaranteed a bad season next season even if Wenger leaves BUT at least there will be hope for the future

    Wenger doesn’t know how to win the PL
    He inherited many of the players in late 90’s
    He didn’t build our legendary brick walll of a defense
    That’s why we havent had one since they broke up
    We didn’t even adequately replace Viera (who again Wenger inheited)
    Coquelin came from our academy like Bellerin (very few top players come from Academy)
    And Coquelin isn’t good enough
    Wenger will NOT spend big on a Defensive Midfielder

    We NEED another Top Forward
    If Alexis goes that means we need 2 Top Forwards
    Wenger will not get two

    Last few season we were ALL BEGGING for a Top DM and Top Forward to make the team strong enough to compete for the PL

    Wenger is stubborn and set in his ways
    He wil never change
    Wenger needs to GO

    1. Budd says:

      Agony? Agony you said? Back in the eighties we were the laughing stock, ffs, Wrexham put 2 past us and literally I was ashamed to go at school because I was the only Arsenal supporter in the whole city probably. You have no clue what agony is with Wenger in charge. 10th, 6th, 8th that was the norm. We were WBA of our times. Maybe with a touch of Everton sometimes. And the football, my god, the footbal was so $hyte you don’t want to know. Have you seen the final in Copenhagen? I could not believe my eyes we scored. Asprilla, Brolin the lot, all over us and somehow that ball could not get in. Not because we were good, because frankly we were absolutely $hyte. Was because we were lucky back then. Sometimes lucky, sometimes unluky, remember Zaragoza? I was about to smash the teevee. Or murder Seaman. I settled on the teevee in the end.
      So no, it was not agony but I give you that, we stop playing nice football. That is something I will never forget.

  10. Pablo Picaso says:

    Thumbs up to all the protestors with love all the way from Zambia!!!

    More of the same please, the job is not done until Wenger announces he is living. Even his words today sounds like he is not so bothered about what the funs say.

    80% or so of us are behind you and wish more will join you in the next protest.
    Lets save our club!!!

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    @Neil Watson

    I am disgusted with your perception of fans that want Wenger sacked. How dare you call us deluded! Delusion, is not wanting someone to be sacked who has been ruining our club for years, and who has no respect for the fans. Why should Wenger never be held accountable? You say we should respect Wenger, but here’s the funny thing…he doesn’t respect you! You should also be reminded that Wenger has failed, a lot more than he has succeeded at Arsenal, and he has always under performed in Europe. Do you not want success, or at the very least, make an effort to succeed?

    I am so sick and tired of being looked down on, just because I want what’s best for my club. People think it’s disrespectful wanting him sacked, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. I’ll always remember what he did for Arsenal, but you cannot excuse years of failure because of past glories. Wenger’s early success should have/and has brought him some time, when things started going wrong, which I do not have problem with. But it has go on far too long. Wenger was given carte blanche, and it has really backfired! You wouldn’t see this happen at any other big club, so why should we have to put up with it? If Wenger had left in 2006, and we’d had the same manager since then, with the same results, I am sure you would have a very different opinion.

    The main reason I, and many others, want him sacked, is because it would give the fans some form of vindication. As I have already said, Wenger has never been held accountable for his actions, and if he leaves on his own accord, then it feels like he’s having the last laugh at the fans expense. He truly believes he hasn’t failed, so at least a sacking would go someway to hopefully redefining his definition of success. Fans have the right to protest, and we need more of it, if it can help influence his decision to leave. You say you want him gone in the summer, but if you do not protest, or at least make your opinion heard, then how will Wenger, and the board, get your message? If no one at Arsenal knows you want Wenger gone, then they’ll just carry on regardless. In terms of criticism, Wenger has got off so easily, in regards to the media, and the fans. Protesting, and criticism is long over due.

    Also, what is your evidence to suggest that we’ve got a better chance at winning the FA Cup with Wenger? Clearly you haven’t been watching Arsenal this season, and for many years. Under Wenger, Arsenal have been dreadful in the big games. Do you honestly believe we can beat the likes of City, Utd, Chel or Spurs, to win the FA Cup? Against any one of those, it will be the same lineup, formation, and tactics as always, and the opposition already know it. By removing Wenger, we remove the predictability of it all, which then gives us the surprise element. That can only be a positive thing, thus improving our chances of success.

    Wenger deserves the sack, because manager’s are meant to be judged on results. Especially when those results have been poor for over a decade! Two FA Cups in 12 years is an absolute disgrace! Hundreds of managers could have done better with the same players, and budget, so stop making Wenger out to be some kind of God, and go with the facts for once!

    1. john0711 says:

      Everything i want to say, spot on

    2. bran99 says:

      very true bro!

    3. davidnz says:

      Two FA cups in 12 years.
      Works out to 1 billion quid per FA Cup.
      “so stop making Wenger out to be some kind of God,
      and go with the facts for once”!
      Yep says it all really

  12. hecmanx says:

    The writer is so so deluded, he is not seeing anything wrong with the club and feels wenger is doing gud job and deserve to be worshipped

    The protesting fans don’t really want him to be sacked but don’t want him to sign a new contract and rightly so, even if they want him sacked, they are justified cuz the club have been stagnant for many years now

  13. mangatholi says:

    Sorry neil,as people pointed out no one will tolerate failure for this long especially when u consider arsenal were a big club even before Wenger.wenger achieved things,so as a note of thanks fans gave him time.but that time got over some two years back and now he’s jus like any other manager….every company of person is given contract extension according to his present achievements not the past.i would like to point out that Wenger has not replaced can persie as he replaced henry with rvp which is a major reason for arsenal’s performance.that kind of stubbornness has costed arsenal dearly….u dont win trophies without brilliant players.even a manager like diego simeone who brings best out of average players need a griezman to win his for that reason of not replacing rvp,wenger has failed…ok he had the right and was right to his time for giroud ,but unfortunately giroud hasn’t been able to provide the goods consistently since he aint suited for arsenal players imo cos arsenal is a team of possession ,movement,and speed.not a hardcore defense team of physical play with good crosses,but rather more of an attacking team…so that is unforgivable…..

  14. capricorn57 says:

    I guess if Arsenal had a sugar daddy like Chelsea and Man city they would do better. People talk about them being a rich club but perhaps it requires a lot of careful money management to achieve that.
    I think Wenger has had Arsenal punching at its expected weight, but for an increasing number of supporters that isn’t good enough.
    Whoever takes over from Wenger will have a hard job pleasing a demanding set of supporters who think they have an automatic right to support a team challenging for big titles.

    1. N4NICOLAS says:

      Mate so are you saying Wenger hasn’t failed? Are u saying Arsenal can’t get a better coach? Leicester even sacked an EPL winning coach but in Arsenal some fans feel Without Wenger the club seizes to exist.. which side are u on? Are u in love with Wenger or Arsenal???

  15. tweety says:

    spoilt brats? they protested because they have the club in their hearts. what guarantee we have that we may win the fa cup with aw still at the helm? with him all teams know his tactics are of 18 20 years ago, so it is easy to play and beat us. he must be sincere like the barca manager and say what he will be doing know: leave usd in peace and thank you. gooner = for ever

  16. imran_gunr says:

    Will anyone buy whole share of kroenke? He doesn’t understand the value of championship (either EPL or Champions League). He is waste for Arsenal Football Club. We are ashamed to suffer for last 11 years. This year its more hard to take 10-2 demolishing. Players must also take responsibility and respond like how Barca responded to PSG. Arsene wants to create core english team which is highly impossible in today’s game. You need a mixture of different countries and talent. You can’t rely and make a core english team.
    I think the culprit is Kroenke. I wish anyone can buy all of his share or kick him out form the share holding.

  17. khangunners says:

    Articles like this just goes to show how us fans hve adopted mediocrity and loser mentality. I bet you are watching games on ur screen thats why you will never know the problems and how those fans paying to watcj arsenal for past 10 years. They can do whatever they feel right as they hve known that if you just sit and keep quite wenger is gona sign two year’s. Instead of reading from bbc board a plane and go be part of the protest we musr save our club

  18. AsburtonGrove says:

    The only people who write articles like this, are people who like to see Arsenal Football Club capitulate and fail. If it were Tottenham in a 10+ year predicament like this, I’d also be saying Pochettino in – Redknapp in!
    Any un-bias person with half a brain can see that Arsene Wenger is only taking this great club backwards…
    And to the first commenter here, you are either a troll or an idiot – definitely not a fan!

  19. RSH says:

    they overpay to see terrible performances. They have every right to voice their opinions.

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