Arsenal’s Wilshere key in Bournemouth’s seven-goal thriller

Eddie Howe has praised Jack Wilshere, who is becoming a key player whilst on loan from Arsenal this season.

The Bournemouth boss was ecstatic when talking about his side’s 6-1 victory over Hull City, his club’s biggest ever win in the English top tier.

“We got the goals today that out attacking play deserved and probably our season’s deserved, because some of our games have been so tight and in some I think we’ve deserved to score more than we have done,” Howe said.

“We get our reward today. There were a few moments early in the game where we got into some great positions and we didn’t pull the trigger, but then when the chances came we finished them off superbly and that hasn’t always been the case this season.

“We gifted them a goal, but fair play to the players because at that moment the game could have swung either way, but we put our foot down and went again and found the energy to win the game comfortably.”

He went onto praise the input of the on-loan Arsenal man also, who was not credited with any of his side’s six goals or an assist, but remains crucial in his side’s performance.

“He’s improving all the time for me, Jack [Wilshere],” the Bournemouth boss said. “He had a big bearing on the game today, although maybe not evident initially on the eye, but he’s behind a lot of our good football and yeah he’s improving all the time.”

Jack has certainly settled in nicely with the Cherries, and his fitness appears to be increasing, despite the fact he did not play the full 90 minutes once again this weekend.

The midfielder has remained injury free for over six months for the first-time since 2013, and could finally be turning the corner as he looks to get his career back on track.

Could Jack really go a full season without injury? How much football do you think he would have got had he stayed in North-London this term?

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  1. I think its too early to think about whether he’s ready to play for us. He needs to start scoring and assisting regularly to show his improvement.

  2. I disagree with the post. Wilshere was the worst rated player on the team sheet yesterday and was even hauled off in the second half. He has barely been producing goals or assists and has the same old tendency of dwadling on the ball and getting needlessly and unhelpfully dispossessed in dangerous areas. He was left out for England and honestly if his contract expires as it is he isn’t getting a new one from Arsenal.

    1. Are you telling us you watched Bournemouth play instead of Arsenal yesterday?

      (Not that I think you did because you talked about the team sheet and Wilshere being subbed which happens every match because they are obviously easing him in)

  3. If Jack does go a full season without any of those niggles what will that say about Arsenal’s treatment of players. Personally I don’t think he will do it but it would be both good and bad, unless it forces us into changing things slightly. Maybe Howe can then tell us how to deal with niggle prone players. It would be great for Jack, but even that would not guarantee him a top spot in our team. Our back up wasn’t good enough in seasons past, so this automatically puts Elneny and Xhaka in the frame over Ramsey and Jack if you ask me. Some questions on our starting pair too, that wasn’t good enough over certain games in seasons past either, hopefully the competition will put it all right. Today’s game served up a good opportunity to show some leadership, I was disappointed that someone didn’t say Iwobi, come on dude, can’t you see your man is skinning Monreal. Or said to Xhaka, you just sit five to ten feet in front of the CBs and pass the ball out. The crosses were coming in the area of space between DM and CBs, I think it’s something Swa picked up on about us, liv done the same. If Xhaka had been told to stay five to ten feet from defence he would’ve been in the right area to clear the ball.

  4. Wenger has let Wilshere go out on loan in the last year of his contract, despite him being a real Gunner through and through.
    Do we all remember Szczesny swearing he will never play for anyone but Arsenal? Think about that for a minute.

  5. I don’t think we need Wilshere, he and wenger know this opportunity is about proving himself to other PL teams. Unless he turns into a beast we will end up selling him imo. Do I want that? No but I’m not the manager.

  6. those asking for goals and assists surprise me, Wilshere is a CM, to be precise a deeplyingplaymaker these kinda players dictate the tempo and style of play of a team, they don’t bag goals and assists…. look at Xavi,Scholes,Cazorla,Pirlo etc Wilshere is of the same role as these men… even in his best season 2010/11 he never got many goals or assists but his playmaking from deep and movements is what made/makes him special.
    Wilshere is the heir to Cazorla in CM for Arsenal and I’m happy he is playing weekly and regaining his specialty gradually.

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