Arsenal’s Wilshere under criticism ahead of England v Iceland tie

Jack Wilshere has come under increased criticism in recent days, with both Glenn Hoddle and Ray Parlour moving to downplay his impact in the previous match.

The Arsenal midfielder was promoted for the first-team line-up for England’s last game with Slovakia, but failed to impress in his first start of the tournament.

Former Gunner Ray Parlour recently claimed that Jack is not playing well enough to constitute a starting role.

He said: “He’s a good substitution to bring on, Jack, because he’s calm and good on the ball. But at the moment, I just can’t fit him in my team.”

Glenn Hoddle then added to that by claiming Wilshere had been making bad decisions in the previous encounter, coming as a further blow to his chances of appearing tonight.

He wrote: “Wilshere started well but then fell into the trap of taking too many people on. He has to understand when to and when not to make that run

Wayne Rooney is expected to be returned to the starting XI for tonight’s round of 16 tie against Iceland, which will likely see Jack returned to the bench. Jordan Henderson was also not at his best for the Slovakia tie, and could also drop to the bench in favour of Dele Alli.

Harry Kane is also expected to be returned to the starting line-up tonight, with Jamie Vardy set to return to the bench as England look to seal a place in the quarter finals of the tournament.

The Three Lions have never won a knockout match in the European Championships away from home soil, but they SHOULD be winning tonight.

Iceland are ranked 23 places below England in the official FIFA World Rankings, but those statistics stand for nothing from the second the ref blows his whistle to signal the start of the match.

Are you confident that England will manage to oust their opponents and set themselves up to play the hosts France in the next round? Are the critics being tough on Jack?

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  1. im not defending jack but the blame should go the england manager for selecting him for the euros,the guy was injured all season and had played 2 games at most before the start of the tournament,no matter how hard you train the only way to get back match fitness/sharpness is to play competitive games same thing with henderson and to another degree sterling for not being a starter with his club&lacking self confidence by not having played well,do you agree??

    1. Thumbed you down by mistake lol but i agree! The manager has been making mistakes in tea, selection before and during thee Euros, Jack’s just another example.

    2. It’s easy to blame Hodgson but England as a nation have a bunch of useless players who can’t be relied upon,they are so over rated and constantly fail in major tournaments,we love the premier league but the England national team suck!

      1. You’re right and wrong, if you want to blow up a tank, a hellfire missiles should do, but if you’ve got a cruise missiles (Vardy and Rashford), why not use them?

  2. does anyone else think hodgson listens too much to what the fans and the media have to say.
    Thats why he picks tottenham players every time.
    He needs to make up his mind instead of being driven by fans

  3. Jack may well be needed if it stays 2.1, llalana, sturidge and Jack and possibly the only players who can unlock this defence. Personally let’s bring on Berkley at some point a good shot and the strength to run at people.

  4. I am an Arsenal fan but I don’t support England in a major competition…..Arsenal is already too much stress to handle.. .Lol

  5. English players are all over rated,overpaid that never perform in big international tournaments,they flatter to deceive just like Arsenal in the champions league

    1. You can say it again 1M times. Icelanders far better but just two England players can pay the entire team. Who is the highest paid player in Arsenal team? Can we sell him outside England and the amount to buy Sanogoal?
      Which of these England player can really crave to be bought for Arsenal based on their tonight performance? Please Wenger go oversea before Britexit.

  6. Mark my words ???
    England wont win this game if their stupid manager doesnt substitute harry kane and eric dier.
    Trust me,eric dier doesnt have the motivation to win this game…truly ineffective. They like to play solo and very slow in passing. Why they dont use jamie vardy? Is this because harry kane is top scorer whilst vardy is only runner-up?
    Stupid hodgson,stupid manager,stupid team. All England players are only act as muppet. Im very sad cause i need to stay up to watch this game. But what a shameful game, truly different with Italy,no wonder Italy won 2-0 against spain.

    1. Hahahaha stupid spuds,stupid hodgson,stupid england. Your words make my day. Thumbs you up ??

  7. England just don’t have one game changing superstar, a bale, hazard, Ronaldo. Do void of confidence and leadership.

    1. Let’s be honest England just don’t produce the world class players needed to win big tournaments,even the so-called golden generation of Gerrard,Lampard,Beckham etc were never at the same level as the likes of Xavi,Pirlo in internationals for their country!

  8. What a clueless performance from England.
    Couldn’t pass the ball. Couldn’t break down Icelands ?

  9. not surprising. England have been dreadful all tournament. iceland always had a decent chance and they took it. Not one good performance from any England player the whole tourney. Only average ones at best with no end product attached. To be honest Rashford’s last 5 minutes was the most exciting English play all tournament.

  10. Hahaha ?
    ? It’s coming home, it’s comingggg
    SpudLand’s coming Home ? ???

    Well done to Iceland ? Got myself a nice win double up with Italy and Iceland both to be winning at half time and full time! ?

    1. Fatty, you betrayed England because the Spuds core? Hahaha…couldn’t say I wasn’t. Entire Spuds must be very proud of these England selection. Well, it’s end up now. Blame of nation that’s he best thing Spuds have won this summer. London is white, yeah sure!

  11. Positive though, Jack found Harry Kane’s head with a nice lobbed pass right at the goal mouth in the late stages. Really nice vision.

  12. I think this match proves football matches
    are won by motivated, tactical and hardworking players and coaches.

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