Arsenal’s Wilshere will be England star says Hodgson

It seems as though Jack Wilshere has been talked about as the future of the England national team ever since he first broke on to the scene as an Arsenal teenager. But that expectation has turned into criticism in recent years, with most of those critics completely ignoring all the times spent on the sidelines with various injuries.

But it was clear that Roy Hodgson was a fan when he took over the manager’s job two years ago, calling Jack up for the squad whenever he could and playing him, over playing him in the eyes of some Arsenal fans, when he was fit enough.

So Hodgson is delighted with Wilshere’s form so far this season, as an ESPN report reveals. The England boss has included the 22-year old in his latest squad and feels that the midfielder is really getting himself and his football career back on track. In fact, Hodgson suggests that Wilshere could well be at the heart of the national side for years to come and could be one of the main stars in a new `golden generation`.

Hodgson said, “He is a player who has been on the radar for a long time, and has been unlucky with injury.

“He broke onto the scene long before I came along, but of course, when I came along he wasn’t available because of the long-term injuries.

“We got a chance to briefly see him before he got injured again, so it’s probably only been the last six months or so, leading up to the World Cup, where he’s become a feature and someone who could fit the bill for the midfield.

“It’s been very encouraging for me to see him playing pain free and without any fitness issues, and even more encouraging to see him playing well, as I think he was against Besiktas in the midfield.

“It leads you to hope and believe he could do the same thing in an England shirt.”

“We have high hopes of people like Jack, but I don’t think he’ll have to shoulder the responsibility alone – there are others.

“On this particular occasion we don’t have [Adam] Lallana and [Ross] Barkley, but they are on the rise. Walcott is about to return, so I would like to think there are a number of players.

“This is a new group of players in certain respects, they’ll have to take responsibility now.”

This is great news for Jack, who clearly loves playing for his country, but I think it is good for the Gunners as well, because being back in the game with England should really help his confidence and make sure he continues to work hard on improving his game. As long as he doesn’t pick up a knock of course!

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  1. ION, I’ll say this, we have 6 defenders (3 CB) and we are in all competition at the moment. Let that just sink in. Secondly, lets not kid ourselves, Utd have gotten a finished product in Falcao and we have taken a gamble with Danny, it might pan out in the end but we don’t know that yet. Lastly, if there was ever a time for Jack and the entire team as a whole to step up and fight, well this is it. Tis going to be an absolute cracker of a season and I pray to God that the lads are up for it.

    1. I actually don’t think ManU is improved much with the addition of Falcao. Keep in mind they already had a great attacking force with Rooney and RVP. Falcao does not change that significantly

      The real ManU problems are in the midfield and the problems associated with Van Gaal’s 3 defender/wingback system. Even Di Maria does not fit in well with that system.

      To be a force ManU will need to resolve their midfield issues and return to 4 defender system. Then Di Maria becomes a real force and problem for their opposition.

      1. They’ve improved their options which is plus for them. I’m worried that other than our clogged midfield, we are one mistimed injury to total disaster. Now am not negative or anything but Kos took a blow to the head at Leicester and Callum was called up, what happens if he takes a knock? And we are in EPL and FA and Capital weekends combined with European weekdays?

        1. The only plus thing is Arteta and Gibbs will be back after the interlull, possibly Diaby as well. We are not that short I hope

        2. You are right to worry that defense has the most problems now.

          A few seasons back Arsenal had FIVE defenders out at the same time (4FBs, 1 CB). At that time Arsenal was able to cover that situation. Right now if Arsenal only lose 3 defenders, they are in big trouble. I hope Flamini and Diaby can play CB well.

          What happens when Chambers goes down. No backup CB or RB. That is ridiculous.

          1. in wenger’s mind, he has bellerin covering RB and monreal as cover for CB so no panic in his mind. he also clearly thinks dm is adequately catered for with arteta, flamini and chambers (who also covers cb and rb). this plan will cost us champions league football next season for sure then we’ll be paying manu sized transfer fees for players next summer transfer window – so false econoomy!!

            i can’t believe i’m saying this having been a staunch wenger supporter but its time for him to go. yesterday, i felt that by prioritising a charity football match over the overseeing of transfer activity, symbolised sticking two fingers up at all gooners who spent all day anxious whether the club would do everything possible to strengthen the obvious areas that need strengthening. it may not have been necessary for him to actually be in situ but by allowing himself to be distracted by something that has absolutely nothing to do with arsenal let alone arsenal transfers, he has shown a complete lack of commitment, profeesionalism and a dereliction of duty.

            i’d like to thank wenger for getting us this far. i don’t think anyone else could have got us here but its time for a new era to begin under the custodianship of someone who can build on what wenger has achieved and make us real contenders again. we may not be able to bring in £350 p/w players but we don’t need to miss out on our big targets by scrimping over a few million. the other big clubs don’t that.

            having brought us to this point, wenger may have plunged the club back in financial peril by not strengthening properly. he will have to overuse players again this season and inevitably there will be injuries because of this and i believe we stand a good chance of not making the top four this season. we certainly can forget winning the champions legue or the epl.

            1. The charity game was agreed in June already. Turn it down just because you think spending is more important?

      2. Agree. Their attack might be mouth watering, but your attack is only as good as your midfield -which the only player worth mentioning in their squad is Mata, and even then the guy is not the most consistent. Welbeck is exactly what we have been lacking up front, he has pace and skill and I feel if given enough game time (which he didn’t exactly get at United) he will do surprisingly well. He is a far better option that most of the other crap we have been linked with. I still worry about our DM situation and I feel this will be our downfall again this season against the big teams. I would have been happy with Carbalho and Welbeck, but at the moment, on paper, we are still shy of being title contenders. I still have faith in our team though, anything can happen.

    2. Falcao coming from Ligue 1 and with an injury recently healed is a gamble, a more mediatic and less of a gamble, but still.
      Dont get me wrong, i would ve loved if wenger had taken that gamble!

    3. Anyone who believed we were going to pay Falcao 350,000 per week needs to be checked for the dreaded Futbola disease.
      Man U will be paying Falcao on BORROWED money.

      Stop believing NONSENSE! That is a HUGE HUGE GIANT gamble on a man just back from an ACL tear. If Wenger did that and Falcao went down in October, you weepers would be screaming “only Wenger would buy an injured player?”

      Wellbeck has pace and power, and that is precisely what Arsenal needs up front right now.

      Hodgson must be wetting himself; Arsenal is building the core of the English team.

      1. I never wanted Falcao, to be honest he’ll add nothing to the United team considering they were already very strong upfront, I’m happy that they’re wasting their money. But there were much better options than Welbeck that we could have brought in.though a striker isn’t our main worry right now, our defence is, holding midfielder included. We desperately needed strengthening at the back and we didn’t get it.

        By the way, who will play Right Back against Dortmund? Debuchy got sent off and Chambers received two yellow cards in the qualifiers, they’ll both be suspended.

        Will we see Bellerin play his first competitive match away in the Champions League against Dortmund? Talk about being thrown in the deep end…

    4. I always believed that Wengers decision to pass on Fabregas was right as dm was our priority…Atleast he could have bought a cb so that Chambers could have been tried out.Now its too risky to play our 3 recognized cbs at the same time…Really feeling betrayed …
      On the positive note,hope Welbeck do a sturridge…

    5. just dont get your hopes high we have no defensive cover for the and the needed dmf has not been signed , a terrible transfer window for arsenal

  2. I don’t see how Welbeck can improve us and is an improvement on Campbell.He scored 20 league goals in 90 games,that is a goal every 4.5 games.I now do really miss Giroud,He was good if not excellent.We missed his physical Presence in the Leicester game.He would have at least caused problems to them if not Scored.Come soon Giroud,I honestly miss you.You don’t realise what you have until you lose them.

    1. Welbeck has physical presence and EPL experience, Campbell has none.
      You are rating Campbell on 1 single good World Cup game. He plays up front for Costa Rica because he has pace and Costa Rica plays counter attack game. Most of his career he plays on the wing. When we play against opponent which put 10 men behind the ball we simply need someone big upfront. if we want to play counter attack with pace upfront we already had one, his name is Alexis.
      Campbell chance will come, but manage your expectation as he is no where near the level that can make Arsenal serious title contender

    2. Remember he got limited opportunities at Utd, if Arsene utilizes him properly he might become an absolute animal at the front of our attack, the opposite, it should be said, is terribly true

    3. The reason Welbeck is OK is that he fits in well with the tactical approach Wenger is using – need a big striker up front. Wenger has attempted to use smaller strikers and it has never really worked.

      He is not an improvement in that he offers something more or something different. But he offers something Arsenal have not had. A backup to Giroud.

      Campbell is great but he really will fit better as the LWer if Wenger ever has the idea to actually use him there.

    4. welbeck and campbell aren’t the same kind of player at all.

      campbell has always operate on the flanks more so that on the front. he can very much run into spaces, dribble as well. But he isn’t the kind with the physical strength to handle the abuse in the EPL up front.

      if you don’t believe me, look at Sanchez. he’s been playing fine in the WC up front, much like Campbell. and both of them do have a quite a bit of strength.But once put up front in the EPL, sanchez hardly gets a touch on ball.

      Sure, sanchez is hard working, and is an amazing dribbler, but to tell him to do things he can’t(being less than 6ft and fight for aerial balls against 2 defenders or more, both taller than him) is totally asking for trouble.

      Campbell might be taller, but he is definitely not much stronger than sanchez, and definitely not a better dribbler.

      I do agree than wenger needs to give him more chances, possibly down both flanks. But to say that have him and there’s no need for a player like Welbeck is INSANE.

      What Welbeck has is at least better than sanogo. he has good pace and strength, sth not many forwards do nowadays. his finish sure is lacking, but his work rate and willingness to help in defense makes him a VERY VERY needed player at Arsenal.

      Since Adebayor, did we ever have ANY fast, powerful forward again? No. not at all.

      i can understand that our defense also needs work, and perhaps much more than our attacking front. BUT having Welbeck isn’t as bad as many made out to be.

      Welbeck at Man U was bad because he was being used as a winger more than an actual striker.
      and that’s cuz they have Rooney up front, which currently is also killing mata’s career.

      Just let the man have a few games and see where he’s at with us before judging.

  3. well, the whole team need to step up,
    we are short in defence and kind of in attack.
    Can we play with 2 goalies?

  4. Its now obvious the ambitions of our darling club; I mean this time there isn’t any excuse; we paid d stadium debt, we qualified for CL. How can arsenal seLl Vermaelen and replace him with Chambers, seriously? I hope Welbeck does well but our problem isn’t just striker, assuming he is ok. Time to start supporting arsenal all laid back, don’t get your self worked up for a club that shows no ambition

  5. I’m tired of buying “Wenger can turn him into…” players. Why are we the ones who have to ‘make’ players only for them to sellout to City, Chelsea or United.

    We needed a 30-goal striker, a CDM and a CB and we end up with a United reject.

    Why cant we buy the top ready made talents like everyone else. 

    I hate football right now. Its doing my head in

  6. The more anger i put towards AW, the more energy i wasted towards this year’s disappointment of the deadline day.

    Let’s get behind this team til the end of the season, bearing the fact that there’s no way we’ll support other team. It’s really hard being a gooner, but let’s get our voices be heard in every game this team play. We may not hv the best team around, but one may say that the supporters are the 12th player.

    Let’s do this.

  7. Welbeck is a good signing. Faster than giroud, and he’s a strong young lad. INJURIES clearly don’t phase Mr Wenger, so what happens if Chambers gets injured?

  8. After watching Chambers play, I think he has the potential to be our best DM. Wenger should try him there since he developed as a midfielder initially and now he has added a defensive mentality by playing right back and CB.

    Welbeck will have a bigger impact on Arsenal’s success than anyone we have signed in a while, including Sanchez. And I really like Sanchez. I believe Henry came to Arsenal at the age of 22; one year younger than Welbeck. Wenger has to be thrilled to get a chance to mold a striker with Welbeck’s tools and passion as he did with Henry, who wasn’t well received by Arsenal fans during his 12m transfer from Juventus. We all know how that worked out.

    Surely he won’t be Henry, but he will be exciting and he will make a difference. I can’t wait to see him in our lineup.

  9. 4-2-3-1

    Sanchez Ozil Chamberlain
    Ramsey Chambers
    Monreal Kos Mertesacker Debuchy

    Yep, given our current reality, I’m fine with this for now.

    Second team
    Campbell Cazorla Walcott
    Wilshire Arteta
    Same back 4 (we forgot to fix this today)

    + Rosicky as the super sub.

  10. Sanchez-Welback-Theo can be a very fast attacking forward line. We will have Campbell-Sanogo-OX and Poldi as subs to that line. Thats not too bad, if they gel quickly they can be lethal.

    Ozil as CAM, Ramsey and Jack behind him for easy games and Arteta or Flamini coming in for tougher fights( here is our biggest problem even those two are not up to standards of a good DM) It could work but I am most scared of the big teams as our core is still weak.

    If we play Chambers as DM, we dont have a single sub for our Defense. The lack of players as defensive cover is inexcusable.

  11. Wenger has to stop playing midfielders wide, and play ozil behind welbeck, seriously, imagine a front line of sanchez-welbeck and walcott with OZIL behind them. PACEEEEEE

    If this means droping wilshere then Just do it. Why the hell wenger has to sacrifice team’s functionality just for the development of one single player? I really wan’t to see Ozil making his magic like when he was playing for Madrid. Ramsey and Wilshere Have to fight for the CM starting spot, they can’t play together.

  12. Wow! So much post transfer window moaning going on.

    So we didn’t sign a DM. Surely you all couldn’t be so naive to think Wenger was actually going to sign one anyway. I mean, handing Arteta the captaincy pretty much confirms him as a definite starter.

    As for a back up centre back, we hardly used the one we had last season, hence why he left us.

    As for Welbeck, here’s a prediction for you… He’ll score a goal in our win against city in a few weeks, and justarsenal will be overloaded with “Welbeck to be the next Henry” articles.

    Lastly, a quick shout out to @Bigvalbowski and @jonestown1 for the only recent comments on here worth reading. True gooners!

  13. Wenger has to stop this, sign that, spend these….

    why not get a new manager and all these stop and must will come to an end….

  14. As main striker, can Welbeck finish?
    Or can Welbeck score a lot of goal for us?

    If he can, he will be a great signing for sure.

    But, If Welbeck can’t score a lot of goal and can’t finish as striker.

    He is exactly NO DIFFERENT with Giroud or Sanogo. NO DIFFERENT.

      1. Sorry for bias meaning.

        You’re right, but I mean, if Welbeck can’t score a lot of goal and can’t finish as striker, Welbeck is exactly NO DIFFERENT with Giroud or Sanogo. In terms of goal scoring ability as striker.

        We definitely need a striker with great goal scoring ability. If he can’t score, he is NO DIFFERENT with Giroud or Sanogo.

  15. We all know that re.transfers club managers don’t have to physically be in on the sighnings but did Wenger have to ref a Roman charity match at this most delicate stage in the transfer market. If true, though very commendable, I think he was showing scant respect to gooners and quite frankly taking the piss. Out I say A.S.A.P.5th the or6th this season I want him out.l He’s becoming a media joke and alienating us wornout fans.
    I’m an Arsenal fan not a Wenger fan no more.

    1. Wenger had already made up his mind on who he wanted in his squad and remember he does not handle negotiations directly. This charity game was organized months ago, at which time Wenger commited himself to it because at the time, he did not foresee us having to panic buy another CF because of Giroud’s injury. All Wenger had to do was make a phone call or two to Dick Law for the Welbeck deal to get done. Yes it’s irritating that we see Wenger at a charity game at a crucial stage of the transfer window, but we need to understand what was going on behind the scenes.

      1. did you ever think you would utter those words together Squillaci and open arms???
        🙂 🙂 🙂

        That is the power of Wenger, he makes us wish for the Squid!!! Unbelievable 🙁

  16. welcome welbeck, i think his spped and direct style will link up better w our midfield then giroud, he is only 23, with alexi, ox theo and welbeck, we will be the quickest pace team in the prem in the attacking front,

  17. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m over the moon we finally, after over 2 years, have a second specialist striker. This is huge news and directly corrects one of our weaknesses from last season.

    1. Could not agree more, I’m thrilled to see what he can do, tall, fast and can dribble (more so than Giroud at least). I don’t get all the negativity on here, I got friends that supports ManU and Liverpool, and there’s almost never any complaining from them. Sure we need a DM and CB, but what difference does it make to spew out hate about everything affiliated with the club on here? I for one can’t wait for the next game, that’s what it’s all about 🙂

  18. If wellbeck can build a connection with ozil he will give us more than giroud also if wilshere can continue his recent progress then a wilshere ozil wellbeck Sanchez chamberlain attacking line up could be damn good but how any serious manager could leave us with our defensive options beggars belief… We are slow old and mistake prone in too many positions …. Given this situation I would play chambers over mert and bellerin much more frequently as he can create more than debuchey and you always win games if you score more than you concede ….. DM could be Ramsey arteta flamini or Diaby depending on form and opposition… Height an obvious issue though …. The frogs failure to bring in cavalho beggars belief

    Bellerin chambers kos Gibbs
    Wilshere ozil ox

    Sanchez wellbeck

  19. Dont forget that welbeck has immense work rate and can play all across front three. With sanchez n danny we will have two additional defensive effort throughout 90 minutes. Dont forget his performance under moyes when rooney was injured. He was good. He has the physical presence, pace,skill . Should improve his composure infront of goal. If so we will have some one very special.. Dont forget he is just 23 & he was very highly rated by saf.

  20. I’m sorry but some of us bloggers are missing a very important issue here; our manager promised he’ll be very active till the last minute of the last day of the transfer window, yeah right! He was definitely busy refereeing a charity match in Italy! If Wellbeck’s transfer doesn’t work out with him scoring goals, then all emotions and sentiments aside, Arsene Wenger must do the right thing and resign. He would have led this club as far as it could go and a new face with new ideas and the ability to motivate our world class players to that attitude that never knows when it is beaten! Let’s just be very realistic. We’ve actually gone backwards according to results this season compared to the last. In our first 3 games last season, we had 6 points compared to 5 this season: FACT! The boss missed a golden opportunity to sign an enforcer in the mould of Carvalho in the middle of the park who can give our back 4 better cover than does Arteta even at his very best! Na!!!!!!!

    1. When he says we will be actively busy, he means his chief negotiator, Dick Law and co, not necessarily him. This charity game was organized months ago so he couldn’t pull out at the last minute.

  21. Hodgson?
    I mean this is the guy who could not get his team out of the group stage of the World Cup with a miserable and pathetic display…

    Wilshere will be a star?
    How is it going to do that?
    Do English players realised that hard work is part of the price you have to pay and the effort you need to put into the all thing…??

    I don’t think so… Not even near!

  22. We sold Vermealen in order to get Chambers fees back (as well as Miquel).
    Everything is calculated and planned.

    IN: Alexis Sanchez (Barcelona, £32m), Calum Chambers (Southampton, £16m), Danny Welbeck (Manchester United , £16m), Mathieu Debuchy (Newcastle, £8m), David Ospina (Nice, £3.5m).

    OUT: Thomas Vermaelen (Barcelona, £15m), Johan Djourou (Hamburg, £3m), Thomas Eisfeld (Fulham, £1.25m), Ignasi Miquel (Norwich City, £1m), Carl Jenkinson (West Ham United, £1m loan fee), Ryo Miyaichi (FC Twente, £500,000 Loan fee)

    We spent about £75millions more or less, but the net spending is £55millions more or less.

    We are still need a CB and a DM…
    6 defenders for such a long campaign are just not enough, especially with our injury record…!!

    I just hope Wenger will start putting players in their right positions and innovate tactically… But that is just a stretch since he is may be the most rigid manager in the league.

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