Arsenal’s win at Crystal Palace is looking even better now after Liverpool draw

It has certainly been a brilliant weekend in the Premier league with some great exciting games watched on the GoogleBox. Arsenal’s scintillating end-to-end win over Leicester was a spectacular game for the fans to get their teeth into, and Sunday’s match between our two great rivals, Chelsea and Tottenham was a fascinating encounter between two teams that expect to be in the Top Four at the end of the season.

Chelsea fans will feel hard done by, but the last second equaliser by Harry Kane made it the perfect result for Arsenal, and leaves just us and Man City with 100% record after the first two matches.

The Monday Night Football was also enthralling with Crystal Palace thoroughly deserving their 1-1 draw at Anfield, and proved that Patrick Vieira’s team are going to be very hard to beat this season.

That Palace performance makes Arsenal’s win last week at Selhurst Park look even more impressive and they certainly made us work hard in the second half to preserve our lead.

Patrick Vieira spoke last night on Sky Sports after the game and put Arsenal as a title challenger along with Liverpool, He said: “When you look at the number of points [Palace have got], of course playing against two teams who are fighting to win the Premier League is always going to be challenging. But I’m more interested in the performances.

“I think today we showed character, we saw personality and we saw a lot of discipline that will help us to win football matches. And of course the game against Arsenal overall, especially in the second half, was a good performance.

“So I believe that we are on the right path, we have to keep working well. We have players who can make the difference so we have to keep working like we did tonight.”

It is certainly nice to be mentioned as a contender for the Premier League by such a great manager, and maybe we can really start to dream if we carry on playing in such fine style.

I know it is much too early to have such lofty ambitions, but we can enjoy being unbeaten while we can, can’t we?


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  1. I think it was always obvious that we were never gonna control that game for 90 minutes.
    You just have the fans who always have to make sure there’s something to complain about to deal with about that game.
    This was a team we lost to last season, the champions of the EPL lost to then too and they’re extremely tough.
    It was always too much of an expectation to expect us to control all games for ninety minutes.
    Even City and Liverpool don’t control games for ninety minutes.
    Watch the space, I like the fact that our timing has increased too, last season and before, we could only control games for 45 minutes. It was either the first half or just the second half, but towards end of last season till now, it’s gone up from 45 minutes to 60/65 minutes.
    Hopefully it’ll still go up some more as we get used to the intensity.

    I’m not saying we are title challengers, but we should be looking at winning our next 5 games TBH.

    Aston Villa
    Man Utd

    Winning all five isn’t impossible, and it should be our aim

    1. All rest in the performance of any front line team presented. That is at least ten to fifteen target shots. Part solution need to purchase two international strikers at any price. Money invested will be recovered . Investing on midfielders not required as the defence squad is strong
      Seewañt Bhoojedhur.

  2. Still think we are some way away from challenging city and Liverpool for tittle prob 3-4 top class players required to be real contenders. Now they have backed Arteta need to stick with him and see it through next step must be champions league football then we can attract the sort of players arsenal need to start challenging for trophies again!

  3. This is why I appreciate every win we had now how we achieved it. This is premier league no team is a push over, they will fight till d end…

    1. Hey, I agree with you, but let me remind you that AFC won at CP, while CP drew at Anfield. For a club like CP, a draw at Anfield is equal to a victory. Wait until we visit Anfield and then remember how good Pat and CP are to return home with a point.

  4. We are not the finish article yet but a good winger and a commanding midfielder could take us close.

    Arsenal is on the right track even our harshest critics are silent on that front, we must kick on from here as the expectation grows

    1. A good winger in place of who? Saka or Martinelli?

      Or if you are saying in place of Pepe, then sure but will a good winger want to be 2nd choice to Saka?

      I happen to be quite comfortable with our 8 forward choices, sure if we can replace Pepe with Pino then im up for that. However i think that Saka Jesus Martinelli Pepe Nketiah SmithRowe Nelson Marquinhos can get us goals across 4 competitions.

      In an ideal world the club would do a swap deal with leicester involving tielemans and maitland-niles and another one involving Pepe and Pino

      We could then release Bellerin and may be find a cheap Andy Carroll type player for that something different upfront for when or if chasing a match in the last 10 minutes.

      1. Was actually thinking of Pepe from FC Porto or Diaby from Leverkusen.

        Players that would improve us instantly, not a problem having quality players to rotate effectively with, at some point we got to start acting like a big club.

        Maybe even a versatile winger could be use as that Andy Carroll type target man you mentioned

    2. Unfortunately, due to the efforts in offloading players right now, it appears that this will happen next summer (maybe in January, but unlikely). Hope not. It will be a huge liability for MA and Edu if they hire nobody else and we miss CL next year.

  5. I would rather focus on our own win rather than look at another teams performance .
    2 Completely different games
    Liverpool completed dominated that game compared to us just look at each games stats .
    Liverpool were at home we were away .
    Like I said focus should be on our own team and so far so good .

    1. I think we will finish closer to the title winners than some anticipate.

      Liverpool adding players not from the PL could see an adjustment period where teams like us and Spurs capitalize.

      Man City are rolling, but i think they will struggle in game where Hallaad (spelling) still struggles to adapt.

      will we win the league, very unlikely but not impossible.

      I need to admit adding th4 2 man city players was a good move. We added players that do not need time to adjust and this can see us get bonus points on rivals that added players from other leagues.

      I dont have time to do a full analysis of but I think you catch the drift.

      I agree focus on ourselves and no one else.

      Fans must back the team this season even aftet bad games.

      curious though DK, where do you see us finishing and why?

  6. The number of times Klopp is able to get something out of the game when it shouldn’t happen is astonishing. I remember one match against Arsenal under Emery in the Carabao where they came back every time we scored. Their fans must really have a huge effect at home because several times in different matches when the away team is free on the counter and should make a simple pass and score they mess it up. Having said we have shown signs of improvement since last season and as I said before the season started that it would be a surprise place finish for us either in top 4 or out of it.

    1. There are psychological reasons why this happens of course. There are only a few players in world football who seem relatively unaffected by this.

      1. Yes there is pressure on the away team psychologically over there than at any other home ground. Yesterday Palace had so many openings and could’ve scored more than two, but just like I’ve seen ever since Klopp came in, the away team at Anfield usually misses easy chances and counters than I see at other home grounds of top teams. Their style of play is risky and they should concede more than they do but it doesn’t happen.

    2. Liverpool should have been 5 up before Palace scored. So im not sure about klopp getting something out of a game when it should not have happened.

      1. I spoke in a certain a certain context and Liverpool didn’t deserve to be 5 up or whatever. They had a red card nd the ystill got something out of the game. They escape these kind of situations a lot when they should lose. The same happened at Fulham.

      2. So many times at home they should easily be cooked on the counter but they somehow escape it and I attributed it due to the away team feeling the home pressure. It just keeps on happening. I remember even last season against Wolves in their final match where they were so open on the counter yet still won. If you watch Liverpool at home you’d understand my point.

  7. Yes, Palace’s performance at Anfield showed that our victory at Selhurst Park was impressive

    Told you wait until Arteta gets his own CF, because it is the most important pivot in a spine of an unstable system. Luckily we got Jesus who possesses great hold-up play, movement and high press

    Ten Hag could also improve Man United if he can replace Ronaldo with Cunha

  8. Is it now wrong to have ambition? Desire, passion and commitment is clearly evident in this young team,as they are learning from their misfortunes of last season. With the added t
    experience title winners of Jesus and Zinchenko and a more capable center back in Saliba, Arsenal should be in the top three. But, if only Arsenal could add another wide forward like Moussa Diaby and a defensive midfielder like Ibrahim Sangaree to the squad now, the chance of winning the league will be enhanced. Somehow,I feel something special is about to happen,as Arsenal is going to win the premier league this season, if Arteta can manage an effective rotation of the wealth of talent in this team.

  9. I’m not normally the one to burst bubbles, but just to point out that Palace had 3 players injured when we played them and also had their squad split in half due to visa problems in their summer tour and they’d only just got back together.

    In a sense, Palace have played very well under the circumstances and I feel for them with the fixtures they have as a start to the season (week 4 they play City away).

    Every season seems to have a “lesser” team that exceeds expectations and challenges the Euro places (but usually fades at the end of the season) – this year Palace are looking like they could be that team.

    So – I’m not sure that our performance was that great, spending 60+ minutes under the cosh and surviving isn’t what a great team does – my feeling is that we may have got lucky and played them away at the right time. I’m not expecting the return fixture to be easy though.

    I’m wondering if Vieira is starting to make a case for being Arsenal manager at some point in the future?

    1. You are wrong there, almost all the players that played against liv also played against us even they were more physical against us than liv…. With their home ground again, they had the advantage against us than liv but at the end we won and some of you are still complaining about ball possession and others. Is it all the time liv, Chel, Barc, Madrid, city always win possession against their opponents?
      Please let’s support this team and appreciate what they have done so far….

      1. You seem to have misunderstood everything I wrote.

        The point is that they’ve had an extra week training together by now, which helps.

        Liverpool had 73% possession despite being down to 10 men for more than half an hour, that’s more than just home advantage.

        I did not “complain”, I *analysed* which doesn’t mean lack of *support*, in case you hadn’t worked that out. Nor does it mean that I don’t appreciate what’s been done so far.

        Read in the context of the article to which I responded, it simply adds up to the fact that the two games are NOT directly comparable.

      1. Or you could stop posting when you have nothing constructive to say?

        Is it just Arsenal, or does every club have its own share of obnoxious “supporters”?

    2. Based on his work at Palace the great Patrick would have succeeded with the players arteta inherited.

      But Arteta seems to be building something of his own if it falls into place.

      1. I must say, I’m really impressed with Vieira how he comes across, seems to be a really intelligent nice guy…my thinking on palace is their best performances are probably against the big boys, and can easily lose to teams like Fulham etc. Patrick being a new manager has to be careful not to be stuck with mid table type teams and as soon as a bigger club comes (with finances) he should make the move. Arteta was extremely lucky to get the Arsenal job as he’s first, and if you are being totally neutral he is doing really well considering it’s he (first job! )

        On the other hand Vieira could stay as palace (where there is little pressure) other than relegation and finish top 8 and win the fa cup, and become a hero (like curbishly at charlton) either way
        He will always be a legendary player for me….

  10. Our win against Palace doesn’t need any validation from liverpool last night result against them to be great or impressive. Let’s focus on our own game and let’s us not create unnecessary euphoria about the win because liverpool couldn’t beat them. However, we should be looking forward to our team given as much fight as Place gave Liverpool at Anfield because it’s been awhile we have taken a point from them in their home ground.

    1. Correct Adiva, going to Liverpool and getting a result for Palace is massive. We were probably a week or two ahead of Palace, in our preparations when we beat them but two wins for us, whatever is more important. Palace have their own fight and we ours but us going to Liverpool and getting a draw would be something of a statement. Did Vierra take any tips for getting a result at Anfield?

  11. We could drop points at Bournemouth and Liverpool smaches them the upper week should they make an article about that too

  12. There’s something wrong with some teams at the moment and there’s something right with Arsenal at the moment. Last season arsenal lost 3matches on the bounce due to injuries and all, what did we get?Criticism.

    Just stop making excuses to make our win against Crystal Palace less deserving.

    Some people won’t just accept the fact that arsenal is getting better under Mikel Arteta and edu.

    Which is why they will never be satisfied even if this team wins everything under the current leadership. Else, what is anybody’s business with another team’s late preparation

    I don’t care if the teams are prepared or unprepared when we play them, all I care about is the win and 3point.

    There’s visible improvement in the current arsenal team and if they continue to play the way they are playing, I don’t see why we can’t challenge for the league.

    The fact is we won the last 2games scoring 7goals plus Saliba’s own goal. Which was not so at the start of last season.

    Believe it or not, this arsenal team will make more teams look unprepared this season. See Jesus’ first and martineli’s goal against leitester, even I was not prepared to celebrate the goals.

    1. Nicely put Rowland

      The progression of the team is backed up by the points total as well. And visually . I don’t share the concerns of others about if we lose Jesus or partey to injury (not a long injury) we will be like last season! Well we was pretty good last season in the majority of games. Add in the natural progression of the players and team tactics,I think we are getting 4th at least…imo….

  13. @GoalDan
    I share your thoughts.
    What most people didn’t care about is that, we could have made top 3 last season to show the level of progression. But we got 5th due to lack of goals and injuries.

    The team is scoring goals now like magic. If it was last season that leitester game would have ended up 0:2 in favor of leitester or 2:2 draw

    What I think the team need to improve on is the ruthlessness in front of goal and game control.

  14. Words of wisdom
    Enjoy the moment
    Stop thinking about yesterday, tomorrow ifs buts or whys
    We are in a moment so enjoy

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