Arsenal’s win over Forest gives Wenger some selection headaches!

Some Arsenal players have put out a serious ask for a first team spot! by Konstantin Mitov

Good day to all of you lovely Arsenal people out there! It’s another win for the Arsenal and another four goals. This time against Championship side Nottingham forest, who feature a familiar face in Nick Bendtner! I know the EFL cup is not the biggest stage to mark a performance, but some players for me really showed why they should be considered for the first team.

I’ll start with the obvious one of Granit Xhaka. Never mind the second thunderbolt in a row he scored, why is he on the bench for the likes of Coquelin is beyond me. He and Elneny looked so solid. I am amazed that we pick Coquelin and Cazorla, when Elneny and Xhaka have twice the energy, equal, if not better, technique and more physical presence.

Moving onwards, Lucas Perez scored a penalty and a second goal that highlighted exactly why we bought him. He was left chasing a through ball, gave the defender a little push to unsettle him, wanted the ball more and rolled it in the net after passing by the keeper. He also gave Chambo an assist. I think we should give him a chance instead of playing Alexis up front, when we don’t have good enough wingers to replace him if he goes through the middle, but we do have strikers.

On that topic, I’m wondering if Arsene has had a breakdown with Giroud. It’s strange how Giroud played for France, yet he’s not fit enough to play for us? Smells like Red Herring here, but we are facing Chelsea next and it’s one where we have to stand up and shrug out a performance against a side that has Arsene’s number every time we play them.

The squad selection for Saturday will speak volumes. Chelsea will be well equipped for Sanchez on his own up front. On the other hand we’d have to deal with Costa. Mustafi and Kos will have a big test on their hands. Up front we are uncertain who our main striker is and in my opinion our midfield will be really stretched if we opt for Cazorla and Coquelin again.

They played extra time. Hopefully we’d pick our best squad and finally get a result on Saturday. Looking forward to it!



  1. NY_Gunner says:

    It doesn’t give him selection headaches. It gives him more and better options…

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Wow! Even Konstantin has cut down with the Moaning! ??
    More Proof that things are looking up ! ?

    #Oh Happy Day’s! ??

  3. Twig says:

    “He was left chasing a through ball, gave the defender a little push to unsettle him, wanted the ball more and …”

    And poked it awkwardly with his left foot when he should have taken it with his right, LoL

  4. Festo says:

    Selection headache is actually a good thing as that means we have great squad depth. I also partially disagree with your 2nd paragraph. Santi gives us Balance and creativity in midfield. He, along with Ozil is our most creative midfielder. I think Santi alongside Xhaka in midfield will totally boss any game. Coquelin though should not be an automatic starter ahead of either Elneny or Xhaka

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I agree. We really really missed Cazorla last season
      We missed Coquelin too but we didn’t have Wilshere or Xhaka and got Eleney in January
      Now I think Xhaka and Coquelin and Eleney should battle it out
      Cazorla is def top class
      I like what see from Xhaka too
      Ozil is the boss in attacking central midfield

      I think we have the best Central Midfield in the PL

      1. galen says:

        @ Arsenal girl
        Wow. so everybody battles it out apart from Ozil. Now talk of bias. Even Ozil now knows no matter how rubbish he plays he will be in the starting 11. Only look at what kevin Debyrne and david Silva are doing. Ozil can play at that level too but he does that once in 10 games.

        Competition is for everyone and Ozil is not an exception to the rule. When Low realised that Germany were losing all their Midfield battles at the worldcup he called ozil to the corner and told him he will play on the right.

        So instead

        they moved to


        Ozil is a top play player. But he also has that ability to get lost in big games. It depends on what Wenger wants to do really. I like the fact that there is good competition and a good bench

        1. Mo1 says:

          He may go quite but he apart from Sanchez is a match winner as simple as that mate, he’s not a tackler, aggressive in any way buy he always puts a shift in even though biased British media try to make out otherwise.

          Ozil & Sanchez are undroppable any logical fan can see that. You don’t drop your only world class talent it’s suicide

  5. kamn288 says:

    There is faith and blind faith and arsene has the latter. Whoever the opponent Wenger will play Coquelin and Cazorla who are weak to the core. Cazorla can do whatever he wants but showing irritation during the Hull match proved manger to sub him off. Xhaka has made Wenger grin on 2 occasion which may prove otherwise. Chelsea will want response and Arsenal must counter-act be the ones who come out of the blocks put the ball in the net. 1st goal is crucial and Conte will make Fabregas. Wenger always talks about psychology,mental attitude and other commonly used terms now it has been 2 years since Chelsea played with threat and got lucky now it is time to return the favour.

  6. Twig says:

    Xhaka’s goals shouldn’t influence his selection ahead of Coquelin. If anything, it’s Ozil and Cazorla who should be worried about their place on their team. So far, Coquelin is doing EXACTLY what the boss wants him to do. No one quite intercepts a ball the way Coquelin does.

    1. galen says:

      Thanks. Brilliant post. Coq is underrated. I guess because he came for £0 and not £93 million so he won’t be respected. Moreover he doesn’t dab and make loads of different haircuts.

  7. chinaka1 says:

    Mr wenger is currently playing Alexis as a TOP-9 to accommodate Iwobi who is in top form.

  8. goonerzone69 says:

    say what you wanna say
    do waht you wanna do
    wenger will play this formation

    bellerin mustafi boss monreal
    le coq cazorla
    theo ozil iwobi
    wenger is old school..if it aint broke…dont fix it
    this formation worked for him and won last few matches,so he’ll be more than tempted to play same formation
    lets see
    all i want is 3 points against chelski

  9. I love soccer on arsenal when i not working thats all.i read about my love for arsenal those not cloud my judgement of the game. i see lot of problem with ozil on our winger players in La Liga a player like ozil can get away with is stand deliver not the Premier League. other team without the best number ten player in the world still create a lot of easy goals scoreing chance against us why.if our defender is so good why is so much one on one with our keepers. if we had play Nottingham Forest with the likes of ozil Wolcott carzola we would not have look so good.with them not playing we get rid of the side way passing

  10. tissiam says:

    i think the author of this article needs to read the one posted just before this one “arsenal simply cannot drop coquelin on his current form”he might just learn a thing or two.

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