Arsenal’s win over Man United has removed all the doubts

This time last year we knew we had no chance of winning the League, and most Arsenal fans thought that the Gunners would fall apart this season once we came up against the Big Guns in the title race, but we were all pleasantly surprised when Wenger’s side totally demolished Man United last weekend to show that we are no longer pushovers for our closest rivals.

Per Mertesacker believes this is a turning point for our confidence, and also to prove to the fans that this could be our year. “We always want to give the fans special moments,” he told “A special performance was absolutely required after what happened against Olympiacos.

“[We were told to] do what we are best at and to go at full intensity, especially at home. Have no regrets and to focus on our job which is to have good possession in the final third, and play with tempo and speed.

“It worked completely because we gave everything from the start without any hesitation and that is what makes people happy, seeing us play in that way.

“We need to focus on ourselves and manage to do that in the first 20 minutes like we did against Manchester United and defend the way did together as a unit. You could see all the doubts that came after the game against Olympiacos go if we remind ourselves that we are really good.

“We need to have a certain consistency [in the league] otherwise it is going to be difficult. But, if you get wins against the good teams then it will breed confidence for the whole team and we look forward to the next few Premier League games now.”

No matter our results (with our reserves) in the Champions League, we are in awesome form in the Premier League, and you can’t get better than the destruction of Man United when they were finished after 20 minutes. Let’s take that confidence into every single game from now on and we will have no problem taking this League title by storm! Wenger said in the summer that we didn’t need any new arrivals to disrupt the current squad, and I’m beginning to think he may be right….

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Let’s not get carried away here! The season is still long with many more big games to come!

    1. Speaking of big games, we played liv che and manu. Manc played che out of the biggest games, we may get an early opportunity over them if we can keep in distance.

  2. Actually I was over d moon when v won like that against man u..but its enough now. Its too much, its been a week, v should realize that v have bigger things to achieve. Winning against man u is just a first step…..

  3. We need more South American players in the team,those guys give 100% are tenacious,hungry,fighters and world class players look at Alexis,Suarez,Aguero,Vidal,Neymar,Messi,Mascherano,Tevez etc

  4. Tonight I’ll watch the Chile vs Brazil game,even before the skill factor I will be admiring the tenacity and hard work that’s put in by the players on the pitch!

  5. Lewandowski scores again. Hope one of the Scots can bobble him before we play BM. He’s unstoppable.

  6. My doubts remain. Despite a good win over man U an Per telling us how super confidential they are.

    We are in the mix at present but it Is early days and there is plenty of opportunity for the holes, same failings and mistakes to be exposed.

    Not being negative, just real.

  7. Lets see How we play against Watford first. Long way to go. We are second. Lets maintain that and get to 1st when City screws up.

    We are in good shape after a lousy start. City is a quality side and will only improve. They got a couple of excellent players this summer in Sterling and De Bruyne

  8. Yes,beating Man united in style was the best recipe to our confidence going forward. What we need now is consistency all through and by May Wilshere will be leading champions parade in the streets of London.Coyg…

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