Arsenal’s win over Manchester United might be a one-off if Leeds are not beaten

Confidence must be maintained and beating Leeds United is key to that.

Arsenal finally won a game and they did it against a top opponent when they faced Manchester United the last time out.

That win has been long overdue but it will count for little if we take the game against Leeds lightly and get knocked out of the FA Cup.

Building teams take time but every game is important and it is by going on a run of games without tasting defeats that confidence grows in teams.

Arsenal have just won a huge game and that would have done wonders to their confidence, but they have to also try to win the next game.

It is vitally important to their confidence that they get a win against Leeds and even more important because the visitors play in a division below them.

Most managers would be tempted to rest players for the FA Cup, Mikel Arteta cannot afford that now.

He has to try and maintain the momentum they have gained from their win against Manchester United.

Getting kicked out of the FA Cup will bring back that early-season feeling of not being good enough and that is exactly what Arsenal don’t need right now.

One of the biggest issues with Arsenal has been their mental strength, their tendency to drop their heads and they have become a confidence based team.

Wins create confidence and confidence delivers more wins but a loss can easily derail any positive strides that have been taken.

It imperative that Arsenal win tomorrow night and Mikel Arteta will know that as well.


  1. Admin Martin, cannot agree more with the lack of mental strength displayed by Arsenal over many seasons. It appears to turn off and on like a tap, depending on how the players feel on the day; are they up for it or not.
    Leeds United at the Emirates? If the players demonstrate to Arteta, the same commitment, enthusiasm, hard work, discipline and aggression as they did against Manchester United, they should have a successful night.

  2. Have too rest some players but not too much…
    Bell. Sok. Holding. Saka
    Gundenz. Willock
    Nelson. cabbello esr

  3. I don’t completely agree. This is a great opportunity for Arteta to give the players more experience executing the tactics he wants them to employ. Priorities have to be getting the team into a solid functioning unit for a strong Europa League run. Ideally in tandem with picking up consistent points in the league. If teams above continue to be inconsistent we may be able to apply some psychological pressure if we can reduce that gap.
    Obviously we want to be beating a Championship side at home but not at the expense of going ‘full Emery’ and playing for the win even if the performance/style/tactics revert back a mish mash of nerves, negative play and desperation.
    I trust Arteta to get us on the right path for a strong competitive end to the season March-May but you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
    Whilst Liverpool and City remain in the Cup I feel our chances of winning this competition will be a big ask. Maybe in March my feelings on this will be different. The strength of opponent in the Europa isn’t in the same class so that’s where we should focus.
    Confident we will win and hoping for lots of high energy and classy play. Leeds represent the ideal test as I’m sure they will press hard and be physically very competitive-a real chance to see if Arsenal can execute Artetas tactics under more pressure than Man U could apply.

    1. I agree. With emery I just wanted him to forget all cups especially the Europa and focus solely on the league cause he was just so dreadful. But with Arteta I’ll like him to really go for the Europa whilst just keeping us in the top 10 in the league. A Europa on his first season would really cement him as a top manager and the belief and confidence gained from that will propel him and his team greater things. The fa I’m not really worried about he can use it to experiment with his tactics

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