Arsenal’s win over Wolves shows that Arteta is proving his worth

Alll Arsenal fans knew it would be a very tough game at Wolves on Thursday, as Bruno Lage’s side are extremely hard to get past, especially at Molineux.

It was never going to be a high scoring affair, and it was certain that the first goal would be crucial, and thankfully our scrappy goal from Gabriel put us in the driving seat after the first half hour and we managed to hold the Wolves off even when we went down to ten men.

There was an incredible amount of pressure on this game, as Wolves could have leapfrogged us with a win, but instead we are now 5 points ahead of them in the race for Top Four.

This proves that Arteta was right to have faith in his young side and has got them motivated for the big games now, something we have lacked in recent seasons, so the Spaniard is definitely getting something right. And the players were absolutely correct to be celebrating winning a crucial six-pointer…

Considering many Arsenal fans were calling for his head after our disastrous start to the season, it was a pleasant surprise to see the results of this weeks poll on whether our readers were pro- or anti-Arteta.

I was asked to run this poll because it is often pointed out that the majority of readers are seemingly Anti-Arteta on JustArsenal, and here is the final result…

So it would appear from our reasonable sample that Arteta is doing things the right way at the moment, and I think we will repeat this exercise again at the end of the season to compare.

But in the meantime, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!

Mikel Arteta discusses the win and red cards


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  1. We were lucky to score against Wolves, but the way Arteta and the players organized our defense after losing Martinelli was commendable

    Ruben Neves seems to have been watching Arsenal’s games for more than ten years 😂

      1. Maybe George Graham made something like that too, as shown by the solid defenders Wenger inherited from him

      2. When did you start watching football?
        In 2006 Arsenal played all the knockout stage without conceding a goal

    1. Yes Gai, I agree we were lucky to have scored but wining was not a lucky but a fight, determination and collective defensive efforts by the players. And like Ian Write said “from this stage onward it doesn’t matters how much goals we scored but winning game by game. Wether with 1:0 or more. 3 points is all we need to stand a little chance of top. During carabao first leg in Anfield this was the same way Arsenal player with 1 man down.

      1. Yeah our defense at Anfield was incredible, but it wasn’t followed by a good performance at the Emirates. We need a stronger mentality to win the remaining EPL games

  2. Yes a poll in May will of course reflect results.
    This last 17 game run will indeed be a true test of Arteta’s plan. He has trimmed his squad to just 20 and has a preferred 12 starters.
    Tomi White Gabriel Tierney
    Partey Xhaka
    Odegaard Saka Martinelli/ESR
    He has retained 8 as cover.
    Leno Cedric Holding Tavares Lokonga Elneny Pepe Nketiah. Squad depth has already been tested with an injury meaning Cedric started last game and a red card meant Holding came on and Pepe will probably get minutes next game.
    Will this thin squad be enough? It was for the first 21 games so why not? Top 4 would be remarkable. I am staying with my summer prediction of 5th or 6th.

  3. For now yes. He has my support as he’s doing a great job. We just need to b patient with him, there will b ups and down sure but believe me guys, he’s gonna make us a top team in Europe soon. Starting from d league nxt wen he add more reinforcement.

  4. Defensively we look fine, offensively we look limited. So I’m content(pro new manager) with the job so far. But I’m looking for a massive improvement next season, attacking wise. If that happens we could be”in the mix” for the league title.🤞

    I think we are 8 points better off than last season at this point
    So you could argue we are progressing… ATM…..🤔

  5. The point is, there are certain tactical theories of Arteta which are paying dividends like the way we defended after the Martinelli red card. His formations are spot on and certainly the team has improved in terms of overall grit and determination. However, I would like to see more improvement on the offensive side as depending on a slender 1-0 goal lead is tricky. It takes only one moment of magic by the opposition or one moment of madness from Arsenal to level the scores. Once the scores are level, anything could happen. So we shouldnt rest the press and offensive play after a 1-0 lead, we could sit deep if we have a 2 goal cushion, but a 1 goal lead is very slender to sit back, specially if the goal comes early in the game. Another thing is that I just hope that Arteta changes his mind regarding Pepe, he is someone who took on the mantle singlehandedly in the second half of last season, so I am sure he will repay Arteta with his performances once he starts consistent run of games. And finally, I hope ESR also starts games, because he is lethal both as no.10 and on the wings. All in all there are sure signs of an upward trend and long may it continue.

  6. We have bought heavily, they have sold their best players,Traore, Jota and were without Moutinhio in midfield. They are still doing well even though they haven’t really invested.

  7. Whatever has happened to Arsenal football? Total inconsistency and no style at all. Not the Arsenal football I love and remember. Second rate football from the team I care about, second rate manager, third rate owner. Mickey Mouse management and ownership at the moment.

  8. The black sheep is Laca on a mega mega wage and missing sitters every time he starts. Is he doing it deliberately? His miss could have cost us 2 points and so did the Burnley miss. Unfortunately we could not hire the preferred choice and the other strikers would move only after the season. Defence we are top notch, need a proper CDM & a striker. Well done Mikel, keep going, let the naysayers say nay every breath they take. Who cares?

    1. You very conveniently forget that the goal we got was massively in part to a Lacca shot on target and going in even if Martinelli didn’t make sure.

      1. The goal post on the black sheep keeps shifting with these arteta fans. First it was Auba, now it is Laca. Wonder what will happen if laca doesn’t play. Oh snap, of course their genius matador forgot to buy a striker.

  9. So then Admins , your important poll produced a result thet both heartened and somewhat surprised me . I had thought that a small majority of Gooners on JA were against MA.

    Clearly, my mistake was in assuming the anti MA brigade who post their vehemency agaianst MA almost every day without exception and sometimes almost hourly(eh Reggie, DK ETC?), were in what I thought a small majority, instead of being only 29-54 opposing THEM!
    17% seem to claim neutrality and seem that feel that two years ands a bit id not long enough for them to have come to a final opinion. I personally do not understand that view but of course accept everyones right to vote as they think.
    However I firmly believe that Gooners around thr world at large including thr ones who attend most of every game will be far more pro MA than thse mere 54% who voted positively on JA .
    We all know -or should know- that social media in general attracts a disproportionate percentage of people at large who want their own voices heard. I am in that group and firmly so.

    BUT I ALSO KNOW that we on here are NOT reprsentative of the majority of Gooners at large and that means world wide. I believe that if we were able to poll all Gooners everywhere -which is obviously impossible- that Dan kit, Reggie and co would be in a very small minority indeed. I find that hearteneing and encouraging personally.

    1. He isnt very intelligent, he asks us to leave him alone (because he doesn’t like our opinion and cant respect it) then calls us out. Sad.

    2. “Joony boy” , when my name is Jon Fox and I am 70, as you well know! And you have often called ME disrespectful! You have no idea what respect even means Dan.

      1. Well seeing it was Reggie calling you disrespectful,you might want to getting your reading glasses on next time buddy .

        1. Jon you are disrespectful, you slag the poster off and dont challenge the opinion because you dont respect opinion different to yours. Thats disrespectful!!!!

        2. Yes you British Troopz
          Its ironic how you talk about others being disrespectful
          Can we talk about how respectful you are towards Arteta ?
          Can we talk about how blind you are
          You can’t see the project that’s being build u can’t see the progress
          You can’t see he has steadied the ship

          Swear fans like u still living in 2004 expecting us to win everything when u can’t see the downfall over the years is the reason we get bantered all the time

  10. As someone, who voted “neutral” in the poll, I would say, the Wolves performance was very good.
    They are very hard to play against. I haven’t seen one team dominate them, and they let in very few goals. A win against them is a big win.
    There are plusses and minusses in Arteta’s reign so IMO, but there is no denying, we are in a better position in the league than for a few years. And with a young team.

    1. I didn’t vote because the poll was not based on any fact. How many people would change their minds come the end of the season depending how we did?

      1. Even if we vote Arteta in or out, can our voices be really heard?
        Seeing that the club wants to give MA a new contract, can’t tell if he has already signed.
        According to AndersS, the Arteta regime has its ups and downs, just like other managers.
        There is no need to be Anti-arteta or Pro-arteta. We all want the best for our club.
        Since the board trusts him enough (to clear almost the entire staff and bring in his own people), we have no choice but to trust him too.
        It’s all a gamble.
        Just like Everton gambled with Lampard, Newcastle gambled with Eddie Howe, Man U’td gambled with Ole, Tottenham gambled with Conte (knowing he would definitely sell the entire squad); it’s all a gamble.
        Let’s just support him and see where this process leads us to, knowing that everything he does, is backed with good intentions for the club; he may not get all the decisions right (rookie manager).

        1. Icewalker, this trust the process rhetoric is nonsense. We are well over two years into the process and it isn’t about a process but actually achieving. The process isnt a process without something physical to show. If the club gives Arteta a new contract on hope then we are in trouble. Give him a new contract when he has improved our league position on the man he replaced an only then can we say “the process” is working and can be trusted. How do we trust hope when we have a rookie manager, director of football and an owner with a poor track record, i see nothing wrong with not trusting that. Give medals out when you actually win something.

          1. Calm down, Reggie.
            You never can talk how long “The Process” was meant to last: 5 years, 3 years.
            This is what you get when you have a Rookie Manager, Calm down.
            He is learning on the job.
            Since the board trusts him enough, we have no choice than to trust him also.

            1. “we have no choice than to trust him”

              this can hardly be considered a vote of confidence on your part….just more “shut up and pay” nonsense

            2. Icewalker CALM DOWN CALM DOWN (in a broad scouse accent)😜. I am calm just stating a fact and you seem to back what i have been saying. Calm down😤

          2. I don’t know if I remember wrong, but klopp, with his position in world football, took 4 years to have something “physical” to show for his process

      2. @Reggie.
        You ask how many potentially will chnge their minds. I think, that all depends on how the season goes.
        Personally, I will be much more positive on Arteta, if we finish top 4. It will be a very good achievement with the youngest team in the league. I would see no reason to change manager then. If we finish 5,th, I will probably stay neutral , but if we finish below that, I think it might be best to search for a new manager.
        I would think, there are many others, who will change their minds, especially if we do very well the rest of the season or if we do very bad.

        1. Correct Anders, that is how i see it, so waste of time having a vote. In fact the vote would change after every result even, people change their minds very easily.

      3. Reggie, I likewise didn’t vote as it was a nonsensical manner in which to evaluate a highly nuanced situation…the only reason a vote of supposed confidence was put forth was because Pat was fairly certain what the numbers would suggest…if he felt for even a second it would have suggested otherwise, he wouldn’t have even gone there

        1. It was me that suggested the vote 😂
          As I wanted to see the true numbers regarding a big Arsenal fan site as it should give a good indication of what fans want .
          Numbers didn’t let me down TBH

          1. It was good idea to ask for a vote.
            It gives some snapshot flavour of what fans position is on the topic.
            Would be interesting to have the same vote at the end of the season to see how opinions have evolved based on the final ranking

          2. I must admit that I’m a little surprised by that revelation…my apologies APat for jumping to the wrong conclusions, my bad…I’m still not going to vote and I’m not surprised whatsoever with the results

  11. Ladies and gentlemen
    I do respect your opinions as some of you do make me chuckle with your comments.
    Terrible style of play
    Trust what process

    Who gives a damn right now
    Points over style right now
    MANURE just drooped points again
    If and a big if we win our 2 games in hand we have clear day light between us and 5th
    We have a young immature team
    We have a rookie manager
    We have a great defence
    We are grinding out results now where we would have folded like last season

    Who gives a damn
    I will take MA over UE all day long
    My predictions is still 4th or higher at the end of the season as I said 4th is where we would be over Xmas
    Onwards and upwards

  12. Such a great performance against Wolves. Really made me feel proud of them.

    Still work to be done, but I am really enjoying being an Arsenal fan again. It became a chore in Wenger’s latter years. Same old same old, then a brief respite, before further regression under Emery, but now everything feels completely different. Whole new team, better attitudes, better discipline, the right signings. It feels so much fresher now.

  13. What has happened to ESR? A reknown Arsenal regular goal getter player when played. But who has not been seen playing in the EPL for the club for quite sometimes now. Is he nursing an injury, or something else is the mater with him? I will want to believe that there isn’t any problems between Arteta and him. Which if any might have led to Arteta to be ignoring him in his starting XI team making for EPL games to start or bring him on as was the the case before now. But I am not insinuating any cynical motive against Arteta because ESR hasn’t play for long. I just wondered how comes that a lethal Arsenal player of ESR caliber is now often left out of team to play these past few weeks. But who is a top quality that has scored goals and gave assists in EPL matches for Arsenal this season.

    Pepe is another Gunner too who is looking to be sidelined deliberately by Arteta from starting or play for the club regularly in the EPL this season. I apologies for my insinuation which could be unfounded. For, I am not at the club nor have information to know what has happened or is happening there. But I think the problem of ignoring Pepe by Arteta from staring or bring him on to play regularly this season started from the Leeds game or at a different club’s game when he was red carded in the match last season if am not mistaken. And since then Pepe is hardly seen playing for Arsenal in the EPL, but sit on the bench mostly till match ends.

    What is the problem with the £72m Arsenal player Pepe? That hasn’t been resolved or overcome that has led to him being looked to be frozen out by Arteta from starting or be brought on to play in the EPL for the club this season?

    Has he no any serious desires to start or be brought on to play regularly for the club in the EPL since this season has begun? Or is he comfortable to be sat on the bench by his manager? Or he’s not training hard enough in the team training sessions and showing the desire in training he wants to start the next match to thereby convinced Arteta to include him in his next starting team for the next game? Or is he not physically very fit to start? Or is it that he doesn’t fit-in very well into Arteta’s playing formation style to be playing regularly? What then could be the problem with him that has caused his lack of playing regularly for Arsenal in the EPL so far into the campaign that I haven’t mentioned?

    Anyway, I think Arteta should not overly be relying on a particular set of his good players to be selecting them to regularly play at the detriment of the other Gunners in his team. Who looked to be as good as the Gunners he’s often selecting to start. Who are known as he’s preferred starting XI team. But there are other good players too in his team like ESR and Pepe who are noted to be very good Arsenal players by us Gooners. Who us believe Arteta can also pick them to start or bring on to play in the remaining Arsenal’s 16 EPL matches left to play this season. But if he’s not having any serious football related issues with the duo Gunners..

    Nevertheless, I will implore Arteta to harness all the strengths of the Gunners at his disposal in his team. As there’re other strong Gunners too in his team other than the ones he’s been regularly selecting to start. But who are also good and strong to get a look in by him to be picked to start or be brought on to add their own contributions to the team efforts at winning the 16 remaining Arsenal matches of the season.

  14. Totally agree that the vote was largely irrelevant, as it was based on a single moment in time, although I still found it interesting as a yardstick of JA readers in particular rather than Arsenal fans as a whole. Even more interesting though would be comparing the recent vote with another at season’s end – or even after either a particularly good or bad run.
    I actually think there are many that would change camps, reflecting the uncertainty prevalent amongst many of us as to whether or not we are making progress or stagnating under Arteta.
    In truth I think there are many more in the “neutral” (I would prefer “undecided”) camp than actually voted that way.

  15. I though the poll was a good idea and was surprised at the support for Arteta given that it was a snapshot in time and the “time happened to be when we were on a poor run.

    I’d love to see it repeated monthy thereby serving more like a tracking poll of Arsenal fans’ support for Arteta. One would expect support to reflect results but maybe, as this snapshot suggests, not as much as I would have expected.

    1. Think it is worthwhile to point out that, not surprisingly, the typical Comments section doesn’t reflect the poll results. Following a loss I’d guess that 75% of comments could be categorised as anti-Arteta camp while the opposite is true following a win.

      Thus perhaps proving that we are never as good or as bad as most of us regularly think.

    2. Oh I didn’t see your post and wrote a similar one in response to DK.
      I also found this poll interesting

  16. January was nothing short of a disaster, so the Wolves result was just what we needed. I’m hoping it’s [finally] dawned on MA and the players that this is last chance saloon!
    With the heroics of AR and our defence, confidence is surely on the up and we can push on from here…
    Loved the celebrations [sorry Neves 😝]..

    Now for those brain farts….

  17. Let’s see how we end the season. Shouldn’t panic over loses to Forest and Liverpool, isn’t a full picture of the team.

    Also, beating Wolves doesn’t mean we’re back and Arteta has figured anything out.

    Focus on the next game,

  18. Just saying

    Arsenal as a football team is a joke seriously. So some of you prefer this clueless rookie of a coach to Wenger and Emery what a joke. I love arsenal passionately but this days we play like Burnley expecting to make it to Top 4. We will be extremely lucky to do so. Kudos to the boys anyway.

    1. Massively prefer this to wenger’s later years – there was no desire to do anything but finish fourth and we became beholden to anyone quality players we managed to get out hands on. The culture was awful and needed to change – at least now we’re trying to improve

  19. I would stick with Arteta going to take time but hes building a team to challenge for everyting in the future he will get there and bring back the glory days! In Arteta we trust! Come on you gooners!!you

  20. Sorry to put it in this way, but we didn’t won anything and qualify to CL yet, so how can anyone say that he deserves a new contract?

    We lack consistency and we don’t play well agains the big teams.

    Time will prove if he deserves his job .. we lost a lot with him being our coach !

    But I have to give him the credit of doing well at times!

  21. There are 16 more mountains in the EPL this season there waiting for Arsenal to climb at least the majority of them if not all of them successfully before they can lay their hands on one of this season’s Top 6 Places Finish Trophies to claim it. More so, as the Top 6 Places Finish in this season’s campaign in the EPL, have now become 6 Trophies to be won by the club sides who made the attainments successfully to win one of the 6 Trophies at season’s end.

    But will Arsenal be successfully this season at climbing to the tops of the majority of those mountains? The 4 of them, mounts Man Utd, Chelsea, Tottenham Hs and Liverpool are very difficult mountains to climb to their tops to record success. As they are as high as the mount Everest is to climb to it’s top successfully.

    And the other 12 mountains remaining besides those 4 higher ones are tricky mountains to climb. For, they can’t be climbed easily but by hard unrelenting efforts making climb before they can be succeeded climbed to their tops.

    But have Arsenal the strong enough mountaineers in their ranks who can successfully climbed to the tops of mounts Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Liverpool in this season’s of mountains climbing in the English Premier League? The 3 of them who Arsenal failed to climb to remain on ground in their first attempts made to climb them.

    And navigate round the other 12 mountains who are not as high of the 4 mountains. But largely still climb them successfully so to have the chance to claim one of Top 6 Places Finish Trophies this season. With Top 4 Place Finish Trophy seriously in their focus to claim it this season more than the previous past seasons during whichi they succeeded to claim it.

    So therefore, let us pray for Arsenal our beloved club side to succeed in their effort makings and strong desires this season to claim the Top 4 or even Top 3 Place Finish.

  22. With Vicki here.

    We play abject futbol, and hope to keep the goals conceded to a minimum and nick a goal.

    If the other teams score first forget about it.

    Of the 115 games under Arteta, about 10-15 have been enjoyable.

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