Arsenal’s win today was more crucial than the Chelsea game

This win as important as the one against Chelsea! by Konstantin Mitov

I enjoyed this one! I really did! I had lost hope… I felt like it’d be one of those Arsene days where after some good results we’d slip up and to be honest there were numerous reasons to disallow our goal, but who cares right?! It stood and so we are within 1 point of undefeated neighbors Spurs and 2 off Peps City!

Compare that to the 1 point we had after two games and boy how things have changed. Burnley had seriously done their defensive job and closed down really well any interplay between Walcott and Sanchez that destroyed Chelsea. Ozil had a really bad game, with some terrible touches, but in the end we poured bodies forward and the Boss scored again. What an amazing player. Laurent Koscielny is an Arsenal legend, regardless of whether he ever lifts the title with us or not.

So truth to be told, we were not good going forward. Chances were few and far between and most of them were chaotic. We lacked options from the bench and against a deep lying team with lots of players behind the ball, our pace wasn’t that effective and our intensity wasn’t as good as it was against the Blues.

Honestly I don’t know why Giroud and Perez were not on the bench. If the Frenchman plays two games for France I’d absolutely put it down to Wenger having a personal problem with Olivier. But this was a game a player like Giroud would’ve been useful because we had a lot of the ball on the wings and no target man in the box. Honestly we had too little players in the box except for the last minute where eventually it found the net.

At the back Mustafi looks an absolute beast! He and the boss look like a great partnership and finally after years and years it looks like we have a real solid defense. Add that to the fact we also have a solid midfield and we don’t rely on Flamini or Arteta to cover. The only thing missing is that real world class CF, because I still believe playing Alexis is a make shift move.

Anyway, with Spurs destroying a tiring City side that looked like it’s record would fall soon, the league is really tight. There are like 7 teams, that can take points off of each other and the consistency against the smaller teams will be so significant to any title aspirations. Three points against Burnley count as much as three against Chelsea and it’s now 5 in a row. We have 4 home games coming and they are all pretty winnable.




  1. I just saw the replay of the goal from the side angle. I slowed it down and it somewhat clearly looks like OX’s shot was drifting way over the crossbar had it not hit Koscielny… Oh OX..

    1. I am glad the shot was headed out. He could have as well shot straight at the keeper for another save from TomTom Heaton. . . Luck! Luck!! Luck!!!

      1. Well, all worked out well in the end!

        That comical goal put us 2 points behind the top!

    2. noticed the same thing. Kos put in on target… thank god. Ox would’ve never worn an Arsenal shirt again if Kos didn’t bail him out.

  2. This is how championship is won. Win when you don’t deserve to.
    Congratulations to all stakeholders of the Club today. Today has been somewhat a shock match day and a draw would have completed that cycle.
    Good win!!!

  3. I don’t really understand what some people are talking about. I thought there’s a different between ball to hand and hand to ball. Had it been that it was a Burnley player do you think a penalty would have been awarded or it would have been an own goal?
    People, educate the referee but that is post-mortem and the match has been won and rightly so.

  4. Credit to the defense the past few games. We’ve only conceded 3 goals since opening day! Mustafi was my MOTM, and Bosscielny scored the winner… What a duo!

  5. we con’t win the league with these pathetic players ozil cazola.did you see it wolcott flinch it was a simple header. our luck will run out soon. arsenal fan we all love the team but when the ball move wide no willing runners inside the box

  6. losses to City, Barcelona, draws to United, Madrid today makes me appreciate Koscielny’s goal even more.

  7. i am not too bothered by the manner we won today the most important thing is the 3 pts remember burnley beat liverpool not so long ago,also for the people who thought the title was already lost after just a few games (which by the way was stupid to think )well not only man city got beaten but their team looked jaded/tired and even though they have a very good squad they missed de bruyne terribly, it is not the same team without him they couldn,t create any chances which is good news ,it can,t be good for a team to depend so much on one player(we should know a thing or two about this)in case he gets injured hopefully we have moved on from this and can deal with injuries to our players in case it happens to us ,we had our fair share and it is time for us and to watch other teams getting depleted,COYG.

    1. u have a valid point but ever wondered how things would have turned out better if we completed our signing earlier.
      imagine if we had Holding-Mustafi against liverpool, we could have avoided conceding at least 2goals n won.

      1. Koscielny didn’t play in the first game against Pool, so that wouldn’t have made a big difference. It was Chambers and Holding. Not only that, but we were also without Ozil, and Giroud. So chances are even if we got Mustafi earlier, Wenger would’ve given him an extended break as well since he played for Germany in Euros along with Ozil.

  8. Ozil wasn’t at his best today and we needed his creativity the most, wonder what happened.. either way we need to figure out a way to beat bus-parking teams cos we haven’t met the last of them.
    could face another as early as our next game- against Swansea at home.

  9. Yep with city dropping points and us eeking through its a good day. Where is Perez though? Felt sure he’d be on the bench at least today, what have I missed?

  10. performance worries me a lot. Tottenham look very threatening, saw a glimpse of united play and won’t lie but they were really unlucky to not win . Yes this win is amazing but we need to improve a lot. all the top 6-7 clubs are close to each other. One loss or drop points can take us below other clubs.

    1. last week we had the big win, and spurs scraped their 1-0 against Sunderland. Basically the reverse happened this weekend. No team has been banging in easy win after easy win, even City had trouble with Swansea until late on. I don’t think any team at the moment are far and away superior at the moment, unless it’s shown City’s defeat was a one-off. It’s not looking at their defense.

  11. Winning games in such a manner is the sign of getting trophies. Luck is a part of a game. You can not win matches always with superior quality. you need to have some times such a luck. What a sweet win and precious three points gained. Keep it up Gooners!!.

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