Arsenal’s win/win game against Barca – and title fight against Leicester?

Nightmare draw or blessing in disguise?‏ by KM

Good day fellow Arsenal fans around the globe! Straight onto the CL draw we got… You guessed it – Barcelona! Now despite all people labeling it a nightmare, we should actually be looking at this as an opportunity.

Chances are slim I know, but I would still play Barcelona in the CL, rather than play FC Midtjylland (whatever you spell this) on a Thursday evening. They are the best, the champions of Europe, the team that dominates Europe in the last 10 years, winning 4 European cups in that period. But this is a reality check against the very best.

Still, Barcelona do lose games some times. They win more often than not, but with the quality we have up front, we can score goals against them. The problem is if we would be able to contain that unbelievable MSN front line. Even if we bow out of the competition, we will be able to focus on that league title and for me it is a win-win situation.

Anyway, this is for the end of February, now we are back to second, after Leicester took yet another win against the champions of Chelsea. It is extraordinary what has happened.

The fact that Leicester won, was nothing less than I expected and they deserved, but how far will the story go? Are they contenders? No team has finished outside the top four being top at this point with this amount of points.

When you look at how United and Chelsea play though, you can not deny that Leicester are the team looking like a Top Four side rather than the two giants of English football. Judgement Christmas is coming for them with Spurs, City and Everton coming and we will see where they end up.

Back to Arsenal, we have City, Bournemouth and Southampton till we start facing teams for the second time this term. We were top on New Years Eve back when Mesut was at his first season here. I hope we can repeat it this year. It all starts with City on Monday.

Till then, enjoy!


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  1. We have at least 11 EPL and FA Cup games before we play Barca.
    EPL must be our prime target this season, so let’s just take it game-by-game.
    Let’s beat the Citizens Monday night and go from there.
    Leicester deserve to be where they are – having lost only one game so far – to us.
    Chelsea also deserve to be where they are, which makes for a fun Christmas

    1. Personally, I’d luv to see what Arsene does in January. Like Henry said, the injury crisis at Arsenal is not natural at all. Sometimes I feel what holds us back from “glory” is INJURY.

  2. Personally I think we are getting carried away or righting our team off too quickly against Barca!

    A loss is a loss and I will be very disappointed if we loose against them, Arsenal is a big club and we should be able to match any team be it Barca, Bayern, R. Madrid, etc. I wonder what Wenger and the team are thinking with all this posting by fans that a lose against Barca is okay and acceptable, where is the faith in the team? Even when we had Lord Bentner as ST against Barca I didn’t hear such talk.

    Been delusional is one thing but I will die before I admit defeat against Arsenal before the ball is kicked against any team, we are no walk overs, at the moment it sounds as though our fans will spend most times cheering MSN rather than our boys!!!

    As for Leister its been fan, but time to get out of our way boys. From now on I will cheer any team against them (yes including Chelsea) who are not a threat to us because they don’t seem to be going away as many predicted. Time to take them seriously.

  3. bravo

    iniesta _ rakitic

    messi _ neyma


    sanchez _ozil _walcot



  4. off topic:looking at Leicester this season compared to last year,except for about 4 new players that Ranieri bought they have a similar squad,i could be wrong but Nigel Pearson,s great escape doesn,t look like such a big achievement now,did his team not perform?did he mismanage it?is he not as good a manager as we thought or is Ranieri really that good for making it look so easy and get the credit???

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