Arsenal’s woes lead to unwanted league position for first time in 36 years

According to the Sun, following Arsenal’s draw with Everton on Saturday afternoon, the Gunners will find themselves at the bottom half of the top-flight table for the first time since 1983.

It never looked like we were serious about getting three points at Goodison Park, you’d think new boss Mikel Arteta being in the stands would inspire a high-intensity performance from the team.

We’ve now won just one of our last 13 games across all competitions, Unai Emery was sacked during this woeful run and even club legend Freddie Ljungberg struggled to turn around the side’s fortunes.

It’s hard to pinpoint one particular reason for our disastrous season so far, just like the past couple of years – are defence has cost us at crucial times this term.

Off-the-pitch incidents have also dominated the headlines this season, it’s like we’ve barely managed to get anything right.

Hopefully former captain Mikel Arteta can help get our season back on track, with us sitting 11th in the league – if we can deliver some good form over the Christmas and new year period, we should be able to mount a serious challenge for a top six spot.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal deserve this, after a series of bad scouting and decisions

    Arsenal used to have the best scouts in the world, getting fringe players and hidden gems like Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg, Cole, Pires, etc. Unfortunately the scout regeneration has been disappointing

    Edu brought a hot prospect in Martinelli, but we can’t have too many non-EU players. Hopefully Lihadji and Saliba don’t flop next season

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    What’s even more worrying is that we’re extremely lucky not to be at least 5 points worse off. We should be in 17th given the chances we keep giving up.

    On the previous article, yet another attack on AFTV. Definitely a narrative going on. I love the complete hypocrisy of Dan Smith (author of the article). He’s using an internet platform, to voice his opinion about AFTV, who are a bunch of people using an internet platform to voice their opinions. So I guess Dan also wants justarsenal shut down as well then? Because there is also a wide spectrum of opinions on here as well.

    1. Dan the cannon says:

      Your really negative about things you should be positive about and really positive about things you should be negative about. AFTV and platforms like it aren’t helpful, supporting a team means just that…. support. Yes we can air an opinion, but shouldn’t think we have a right to attack personally as AFTV have done, and be constructive with our wishes for the club because that is all us fans should have a right to….wanting the best for our club while supporting it. I just wish we all can show positivity and constructive realistic comments

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Sorry Dan, but supporting a team doesn’t mean blindly accepting everything the Club says or does. If you truly care about something you should always express your concerns and ask for explanations when things don’t appear right to you. What appears constructive criticism to some, may be destructive to others, defending on perspective.
        People have to stand up if they want change.
        AFTV, Justarsenal and other fora give supporters a platform to express their views; even if no one listens it is a means reduce frustration.

  3. GB says:

    Totally agree, free speech is for everyone, so I can pass my thoughts on that I think AFTV Is just a shouty, angry, juvenile, puerile platform that brings the club and fans into disrepute. Ranting, bulging veins and extremely bad language.

  4. ozziegunner says:

    On this actual article, Arsenal’s current league position is the stark reality of the situation the Club faces. The big question is will Mikel Arteta, as Head Coach, get the support from the players and more importantly the owner and Board, that his predecessors did not, to address the situation?

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