Arsenal’s young American international set to face the All-Stars

Delayed Zelalem will get his chance to shine!

Arsenal’s first pre season match against Lens in France last Friday, proved that Arsenal have a number of talented youngsters on the books, who are just waiting for their chance in the first team. One of those players is Gedion Zelalem and Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has been very keen to sing the youngster’s praises in his latest press conference.

Speaking ahead of the Gunner’s pre-season match in the Arsenal USA tour, Wenger was keen to point out about how impressed he is with some of the club’s youngest stars, in particular 19 year old Gedion Zelalem who has played 9 games for the USA up to U23 level. Wenger was quoted as saying: “Last season he was on loan at Glasgow Rangers, where he did quite well. He is a player with top quality. He might take a bit longer to mature because he was physically a little bit behind on body structure but I’m sure he will be a great player. play [on Thursday]? Certainly [he’ll be] part of the game.”

Wenger makes a good point in recognising that Zelalem certainly does have talent and we have seen that on the pitch when he plays with the first team. His vision is fantastic and he is able to pick a pass with such accuracy. The one flaw he has found himself to have in particular is his build and Zelalem is notably a skinny figure and thus he would struggle in such physical matches that often occur in the Premier League.

Wenger hopes that the German born midfielder (who became a U.S. citizen in 2014) does work on his physical structure in the near future however, as he is keen to utilise the creative midfielders skill and ability. Zelalem certainly has plenty of potential and must surely be rated as one of the most promising young players at the club.

I feel he may struggle a little getting first team action at Arsenal, given the high number of midfielders we already have at the club, so therefore a loan away again this year may prove beneficial to his future career with the club.



      1. swear the fugees cowboys song came on when that line up hit my facebook.

        its a sign….

        We make moves in stage coaches
        Rah Digga likes the roaches
        If anyone approaches
        We be like noches, buenos
        And I compose a poem for the many gun-slingers
        R & B singers, perpetrating guns with two fingers.

    1. Bielik is one youth player I’ve been super impressed with every time I’ve seen him… I forget which cup game it was exactly last season, but Bielik completely changed the game when he came on for Kamara who was quite simply well out of his depths.
      We now seem to have three of these versatile players in Chambers, Holding and Bielik. Surely at least two will secure loan moves? The Mustafi rumors seem to be gaining a little more traction with Sky Germany reporting talks and figures that seem a lot more reasonable than the other prices for CB’s being thrown around.
      A 24y.o. German international who counts towards homegrown?? Seems to spell value to me!!

  1. OT: Arsenal are in talks to sign Mustafi from Valencia. According to sky sports Germany. If this is true, does he count as the 2nd of the three players AW apparently wants, or are we getting a fourth?

    High hopes for Zelalem. Let’s hope he proves himself and becomes as good as he possibly could for AFC COYG

    1. hes talented but built like a cigarette. not ready for the rough an ready of the pl

      santi tho…hes been hitting those weights

  2. Zelalem Iwobi Adelaide
    Walcott Wilshere Chamberlain
    Akpom Wellbeck Willock
    Bielik Vlad Holden Asano Sanogo
    “could” be the foundation for a super team.

  3. First goal of the match for Gooners. Games just started but you can see Arsenal offensive players are doing well but defensively we are struggling. Anyways MLS team has clear communication problem.

  4. Arsenal were easily playing the ball out of the back and then GIBBS decided to pass the ball across into the middle and straight to the opposition which set up the MLS goal.

    This is something defenders learn not to do when they are 8 years old. Shocking from Gibbs. Sloppy, lazy, careless and stupid. Gibbs’ development has been moving in the wrong direction for some time now.

    I thought the rest of the defense has been playing quite well.

    1. @mohawk
      Ox needs to help out Debauchy more though. Otherwise, I’m very impressed with the youngsters. Jack is almost invisible and Joel is puttin in a shift, as usual…

    2. Bielik was the one passing the ball to opposition. Nevertheless, Gibbs was really absent today even if you compare it with Wilshere.

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