Arsenal’s young front four can achieve wonders for years to come

Arsenal have a front four teams in Europe will be envious of

The Gunners cruised past an injury-riven Leeds United to further cement their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League next year.

Mikel Arteta’s men are now four points clear of fifth-placed West Ham United. Fans have already started dreaming. And they have every right to.

Despite still being miles away from the quality the current top three has, the North London outfit have largely won games they have been expected to win.

Only Manchester City and Liverpool have taken more points since the September international break. If Arsenal continue this current form, they might have a good chance of finishing third.

But right now, let’s talk about the quartet of Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard and Emile Smith Rowe.

These four are tearing apart teams for fun and the fact that all of them are under 23 players is even impressive.

Despite Leeds fielding a youthful side, the average age of this Arsenal squad was over a year younger than their counterparts.

The Gunners doesn’t just have a young squad, but they have players who are already showing signs of great experience in their legs.

On top of that Arteta has Aaron Ramsdale, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ben White, Gabriel, Nuno Tavares, Albert Sambi Lokonga.

This team can achieve wonders for years to come. They can dominate just like the previous Arsenal team of the late 1990s and the early 2000s.

Right now the focus should solely be on the next match. The squad and the fans cannot get carried away by the form of the last few months.

In the end, everybody knows how things can change so quickly in football. The club’s faithful will just hope that this ride goes on and on and on.

They just want to see their team in the Champions League. A stage which they crave. A stage where they belong.

Yash Bisht


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  1. PJ-SA says:

    After our next 4 games we’ll have a much better understanding of where we are. Hopefully some of the other teams would have caught up some of their games in hand so we can see the full picture.


    If we can win 3 and lose 1 game…or…win 2 and draw 2 then we should be set for a UCL spot push to the end.

    1. Walter Barasa says:

      Good idea, very likely.

  2. Dan kit says:

    Odegaard as dont nothing to sway me as of yet ,playing 3 good games against let’s be honest inferior teams to me shows that he’s comfortable against these teams but will he be so affective when we come up agaist the proper teams ? I can not see it ,his lack of pace is something else and desire to get back is non existent ,good on the eye but you have to worry when we have him and Xhaka in the team .

    1. Sean M says:

      Lack of pace, fine. I don’t think it’s an issue for a playmaker personally, as long as he can operate in tight spaces. But not tracking back?? Are you serious? The boy is everywhere! He’s a pressing machine.

      He needs consistency and to show up in the big games, for sure.

      1. Dan kit says:

        His tracking back is non existent because of his lack of pace
        When the opposition break at pace do you see him keeping in up and trying to break down the counter ,countless times I’ve seen him jogging back ,hes no more than a luxury player who undoubtedly will get found out against the better teams not playing against a team that had 9 first team players absent .
        Don t mix up a player running needlessly after a ball with presssing with purpose we had a player like Ozil and no did exactly by he same .

        1. Dan kit says:

          We had a player like that before named Ozil .*

          Let’s wait til we play Man City then we can talk about it after ,if I’m wrong I’ll gladly admit it .

          1. jon fox says:

            Serious question DK. HAVE YOU EVER ADMITTED YOU WERE WRONG?
            If you everrhave, then I have not seen it.

            I doubt that applies to you, unless you care to spell out when and what about!

            1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

              why would someone admit they’re wrong when they’re obviously not…I guarantee you that any manager worth his weight in salt, who likes to play with pace, is salivating at the possibilities the game might present if and when we field both Ode and Xhaka…Ode is a headless chicken from a defensive capacity and the only time his defensive “skills” are on display is when he’s pulling the old lazy man’s Xhaka-esque tackle from behind, in and around our box

      2. O.T.S says:

        100%on point!

        1. O.T.S says:

          @Sean M

  3. Sean Williams says:

    Nobody can doubt the sheer quality of those four. As they get more confidence and experience they will become players of the highest order. I am proud to have them at Arsenal Football Club. Also Tomiyasu is one top quality player too.

    1. Sue says:

      👍 Agreed Sean.

      ESR our top scorer – I’m loving it!

  4. GoalDan says:

    It’s great and exciting to see a youthful team develop, it reminds me of Monaco, Ajax of a few years ago. But we don’t have to sell our team, I would like to see a tall cf come into the mix to add options.

  5. gotanidea says:

    Those talented youngsters still need at least two senior leaders in field, to organize and to protect them from the opponents’ provocations

    One senior leader in midfield and another in defense, who are cool-headed, have years of EPL experience and can also convince or influence the referee

    1. GoalDan says:

      Swap Xhaka for Declan rice with £50 million to tempt WH 🤔 that would tidy up the midfield… one can dream….

      1. gotanidea says:

        West Ham dan Rice might only be tempted if we finish fourth, instead of them. Because West Ham can play hard-to-get, after being bought by a Czech billionaire

        Rice could be a perfect captain though and Tierney would likely listen to him. I noticed Tierney didn’t follow Xhaka’s instruction to move forward in West Ham game and Xhaka barked at him because of that

        Arteta and the coaches should’ve told their players who to listen to in the field

      2. jon fox says:

        I’d happily even swap my cat for Xhaka. Except Xhaka would not be welcome in my house, unlike puss! A toy cat would be equally as mobile and fast as Xhaka.

  6. Sean Gunners says:

    The lads played very well am very happy with the performance, I just hope we keep improving n going about our besiness silently n talking the points on board. we need to show courage against man city n tot then I think we can get points off them.COYG

  7. Grandad says:

    I have to say that I still have reservations concerning Odegaard, not only for being one paced, which is exacerbated by the inclusion of Xhaka, but by his inability to win 50/50 balls .He is so poor defensively and in the second half yesterday I counter at least give occasions when moved broke down with him.There is no doubt concerning his game intelligence and his ball skills but against tough opposition he is brushed aside and makes little impact.I may be accused of being over critical but I relate what my eyes see, and I genuinely do not feel we can accommodate Odegaard and Xhaka in the starting eleven if we are to stay in the top four.

    1. GoalDan says:

      It’s the balance of what he brings offensively compared to he’s defensive ability, if he was to bulk up would that bring him up to A fabegas level of defending? I’m not sure, but He not that slow he broke away for the fourth goal and still delivered a great pass with the outside of he’s left foot late in the game. But he also got passed to easy a few times… who knows

  8. Grandad says:

    I meant five occasions.

  9. Sean Williams says:

    A prayer

    May Granite Xhaka, the demented thug, never play for Arsenal or stain the magic carpet of the Emirates, ever again.

    1. O.T.S says:

      Just keep deceiving urself. My beloved Granite xhaka is here to stay. Still has three years in his contract 🤏

  10. Jakes Mradu says:

    ……to be in all competitions I’d like to see another 2 young forward players added in the next transfer window…..also another defensive rock in midfield…..Auba..Xhaka and the rest should be released/sold at the end of the season…our defense is sorted….nothing to do there…..this team is almost ready..just needs a little bit more growing up to do…..we need to be patient…..6th place this season will be good enough……..4th next season is target……

  11. RSH says:

    all the youngsters finding form, Odegaard included. good to see. I want to see them step up in the bigger games next. Even if we do not win, we gotta see them causing trouble against the bigger sides if we wanna progress. but so so happy to see two academy players playing so well, and they both seem to be genuinely good human beings as well with a good head on their shoulders.

  12. gunnerforlife says:

    Add Tomiyasu and Ramsdale to the list of the 4 mentioned. We have a great squad and the ability of Laca to hold and press is helping Martinelli make his runs and score, all players complementing each other is great for the team.

  13. Mike M says:

    Lacazette – great striker – works hard – Can’t score simple goals.
    Odegaard – Great vision – works hard – Makes one brilliant pass in every 10. (DB10 made 49 of 50)
    Partey – great physique – runs all day – awful distribution
    Xhaka – One great pass every so often – can’t tackle, can’t change direction – awful temperament.
    Our front 3 are awesome. Keeper and back 4 also. We need some better supporting cast. With this backbone, we can be great. But we’re a long way off although headed in the right direction.

  14. Bk says:

    Quick question.. and off topic too..
    Wasn’t partey a dm at ATM? Why doesn’t arteta play him there and they get a specialist CM?

  15. Ozziegunner says:

    Arsenal has wanted more goal contributions from midfield. Odegaard scored three in three games and has provided a number of assists and ESR is Arsenal’s top scorer, so things are improving.

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