Arsenal’s ‘position has definitely been weakened’ in pursuit of PL star

Alex Crook has claimed that Arsenal remain ahead of the chasing pack in chase of Leicester’s Youri Tielemans, but they aren’t in as strong a position as in January.

The Gunners are believed to be looking to bolster their central areas this summer, and Tielemans is the name most strongly linked with a move to the Emirates.

With just 12 months remaining on his current deal, it is unlikely that his current club will put up too much resistance knowing they could well lose him for free come the end of next season, and with the player seemingly set on a move, it would appear best all round for him to be allowed his exit.

Crook claims that Arsenal remain ahead of their rivals in the race for his signature however, but does claim that our advantage has weakened in recent months.

Alex told GiveMeSport: “I think Tottenham are lurking in the background as well, and I think even Leicester are willing to offer him a new contract to keep him there. So, maybe Arsenal isn’t as attractive a proposition as it was, but he was definitely in the building in January, his agent was anyway, holding talks.

“I would still make them the frontrunners, but their position has definitely been weakened by the fact that they’re not in the Champions League.”

We may not be able to offer CL football, but it seems from the outside that Tielemans is still keen to make the switch. A recurring theme at present appears to be our club dilly-dallying with our business. If we have identified both Gabriel Jesus and Tielemans, we need to be wrapping these up quickly before any rivals end up focussing on the same players.

Is it our club that is currently failing to move fast, or could the international break have slowed us down thus far?


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  1. Totally disagree

    Just because a player plays in the top 4th to 6th placed teams across Europe’s top 5 leagues. Doesn’t mean they can all demand Champions league and top wages. That’s just not reality. If Youri wants to go to the next level Arsenal is the best place to go. Arteta has an amazimg project at Arsenal, just look how much they have recovered while evolving into something that modern managers can see happening and changing within football for the foreseeable future. Pep (Man City) and Klopp (Liverpool FC) have shown this recently. Arteta has the next best project with Man Utd still falling further back. Tottenham are £800m in debt and buying players almost out their prime. Utd is in debt depsite being huge money makers in global revenu. Chelsea cant guarantee starting places, and with all that big talk they only just was a nose front away from spurs and Arsenal, the Gooners have yet to introduce some fine talent to the first 11. Patino, Salah, Azeez, Hutchinson. With new Brazillian flare coming in thanks to Edu with a mix of that Spanish aggression via a Premier League Manager that used to be the Captain of the team, andwith that Great English passion of football. He is the Massiah at Arsenal. If Wenger was Christ, Arteta would be the second coming!

    – Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta RIP) ~ The Field Of Dreams .

    The “All let’s laugh at Arsenal” has come to an end, they bullied a league with a very young unexperienced team with bags full of confidence and experience to still flourish. The “El Capitan number 8” is the future of not just Arsenal but we can see a young manger that’s part of a new Mangerial revolution in the Premier League and possibly Europe. English teams are dominating the European tournaments of recent. Arsenal is just 1 or 2 perfect buys away from cementing that so memorable Champions League slot. Arsenal belong in the Chamions League having decades of great football memory’s and 1 unfortunate sad one. They have been there, deserve to be there and forever be there. The Spaniard that’s becoming more Spockney everyday is The Second Coming and may glor and light let him lead the beautiful red and white way there.

    1. Love to optimism Jay. Will share it when the results come in. Our incoming young guns will not be enough to bring us to the next level. We need some experience in the team. We bottled it completely late in the season. Some of that IMO was because the young guys were overwhelmed. Newcastle bossed us like they were playing for CL football.

      We have to bring in some experienced but hungry players who can also lead the pack.

      IMO had we been a club on a mission, a club with a plan, a club well managed we would have by now signed our top 2 targets. But since we are not well managed and don’t have a clear plan we will likely miss out on quite q few targets simply because we don’t know what we want and we don’t know how to get it. And judging by our failed efforts to get Vlahovic we don’t even know who we should pursue.

      1. That’s right, John63, Even MA himself admitted it was too much for the youngsters.

        The question is, “What are they going to do about it?”. At the moment it looks very mush like previous summers. Hoping to move players on first and lots of dawdling..

  2. How many more articles are we going to have about this guy, we get it, we probably want to sign him. Every Tom, Dick and Harry saying the same things over and over again. How about the next article about him being if and when we actually sign him.

  3. I would love this guy or any top midfield player and striker. But why does it take us so long to sign our top targets? Are we going to once again waste so much time that we lose our main targets? Probably

    Spurs, Pool, and City have all signed some key targets. Is it too much to ask to compare ourselves to these organizations?

  4. Tielemans is a quality player and must be signed asap. No point in wasting time if the Manager wants the player and the player wants to come to Arsenal.

  5. I would really like him to join us but think he will go to a club playing in the CL unfortunately. I’m not optimistic about this window (again) but need to integrate any new signings we do make before pre season trading starts in 2 weeks time. Off topic, it will be interesting to see the fixture list when it’s published in half an hours time. It’s about time we were given a home game to start the season 🤞

    1. Should we be ready! All we have to do is show up, loose by 3 goals after asking for our game be postponed because we didn’t know when the season should start 🙄 loose the next 2 without scoring a goal , by then we most likely purchase whoever striker on the market stay unbeaten the next 12 ,loose the next 3….. This sounds familiar 🤔 that’s the same old Arsenal! Window closed and it’s all over the news Arsenal bid for haaland, mbampe, Messi…….

  6. I usually don’t come to this sight and comment on transfer rumours . A while back arteta did say we have already outlined our targets, so one has to wonder why their has been no conclusive deals done and why the endless dragging , laxity in doing them earlier

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