Arsenal should snap up this very promising striker for free!

Arsenal interested in Moussa Dembele?

We hear it all as Arsenal fans when it comes to transfer rumours, because for some reason the media loves to link us with every professional player under the sun. Therefore you have to sometimes find the anomalies amongst the pack and although this rumour may seem like one, it wouldn’t be too bad if it turned out to be true.

When you read the title, the name Moussa Dembele may pop up in your mind as the midfielder from down the road at White Hart Lane, however fear not Gooners because thankfully he isn’t the player in question here. Instead it is Fulham striker Moussa Dembele, who has an impressive tally for the Championship side and could be moving on this summer.

According to today’s Metro, Arsenal are lining up a move for Dembele, who is apparently out of contract this summer. At 19 years old and being released on a free come the 30th June, it doesn’t sound too promising for Moussa, however apparently he has rejected a new contract with the club, after previously being linked with the likes of Tottenham and Liverpool, as well as supposedly attracting interest from Italian giants Juventus. With Dembele set to run down his contract, should Arsenal look to offer him a deal?

Although Arsenal should be looking at signing a well-established, world class striker this summer, I think signing Dembele, especially with little cost involved, would be surely a deal that Arsene Wenger would be interested in. We aren’t talking about a player who has struggled to make an impact here, Dembele scored 17 goals in all competitions for Fulham last season, which is a great achievement for a 19 year old playing in a side that was involved in a relegation battle last season. Although he undoubtably isn’t going to be the player we need up front on a consistent basis, there’s no doubt the French under 20 star has talent and with the right guidance could become a top player in the near future.

A former PSG youth product, Fulham won’t want their young prodigy to leave, but it seems with Dembele certain he wants to move on, it remains unlikely that his current club will have much say in any potential deal. Although little may be known to most Arsenal fans about Dembele, I’m sure that he would be a worthwhile investment, who would certainly be a better option that having Yaya Sanogo play or even possibly Chuba Akpom at the moment. Arsenal still need to look out for that world class frontman, but signing Dembele in such a deal wouldn’t cause the club any harm at all.

What do we think Gooners, should Arsenal make a move for this impressive target man?


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  1. Much as I would love to have any special young talent available to Arsenal, we need to be careful what we wish for. Winger might just go for Dembele and decide that he’s done with Strikers for the season. Sanogo, anyone? We need to pull out all the stops to go for a striker who would rival Ground. Higuain and Auba are on fire and are very much within reach. We just have to show them the money(we have to better than + £1 this time). Then we could go for a right sided player (Mahrez, Mkhi or maybe even Fekir can be considered)and a defender before accumulating special young talents. What I am saying in effect is that I am in full suppport of getting Dembele but we just need to sort our immediate and more important needs first.

  2. Hmmm… So young strikers.
    Sanogo – Have a soft spot for him… But he’s just got to go!
    Akpom – I had high hopes for his loan last season. But just didn’t get on the score-sheet enough for me to think he’s worthy of a shot with us this season. Another loan or sale wouldn’t really bother me TBH…
    Maviddidi – Raw power… But still, he was playing against kids. Would love to see him tested at a higher level. Mentally, he seems to have good instincts and hunger. I think he could surprise.
    Malen – My personal tip for leading our line in the future. The handful of times I’ve watched him he has confidence and swagger in the way he plays… Strikers need that. Technically great, enough pace to be a problem, but needs to develop physically.
    Nketiah – Yeah it’s u18’s. But he’s scoring record has been prolific this season. His finishes are class as well. Not worth hyping, but every reason to watch how he develops.

    So… For me, a bright future. But I personally don’t think any reliance should be placed on these players for the coming seasons at least barring an incredible loan spell. Onto Dembele. He’s freaking 19 and looks like he’s 30!! An insanely good physical specimen who really looks like he knows how to impose his pace and power on defences (which he has plenty of!!)
    I say do it! He’s raw… But an amazing prospect who’s performed brilliantly so far.

  3. i think we should definately secure this young mans signature , he is a talent. give sanago away to some unsuspecting team , a fair deal all round i would say .

  4. I looked up this kids clips, not on youtube, but on some other one where they showed all the miss-hits and the bad decision making. I forget the name of the site, I think it had scout in it’s name. Must say it was refreshing compared to showing even defenders assisting and scoring goals on youtube. This lad needs allot of work with his final ball, and his shooting. He’s not as quick as you might think, when I read up on him they highlighted his speed, he’s not slow, but he’s not super fast, like Arsenal fast. He has great ball control, for a forward his ball control is excellent. Good at dribbling as you can imagine. He produced allot of weak shots, and horrendous shot accuracy at times. Strong lad, but yeah, he’s nowhere near ready for a move to Arsenal. In saying that though, Id swap Sanogo for him, easily. So 17 goals, it might say as much about the defending in that league, than it says about this boys killer instincts.

  5. If we are not going to get Aub from BvB then Lukaku would then become my 1st choice.
    Lukaku could still be a good signing along with Dembele, no CF will be guaranteed to perform for us and Dembele could end up becoming the best thing since TH14… Or he could be sold on for a profit.

    Dembele is classed as HG or will very SOON be classed as HG?

    Think about the sell on profit for a player that qualifies for HG, even if he doesn’t make it at Arsenal. I think I just heard Gazidis and Wenger hi-five each other when I said that o.O’
    Taking a player away from the spuds always makes me happy.

    He should be free so we could ‘splash the cash’ on getting another young CF but one with more EPL experience… Lukaku.

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