The Arsene Comedy Show begins again – Arsenal fans should vote for #Change

The Arsene comedy show is just beginning by Konstantin Mitov

So, after being promised change, what we are seeing is exactly the same as before, but I’m not really surprised. We are about to sell two of our starting 11 and let another 2 go for free next summer, unless we sell them now too.

Do you wonder why this happens? Would those players all want to leave if a new manager like Simeone or Allegri had come in? It’s really sad, but the only positive thing that might happen this season is for it to be a complete disaster and mark my words it will be!

Right now we’re looking set for 7th place, and despite the fact our defense is weak, we might sell a WC winner and play a LB as CB. That’s Arsenes masterstroke, that was already exploited by Stoke and Leicester and Liverpool will add insult to injury as soon as this afternoon.

We should’ve sacked Arsene 3 years ago and give a new manager a good starting squad to work with. I thought we were going to sell the deadwood, but instead we will sell the Ox, because we’re playing him out of position.

Make your own judgement on Arsene, but he had more than enough time to build something and he failed. Nobody believes his lies anymore and it’s time that banners come out as soon as game 3, because we’re already miles behind the likes of United.

Why don’t they lose players like De Gea and they can sign Ibrahimovic, Pogba and Matic? Because they will not stop until they are back at the top and we care about nothing. Arsenal football club just exists.

You cannot be a catalyst for Change if you are the problem itself. This contract situation happened before with van Persie and we learned nothing from it. Perhaps we should learn something from the manager.

We’re not going to compete for the major trophies again and what we need to focus on is the future. Arsene is the past and he’s increasingly becoming the ever so distant one.

I propose a simple one-word hashtag to address something we’ve forgotten is possible, a simple one-word banner of something that was promised to us and it’s nowhere to be seen. And ask for some rich well known Arsenal fans to step out of the shadows and bid for the club to help it back to its glory days.



  1. justforlaugh says:

    Unless the club owner sacks Wenger, be prepared for two more season of heart breaking football.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Replacing Wenger would be useless if Arsenal do not get new owners. Do you remember how many times Manchester City and Chelsea changed their managers, but they were stuck as mediocre clubs?

      Sheikh Mansour and Roman Abramovich came, then the clubs were transformed into powerful teams, because of their oil money. Arsenal need ambitious and powerful people like them.

      But the reality is Arsenal will be stuck with Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger and other executives for a long time. The only way Arsenal could get Premier League trophy with these people is by completely changing the system and phylosophy.

      Arsenal might need to change their method to a fully pragmatic approach, like Mourinho’s style. We might not like to watch this type of football, but if you really want a prestigious trophy with these people, this is the only way, because the other methods have failed.

      1. Nothing changed says:

        I think Pep or Klopp or Conte and even Koeman could have gotten more out of this exact same squad over the last three years. So I think even if we are stuck with Kroenke a manager who understands the game would still benefit the club.

        Wenger still lives in the past which is normal for a 68-year-old dictator. We need a modern day manager.

        1. Okoro E Alaebi says:

          I agree but not fully even if a new coach comes in and d mediocre board of directors remains it will still be d same story. It’s just like putting new wine in old bottle.

    2. Okoro E Alaebi says:

      Funny not just the sacking of the senile coach Wenger but the mediocre board should all resign because they are all good for nothing

  2. GB says:

    @Konstantly moaning! I thought you said a while ago you had finished with posting stuff and now you’re back spreading doom and disaster. We have played two games and all you do is depress everyone. Give us a chance eh and let’s see after 6 or do games.

    1. Joel says:

      Groundhog Day…Don’t criticise the Manager until we get to the end of the Season..Surprise surprise the end of the Season arrives snd we’ve not come close to challenging for the Premier League title… .Roll out the excuses….Don’t fix the problems around the centre of midfield nor the centre of defence…Begin again…fail again!!

    2. Dom says:

      Perhaps Konstantin, the real problems with Arsenal are the type of supporter that you obviously are and those that our club has collected in the last 10 years. Whingeing, criticising, doom purveying know alls. In my time I have seen some great teams, and I have seen teams achieving below par, always entertained, often disappointed. One thing is for sure…Arsenal is still great and is not sliding backwards in any way apart from the ‘quality’ of its Fan base !

      1. satanK says:

        So you’re just going to ignore the fact that two major squad issues haven’t been assessed?
        Wouldn’t you agree that we desperately need another top center back?
        Wouldn’t you agree that we need another midfielder, either creative or/and a defensive one?
        Will you ignore the fact that, for the Stoke game Wenger had enough CBs in the squad to have Kolasinac on the left flank and Ox/Hector on the right?
        Wouldn’t you agree that CBs and the sitting midfielder lack discipline? The person in charge of players’ discipline is Wenger himself.
        Wouldn’t you agree that Ox should get a game in the midfield, especially after the way Xhaka failed to impress two games in a row?
        Is all of the above moaning or assessing the facts?

        1. JPB says:

          Wouldn’t you agree that if a couple of pieces had fallen the other way against Stoke, Arsenal would have two wins from two games and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation? I would.

          95% of the games are stilll to be played. Let’s reassessome once October gets here

      2. Leon says:

        The real problem is with people like you.
        Happy to just plod along and watch the club you claim to support stagnate and become just another premiership side.
        If Arsenal were playing well and all was good at the club then there would be no reason for fans to moan about the club would there?
        Arsenal being a global name is not the issue here – performance on the pitch is where they will be judged. Tactical decision making is where they will be judged. Ambition in the transfer market is where they will be judged and in those three areas Arsenal are garbage – like it or not it is true…

      3. Arsenal#7 says:


        I am not sure what planet you are from but I would like to know
        Your opinion is bizzare at best
        Keep drinking the French cool aid
        Sent me a msg at the end of the season after you check the table and Arsenal is not in top 10

  3. Kamikaze says:

    People dont like ur posts but you are always spot on @konstantin…i hope we win today though that will make wenger and his fans too cocky!

    1. Mobella says:

      How being spot on all the time CHANGE the situations with arsenal. We end up making ourselves miserable all the time. I’m not against all the negative complaints and comments if they are going to take us one step closer to the solution. Imaging if arsenal get a pound for each negative comments by an arsenal fan she will enough money to buy Rinaldo, Messi, Neymar, lukaku etc.

      1. satanK says:

        If something is wrong, it should be said. Wenger’s squad selection against Stoke was miserable. Wenger’s substitutions were miserable. They still struggle with unlocking bunker defense. Players played outside of their natural positions even when there’s enough players to play a squad where all the boxes tick.

  4. Midkemma says:

    It isn’t Wenger who is poor at transfers, it is Gazidis, anyone with a braincell in their head can look back at the dates and see when the issue happened, the summer window after Gazidis was hired.

    People who want change but call for Wenger to get sacked or to leave are retards!

    Who do you think Gazidis will hire after Wenger?
    As for would the players leave if we had got a top manager, I bet they would because it is the CLUB that is showing a lack of ambition, not Wenger.

    Gazidis 1st season with us and AFC spend 1/3 of the year before.
    Gazidis hired in Nov 08, during the sale of the club, boosting share prices so Silent Stan will bid more and start a bidding war with Usmanov.

    It has been reported that Wenger said that Alexis will not be sold unless the board sell him, let see if he is sold and if he is I bet the moron K will blame Wenger again.

    Gazidis was hired to take over the CEO role and the CEO deals with the money, it is that simple. Disprove me… but you all can not because what I say is the truth.

    1. Joel says:

      Gazidis is an easy target.Agreed his role is superfluous…But I can assure you that he has absolutely no say when it comes to Arsenal’s transfer policy…other than the physical. payment of monies.
      Wenger controls everything…All responsibility firmly lays with him!!

      1. Dom says:

        Another one who is privy to the internal workings of Arsenal and who does what hahaha

        1. Break-on-through says:

          You’s are dancing around things in defence of the man. Wenger has the last word when it is between himself and Gazidas. Gazidas has no power other than to make us commercially/globally wealthier. You only need to look at what happened last season after Gazidas talked about making some changes with a director being brought on board. Wenger made a mockery of him, said he would never work with one and asked what is it that they do anyway. Ivan talked about an exodus of players, freshening up the squad with better ones arriving. Arsene slapped him one, and came out with that old line of us having a very strong squad and needing very few changes, two or three ..with emphasis on two. When Wenger is doing his commentary job or preparing his players, we don’t be in talks with agents over signing new players. The world cup this was evident, and recently in pre-season this was evident. He then went out to France to get Lacazette signed, he was in Germany too. The only time I know of when Arsene was not physically able to be involved with a player signing, was Danny Welbeck. Wenger was in discussion though and told them to try and get a loan but all that could be done was a sale, so Wenger told them to pull the trigger. Anyone with an inkling of common sense will know Wenger calls the shots. Trying to blame Gazidas is just last resort kind of stuff.

    2. Nothing changed says:

      It is folly to suggest Gazides has the balls to go out and buy Gabriel or Perez or Mustafi against Wenger’s will, neither would he dare to sell any player without Wenger’s blessing. Wenger has total control over football affairs including buying and selling of players.

      Gazidas is useless that is true but don’t blame the erratic buying and selling behavior on him. Neither is Gazidas responsible for spoiling Ox’s aptitude to play for us nor does he impose on Wenger to play Bellerin as left back etc and start games with Monreal as CD whilst Mert is on the bench and Holding demoted to the reserves.

    3. Leon says:

      I forgot that Gazidis made the decision to play full backs in the centre of defence.
      Always someone to defend the idiot manager – that is why he has survived for so long..

  5. I says:

    Most times we over blow negative trumpet around our club. About Mustafi, the club paid a high amount of money on him last summer.And he has not lived up to expectation. I don’t see anything wrong with offloading him if it will make way for greater player to come in . I sense something bigger coming if we sell Mustafi after selling Gabriel.
    Ox, I think has not live up to expectations considering the amount spent on him as a youth. If you notice, he hardly maintain his quality over 60 minutes in a match. He goes missing when given full game. I won’t pay such a player over 70k a week. If he wants out, fine. We have youthful players who can replace him.
    I think it is too early to judge d team. Let’s keep our fingers crossed till the window closes.

  6. Kedar Damle says:

    As I said earlier many times that Owners are very happy with returns they are earning from Arsenal… Unless and until their IRR or Return is getting lower than expected rate of return he won’t make any investments in transfer market…
    The point which you are referring here about Man Utd is bit different about Buying Pogba or Matic…. United Owner Glazer twice in last 3 years has sold their class B shares in open markets and United Fans and FIIs has invested money in United… From that source they have pooled money for Transfers… Of Course their owner has desire for getting top is one of the reason behind this move, but in our case we don’t have 100% Equity owner hence nobody will make any efforts to float the equity on Stock exchange to pool resources.. Things are getting worse… Whenever Kronke will realize that his business model is not now working then either he will sell the club or invest in club..

  7. Dan says:

    Wenger out Roy hodgson in!!!!

  8. Jay says:

    How about you lot actually get behind the team and manager for once in your miserable lives? Your “protests” had literally no effect and this was no more evident than when Wenger signed a 2-year extension. What difference do you think it’ll make this time? You know it will make absolutely no difference, you just want an excuse to whinge and moan.

    All you are doing, is creating a bad atmosphere around the club, which has a negative, knock-on effect on the players. Look at the way Spurs an Liverpool fans get behind their clubs, when we are more successful than both of them. Your “support”, in comparison, is a true embarrassment and I’m ashamed to be associated with the same club as you idiots.

    1. Jay says:

      Before anyone chooses to down-vote this comment, then how about you actually try to come up with a response and tell me why I’m wrong.

    2. Leon says:

      Another supporter of a tactically incompetent manager.
      Get behind a regime that promised so much yet has delivered so very little.
      Support a manager who consistently makes poor tactical decisions such as playing players out of position and failing EVERY year to strengthen where we need it. A manager who pays far too much for donkeys like Walcott and then fails to offload them because no one wants to leave a cushy little life where failure is rewarded with massive contracts.
      I don’t like the toxic atmosphere, the protests and the booing but to get that incompetent fool out of the club it is exactly what we need..

      1. Jay says:

        Leon! You’ve turned into a full-blown aaa! Thank god I no longer have to read your nonsense over on Untold. You’ve found yourself a new home, amongst the children of this website (seriously, the average age must be about 13).

        I’m just going to ignore that first paragraph of overwhelming ignorance, but as for ” to get that incompetent fool out of the club” and how exactly do you plan on doing that? Because these very same “protests” and the constant moaning have all been done last season (and the season before that and the one before that and the one before that ect ect ect) and if I remember correctly, he signed a 2-year extension, didn’t he? So that proves that you’re not going to get him out the club before that runs out, so now, you’re just whinging and moaning for the sake of it. You just want an excuse. It’s so utterly transparent. Pathetic.

    3. satanK says:

      There should be no protests, I agree. But not calling something for what it is is as bad as protesting. Wenger is tactically behind at least six other managers at the moment. Many players lack discipline, that’s why our defence is leeky. And that’s Wenger’s fault. He even didn’t give a straight answer when asked about title ambitions. He knows that Arsenal can’t win the prem, because football has changed, but he doesn’t intend to. Even if it means missing out on CL or even LE.

  9. Tidan2 says:

    Oh, God. We finish 5th for the first time in 20 years and now you think we are on course to finish 7th???

    Get a grip.

    1. Leon says:

      Look at how teams have strengthened.
      Then look at the shambles of Arsenal.
      7th is pretty optimistic..

  10. Trudeau says:

    Not sure how you can conclude that we are playing the Ox out of position. He has never shown the type of consistency he is now showing as RWB.

  11. Sean Williams says:

    Yes this season will be a disaster. I have a unusual take on what Wenger is doing. A few months ago Wenger said he hates the supporters who harangued him. Seeing that is about 80% of the supporter base, I think he is vindictively trying to get back at the supporters. He will within two years bring this club to it’s feet. How the board can employ a man who openly cannot stand the supporters is pure stupidity. How Wenger has not bought players to win the league is not understandable by anyone. Supporters, pundits, players, and press all encourage Wenger to buy the best players. Wenger is too vindictive towards the supporters to dream of trying to win the Premier League. He is a “specialist in failure” who is bringing this club to it’s knees.

  12. Red&Dread says:

    So the club breaks it’s transfer record, signs da striker we all want plus an excellent looking LWB/LB – EARLY. Wins the Community Shield, starts clearing the deadwood & the club is a joke. Put me on record, that the only thing I see that is a a joke is fans like this muppet moaning & groaning about any &everything associated with the club.

  13. Vlad says:

    It used to be just me criticizing Konstantin, but now I see that people have awoken and finally realized the truth. YOU are what’s wrong with the club, Konstantin. YOU, the so-called fan, and the likes of you who want the team to fail and won’t even give us a chance. What a total muppet you are. Whiny, angry, bitter man who only gets off when he’s hating on the manager and the club he says he supports. Where does it come from I wonder. Were you bullied as a child? Abused? I truly pity you, Konstantin. Because I feel there never was and never will be pleasing you. There will always be something you’re gonna find to moan about. Seek help. Although I’m afraid it’s too late…

  14. Bur says:

    I hope the Wenger supporters are happy cos we are going to have another disastrous season. The only Muppets I see on here are the ones who are living in early noughties and still think Wenger can produce a league winning season. Wake up will youse and smell the coffee.

  15. Shinoda_Kc says:

    I personally don’t like constant moaning, or complaining, but I hate being a puppet. Let’s all just take a step back & put ourselves in a position of power at Arsenal. Would you be comfortable with the way the club is managed? Would you do things differently? I know my answer. Arsenal is a big club, but even big companies fall, not because of one person but because of a string of many people & poor decisions. I hate cowards because they follow blindly, I hate constant moaners, coz all they do is talk. Every entity wants to be associated with a big brand, & Afc is a big brand. However, once you lose sight of what made you a big brand(in this case football success), you begin to fall slowly. Afc has a huge potential to succeed and I for one hate it when people say we can’t compete financially with big teams. There are huge investors in line waiting to invest in this club to achieve it’s full potential, but there seems to be people with other agendas. I don’t know entirely who and how Afc is run, but I don’t need to be inside to see the direction it’s taking. You have a choice to bring change. As a businessman, I know that if I lose the support of my clients today, I’ll close shop tomorrow. Let’s support this club, but let’s also not be blind followers of the people who run it.

  16. Milton John says:

    Matuidi, Seri, Goretzka are players won’t cost you much. Infact Matuidi left for a fee on the region of £20 million. so it’s not the market situation it’s how you look at it. All these above mentioned players can strengthen arsenal but Wenger ignored it so royally. He had a chance to sign Van dijk for £14 million but he ignored it. He had chance to sign Lemar and Cante together for less than £10 million but he ignored it. So the problem is Wenger is incompetent. Purely outdated. Players like Sanchez, will want to move to other clubs and players like Ramsey wants Wenger to stay. Embarrassing

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