Arsene finally completed his mission to ruin Arsenal

Arsene finally completed his mission to ruin Arsenal by Konstantin Mitov

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on where you are located dear Arsenal supporters! I cannot really bother being upset about Arsenal losing again, as I’ve just accepted it. We’ve become a joke. Oh wait, we were one for years, but now the final nail in the coffin is coming.

Alexis Sanchez is joining Manchester United. Take time to assimilate this. Oh wait, you’ve seen Van Persie join them, Fabregas join Chelsea, Ashley Cole too and so many others leaving for a better future elsewhere. This isn’t a surprise anymore, it’s standard.

I’d prefer to see Alexis at City rather than United, but they coughed up the money and you know, Arsene once said “We will not sell to United again”, but hey that lasted as much as our lead lasts in football games! So the man is a fraud, but I was saying this for years, and finally reality has caught up to us.

This is inevitable. You cannot keep going backwards and stay in front of teams like Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham and Liverpool who are at least trying to improve, even though they took their fair time, it was eventually going to happen. We are where we deserve to be.

Who is responsible for this? Well nobody, because at Arsenal we are disappointed when things go bad, but hey, it happens right? This is Wenger’s mentality overtaking everything. Nobody is responsible. The players, the manager, the board, everyone is hiding and sadly the fans are hiding too.

We just don’t care enough. Heck I don’t care. Caring is only working if someone else is giving you something back. When the players perform like that it’s obvious something is wrong. They don’t look like they are playing for the manager, but let me ask this.

We started Iwobi, after partying out, Holding, Chambers and Maitland-Niles – who is right footed and we play him at left wing back. This is Arsenal freaking football club and we play 4 youngsters and on the bench we bring Walcott? No premier league side will fear this.

Lacazette looks destroyed. He joined to play Ozil and Alexis and both will soon leave, but he’s been awful too, but we cannot replace him, or young Eddie will have to start which at this point won’t surprise me too.

Now, Arsene said we will replace Alexis, but honestly I’ve stopped believing him 5 years ago, and I will just accept the fact we will sign nobody for now, but rumours suggest we will take a guy named Malcom, who I and probably most of you haven’t heard before this transfer window.

The other mentioned player was Aubameyang, who’d be one hell of a signing, but this media thing has gone just ridiculous. This is Arsenals PR team IMO, who are probably the only people in this football club doing their job. We are always linked with good players and later Arsene says, we were close to getting them, but ‘blah, blah, blah’ excuses – so for me this one won’t happen.

This is just the media’s link between the fact he has disciplinary problems at Dortmund with our crisis. Two completely separate events, but I guess the fact we tolerated Iwobi means he and Aubameyang can hop off from party to party and there won’t be a problem since nobody is responsible at Arsenal after all.

But even if you try to put some common sense which is long gone at Arsenal, why would a top player join us? Money? I don’t see how we’ll get someone here for any other reason. We have a dead manager, players of average quality and every remotely good player here is either out of contract this summer or within the next 2.

Besides, we will most likely get one player, and one player is so not going to fix the holes in the defence or the lack of ideas up front. But from all written here it’s important to remember one last thing. We’re ready to sack all the players, but keep the manager. Think for a moment if any other football club will do this.

Alas, I wish you all to care less and less about Arsenal, because it’s only getting worse and there are much better things to do in life than bother for a sorry money-making excuse of a football club.



  1. Sue says:

    I’m devastated at the state of my beloved AFC….. and to top it all we’re going to sell to man united..

    1. muffdiver says:

      can see your taking the sanchez to man united deal hard sue
      me too if im honest

      just cos sanchez downed tools an mesut started playing well this season, everyones forgot sanchez carried us through last few seasons
      a special player

      the only thing that would make this deal tolerant is if we got martial

      but we wont we’re crap at player business

      1. Sue says:

        So gutted Muff….it’s like RVP all over again. I can’t see us replacing him…. that’s gonna break my heart seeing him in a United top & coming back to haunt us like RVP did ?

    2. Sad Gunner says:

      RIP Arsenal ….Wenger somehow nailed the club inside the coffin….Burial ceremony on May 13…But Wenger will be leaving only after post burial prayer ceremony…

      1. Hayzed says:

        Wow,you composed it very well.
        You have working brain in your cranium.

    3. Lunga says:

      It’s sad that the man who build the reputation of the club is the same man taking it down, I’m sad for my beloved club.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Why do you keep saying that Wenger built our great club, you’re obviously a new fan. Arsenal been a great well renowned club for 100 years. Read our History.

      2. Tdg1944 says:

        Let’s get something straight. Wenger did not build the reputation of this club. He maintained it for some years and I absolutely applauded him for doing so – but you can not ignore the evidence of the last 10/11 years. Look at our history. Look at the thirties. Look at the fact that we were champions in every decade from the thirties (including truncated forties but not the sixties) through to the “noughties”. Liverpool and Man Utd have won most of their championships in a concentrated period. Look at the relative stats of the clubs before Wenger came. If we don’t win the Premiership next season Wenger will show his legacy. We have been a top club in the world for nearly eighty years. And please don’t quote FA Cup winning to me. Each campaign entailed 6 matches – ofte against lower division clubs. The league winners play 38 matches (used to be 42). No comparison. He is now not even any good at making his owner money. The Sanchez etc affair is incredible at any level – football or business wise. How can the AKB’s think that nearly everybody else is wrong?

    4. Tdg1944 says:

      Who the hell are these two people who keep thumbing down reality?

  2. McLovin says:

    Great point about Arsene’s PR team, rumors making rounds about big signings so people wouldn’t protest and pressure Arsene.

    And when the window shuts, Arsene will tell whatever lies he can come up to millions of fans.

  3. tas says:

    I try to ovoid slating individual players but Iwobi has taken two steps back and there is a strong chance in the near future Maitland-Niles, Holding and other young players could go down the same route as did Chambers and one or two others in the past and it’s all because we have no experience strong leader/leader’s on the pitch to be able to guide young players in times of bad spells in the game (can help with some senior players as well)

    I noticing the body language of the young players they look like fish out of water when we are having a bad game it’s when you need the likes of Viera, Adams, Kion alike to weld the team together which clearly is not happening for years now,

    I think now it will never happen with AW because he does not like strong leaders to challenge his way and also IMO not to create confrontation in the changing room or in training,

    1. Nothing changed says:

      You are correct IMO that many of our promising young players do not develop or even go backward but instead of getting down on the players we should realize it is the task of the manager to develop players. All these players started with promise and contributed early on but after Wenger managed them for a while they went backward.

      Kylie Walker said that every day at City is like being in school for the players who are trying to learn as much as possible from Pep. Is there any sign that any of our youngsters are getting that type of footballing education at arsenal? Judging by the repetitive mistakes we make there is no coaching going on at Arsenal at all.

  4. AWout says:

    Sanchez going to United? It just gets worse!

  5. ay struggle says:

    Arsene Wenger and the board turned the team into a super market long before now and we all are reaping the failure of the coach and the backroom staffs.
    Arsenal fc have decided to be a mediocre club where any idiot with no future could decide to hide.

    The likes if holding, Chambers, mertesacker, debuchy, Ramsey, Walcott, iwobi etc are not meant to be in a supposed 1st class team class team like arsenal talkless of playing for the team.

    I know the days of Wenger is fast approaching and he will be booed out of arsenal.

  6. Nothing changed says:

    I find it near impossible to get excited or angry about Arsenal. The club simply doesn’t stand for what I believe it used to stand for. It is a spineless organization with next to no ambition, football understanding, or ability to manage its squad and resources in an optimum manner.

    At every turn, they make the wrong decision, buy the wrong player, sell the wrong players, play the wrong formation, field the wrong 11 and let key contracts run until they lose control of the player.

    Even if we would hire Pep it would take this club 5 years to get back to respectability and that would not even include winning the PL. This squad is distinctly average and far inferior to other top 6 teams squads if you take Sanchez and Ozil out of the equation.

    Had we brought in a modern day manager 3 years ago we would have been ok, now thanks to Wenger’s destruction of the squad there is no manager alive who can turn this sorry organization around in short order.

    1. Dee23 says:

      ” there is no manager alive who can turn this sorry organization around in short order”
      Well Mourinho fixed Man United. They were finishing out of the top 4 before he joined them. In his first year he won them Europa league to get them back in the champions league and in his second he will probably finish second.

      1. Nothing changed says:

        First of all Man, U have spent huge amounts of money in a fashion no new manager at Arsenal will be granted, second of all most Man U fans will not consider Man U as having been turned around.

  7. Trudeau says:

    I agree with most of your article although do think with a few shrewd moves this can turn around quickly. But the headline isn’t necessary in my opinion. It is entirely possible to think Wenger’s time should be up without accusing him of having a plan to ruin the club. I’ve no doubt Wenger loves the club and believes he can turn it around. The whole thing is like a Greek tragedy and I for one still have a lot of respect for the man whilst still wanting him to be sacked/resign/retire.

  8. Ivan says:

    I never understand those who defend Wenger. What is he good at apart from telling lies?
    Can he motivate players? – No
    Can he do tactics? – No
    Can he organise a good defense? – No
    Can he organise a dynamic attack? – No
    The other thing the Wenger defenders say is well who would we get instead? I say almost anybody. We are the sixth richest club in the world so somebody good will be interested.
    So sack that useless dinosaur now before he drags us in to relegation.

    1. Phil says:

      Brilliantly put sir

      1. Ivan says:

        Thanks Phil

    2. Lunga says:

      I strongly agree with you the man has lost touch. We where fighting for top four (c/l), now we fighting for top six ( europa) soon will be fighting for relegation unless we get a new manager.

  9. Leeroysgooners says:

    what a joke of a club we are from top to rotten bottom all i could do during the Bournemouth game was laugh otherwise I would of cried…. gone from champions to top 4 to midtable where next bottom half because this team is so dam average its getting scary now!!! SWAG OUT #MIDTABLE TEAM

  10. Phil says:

    Wenger has slowly but surely taken our club backwards and the Board are as much to blame as him.How he was given an extended contract just for winning an FA Cup (small clubs occasionally win cups-Wigan Portsmouth Wimbledon Sp**rs ).We Are/Were/Expect/Hope to be a big club and now we are resigned to being known as a 6th placed team.We will NOT finish Top 4 and we will NOT win either League Cup or Europa League.The Board take the Blame as much as Wenger

    1. Ivan says:

      All true plus I love the sneaking Spuds in as a small club, something I would do.

    2. Dee23 says:

      The board are more to blame because they are the ones who offer Wenger new contracts. The lack of ambitious starts from them then trickles down through the club. If the board had the ambition of say Abramovich of Chelsea, they would sack their managers when they aren’t achieving but our board still believe Wenger is the best they can get because they never prepared for life without him which is why they go into panic mode and beg him to renew his contract when it is nearly up.

  11. tas says:

    I live in hope but doubt that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will join Arsenal, last time he was linked with us ( what the press said ) he made crude jokes to his friends regarding ever Joining Arsenal, his ambitions were in Spain, but who knows he might of grown up a bit and thinking.. HEY how long can Arsen be there for,

    the best we can expect for is exchange with Martial or Mikhitaryan to soften the blow but no game changers IMO

    1. muffdiver says:

      tas if we get anthony martial your wrong
      im convinced this guy with ousmane dembele are the future of french football

      i would be delighted – PLEASE BRING MARTIAL

  12. muffdiver says:

    we are at the mercy of a man who is scared to retire
    and is so far past it its not even funny

    if a player joins here- its cos he and his agent see us as a stepping stone
    climb on a slow decline

    this alexis deal cements that – banter era

  13. John0711 says:

    Not yet but he’s busy working on it

  14. Mehmoud says:

    Wenger knows well that he has to go sooner or his motive now is destroy the team into pieces so the any new manager will take years to rebuild the team. He then will be happy to tell everyone Arsenal cannot function without him . You can see he is not leaving a strong and healthy team behind.He will get rid of all our good players. Keep Walcott .
    We don’t have any world class players,all average players who will not fit in Barnet.
    My biggest concern now if Wenger move upstairs,then he will continue to interfere with buying and selling and the tactics of game.
    We need a strong manager like Simone .

  15. Kwamedel says:

    We need to boycott all matches of the club and let’s see how the club can survive in the league

    1. Dee23 says:

      What good would that do? Relegation is not the answer.Last season, some people foolishly believed finishing out of the top 4 would some how benefit us. Guess what. It didn’t. Our club is in a far worse state. Playing on Thursday and Sunday, playing catch up. The players can’t hack the pressure. Arsenal went into the fixture against Bournemouth knowing Spurs won comfortably the day before and new they had to win the game but flopped. Finishing 5th last season did us no favours. Idiots really thought Wenger would be sacked if we finished 5th. We all know how that turned out.

  16. John Ibrahim says:

    so many personal attacks but none actually take action by buying the club and make the changes

    1. Ackshay says:


    2. stubill says:

      Okay, I’ll get my cheque book out and write cheque for £2 Billion.

  17. An arsenal lover for life says:

    As being an arsenal fan from the late 80’s, I have to admit that I no longer can stomach to watch the football being played, this season it has become unbearable at times. Our identity has gone long before this season or the last. Way back when we got beat by United 8-2 I felt uneasy about my beloved club. I believed in Arsene, now I can’t look at him without feeling bad energy towards him. Sad, I know.
    I don’t care how many managers it takes for us to climb out of this sh*t hole. But it starts with a single one ‘Arsene Wenger’. I’d prefer to go back to the so called boring boring arsenal days. A Solid team on which the les invincibles’s core came from. But until then, my love for football is still there but without my arsenal heart. But I know one day we will be a force again, I guarantee this much!!! COYG

    1. Ray says:

      You’re so right!

      I can’t identify this Arsenal. The brand of football is not even “mid-table” material. In fact, it hasn’t been for quite some time. When Santi was ruled out of the squad it got a lot worse. Our midfield has changed more times than the weather. Our defence takes holidays every 5 minutes and, our attack play can be as effective as a glass hammer sometimes!

      The average signings Arsenal made were and have been massively to blame. But I suppose when you window shop in the final week of the transfer period you are likely to be left with the dregs!?

  18. An arsenal lover for life says:

    I don’t believe that it would take years to change this team as it is. If you have the right mental tutor you can become anything that you want. But that’s down to the tutor and we know who that is. If you analyse your opponent game by game, it’s not genius thinking to plan for your next opponents with devastating effect. I’m not a manager but I know who has been doing well for Bournemouth for e.g Ibe’s stats have been improving over the last 4 weeks, it would of been easier to eliminate the threat from the threatening players regardless of team/players etc.

    But I will not ease up on Arsene as all we want is our beloved Arsenal back…

  19. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger has become like religion to some fans, we jk around and call them wengerits and such but there is some truth behind it

    Just think of it for a moment, for some fans turning against wenger causes much stress as their brain in a unconscious used to support him no matter what, and to set one free from such a situation ( thoughts, bias feelings, obesession) or prison sometimes one has to experience enormous stress to wake up

    Remember guys, ppl are stupid and sheep a like, some just need to take a leak on the fence to wake up and what is currently happening is just like that, aaaaright? namaste mfikers and have a nice day

    1. Tdg1944 says:

      KS-Gunner As a professional psychologist can I say I have rarely read such utter tripe as your post. I really do not like personalising these issues so I must apologise for doing so now. It is a measure of the despair I feel but still not acceptable.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        How else can you explain that football fans who should be interested on football matters do hold a person interest higher than that of their own and the clubs? Serious case of cognitive dissonance or is it bec of the sheep mentality i mentioned befofore?

  20. raymondo says:

    Instead of training this week, our squad should be made to watch a video of the Liverpool/Man City game to learn about skill, commitment and passion.

  21. Ray says:

    There is nothing “professional” about Arsenal F.C!

    The club are a joke and the top-level are nothing short of a shambles!!

    How this club and manager have the audacity to say “We can now compete with the best” is beyond me!?

    I’ve seen play schools run better than Arsenal. I could accept that Selling our best players to our rivals in 2008 was needed to balance the books but, this is 2018! In a stadium that now financially stable. Arsenal are a laughing stock and they have done it to themselves. Bunch of f**king muppets!!!!!

  22. Coldzero says:

    It’s isn’t a football club now it is a business with a bit of football strapped on.

    The high up people that care about the club have gone and it’s become a business model.

    My advise to everyone is to find another outlet to focus on until Kroenke and Arsene etc have gone. I don’t mean to support someone else I just mean don’t spend any of your hard earned cash or time on this club, don’t over hype our very limited abilities and don’t let our awful performances effect your week or Saturday or Sunday. It really isn’t worth it.

    Personally I am lucky as my young son plays football and to see him and all his young team mates play, win/lose/draw and still enjoy it and give their all is for me what football is all about – not the hideous beast that is Arsenal at the moment- it has lost its football soul and become a corporate soulless monster.

    I took my son to a local club to watch the other day – Woking FC. Wanted to show him positioning/ runs etc- we throughly enjoyed the day out and it cost me 25 quid for us both and I didn’t come away feeling fed up, annoyed or most of all ripped off with a horrendous tube journey to endure.

    I can’t see our club getting any better anytime soon, it’s rotten to the core at the moment. So don’t let it get you down as it’s sure as hell ain’t worrying it’s spoilt your week. Find other football interests to take the sting out of it for a bit, get back to grass roots and give yourself a rest from
    It for a bit.

  23. Vlad says:

    We lose, and Konstantin is back. You’re so predictable, KM. Where were you when we played 3-3 with Pool, 2-2 with Chelsea, or drew 0-0 with Chelsea in the League Cup? Decent results, no? Look, Bournemouth was always going to be difficult a difficult game. Without two of our best players in Ozil and Sanchez we lack creativity, and a bit of a bite up front. Lacazette is starving of service. We miss Koscielny in the back. Cech is a shadow of himself. So to summarize, yes, there are problems. Is it all doom and gloom though? I don’t think so. There’s a reason why we brought a new head of recruitment guy from Dortmund. There’s a reason why we got a director guy from Barcelona. Sanchez will leave for sure, but I trust we’ll replace him with an equal quality. Perhaps Draxler? Or Mkhitarian as part of the deal with ManU? Anyone is better really than the guy who doesn’t want to be here. Ozil might stay. We have Giroud coming back soon. Ramsey is back but needs some playing time. We’re still in Europa League. We’re still fighting for the League Cup. So enough with pessimism. Let’s give the guys the moral boost and support that they need. Or as I always like to say, support the team, not the regime.

    1. Ivan says:

      “Where were you when we played 3-3 with Pool, 2-2 with Chelsea, or drew 0-0 with Chelsea ”
      Do you not see the problem with this statement? For you celebration is when we don’t lose.

      1. Vlad says:

        Based on our current situation those were good results. We played Chelsea with kids. Against Pool, we came from a 2-0 down to leading 3-2 in the second half. I hate when people only see the bad. Give credit where credit is due.

        1. Ivan says:

          I was glad we did not lose, especially concidering how bad we are now but I cannot hail them as any great achievement as we only got drew these games. And this is what it has come to, celebrating when we don’t lose. There was a time when we used to celebrate victories.
          The one good result that I did celebrate this season is when we beat Spuds and I give credit for that

        2. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Sorry Vlad, the problems go a lot deeper than those three results

          1. Vlad says:

            And I’m not denying that, Kenny. In fact, if you read everything I said in my original post, I did say “yes, there are problems” with the club. But Ivan chose to ignore that part.

          2. Ivan says:

            That’s because I could not get past your looking at draws as celebrations.
            But if you are asking for comment on the rest ofyour original post I think you are way ver optimistic. It is your right to be that way but it is also my right to see it differently. Really differently

  24. Phil says:

    Be honest. How many of those Bournemouth players would you expect to get anywhere near our SQUAD let alone FIRST 11?Why were we OUTPLAYED OUTHOUGHT and pretty much 2nd best against a side who will probably only just realise their ambition of staying in thePremier league?Simple.They have a manager who COACHES and MOTIVATES his players to achieve to their abilities.When was the last time we could say this?Wenger somehow achieved this in last seasons cup final by getting a fantastic performance on the day with a second rate/string goalkeeper a back three which included a novice,a left back and BFG playing after 37 minutes of football the whole season.Thats not forgetting OX playing LWB.Why can’t Wenger Coach and Motivate Players for a season any more?Start the clear out with Wenger and get someone in who can

    1. Ivan says:

      Well said.

  25. Milton John says:

    I am really optimistic because Ivan is doing a decent job behind the scenes. Raul, Sven are all on board now and Wenger is digging his own grave so fast by doing all the rubbish. I’m hopeful Sven will find out the players we need to rebuild this great club and Raul will do hi is part by negotiating to bring them in. They’ll find the proper manager who can take this club where it belongs. We’ll be champions again not only in EPL also CL. Give 2 years to Louis Enrique who is on a year long sabbatical can take this club forward for two to three years and Arteta can take it from there. He’s gonna be an excellent manager in three years time with Pep. Let’s hope for the best. The sad part is Wenger will have to leave Arsenal with his head as low and he’ll get embarrassed for his rest of life and he’s solely responsible for this.

  26. pires says:

    A crap paranoïde article.AW is surly at faut but TP say hé has a mission to destroyers thé club is ridiculos…hey Konstantin go ans support Chelsea you will feel happy.

    1. Lexynal says:

      Ridiculous article..

  27. Jack reacher says:

    Can I just say I’m Irish I go rugby and international games and conor megregor fites we as fans are mental we just fight and argue over everything we’re passionate our stadiums are rocking and make no mistake our footballers are poor but they fite for badge just like Northern Ireland , now my point is was at 2 arsenal game last season can’t afford go a lot family work etr. but the atmosphere at emirates is sad like terrible u look at anfield and it hurts me because we’re such poorly ran club from fans point view we’re are diehards all splits all over stadium joke we need leaders at arsenal top too bottom but this arsenal is not arsenal of old were is our Tony Adams ray palour , we’re is our pride how dear man Utd get Sanchez like how dear even ask pride is word here folks we have none as in overheads us fans are joke like boycott next game stay away or go and stand outside stadium for full match stand together stand tall we will be heard we are arsenal we are there customers we are Gona make change but by money cause that’s wat this club is money and Sanchez Utd proves it

  28. Steve h says:

    Some people my have slagged off George Graham for being negative .most on this
    Site don’t know who he is. but don’t matter. These know way this would be our club if he was hear
    Tactically aware, motivation, organized in defence. No pampering

  29. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Wenger could lose every game between now and Christmas 2019 and the gutless board still won’t sack him. Wenger is in a little world of his own he can see nothing wrong whit the way he is running Arsenal. The Sky is blue and the Roses are Red I wonder what it like in Wenger Land.
    Then lose the ball and get suck Punched.Ted I think I am going Mad.

  30. dominic riwo says:

    i blv wenger is conted losing at the expense of gaining money and getting uz quackz go home prof m tired of watching an awful performance frm a big club lyk arsenal

  31. David Rusa says:

    I think many people on this website suffer either from short memory or selective memory. Since the beginning of this season many contributors here have been baying for Sanchez’s head and were demanding that he be sold. Now that their wish is coming to fruition the same people are all over themselves crying foul! Which is which? I have always urged people to be careful what they wish for. You can’t eat your cake and have it. Sanchez is gone but the choice of club is what defines him: as a desperate man with no sense of direction. It would have been understandable if he was going to Manchester City or PSG but moving to Man U seems to be a misplaced move. I don’t see Man U winning EPL or Champions League in the near future. Perhaps his motivation is to do more with money than winning trophies.

  32. Larry says:

    We were an average team playing boring football before Wenger came here. Can you all not remember other fans singing boring boring arsenal. Also we would still be playing in Highbury and sitting mid table every year and the spuds laughing at us. So can everyone stop moaning and get behind the team it’s all getting very childish.

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