Arsene, Top Top Players ARE available!

Quality is available in positions Arsenal desperately need some improvement by Konstantin Mitov

Hello folks. The windows may open on June 1st but we are no short of possible Arsenal transfer targets already. Wenger is already in his typical mood of not giving away anything and pretending like nothing is happening really. The boss once again used his famous words that we would only buy if the very best of quality is available.

Well Arsene, I have to say it actually IS available! First of all there is Petr Cech. If Mourinho really is powerless to stop him from moving where he wants, then Arsenal has to be his first choice really. The guy is a top class goalkeeper who has won every major trophy in the land and in Europe. He has tons of experience, a winning mentality and will plug a gap we’ve had in our goal for a very long time. He lives in London so he won’t have to move. This deal makes perfect sense.

If we don’t land him it’s not because there isn’t quality, but because we don’t wanna do it. Theo Walcott was spot on that no excuses can be made if we don’t make a real title challenge next year. We have tons of money, regardless of Wenger spitting at the financial fair play rules changes. We’ve outspent Juventus in our last two seasons and they will play in the CL final on June 6th. We’re not buying it. Wenger doesn’t feel pressure of any sort, so he does whatever he wants, but truth is we cannot miss yet another opportunity to take advantage of the rebuilding that goes in Manchester and Liverpool.

Another player we are linked with is Raheem Sterling. For how long has Arsenal lacked a proper winger? I don’t know what are they smoking there at Anfield, but we are superior to them and if we throw a bag of money in their face they’ll sell or he’ll leave for free. He’s a London boy living in the north-east. When you have a player not willing to play for your club, you might as well cash in.

So add another DM, Schneiderlin for example, and a new striker like Jackson Martinez, for example, or Karim Benzema and we’re looking good. Quality is out there and in modern football it costs money. We bought Sanchez and Ozil and you can see the difference. All the other top clubs will spend. Chelsea and Man United have already signed one player each.

Arsene has to be knocking on Petr Cech’s door this week with a contract in his hands. Let’s address the problems early and prepare for a real title challenge for next season.


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    1. If it’s true that chelski wants walcott or the ox in exchange for cech, then it can only mean one thing…. They see a star in him and we would be so stupid to strenghten a rival for the sake of a 34yr old keeper who isn’t on 1st team anymore…. Cech is good(No doubt about that) but the terms and conditions of getting him really pisses me off… Plus what would be the fate of Ospina who’s only just had his 1st season in a strange english League?

      1. Yesterday we played way too many players out of position. Jack, Aaron, Özil, Cazorla and Sanchez, only 2 of them should’ve played.

        First of all, who was our right winger? I couldn’t tell. Walcott was available, it only took him 5 minutes to get 1 on 1 with the goalie. Ramsey’s pass just had little too much in it.

        Without Sanchez we don’t have anyone on the left wing either. If you want to play Cazorla CM, fine. Then play either JACK or MESUT in the attacking role, never both. Our only holding CM/CDM right now is Coquelin, so no point in resting him. He’s played almost every single game since December, he’s not burning out now.

        So either play Cazorla/Ramsey as CM, Wilshere/Özil as CAM. Then COQ plays CDM every single game until we get another proper player in his position. And put goddamn Walcott on the right wing already you old muppet.

        1. Nonsense. Cazorla plays where he plays since January. anchez plays where he plays since he came at Arsenal. Ramsey played where he plays since coming back. Wilshere is where he wants to be, in the middle next to Ozil.
          Let’s be honest with ourselves, Arsenal was phased out. They think only at the FA Cup now once they drew at Manchester.

          1. I think the problem with arsenal in the last few weeks has been not once did the wingers or the midfielders try and g down the line to send a cross….they always went near the corner flag and then turned inside to pass pack into the crowded centre….it was sooooo predictable..

            bellerin/walcott/sanchez must run down the line at times and mix it up…it was all too predicatable…
            sanchez must avoid always cutting across to his right foot — if he is to have impact next season — bcoz i think defenders have sorted him out now..

        2. Totally agree. When we have pace on both wings, it opens up the game. Not sure why Arsene thinks we can tiki taka through some of these teams. If you watch Arsenal our mids often hang onto the ball. Barca play max 1-2 touch and because of that they’re able to break teams down. I hope a Reus or Sterling are in the cards for LW. Striker up front. DM and GK and then we can make a serious charge.

          Henry was right about the team. 4 good signings away.

        3. Na na na. Why do we play either Cazorla or rambo. Why not either cazorla or Ozil? Its between jack and rambo and Ozil and cazorla. U are trying to excape the truth like every fan that cazorla is the best number 10 at the club and rambo is the best CM at the club. the sends jack and Ozil to the bench unfortunately.

    2. i know i could get thumbs down for this but i really dont see ozil made for premier league , he is top class but for a club like bayern barca or real where he dont has to defend .. We can do without him , i think rosisky was a better player and also cazorla is for arsenal , i say sell him for 40£ and bring in isco or gotze .

      John stones , we must not miss out on him he is really top and english who can be our starting defender for 10 years , just get rid of mert and buy him he could cost but he worth it .

      Sneiderline for 24£ is a no brainer we wont find better than him , premier league experience and also a good passer .

      Get rid of poldi campell sanogo and just buy that goal scoring machine , benzema , higuain , cavani , martinez , dzeko ….. giroud is a bench striker arsenal are not montpellier .

      Cech , handanovic , oblack , forster , begovic are all top keepers

      1. Honestly I dont think Ozils style is a successul fit for the physicality of the EPL, nor the newish GIROUD hold up brand of Arsenal futbol.

        Bring in a Higuain, Benzema or Lacazette and MO will once again be one of the top players in the world.

        And no this isnt a piss on OG piece

      2. Soton will not sell Schneiderlin for 24m, so stop being silly. They sold Shaw and lallana for 27m and 25m, lallana never played 90mins. MS is their best player so 35m minimum.

        Poldi yes, sanogo maybe, Campbell no coz he may be the next coq( breakout). As for your machines their clubs won’t let them go, benzema only if they get aguero, cavani at leat 54m( not worth it), Martinez not a machine and dzeko not good enough and at 29/30 won’t get any better.

        Cech is good but is he motivated? Oblak has a great game against Madrid and suddenly you think he’s world class, szchesny has had blinders. He is not athletico’s no1. Forster not Ad good as you think, defense made him look good. Begovic is almunia reincarnated, so brilliant he should have played for England. How many blunders has he made this season or last?

  1. Arsenal are in the top 10 of highest paying teams in the world,they pay very good wages so we must buy quality by putting in serious bids for example if Bayern want 30mil for Javi Martinez give it to them don’t offer 20mil for a proven world class player!

    1. We spend too much money as it stands. We need to cut back, times are tough these days.
      We must respect and preserve the war chest.

      1. We must stop paying players on the fringes as if they where non fringe players. If we done that then our overall budget would be substantially lower to che manc manus and we would have extra dough to pay couple of real worldys without stretching budget.

  2. It’s not just about buying players but the main thing is playing players in their right position’, Its about having a chemistry in the team, its about players fighting for shirt and giving their all in games. Its about consistency. We did well with a good run this year. We need to start with such run once the new season start. Above all, its all about keeping players healthy. We need to deal with this injuries occurring to players even those that were not injury prone in their former club(s). If we can work with these’, then I see an amazing 2015/2016 season. Meanwhile, let’s start by defeating Aston Villa come May 30th….

    1. When we where winning ill admit i wasnt really bothered at all but when we go one win in five and have basically full squad well thats another matter altogether.

      I know some people dont like Sanchez when he takes too many people on as he loses ball one in while, last night was a perfect example of why you need players beating first man the only problem is Sanchez is the only one who was trying enough.

      Walcott, one of the things that pisses me off about the lad is for all his pace he rarely tries beating opponents unless its a straight race for a forward pass. We needed him beating first man so second man comes out making players jostle for space thus opening some up. Sanchez had at least two men at all times as he bet his first man the other then obstructed his space for shooting.

      Next season… if we are missing Ox and Sanchez for any lengthy period we will have a problem. Also we may not even get the problem through injuries with Arsenes love for Barcelona like midfielders stronger than ever and teams parking le blues at a premium.

      We need more – Strength – Pace – Aerial ability – Clinicality – Leadership – Distance Shooting – Dribbling Ability.

  3. ozil should ask poldy to help him use his left foot to shoot when there is an opportunity, the players seem to look for either sanchez, ramsey or giroud when they can shoot and hope for the best

    1. Please tell me your joking. He is the most over rated player in the history of football and you want to build around him??!!!

  4. I’m hearing that Chelsea are demanding either Walcott or Ox in return for Cech. If that’s the case, then I wouldn’t go through with it. Ox is a top prospect, only 21 and is very valuable as a result. If Sterling is worth £35m then Ox is worth the same. Walcott is exactly what Chelsea want. Lightning pace on the counterattack – perfect for a team like Chelsea that like to sit back and let their opponents press high against them. Mourinho wants a player like Walcott, you can tell. That’s why they bought Cuadrado, but he hasn’t worked out. Selling Walcott to Chelsea would really strengthen them, so no. The same with Ox. Besides, they’re both worth a lot more than Cech, a goalkeeper in his 30s.

    1. @mick the Gooner… U are indeed blessed with intelligence … U just spoke my mind even tho I dropped a similar comment up ere!

    2. cech will be 33 next season casillas could leave for free & bernd leno has a 13m buyout clause would be better fu*k chelski

    3. You really rate Walcott that highly??? I think If he would be such a massive danger at chelski, why has he never been that potent for us?? I disagree with you about Walcott and I feel that if he goes we wont be THAT depleted, the Ox YES TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU BUT Walcott IS NOT THE PLAYER HE SHOULD HAVE OR COULD HAVE BEEN and as such is never going to be regardless of who he plays for.h

      1. I doubt with all my heart that mour would ever be interested in signing Theo. Look at the players which he has sold and they have one thing in common… weak defensive ability.

        No time for Mata who was voted best the season earlier and yet people think he could want Theo. Mours wingers do for them what Sanchez does for us, and even when mour was getting stick from some corners because they said Hazard was too good to be doing donkey work as he should be free to express.

        Only reason for mour to target Theo would be home grown rule but still doubt it, i could see him targeting Milner more so than Theo but my guess is that he will target Sterling and probably get him too.

    4. I totally agree with you Mick TG Both OX and Walcott are needed at Arsenal. Last night when Theo came on I thought he played really well, and he will get better if he can get some more playing time

  5. Look what a difference a DM made to our squad, add ozil and sanchez and the improvement is there for all to see….

  6. And guess what!.. we posted similar comments at exactly the same time. ==> 1:50pm. Phenomenal!

  7. According to this report in Chile Arsenal want Vidal on a 4 year deal talks going on
    we need 2 cdm’s to replace diaby/flamini & arteta, vidal + one of schendrlin/lars bender/axel witsel would be perfect

    1. Why would Juventus release Vidal when Pirlo is huffin’ & puffin’ and will probably die of exhaustion on the pitch against Barcelona?

      1. they want to keep pogba + are looking at khedira/witsel/kondogbia have already held talks with their agents

  8. for striker gonzalo higuian/benzema would be good Jackson Martinez will be 29 next season while chelski wants theo or ox as part for cech deal if that’s the case forget about him he will 33 next season arsenal should get casillas on free transfer + sell scz & activate bernd leno’s 10m buyoutclause

  9. arteta 80/w diaby – 65/w flamini 65/w ,scz 65/w, rosciky – 85/w (though I would want him to stay but looks like he is leaving) Walcott 110/w that is 405/w can easily afford 2-3 world class players

  10. Can’t believe the people who want Sterling at Arsenal. He has no loyalty whatsoever, what makes you lot think he would stay at Arsenal, that is if he manages to stay fit and succeed? He isn’t even that good. Ask any Liverpool fan how well Sterling can shoot, because he can’t. And if he doesn’t succeed well it’s only £30-40 million buy, ready to be sold to Sunderland or Aston Villa for nickles.

    Besides he is represented by the most vile agent in Europe, more vile than that Mendes sot.

    1. he could buy his contract next season & leave for free now way he is worth 30-40m we should invest that money to get kevin de bryne/reus

  11. Wenger said he is happy not to be linked with job at madrid’a specialist in failure cant take a job where he will be held accountable for trophies,akbs go and support spuds you make wenger job comfortable you are the enemies of progress,madrid fans say who they want AKBs sing for top.4 Finish!

    1. Your Off Topic…but dead right and I don’t know about youbut Ive had enough of it

  12. There is clearly something up with the Walcott situation. He’s fit now, so why isn’t he starting. Will he be leaving and Sterling joining us to take his place? I’ve always liked Walcott, but has he really improved over the nine or so years he has been here? He wants to play as a centre forward but every time he’s played there it’s not really worked out…

    1. I don’t understand why someone like Henry /Wright doesn’t coach Walcott on how to be a striker. He is completely clueless as to where to position himself and the only time he looks like scoring is when he’s running with the ball, only his aim seems to have deserted him as well since the injury. He has potential, but there is a big difference between potential and the finished product. It would be a shame if Chelski managed to fill that gap.

  13. With these kinds of articles, this site will soon become Just Rubbish. Arsenal never said they need a goalkeeper so why blabbing about Cech who was one of the worst keepers in 2011/12. Is it because he kept 16 clean sheets in 2013/14 but Chesny did them same didn’t he? So stop waste people’s time on non issues.

    Sterling is playing for Liverpool who could make top four, and Arsenal with non wingers will finish third. So how is Sterling a top top player? The same argument for every other player you have mentioned needless to say that players are not loaves of bread who do not decide who should buy them. Leave team strengthening to those who know whats needed and how much is available for player purchases.

    1. Fair comment …to a point but the part abot 2leaving the strengthening to those who know about it” well I have to ask you, have they ever done the right job are we winning the league any time soon?? agree about the kepr thing and about stirling but Ive never believed we need either of these guys, just an out and out striker an a support DM.

  14. Non of us has got it………you know how Jose is like…….he would never sell his top player to his big opponents in the same league……..its just he can’t do anything to stop Cech’s transfer, he is indirectly trying to stop his transfer to us by asking ox or Walcott in return, which we will never do….

    1. This is what I don’t get about Wenger – he let Maureen have Cesc so easily, whereas that never happens vice-verse. Always wanted Cesc back, but in the worst case scenario, the smartest move would’ve been to buy him and loan him out, rather than letting him fall into Maureen’s hands.

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