Arsene Wenger asks Arsenal fans to trust him in market

After Arsenal’s second disappointing away draw from their first three League games, Arsene Wenger is at pains to tell the fans to trust him, whether he finds the “right player” in thetransfer market today or not. And the Frenchman certainly doesn’t want to promise any new arrivals just yet.

“As long as the transfer market is open it makes everyone dream by thinking the solution is always somewhere but it’s not necessarily obvious,” he said.

“The solution every time you don’t win is to buy someone. We are out there and we’ll try our best and you have to trust us.

“You can’t think every time you don’t win a game there’s a miracle man who can win you the game.

“Why did Manchester City not win against Stoke? They have plenty of strikers, football is a team sport and we cannot sell it too much as an individual sport.”

“I have been in England long enough to know I don’t want to promise when I’m not 100 per cent,”

“It is not unlimited money because that’s not the way we manage the club. We will try to make the right decision but we have the resources if we think it’s the right player.”

To be honest that just sounds like the usual waffle from Wenger. Two days ago Jose Mourinho knew that he needed a striker after Fernando Torres left, and yesterday he bought Loic Remy.

Meanwhile Wenger has known we needed a defensive midfielder, a centre-back and a striker for two years…..

No, I don’t trust him!

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  1. i see u wenger… its really hard to find better strikers than “bambi” sanogo and giroud “the lamp post”.
    and for the dm position we already have the worlds best in mathieu “the walking card” flamini and arteta “the walking dead”.

    do ur fukin job and sign the players our game is crying for!
    its the way we play that makes fans angry.
    slow, no penetration, boring and if we win we win narrow.

    not good enough!

      1. And what makes you think Dortmund will accept an offer for their best player from a team in the same Champions league group as them

    1. Why does Wenger have to leave it so late and wait for deadline day to become busy in the market!!? We all knew since last season that Arsenal needs a top striker but it’s unbelievable that there’s none signed upto now, it’s why it becomes hard to trust him.

    2. Stupid Wenger comparing stoke game with our entire season, what a retard. I feel sorry for myself and all arsenal supporters all over the world having to accept the fact that our manager is a moran. We fuking need a striker, even my dog has realized that. I have lost all my trust in wenger and would wait till the day that he leaves us for good. Tired of his stupid policies, we have been having money for a long time now and he just wont spend it and bring up stupid excuses season after season.

  2. yeah wenger thats the way to go
    Leaving things for the last moment(woo-hoo)

    A true genius i must say
    no other mangers in the world are of his calibre
    he is the messiah of arsenal football club

    6-3, 5-1, 6-0, 8-2 dont mean s##t to him and the board

    All you

  3. The thing with wenger is..he will never leave where else he will hav such an try n xperiment..n experiment with not buy..what ur team needs since last 2-3 yrs constantly..going against the fans ..he has grown more n more deluded..
    i fear for ma love..My Mighty ARSENAL!!

  4. yeah wenger thats the way to go
    Leaving things for the last moment(woo-hoo)

    A true genius i must say
    no other mangers in the world are of his calibre
    he is the messiah of arsenal football club

    6-3, 5-1, 6-0, 8-2 dont mean s##t to him and the board

    All you wenger out haters are stupid

    Just wait till the game vs man city
    He is gonna show the whole world he is a genius

  5. I am on the verge of surrendering title hopes for the next 3 years(this included) till Wenger is in charge. I am a Gooner through and through but there i a limit upto which i can take the disappointment. I will keep singing my guts out in every game for Arsenal but from now on for me it will just a match, to be seen for entertainment and fun — for 3 years.

    1. Still can not believe that wenger has allowed Cesc To join Chelsea. He believe Ozil is far far better den Cesc. When is Ozil going to proof his worth. Everybody is saying dat Ozil needs class player like Ronaldo to fulfill his potential. This is crap. Cesc does not need Ronaldo. Do we really have to still think that when Walcott comes back, ozil will find him easily and he will dominate PL. Can not see us winning the PL until wenger is der. This whole season is now depends on Ramsey and Sancezz to carru us forward.
      5 points from possible 9.
      Wenger had given the title to Man U few years back. This year the beneficiary could be chelses

  6. on the fans asking for a striker

    WENGER Why did Man City not win the game against Stoke? They have plenty of strikers

    Oh what a great answer wenger
    They will resolve your doubts come next week

    I just hope this has not upsetted man city strikers
    Otherwise we are in for a whopping

    1. Stupid comment from you with Man City it really was just 1 bad game,the game before that they outclassed Liverpool while we on the other hand have been poor since the season started against Palace,Besiktas,Everton and now Leicester we are not creating chances or taking enough shots on goal!!

        1. Sorry man my mistake I thought you were agreeing with Wenger and his BS,the blood pressure is up due to our bad performances one is getting annoyed easily

  7. Give me one reason why i should trust wenger? I didnt trust giroud nd sanogo but wenger trusted in them y should trust him, d best transfer i want to hear today is leting campbell leave cus is hard watching sanogo start ahead of him cus he is not a french player

  8. Jackson martinez is so underated to ever believe that guy scored 50 goals in 61 appearances even better stats than falcao at porto yet no bid for him. To score that much you much definitely know something about how to put the ball behind the net. Thatz for sure

    1. Wait till one of the Clubs like Barca,RM,ManC or Chelsea express interest in him and all of a sudden media will make him one of the most sought after players in the world. That is what the football has become.

  9. Rumor has it “Joel Campbell has pleaded with Arsene Wenger to allow him to move to Benfica. The Costa Rica international’s chances look limited in north London and he is keen to move on loan and get guaranteed football”.

    Wouldn’t blame the lad if this is true, Wenger prefers his special boy Sanogo or playing other players out of position or underperforming players than giving this lad who is obviously hungry and egger to impress rooted to the bench!!!

    Judgment day today Wenger, your decisions today will determine our future. With the current team, attitude, tactics, and set up I don’t see us making into top 4, we will be worse than united if not careful and we do not have the financial muscle as they do to fix things.

      1. Wenger should have stuck to the winning Invincible blueprint of a team full of big technical players with pace and power bulldozing the opposition!

        1. Chelsea and City are now the teams playing like the Invincible’s while we are now playing like Portsmouth!!!! We looked so clueless and dis-interested in yesterdays game, no winning mentality, no drive, no desire to win (apart from a few players of course). While other teams are strengthening their squads to challenge for the UCL and EPL we are relying on our players to scrap us to 4th place and 2nd round of the UCL.

          1. How are city playing like invincibles?

            They lost, the invincibles never. Let’s not forget we are unbeaten this season in fact our unbeaten run now stretches back to everton last season, 14 unbeaten.

            I am still hopeful we can sign the 3 we need, but to do that we need to De list some from the champions league squad. After yesterday Sanogo has to be one of them, ryo, zelalem, diaby, campbell, coquelin and miquel are all possibles too.

  10. Wenger out.
    66mil is not good enough.

    We need a striker.

    We need a DM.

    We need a fast very athletic CB. Per is slow.

    We need a GK like Szczesney.

    Spend spend spend.

    Wenger its past you.

    Go away.

    Next day.
    Wenger is still the manager. And the fans can’t even touch a hair on his head, so don’t think he will get fired.
    He moment he penned down the contract after all the successful years- he showed loyalty instead of going to other bigger and better clubs in Europe.
    Its our turn now. Stop whinning start supporting.

        1. How does where I am from makes a difference?

          And your name is as stupid as your comments. Go cry to mommy about Wenger not buying players instead of calling me stupid.

  11. It annoys every fiber of my being when gunner fans who realistically want our team to win the EPL or UCL (FA cup aside), are dismissively called glory hunters! People, we ALL want arsenal to win every damn time it doesn’t make us glory hunters, it makes us fans! So yes, when Le Proff says we have ‘strikers’ we call bullshit because we don’t have the damn strikers! When he says we can challenge for the EPL or UCL, we call bullshit because we know we can’t with our current squad. What’s more maddening is that every Arsenal fan and their grandmothers know that we are one transfer move from dominating all competitions yet le proff still refuses to seal the deal. I refuse to accept that my Arsenal is a team that scraps for the number four position, I refuse to accept that my Arsenal can’t get past the quarter finals of the UCL, I refuse that my Arsenal gets to be bullied and harried by other top six teams including the misfiring mancurians! That folks doesn’t make a glory hunter, it makes me an ARSENAL fan!

  12. A few things I’d like to point out.

    -We need 3 players minimum: 2 defensive mids and a striker (in case 1 gets injured).
    -We need to stop our only tactic from being Tiki-Taka, its too predictable, and doesnt work when it is your ONLY tactic.
    -Wenger needs to try an all pace front three, with Campbell, we have had an easy start this season yet we havent been able to preform well enough to look like a threat to big teams.

  13. I think the reason why wenger is playing sanogo is because he plays for the french team and may be for him to be better for euro 2016.

  14. All the fans bashing Sanogo should give the man a break. He is been played out of position by Wenger as always.

    Sanogo has all the attributes to make it as a CB at Arsenal, his big, strong, his good at heading the ball away from goal even when the goalie is off the line or not in goal, his good at kicking the ball away from goal even in one on one situations, and his French (that’s a big deal here).

    Just for laughs guys, this is Arsene we are dealing with, he might give us all heart attacks while he picks up a big pay while turning us into an “Average club”, yes I said it, we are average at best. We lost the top club tag about 9 years ago!!!!

  15. Am I the only thinking “Why the fcuk do City need ANOTHER striker?”
    Sorry, you guys might call it ambition, personally I call it a joke and spoling the game.

    1. It’s called replacing as Negredo moves back to Spain they get in another quality striker so they can maintain 4 strikers unlike us who have 1 striker in Giroud and a raw unproven youngster in Sanogo and don’t tell me Walcott,Sanchez,Podolski are strikers because they’re not number 9’s any of them!

    2. City don’t consider Dzeko WC and the fans there complain that he misses a lot of chances, Negredo has not settled as well as they would have liked him too, he might be loaned out too going by the rumors. (Clearly city fans and management have not watched our strikers play huh, there spoiled for choice there).

      City have a mission to dominate Europe while we are comfortable been where we are currently (1 trophy in 9 years and scrape through to UCL each year only to be knocked out in the 2nd round). So its not really a joke when they want to WIN WIN WIN, its why teams play the game.

  16. Mourinho can use the kind of players we have now to win UCL. Arsenals’ problem has nothing to do with not having quality players. We have enough of them! Mr. Wenger is the problem. Ozil has made it known to all of us how uncomfortable it is for him playing at right wing position, and also how that position disables him from being the play-maker he is known to be. Again, he said it prevents him from cutting-in and scoring goals as he used to do at Real Madrid. Yet our manager still plays him there. There’s a problem when a manager begins to compare failure(“why did Man city not win against Stoke?”). I have never been nervous and felt uncomfortable watching arsenal play as it happened to me when we played against Besiktas.

  17. Same.
    Fabianski – Ospina
    Sagna – Debuchi
    Jenkinson – Belerin
    Big Improvement
    Vermaelen- Chambers.
    Bendtner – Sanchez
    Park – Campbell.

  18. Javier Hernandez reportedly signed for Real Madrid, I know Man utd will have not been keen selling to a rival but their obviously desperate to get rid of some of their attacking players – why did we not go in for him?

  19. Well, it seems ONLY Wenger doesn’t think we need a striker. The fans know it, the media knows it, rival teams know it, hell even SANOGO knows it! The only way I’m staying sane right now is by telling myself that Wenger has something up his sleeves. This is torture!!!

  20. character, strength, determination, passion,winning attitude

    lauren keown campbell cole

    pires silva vieira ljunberg



    Guys i don’t know what this is, please explain

    debuchy mertesacker KOSCIELNY gibbs

    flamini RAMSEY



    GUYS you have tgo stand up for change. I don’t know if anyone remembers a fierce Arsenal.
    Here’s it.
    “They were strong in body and mind. Only their physical appearance in the tunnel struck terror into their opponents. The ground shook as they emerged and hearts beat. I felt cold around my neck when I saw Patrick leading them out like a pack of wolves. I knew we had to fight for one point. Defeat wasn’t an option, but again i knew we would not beat that team.”

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