Arsene Wenger calls for January transfer window to be scrapped, gives reason

Former Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, has claimed that he would be in favour of some drastic changes to the way the game is operated.

The Frenchman now works for FIFA and he has an important role in helping to develop the game further.

In a recent interview, he proposed some drastic changes to make the game better, one of which is the abolition of the January transfer window.

He claims that players often give up fighting for a place in their teams too easily as soon as they know that the January transfer window is coming and they could be sold again.

‘I am for the abolition of the January transfer window,’ he said, as reported by the Mirror. ‘Managers don’t deal with this second window well.’ 

‘In October, as soon as a player does not play anymore, he tries to find a solution elsewhere and waits for January to leave,’ said Wenger. ‘He is no longer mobilised, he gives up.’

Arsenal fans would likely be divided on the closing of the January transfer window, considering that they couldn’t have signed any player under Mikel Arteta if there was no winter transfer window when the Spaniard became their manager last December.

There does have to be some changes for sure, however, there needs to be some careful thought put in and not kneejerk reactions because that could also have a very negative effect.

For example, closing the January transfer window would harm clubs that rely on transfer fees to survive.

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  1. Two transfer Windows in a year is not too much, Monsieur Wenger, please leave it like that. Fighting spirit is not enough reason to scrap the January window.

    1. what he says is true….if you ever play any sports you will know

      its good for the player but bad for team in certain ways

      Maybe keep the window shorter…say a week to minimise the disruption….

      some or most deals are not done soley in Jan anyways

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