Arsene Wenger deserves more than a statue, he deserves a stand named after him

Only the most miserable Arsenal fan would object.

It is an absolute no brainer that Arsene Wenger gets a statue outside the Emirates, there is no should here, it is a definite and it should not stop there.

I know Wenger split opinion near the end of his tenure and I personally do believe he went on a little too long but that is totally beside the point.

Any sensible person looking at his entire career at Arsenal has to stand back in awe, invincibles, record-breaking unbeaten run, doubles, champions league final and so on. Only Sir Alex Ferguson could match that sort of record and remember, he did it without Russian or Arab billions.

Wenger actually changed the modern game in England, he was the one that introduced the importance of diet and new training methods, he literally dragged the game into the modern era. I accept he did not do it all on his own, there were others at that time that played their part but his contribution cannot be erased for convenience.

For me, there should not even be a debate about whether to name a stand after him, nevermind a statue. He is literally the most successful Arsenal manager ever, if that does not deserve a statue and a stand named after him then I do not know what does.

There are clubs throughout the land that have stands named after previous managers and in some cases, players. I struggle to think of any more deserving footballing icon that deserves such an honour more than Arsene Wenger.

Bobby Moore has one at West Ham, Ferguson at United, even Bobby Robson has one at Ipswich town and I refuse to accept that Wenger is any less deserving than any of those giants of the game.


  1. Could not agree more Martin! Despite being one of his most vocal critics for staying far too long, I have NO doubt that he thoroughly deserves this honour, plus a statue! Taken overall, his achievements over his entire time, dwarf his neglect of defence for his last years and there is no contradiction whatever between these two entirely separate thoughts. English football in particular owes him a huge debt for changing attitudes and for his human wisdom, humanity and compassion in life matters as well as merely football ones. Had I the power, I would make him FIFA ruler this instant, which would stop their dreadful corruption.

    I find it such a shame his fine cavalier sentiments towards attacking football , prevented him fully seeing the vital need for a proper defence at all times. This lack of defensive nous in his last 8 years or so was ALWAYS my chief gripe with him. Not the only one but certainly the main one. BUT IT DOES NOT CHANGE WHAT HE ACHIEVED OVERALL!

  2. I have been a big critic of Wenger, and rightly so, facts are facts, but I always felt he deserved a statue. The naming of a stand never really occurred to me, probably because of the regression, greed, and lies that the Emirates represents. It’s still a great idea, it’s just a shame it couldn’t have been a stand at Highbury.

  3. Wenger had that stadium built & paid for.

    It is the Wenger Stadium and should be name that way from start.

  4. Totally with you on this one Jon and TMJW. We have a legend in that man and we should celebrate him wholeheartedly.

  5. The toxic fans deserve a statue. Maybe one of Troopz giving two middle fingers to the squad with, say, a suicide vest on for good measure. Either that or we could honor him by dumping a truckload of pig excrement in his house.

    Wenger was pure class and probably the best these shitty negative fans will ever see. A statue for Wenger, a plague for the toxic disgrace Troopz and his ilk.

    1. Stephan-as much as you believe someone such as Troopz is a negative fan, do you not feel that any supporter who goes to EVERY SINGLE GAME is not entitled to his own view.And as it differs from yours he automatically becomes toxic does he?
      I “sometimes” tune in to AFCTV and see them recording most Away games.I feel the whole process has become very orchestrated over the last couple of seasons and is definitely not as spontaneous as it used to be.Bit I’m telling you PAL, those are proper fans on that show, and deserve recognition for all the money and time they spend following Arsenal whether you agree with them or not

  6. If AW comes back we will never know who was at fault in the last ten years of his management “him or owners”

  7. I believe he should get the plaudits he so richly deserves – the statue, the naming of a stand PLUS coming back as an AMBASSADOR for the club.

    However, this should be done behind the scenes, in a quite and dignified way by kronkie and the board and, in my opinion it should be the east stand having the privilege.
    Why? That’s what the players run out to as the tread the hallowed turf.

    Today is about MA and our current squad and what they could/should be achieving.
    I sincerely hope we will be having this debate about what stand should have the honour of being called the Mikel Arteta stand the season after next, when he does the one thing our greatest manager could never do, win the Champions League.

  8. How about the tunnel where the players come out call it ARCH DE ARSEN what with him being French and all its fitting ? If it don’t work out we can always paint AL at the end of it

  9. 100% Wenger should have a statue and stand, his overall achievements and class cannot be wiped. Definitely deserves the recognition.

  10. Please I have a question…

    Why would someone you guys forced off like a dirty Dog want a Statue or whatever from you guys?

    I honorably think he deserves the Statue back then, not now..

    1. Now there is a question worthy of debate Tony – did they force him out?
      Or did he resign, was he sacked, how did he stay in the CL and top four spot for twenty years without a defence?
      Hopefully all will be revealed in his book that’s due out sometime this year I believe.

      As the saying goes, “the grass is always greener”, but as a AW fan, I felt he needed to go for his and the clubs sake at the end – now to return to receive all the plaudits he so richly deserves.

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