Arsene Wenger discusses what he wants from Arsenal under Mikel Arteta 

Arsene Wenger has revealed that he gets worried about Arsenal moving away from who they are, and he hopes that Mikel Arteta can restore the team’s culture.

The Frenchman was Arsenal’s manager for more than 20 years and he helped them achieve several successes, including beating Manchester United to the Premier League title frequently.

He built a culture at the club over the years, but since he left, the club has largely been playing without an identity.

Unai Emery, who had been one of the more successful managers in Europe, initially replaced him, but the Spaniard failed to build on the success he achieved in his first campaign and he was sacked halfway through this season.

The club named Arteta as his replacement and he seems to be taking the club back in the direction they should be going towards.

The Frenchman claimed that he hoped that his former midfielder would help the club get back the culture we knew them for.

“I worry about the club still a lot and I watch all of the games,” the ex-Gunners boss told Talksport.

“I believe there is a culture in the way to play football at Arsenal that I want to be respected, and I hope Mikel can get that back.”

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  1. What culture is that then Wenger…one of no defending, and no consequences for failure?

    The reason we lack identity at the moment is because we’ve had three managers in a short space of time, and we’re trying to change our identity from what Wenger left. We 100% do NOT want to go back to Wenger’s philosophy!

    1. good passing

      play good and entertaining football culture which we have been doing since the 2000s

      1. I was thinking more of the zero competitiveness, and complete humiliations of the last 12 years or so of his reign. If you want to go WAY BACK, then yes those early days were fantastic!

  2. Papa don’t preach, you are one of the reasons the club is this state. You permitted mediocrity and complacence to bud, grow and thrive.If you had a bit of self respect the 8-2, 15-3, 6-0s would never have happened.So hired a bunch of good for nothings – Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil’s extension, and the list goes on.If you behaved like Sir Alex, misadventure would be deemed as misfortune by the players.You are the cause that Emery could not be successful due to backstabbing by the players, after all the man did lift the EL thrice and that too with Seville!
    Stay away from pour club, you have opinions, good, keep them to yourself.

    1. There you go again Loose Cannon, there you go again.

      The pile of manure that Fergi left behind him has your full support, so much so all you can think is: Manure is best.

      Arsene Wenger is man of his word and the world respects him for it. Only Manure supporters say that about the manager you compare Arsene Wenger to.

      I am certain you can manage Man u better than fergi ever could.

      What a frustrated talented person you must surely feel yourself to be not to have been given the job.
      you know the song: don’t cry for me Argentina.’
      How about ” Don’t cry for me Man United’.

      1. Hi Snowden, I stand corrected if you do not understand my post above
        1. I am neither obsessed with Sir Alex or Man U, solely obsessed with Arsenal and obsessed with my team winning silverware, unless you do not value trophies. If Arsene had a quarter of Sir Alex passion, we would have had solid teams, not posers and impostors leading us slowly into this dump!
        2. Man U last won the EL in 2017, which our lads could not win!I count the FAs as domestic ones, good to have but not great.
        3. Most of the fans out here have the view that Arsene ruined his legacy and should have quit around 10 years back, although we did win the FA, he took us back in Europe.The man is history, had his chances and too many but ultimately did more worse than good in his final years. If he were that good, it still remains a mystery as to why no club on this planet offered him a job.
        4. Arteta is a man not a child to be guided by someone not on the board or associated with the club anymore. Arteta has his coaches and the legendary Freddie to make decisions, we do not require another “has been”

        End of the day, I want my team to succeed and nothing more.You may accept mediocrity and looser mentality, fine, it is your choice mate!
        Happy weekend!!

        1. Where are who are how do you get the right to speak for most arsenal fans. Your really a loose cannon

  3. Since Wenger left, Arsenal is playing boring football. That quick passing and interesting football is gone. Arsenal needs to appoint either Vieira or Bergkamp as their head coach. These are the guys who understand Arsenal culture

  4. Story! Story! Wenger is the one that put us in this mess. So what is it talking about? Stay far from arsenal and leave do things in our new way. Ur culture is failure.

  5. With little finance, Wenger would still qualifying for champions league. Now Arsenal has spent more than £100mil but we sitting at No 11 on the log, with boring football

    1. That was because the league was not competitive then, just a two horse race like La Liga. So we were top two. Then came Roman and Chelsea and Sheikh /City, so we were top four. Even we could not win the league by fluke and handed it over to Leicester!! Then came the noisy sisters and we were happy with a top six.Now with Wolves and surprise package Sheff, we are on the border of top six.
      Arsene started the rot with sub standard players and Raul continued with lousy recruitments (Tierney, Gabreil being the exceptions) Arsene started the tippy tappy side way / back passing football which was boring and Unai was another disaster with the build up play starting from the GK knowing we have calamity defenders on board and a non existent midfield.

  6. Loose Canon why can’t you just believe that there is little commitment in the current squad. Atleast Wenger has done something better for Arsenal, unlike those coaches that you wish surpass Wenger. Wenger might have lost his plot during his last years at Arsenal. But he’s got something good to show for it. I would be upset with him when he chose Giroud, Ramsey, and Ozil regardless of their previous performances

    1. Yes TG, my grievances remain
      1. Quality of the squad / recruitment by both Arsene/Raul past 10 years
      2. Attitude and commitment of the squad – training ground and matchday
      3. Team selection based on sympathy factor
      4. Ownership not demanding results and trophies.
      Depending on topic of discussion I post my views.As they say” The truth hurts”.

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