Arsene Wenger finally beats Jose Mourinho! CONFIRMED!

Thank God that Arsenal have finally confirmed the acquisition of Petr Cech from Chelsea OFFICIALLY. We know we are all used to waiting for weeks on end for to confirm any transfers that we have all known about for ages, but it became reality today!

Arsène Wenger said on the official Arsenal website: “Petr Cech is a player that I have admired for a long time and I am very pleased that he has decided to join us. He has proven over many seasons that he is one of the outstanding keepers in the world and he will add great strength to our squad.”

It is truly fantastic news, and for me it is the first of many wins that Arsene Wenger will have over his arch-nemesis Jose Mourinho, and the Portugese bus conductor will live to rue this day for many years to come. Cech is also very pleased to be here at the Emirates: “I’m really excited about joining Arsenal Football Club and can’t wait to join up for pre-season.” he said. “I have the same commitment to football, the same motivation and the same hunger for success as I had at the beginning of my career, and I love the challenges brought by the top quality players you face while playing in the Premier League. When Arsène Wenger spoke to me about his ambitions for this club, and how he saw me as part of this team, the decision was clear.”

So thats one BIG ONE down, now we just need the beast of a DM and the best striker in the world. Thankyou very much!

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    1. We have turned from a selling club into a big player buying club. Ozil/Sanchez and now Cech, these are all world class players. If the rumours about Vidal are true we would be turning into a European giant. We are 2 world class players away from becoming a force in Europe

      1. “When Arsène Wenger spoke to me about his ambitions for this club, and how he saw me as part of this team, the decision was clear.”

        Looks over at a near empty WOB stand and smiles at the awkward ones left.

        1. Hahah can you imagine how much moaning he’s probably doing after he saw it in the papers?

  1. BOOOMMMMM!!! CECH IS A GUNNER. let’s Welcome our New World Class Goalie. Vidal it’ll be your turn next monday. COYG!!!

  2. Petr Cech welcome to the family. We know you are great and we fans will allow you to feel very loved and appreciated.

    What shall his chat be? Cause that is a can’t I wanna be screaming at my TV!!!

    1. I have also seen a few article today linking us with Lacazette. That would be my number 1 choice for new striker.. He can play on the wing or in the middle and like Sanchez he ain’t afraid to take a shot and converts some unexpected chances. Comon Wenger let’s put in a bid an get him in…

      1. Lacazette or benzema, either would do and don’t forget Vidal, please make our dream come true.

          1. Infumous25 — No form of contact has been made? You do realize that the deal with Vidal has been announced by Hernan Feler, the very same guy who first announced our deal with Sanchez, WEEKS before it was confirmed by Arsenal and Barca? Juve just bought Pereyra, Sanchez is Vidal’s best friend and we just signed Petr Cech. Forgive me if I’m optimistic that Vidal is coming to Arsenal.

            1. I was optimistic but not anymore. Apparently the Feler thing was a lie and got tweeted by a hoaxer.

    1. Thank you OZIL…….. In this recent years, u led the influx of world class palyers to the Arsenal….. Some were forged here as well

  3. So amazing to have gotten one of EPL best undoubtedly will give much needed balance behind the post but my problem now is who will leave we can not have. both sckney and ospina as back up one will have to go who will it be it will break my heart to ospina go

  4. Cech increases our WC players tally to 5

    Keep them coming Mr Wenger. Just need a couple more players and we could have an amazing season

    So happy today 🙂

      1. And with ramsey, bellerin, coq, and Gabriel’s potential we can have a bunch of legitimate world class players!

        1. Also Monreals form last season for the most part looked as good or better than almost any opposite numbers did.

  5. Never try taking any player from Arsenal becos we will definitely take one back afterwards. They took Ashley Cole, we took William Gallas. They took Robin Van Persie, we took Danny Welback, they took Cesc Fabregas, now we have taken Cech. Hearing from Tribalfootball, don’t know how reliable they are that Vidal bid has been accepted by Juve…

    1. Not reliable at all buddy. I hear we have already signed Vidal and waiting for copa America to end before we announce the deal. Now I hear we have agreed on a fee with juve, its easy to tell its all rubbish. Trust me I would do anything and give anything to have Vidal in our team but sadly can’t see it happening. I am trying to stay positive… Hoping for Vidal deal.

      1. Never say never…if we took Ozil from Madrid and Alexis from Barca, why cant we take Vidal from Juve if we really need him? I will agree with you before but now, unless Wenger does not really need the player or the player is seen to be over-valued, then we don’t.

        1. We need Vidal,he would provide the much needed muscle and power in the midfield for us. Not to mention his goal scoring attributes. He’s one of the best in the world. We need him.

          1. The man who first broke AS story and now broke the Vidal story on radio also later tweeting it, all proved to be hoaxed. He never even was on radio and someone tweeted pretending to be him. There is a likelihood that Wenger has no interest whatsoever in Vidal and this is just one big snowball by our fanbase. Vidal played one season as an anchor man and was adjudged to be better suited for Ramsey and even Ozil type position, he is 28 now so i think we can safely say he has cemented his positioning.

            He looks like he could be deployed in anchor but looks can be deceiving. Unless Wilshere is heading out i cannot see legitimacy.

        2. Both Sanchez and Özil were left out when Barca/Real bought Bale and Suarez. Unless Juve are planning on buying a new midfielder, I doubt Vidal’s coming.

  6. Arsenal finally developing a backbone. Hope we can get Carvalho to provide Coquelin with some competition. We might still need another striker though… Dzeko anyone?

    Cech – Carvalho – Dzeko, will be a very neat business for the Summer. COYG!

    1. Dzeko is a greedy sell out. If he really wanted to be a top striker he would have left Man City few seasons ago. He is staying at higher wages and refusing to move due to less wages. He hardly scores 10 a season.

    2. Carvalho is not the big name player we fans want. Not proven yet. Just an average player

      1. Carvalho against Germany for the U-21’s was excellent that’s the best I’ve ever seen him play. He’s actually a lot tidier on the ball than I thought

  7. Ospina pls stay! ……… There’s so much you could learn from Cech (Being a Legend)

      1. actually, apparently, we dont have to beg Ospina. Its the club and Srsene we have to beg to:

        “All this means David Ospina, who thwarted Argentina duo Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero with a string of superb saves at the Copa America on Saturday, is set to leave Arsenal.

        Arsenal would prefer to sell the Colombia goalkeeper rather than Wojciech Szczesny as the latter qualifies as a homegrown player.

        Read more:

        1. Admin I dont know if URLs are forbidden but whenever I copy something it comes with it; will try not to anyway

  8. So excited that we are buying a top player from a big rival. Arsenal is a great club and will soon get back to fans envisaged level. Have you come across any Chelsea fan? Okay. I came across some who are at my neighbourhood, let me tell you, their faces are like we’ve just scored the 5th goal against them in the 89th minute of a cup final. Figure out if you’ve not seen one. Arsene, we don’t want this to be the last for the window. We need at least two more. Oh, so happy that I thought am on PL trophy parade. Am allowed to dream, it can come true. Mates, let’s not be sentimental about who the signing will affect in terms of benching but we have to consider the club’s progress. We need consistency at every position. This has been our bane for long.

  9. now for all those “its BS until its on Arsenal official website” please take the front seat and enjoy the BS turned fact…..not saying we should believe every rumour out there, but ffs everything was pointing at his imminent arrival at the Emirates. welcome Cech, thank you for choosing Arsenal. ….oh and I wonder what Maureen’s face is like right now. lol

    1. I think most fans believed there was some truth to Arsenal’s pursuit of Cech. It made sense.

      But I find it amazing that when one rumor out 700 turns true that somehow this is evidence we should believe rumors before they are official. Seriously?

      What about the hundreds of other rumors? Should we now believe them all now also?? If so, Arsenal have signed about 60 new players this season already.

      There are so many things that can go wrong with a deal even if the rumors are all true. Remember when Higuain to Arsenal was a “done deal” even though it was not official.

      I for one will still have the patience to wait. It is not only smart; it costs absolutely nothing.

      But…. Glad Cech is coming.

  10. Arsenal really turning into a top top club, but players from title rivals. Welbeck last year from Utd and now Cech 🙂 We need to get Jovetic or Dzeko from Man City, to complete the hat trick! COYG!

    1. *buying players from title rivals. Apologies for the error. Was a bit caught up in the moment I guess 😉

      1. Dzeko would be a great buy. Jovetic not so but dzeko is a player we could use. He would challenge giroud to the limit.

  11. Cech is in!!! This truly is amazing news – now we need Vidal!! and then we need a large cleanup. Yes Diaby and Miyachi are gone, but we still have Podolski,Campbell,Arteta,Rosicky,Flamini, and an extra GK probably (unfortunately) Ospina. That is 6 players we can actually get some money from, maybe up to 20 mm more importantly we are saving 400K a month – 20 Million a year from letting these guys go.

  12. Chech’d in!

    Superb signing.

    And now something from a bereaved Chelsea supporter forum:

    “Can’t believe the club sanctioned this. Was already nervous about Arsenal next year. :mad:”

    1. Yes many are going ape – seems to have split their fan-base. What they seemed to be worried about the most is a RA/JM fall-out – or at least the beginning of one. Maybe reading too much in to it but interesting that Mourinho not mentioned once in PC’s long open letter to the fans.

    1. Yeah I still want to give whoever wrote that article a slap in the face… how can you not want cech the best keep in the league for along time.

    1. I have already cech-mated mourinho in the previous post. Stop cech mating fkin mourinho. He is fkkkkkkkked….hahahaha… Mourinho can s…k on cechs ballllls

  13. If Wenger was ruthless he would’ve axed Scszesny now and not Ospina. Ospina in his first season did better than Scszeszny in now what was his third full season? Even if you look at the stats right now on skysports transfer centre. Ospina played one more game than Scszesny, has a better save rate, more clean sheets and many less errors (stat is domestically). The peter Cech stat next to them is quite deceiving, as Cech only played against smaller teams last season.

    1. But the rumour is that Ospina is not interested in being benched so the decision may have been made easy for Wenger.


        1. and…
          Only David Ospina (81%) had a better save success rate in the Premier League last season than Cech (80%) (5+ apps.)

          Source: WhoScored

        2. You might be right – but Arsenal has more home-grown players in the squad than all our rivals bar United so doubt if that is a legit reason either. Other red-tops are spinning the story that he doesn’t want to be benched.

          Btw: You love this man don’t you???!! You are in a significant minority so fair play for standing your ground.

          1. haha thx. Ys, I think he has been superbe for us all elemtns taken into acccount, and the best in Copa America.

    2. Shezza played behind an out of form mert partnering Monreal / Chambers & Flamini as a DM no wonder he had no confidence. He shared the golden glove with Cech the previous season. Honestly believe Shezza is a better keeper than Ospina.

  14. Boys are welcoming cech on social media. WS Is a noticeable contributor saying he is looking forward to learning from the best, so I guess it’s looking like DO is going..I for one am gutted.


  15. Sorry for flooding the comments section here, last one. I think Martinez will learn more from Cech than Scszesny or Ospina. Because the other two have developed their own styles already having played many games.


    1. Cech will concede less than 30 goals next season if our defenders defend well. If Cech is at his best mayb we will concede only 25.

  17. Wenger please sign a new CDM/CM and new striker. Last year we should have signed either a top CDM or ST or GK but we signed average Chambers and Welbeck and decent Ospina.
    This season we need two more players and we will be as strong as Chelsea or Man City. We need to be ruthless. Just signing 1 top player every season doesnt make big difference. Last year Szczesny’s mistake cost us about 8-10 points. Vidal and Lewandowski is what we need to win big trophies.

  18. Cech really does look better in Arsenal kit than Chelsea kit. Looked at all 12 photos and he looks amazing 🙂 🙂

    A wonderful Monday. A world class, Champions League winning Goalkeeper to start the summer

    If we can get Cech from Chelsea, Alexis from Barca, Ozil from Madrid then we can get more top class players

    Please continue the good work, Mr Wenger

    You made us very happy today 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. I don’t know what all this “we beat Mourinho” nonsense is about.

    Wenger was able to secure Cech. That is great for us!!!

    But if Chelsea believed they would benefit more n the long run by trying to keep Cech, they probably would have done it. Sometimes a club must just accept the lesser of 2 evils in making player transfer decisions. They probably realized keeping Cech would be a constant disruption to club morale – so they did the only thing they believed they could.

    Mourinho did not just suddenly acquiesce because Wenger did a Jedi mind trick on him. The sold him because they felt they had to do so.

    Cudos to Wenger anyway. Nice acquisition.

    1. Agreed mohawk – I could do without the gloating as well. It was just a perfect storm of a situation – Mou was powerless and that is something he would not enjoy.

      I admit to being a bit nervous for the big fella – he has to walk the walk now!!

  20. If Arsene manages to pull off signing of a WC striker, we will surely compete. Giroud will even play better due to competition.

    Happy days ahead, I believe.

  21. He is looking like a model in those outfit even more younger than usual wenger sure know how to make a 33yrs look like 23

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