Arsene Wenger gives his feedback on Mesut Ozil China comments

Mesut Ozil must face the personal consequences of his comments – Wenger

Arsene Wenger has joined in the criticism of Mesut Ozil after his misguided comments on China.

The former Germany international posted a comment on social media criticizing the Chinese government’s treatment of the Muslim minority in the country.

Ozil’s comments sparked outrage in China and his name has been wiped out of the internet in the country, Arsenal’s game against Manchester City wasn’t also shown in China in protest of his comments.

Wenger who was asked to comment on the issue claimed that Ozil was personally responsible for his comments on China.

While he insisted that the German had the right to be open about his views on such subject, he has to also be ready for the consequences alone.

“Mesut Ozil has freedom of speech like everybody else,” Wenger said per Sky Sports. “His opinions are not necessarily shared by everybody.

“What is important is that Ozil has an individual responsibility, he doesn’t carry the word of Arsenal football club, and so what he says is about himself and not about Arsenal.

“When you make a comment about your individual opinion, you accept the consequences of it.”

Ozil has been a divisive figure at Arsenal over the last two years, he hasn’t been performing well on the pitch lately and the Gunners may have to cut their losses and allow him to leave on a cheap soon.


  1. It would be interesting if the Chinese demand Ozil’s contract be torn up immediately
    Would make for a delightfully entertaining round of court action.
    The Israel Folau Gay condemnation issue almost broke Rugby Australia.
    PS. I guess Ozil won’t be finishing his career in China then 🙂

    1. I have no time for Ozil as an Arsenal player BUT on China he is dead right. Our club, true to form for all money mad corporations, have ducked the awful and ghastly truth about the torture and vile treatment of these poor victims of his religion. AFC has avoided the truth for financial reasons alone and distances itself from his accurate comments, disgracefully. But that is par for the course for money mad corporations who value money above principles. I am not surprised, as a man of the world. TBH, we who value compassion and hate cruelty are all hypocrites for ourselves continuing to condone this disgaceful cowardice by still supporting the club we continue to support. Let us at the least have the guts to admit both our and our clubs hypocrisy to ourselves. But that does not remotely excuse it!

      1. Yeah, I could not agree more, most people and most countries are in silent over this issue because of $$$ reasons, they do not want to lose their $$$.

        The UN Human Rights Council had stated that there are widespread harvesting of human organs from persecuted religious and Uyghur ethnic minorities. ….This is so unacceptable.

        If all of these claims are false then why is China is so desperately trying to hide, censored, and threaten any country or person who wants to speak out about these issues. If China is truly innocent then they should just allow the UN to inspect and clear out all of the doubts.

  2. none of mr.wengers business anymore at this point. why cant he just ride into the sunset and count all the money he took from us over the 22 years of his dictatorship. in fact, this sounds a very familar story. let me see who this reminds me of . oh yes, son of wenger, mr.ozil himself. ozil has learned from the greatest conman ever born, so he is bound to be good at conning us , well some of us on this site i mean, of course. he still has his admirers, best number ten in the world and all that .

  3. I dont see how you interpreted this as a criticism, where does wenger criticise him? He just said the truth about the matter, that its Özil’s personal thing and not about arsenal

  4. Some people just make silly and pointless comments just for the fun of it. How did Wenger con Arsenal for 22yrs? He was being paid to do a job, which he did quite well, for a better part of his career.
    We have changed the structure at Arsenal as well as the Manager, but we are not faring any better. Nobody is taking responsibility for this mess we find ourselves in.
    On the topic, like Wenger said, Özil should be ready to bear the consequences of his comments. At this stage, he should focus more on his football and stay away from more controversy.
    Meanwhile, let’s all get behind Arteta and see what stuff he’s made of.

    1. I think he should prove himself on his job most importantly.. If he wants to be a politician good for him.. He’s a sulker and contributes nothing, I mean nothing to afc.. Smith Rowe balanced the midfield better when the sulker was subed.. Arsenals mgt seem to be weak, they have overpamperd him..

      I hope we see this political energy when Muslim terrorists take on innocent women and children… Not that am in support of what ever terror China is doing to her citizens

  5. Ozil Is Human And Have The Feeling Of Humility, He Was Right About His Comment And There’s Nothing China Can Do About…. And That’s How A Fellow Human Should React On Issues Of Someone Maltreating A Human Like You. And For Wenger’s Comment Abt What Ozil Said. Wenger Too Was Right Bcuz, Ozil Is Not Arsenal’s Reporter Or Speaker, Neither An Agent But Just A Player. He Can Leave The Club Anytime. So Its Ozil Personal Issue….. I Only Blame Wenger For Saying Ozil Should Face The Consiquency. He Should’ve Said, Oh My Son Ozil You Shouldn’t Av Said Such Thing As A Footballer, This Is What Wenger Should’ve Said….

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