Arsene Wenger gives his opinion on how football has been exemplary in the fight against racism

Arsene Wenger reckons that football can be used as an example to the world at large in the fight against racism.

Racism has caused problems around the world for decades, however, the death of George Floyd recently has sparked a series of riots and peaceful protests around the world.

Footballers have been showing their support for the Black Lives Matter in different ways and they recently agreed to replace their names with Black Lives Matter for the first 12 games when football returns next week.

Arsene Wenger reckons that football in the way it is being played around the world shows that it is antiracism because it is purely based on merit.

He said that in football no matter the colour of your skin is or where you come from if you can play the game, you get the chance to play, and it doesn’t matter if you are a member of the royal family or not.

‘I would say football is by essence anti-racist,’ Wenger said in an interview with BeIN Sports on Friday as quoted by the Mail.

‘Why? Because you know that no matter if you’re the son of the King of England or if you’re black or white or red – if you’re good you play.

‘And I would even say that football is an example of how the whole of society should work, because it’s only based on merit and quality. If you’re good enough, you play.

‘Inside the game, there’s no racism. Around football and in the stands it happens and we’ve seen it again in England with the national team away games.’

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