Arsene Wenger has a great opportunity to reveal dirty secrets

Arsene Wenger autobiography due out in 2020

It has been confirmed that Arsene Wenger will release an autobiography in the Autumn of 2020. The Frenchman has signed a deal with Weidenfeld and Nicolson and the book will be released simultaneously in the UK and France.

This book will be one of the most eagerly awaited books in many years. There are not many managers in the game with such a long history at one club. So much happened in Wenger’s 22 years at Arsenal that, if done right, this book could be a best seller.

Too often autobiographies are boring mundane affairs, very rarely do they lift the lid on scandals and club secrets. Most of the time it is just anecdotes and covering stuff we already knew.

What we want to read about is serious behind the scenes stuff that we are unaware of.

I remember reading the fist Sir Alex Ferguson book, I thought it was insightful and a good read. His second book was horrendous in comparison and looked like a rush job. As an example, in the first book, he revealed the threats from the representatives of Andrei Kanchelskis which forced United to sell the Russian. That is the sort of stuff I want to read in Wenger’s autobiography.

Hopefully, the Arsenal legend will give us a no holds bar history of his time at Arsenal and not some cleansed version.

Wenger has so much to say, it would be a shame if he holds back.


  1. The majority of the time, these type of autobiographies are not that revealing, but given the lack of accountability, and self reflection Wenger has shown in recent years, it could be an interesting read. He might put all the blame on others for his downfall, similar to what we saw with Hillary Clinton post election.

    Unlike her though, I hope Wenger will be man enough to talk openly about his mistakes, as well as giving us an insight into the problems he faced. Obviously, a huge grain of salt will be needed, as this will be only his perspective on things. It would be great to hear multiple perspectives, from the same time period, so we can form more of a factual overview of what really happened.

        1. This man was just proclaimed a legend, you might want to tell about the so called ”downfall” that gets a prestigious award.

          Meanwhile, you will be disappointed if you are looking forward to dirty things. Arsene was not known to blame others for failure, he had taken blames and responsibility each time the team was underachieving, and he will not contradict that for sure.

  2. Wenger made Arsenal an international loved brand with an identity we are losing, betraying 20 years it took doing si! Shameful! Nuts!

  3. Great manager. I really miss his brand of football. Under Unai, Arsenal are so boring……playing like high school students.

  4. I really hope that Arsene tells us exactly what happened from start to finish, warts and all.

    Of course, TMJW has already taken the position, without a word being printed, that this will be full of continued lack of accountability and self reflection, leading up to his “downfall”… seems as if the defence is already starting to present its case mylord!!

    Let’s remember that Arsene is a gentleman, so “dishing the dirt” may not be his style, but I’m hoping his anger and disgust at the way he was treated by a small minded section of our “fans” and pundits will see him come out fighting.

    as for checking facts, Arsene will name names, so the doubting thomases can take their huge grain of salt and stick it back in the grinder – if those named, dispute what he says, they will be able to say so themselves and we won’t have to read between the lines.

    Been waiting for this since you told mertesacker and the other players that you resigned, bring it on Arsene we can’t wait sir!!!!
    Just give as good as you got – they deserve everything you give them.

    1. Haha! Oh Ken, I am still waiting for an answer for my simple question. You really like to avoid when you get caught out don’t you?

      1. I honestly don’t understand why he keeps insisting Wenger resigned. The year ending May 2018 financials revealed:

        “The exceptional costs incurred of £17.2 million were attributable to the changes in the first-team management, coaching and support personnel.”

        So I ask, since when do people get paid for quitting? Mourinho and Conte got paid millions after they were fired, just like Wenger! If we could take a job and quit and get paid why would anyone ever work a day in their lives? Just get the job and resign like Wenger..millions in the bank and everyone is happy.

        1. QD, if you were sacked today, all you would get is any annual holiday money owed and days worked dince last pay day… nothing else – that is what being sacked means.
          One would be shown the door immediately, there would be no presentations, no farewell game and no tributes made by the club…just ask mourinho and conte!!!

          If, however, one is under contract and offers to resign, at the end of the season, allowing the club to start looking for a new manager/coach, whilst the club honour that persons contract, the club will incur exceptional costs, including those to set up the final farewell tribute, the asset loss of The Invincible trophy etc etc

          If one quits, then that person has no rights whatsoever, as the contract has been broken by one of the two parties concerned.

          Now then, out of those three, which example fits the scenario that the year ending May 2018 lays out.

          1. Ken, I think what QD is referring to is the situation that exists when one works under a contract. If the employer terminates your contract prior to the end date and I emphasise corrupt, criminal or grossly negligent performance is not involved, the employer has to be paid the full amount of the contract. This appears to be the case with Arsene Wenger and by extension his support staff.

          2. ozziegunner, if wenger was sacked as QD maintains, what was the reason for doing this, if performance was not the reason?

            There can bo no reason whatsoever to sack him if performance wasn’t the issue and furthermore, contract or no contract, if one is found to be in breach of said contract, by either side, the contract becomes null and void.

            When one “sacks” somebody, they march them out of the building, take all company property off them and that is that.
            One doesn’t organise a “going away party for 55,000 people, present said person with a one-off gold memento and pay him eighteen months salary for not doing his job properly.

            Of course there was exceptional costs, he was an exceptional man who resigned in a proper manner, allowing the club to show their appreciation for his 22 years of service as the clubs most exceptional manager.

      2. TMJW, I have answered your question, one again you make yourself look a little silly…just go back and check the time of the reply.

        However, you obviously havent answered my questions OR my offer of a season ticket to visit the Emirates, which currently resembles a morgue of no atmosphere and nearly a quarter of empty seats…so let’s see how commited you are to the club…a ticket to the North Bank so that you and I can witness and discuss exactly what UE has brought to the club…are you up for it in say November or December????

    2. @Viju

      I noticed on a previous post you disagreed with again about how many times Ozil played last season, despite me explaining to you that I was taking about overall appearances. For the third time now, it was 35 appearances, not 24! I am talking about all 4 competitions.

      1. EPL is what matters and obfuscation of facts isn’t the way forward. I always read what you write so some objectivity please, when everyone seems to diss the opponents we face in EL and cup competitions.

      2. So only league counts then? So how did our top scorer Henry really score then? Seeing as you don’t count Europe, and domestic cups. So Bayern, Barca, Real, Atletico, Dortmund, Juventus, Utd, City, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, PSG, etc are all poor opponents from Europe, and domestic cups? I agree, let’s have some objectivity please. Let’s talk about all competitions. I guess you judge Emery in the same way then. Because it has to be the same rule for the players as the manager. You only look at his league performances, and ignore everything else? Which is a shame, because he got us to our first European final in a whopping 13 years.

    3. I’m against and hominem attacks and slander…I face it in other forums from new age gooners who think nothing of booing, heckling and getting personal. We can all agree to disagree all day long and hold on to our positions, but this use&throw attitude is so wrong. Wenger is still Mr Arsenal across the globe and his loyalty is stuff of the legends, so belittling him I’d really pathetic.
      Wenger will not wash dirty linen in public, even about the way his last two years went, affected by all the bad blood behind the scenes, which we will never come to know. Especially from the time Stan took complete control of the club.

      1. I personally do not belittle Wenger, it’s just the facts I talk about, plus my interpretation of what he said pre, and post leaving Arsenal. Although I do believe fans have a right to not respect him anymore, given the disrespect he has shown towards the fans.

    4. I’ve also been waiting for this book for a long time Ken. I hope Arsene reveals how we were continually robbed of at least three more Premier League titles in his first ten years and even into his second ten like when were eight points clear at Easter and got six disgraceful decisions in six games starting with the game, I think it was Birmingham and instigated by cheat Mike Riley in collaboration the Premier League. Don’t hold back Arsene, give us it all.

      1. Kenny, hopefully we will see exactly what went on once David Dein left and Gazidis arrived…plus exactly what the building of The Emirates really did to the club, bearing in mind we are still paying £15,000,000 a year up and until 2030.

        Wasn’t that the Birmingham game when they were awarded a penalty after having a player sent off and our captain, Gallas, stayed on the ground long after the final whistle in disbelief at the referees decisions?

        Still trying to con us with decisions by the way, did you see the “offside” given to manure against us recently?

        It was only var that gave Auba his goal and I thought at the time, just how many goals were manure given and how many were we robbed of? Riley won’t even let his refs go and consult the screen in case they have made a mistake…what a complete to**er this man is – answers to no-one but himself.

        1. Yes, it was the game you talk about Ken and you’re spot on about the Mam Utd decision. The linesman forgot about the VAR and gave a decision just like they’ve been doing for the past 25 years

  5. Arsene owes humanity the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Anything else would be nothing short of man’s inhumanity to man.

    I hope his team of lawyers are well-picked and ready for a long-drawn legal battle.

    More than anything else, he owes himself a well-written perspective to things before his Arsenal exit. Just that we all know that it will still not be enough for some. No matter the exhibits presented, he has always been, and will always be, guilty as charged.

    1. Because the powers that be at the time, namely the The Media, The FA and The Premier League backed Sir Alex Ferguson and couldn’t handle another invincible year

  6. Why did the Mourinho defeats 2005/2006 hurt Wenger so badly that he never won again
    yet Ferguson won 5 more times after 2006?
    Why did he buy into the Kroenke’s winning is too expensive mantra?
    Does he feel guilty about accepting 7m per year with no pressure to win anything?
    Did he and the Kroenke’s have the right to decide that Arsenal fans did not
    need a title challenge and that 4th was good enough?
    Why did he never consider the fans point of view?
    Why did he not step down in 2011 after the 8-2 fully seven years after his last title?
    Why did he carry on a further seven years knowing he had no intention of winning again?
    Was he in the end a selfish blind dictator totally out of touch with the fans?
    Why did he leave a terrible broken down squad?
    Did he want the next manager to fail?

    1. Maybe you should try reading what is in the public domain, instead of mouthing off stuff like 200million debt, which I proved was a lie with a simple Google search for the club’s financials.

      1. I don’t know what they can/will do with those screenshots but as a goober I did my duty, of exposing a liar. I’m too small to advise them what to do, but they were made aware of someone misusing an Arsenal platform.

      2. @ Dan Kit.
        Like Viju you did not answer my comments regarding this article.
        You can’t counter my posts.
        So you talk about something else anything but answer my comments on the article.
        I am too smart for you.

      3. He’s a waste of time Dan, but once in a while stop by and call his bull excreta, especially when he lies about figures. “200million debt left by Wenger” kind of lies. And he keeps repeating himself on all articles.

  7. There is no way Wenger will ‘dish the dirt’ on all the secrets, players, club strategies and private conversations.

    1. He won’t want to burn any bridges and
    2. That is simply not the type of person he is

  8. Without Wenger millions across the world could have not known what Arsenal is. he built a brand name called Arsenal. failure is a relative term, it depends on the user.

    1. That’s like saying the world wouldn’t know about Arsenal FC without the great David Seaman, the back four and Dennis Bergkamp.
      As an Australian supporter of 57 years from 12,000 miles away, the Arsenal was well known before Arsene Wenger and will live on long after he is gone.

      1. That is totally correct ozziegunner, regarding The Arsenal…but we were known as boring boring Arsenal and our well known chant was 1-0 to The Arsenal – Wenger gave us total football and changed our image throughout the world, or don’t you agree with that?

        As you can see from the comment below, some people have no idea what he brought and gave to the club…such a shame really.
        Hopefully the book will change that, if one cares to read it.

  9. Good riddance to this man! He can expose all he wants. Even before he left, his supposedly “beautiful”,”winning with style” football was nonexistent for about 3 or more years. Fans were crying everyday we can’t win a single away game even to save our lives. Like Jon Fox said, I also wake up every morning and give my thanks that this inept dinosaur is no longer ruining the club. At the risk of turning into a bitter whiner, that is all I shall say about this man ever. We had agreed to move on from him and I don’t understand why we keep coming back to these Wenger topics. I don’t see utd fans running back to do Ferguson comparisons everytime they have a problem with the current coaching.

  10. Eh, not really interested in the dirt. Rather I’m just generally interested what it was like to manage a club like Arsenal for 20+ years. Something we will probably never see in modern football again for ages.

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