Arsene Wenger has an interesting take on Ronaldo v Messi

Arsene Wenger has made an attempt to end the never-ending debate about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Both players are arguably the best players in the world for much of the last two decades.

Depending on who you ask, Ronaldo is better than Messi or vice versa.

Wenger has now joined the debate and he claimed that although football needs a more creative and magical player like Messi, the game is tailored towards athletic players like Ronaldo.

He claimed that creative players like Messi discovers things that will normally not be seen, however, he added that the game has evolved into the Ronaldo style.

The Portuguese attacker is one of the best players in the world and despite being over 30, he is still going strong.

The Juventus forward is known for his athletic frame and Wenger thinks that football is tailor-made for him now.

He told “I often say that Ronaldo is the athlete-footballer, and Messi, the exceptional artist, is the difference between the two. 

“Afterwards, everyone prefers one or the other. When we like the game, we prefer the artist. 

“The creative makes you discover things that you do not see, that you have not even considered from the stands. 

“It’s finer, even if I don’t deny the quality of the Portuguese. I just believe that football has evolved into the Ronaldo style. 

“This does not mean that we should eliminate the creative. The rules must evolve to make the game more spectacular, more beautiful to see.”

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  1. Messi simply forgets that he’s been employed to play football. He want to control the board of directors. He want to tell the board how to run Barcelona. Hr also want to control exit and incoming players. Someone remind him of his place. With Messi in the team, they’ll always be instability

    1. First, these false conspiracy theories about Messi and his “control” is one of the reasons he wants to leave. That said, with the BILLIONS of euros this man has generated for Barca, his “place” is wherever he wants it to be…

  2. AW has a perfectly natural and normal view of these two supertars, shared by most knowing football fans around the globe, I’d suggest.

    Nothing much of interest …

    1. Thats a stupid view because it basicsaly strips ronaldo of ALL THE TECHNICAL QUALITIES HE HAS.I expected better from a man who saw CR in his most technical form at the highest level of his game from the TECHNICALPOINT OF VIEW.iM DISSAPOINTED in wenger who souds like a messi fanboi here.

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