Arsene Wenger has now left a stain on his legendary legacy by his World Cup comments

Long term readers will know my admiration for Arsene Wenger, factually the most successful manager in our history.

I used to suggest that only when he left us would it become clear how good a job he did to ‘only’ finish in the top 4 under his employers, something we haven’t done since.

As I predicted we have regressed since his exit, finishing in our worst league position in quarter of a century, having zero European football for the first time in decades.

We are currently in a cycle where we forced Mr Wenger out for not qualifying for the Champions League to 4 years later …. still not qualifying for the Champions League.

The only difference being the same Gooners who mocked 4th now view 5th as progress?

Anyways my point is, it takes a lot for me to question what comes out of the 73-year-olds mouth.

Yet shamefully this week he became the latest high-profile figure in the sport to sell his principles for the sake of money, by suggesting those who underachieved at this World Cup did so based on being distracted by their political beliefs aimed at Qatar.

Namely, a belief that in 2022 anyone should feel safe to attend a football match, no matter their gender or sexuality.

Something that is insisted upon in FIFA’s own rule book and legislation that they and Qatar insisted in 2010 wouldn’t be an issue being followed.

It breaks my heart to say that, as it’s not like he doesn’t have enough money in the bank. Yet if we are going to attack David Beckham and Gary Neville for taking a pay day, then I have got to be balanced.

At least certain pundits will converse that breaking human right laws is wrongs, that maybe any death of migrant workers isn’t acceptable.

Our ex-boss, sounded like the confused grandad at the Xmas get together, not aware of the gibberish he was spouting.

This from a man who the media used to trust for honest, intellectual opinions.

He’s in a difficult position as FIFA pay his wages, yet there is nothing in his job description saying he has to sacrifice his moral compass.

Now there’s holes in his argument so much it’s embarrassing.

Does a man so obsessed with the game for his entire life truly believe Germany exited the group stage just because in their pre match routine their 11 covered their mouths?

England, Holland and Switzerland were equally warned at the last moment about wearing the ‘One Love’ band but that didn’t prevent them from progressing to the knockout stages.

Mr Wenger even contradicts himself, praising Australia’s performance in the last two weeks. That’s the same Australian team who posted a Youtube video directly questioning Qatar’s laws and culture.

It’s become fashionable to say that sport and politics don’t mix.

That’s what you’re told if you dare think that women should be treated equal and that a football fan shouldn’t be afraid of travelling to a tournament because of who they sleep with.

That makes you ignorant, trying to preach another nation how they should act.

Yet, Qatar and FIFA can’t have it both ways. They can’t sportwash, use the popularity of a product to garner eyes on their country, but then the moment those eyes don’t like what they see ask for zero politics to be mentioned.

Other parts of the Middle East used boxing and wrestling, entertainment from the West, to then promote progress being made in that part of the world.

Qatar are happy to use Football to showcase their hospitality skills. They can’t then complain when they don’t like what they hear.

Mr Wenger studied economics. Combined with his product knowledge, he knows why FIFA chose them as hosts. To pretend otherwise is an insult.

The country had one built stadium when they bid for hosting duties compared to other applicants with readymade venues.

Surely using structures that for years were housing sports, was a better option than deaths due to some being built unlawfully.

This version of the World Cup cost more to create than all the previous editions combined!

Mr Wenger knows this.

He equally understands the modern football supporter has been put in an impossible situation.

They have to wait every 4 years to see the greatest show on earth.

As the games Governing body, it’s FIFA responsibility to ensure that show can be watched by everyone in a safe environment.

Their own ethos is the game is for everyone and that all associations need to respect this.

They somehow have the audacity to break the rules they created then ask people not to complain.

As much as a supporter doesn’t have a right to expect a nation to change their religion or culture, nor should FIFA abandon their mission statement based on a host’s outlook.

If FIFA say they have a zero tolerance against discrimination, then simply don’t shortlist any country that can’t provide that.

All at least have the gumption 12 years ago to be open with the public. FIFA and Qatar would have earnt more respect had they said from day 1 that laws and religion meant certain groups would be treated a certain way. Instead, they lied and waited for the last moment to change promises made.

Now they hide behind the company line that anyone who thinks women and same sex couples should be treated better, that makes you an ignorant hypocrite from the West who should be looking at his own nations track record.

That’s why they have paid a who’s who’s of the industry to be their shield. One of which unfortunately is Mr Wenger.

The same man who having lived in London since 1996, was a vocal backer of England’s bid to host the World Cup, and who at the time questioned if Russia and Qatar were picked by Sepp Blatter based on genuine protocol.

Well sorry Mr Wenger, I’m comfortable in my conscionse that even one person dying over migrant workers treatment is one too many.

The UK’s immigration policy doesn’t make that okay. You’re not okay to do something inhuman just because things are wrong elsewhere.

And no Mr Wenger, I’m not a racist just because I don’t question the next World Cup location.

Yes, America, Canada and Mexico have policies I don’t agree with, but they don’t impact anyone’s right to enter a stadium.

For example, Gun Laws don’t stop anyone buying a ticket, dictate what entrance you enter, get you stopped by security based on how you look, impact how you act on match day, who you hold hands with, etc.

If I can make those points, then so can Mr Wenger.

He’s FIFA’s Chief Of Global Development.

With great power comes great responsibility!

Mr Wenger neglected that responsibility.

He just became another suit, another nodding dog.




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  1. So they have to change their laws to accommodate us? I find all of this ridiculous.

    The people at fault for this are FIFA, not Qatar. It’s their fault for accepting the bid, not the qataris fault for living in a way that everyone knew beforehand.

    Strangely, we as Brits seem to forget that there are other people and other ways of thinking and being in the world.

    I agree with Wenger. Football and politics shouldn’t coexist

    1. They have to meet the criteria that FIFA have in their rule books or simply don’t apply
      So if a rule is don’t discriminate
      Don’t pick a country that discriminates

      1. Yes but they don’t have to. This is precisely the point. FIFA have just taken the money and sold their (apparent) values. The problem is FIFA

        1. I agree mate
          Think we saying same thing
          FIFA should only be choosing nations who can ensure they don’t discriminate

            1. Nothing wrong with that. Karl Popper once said that to be truly tolerant, we must reject intolerance.
              Makes you think, eh?

  2. I have followed Mr Wenger’s management career since the day I discovered he was the one who persuaded Glen Hodle to play for him when he was manager of F C Monaco.

    When he arrived at the ‘Marble Halls of Highbury I was an over ‘the moon Gooner’

    Now I feel betrayed.

    As you say Dan, he doesn’t need the money and he doesn’t need the job. So why dive mouth first into the quagmire of corruption that is the peak of football’s pyramid.

    I have not seen a game and have refused to discuss the world cup with any one. I do have small problem though.

    I teach English online to some French kids who of all places live in Lyon France.

    The kids of course have no knowledge of the corruption, so how can I not talk to them about the world cup?

    I have told their parents that if France win I will double the price of the lessons.

    Arsene Wenger I salute your past. I am ashamed of your present.


      1. Depends what areas you mean mate ,
        How they treat women ?
        How they treat same sex couples ?
        Which areas are our human rights worse ?

        1. This is not in any way the point. All of this was common knowledge at the beginning. But money talks. That is why it’s shameful.

          1. No mate I’m simply asking
            You said your more ashamed of Britain at moment
            So I’m asking what human laws are you more ashamed of then say….prison for having an affair or ……getting beaten up and even sentenced to death for being gay ?
            I’ll wait …. Need to those laws we have that disgust you more then that ?

            1. Sometimes I wonder why some people would deem it necessary to force what they think is normal to their cultures down other peoples throats.
              We all have values that we hold dear. If perhaps mine and yours does not align, does that now mean we become enemies? What’s to say that at the basic level, we should expect to even become alienated from family when we disagree on topics.
              Do you think there are issues in Qatar? That’s your prerogative to think so. As others also would think our individual countries have their very own issues. But when it comes to the global game, please take your issues and lock them in your closet.

          2. I wonder what is wrong with this world, if a particular community says it’s does not need the gospel of same sex (LGBT) how it’s translated to human rights shocks me. Everyone of us reading this was not born out of LGBT marriage, it’s just an evil agenda! Let’s focus on football and sober society.

            1. @Nesh, Thank you so much. Dan is simply bent on changing the theme and reason we all gather here on this beautiful website, he has made articles like this not once nor twice but more, this is JustArsenal Incase you have forgotten. You simply can’t force your way of living on others, deal with it.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly with wenger concentrate on football we new their laws so stop trying to change it if you don’t like it don’t go simple really

  3. A nation with rules, people are unwilling to follow these rules for 4weeks, including things we know ourselves are wrong in same climes.
    Ain’t we hypocrites sometimes?

  4. I think he just said the teams should focus on the competition, not political demonstration? If that’s all he said, I’d agree with him

    Maybe Qatari companies and government have violated a humanitarian law, but a sports competition like World Cup isn’t the correct place to protest. Bangladesh and India should’ve sued Qatar, if the dead workers’ families need some compensation

    This is why I didn’t like the way Guardiola, Pique and Ozil used their popularities in sports to make political protests. They should’ve become politicians like Weah and Khan instead, since they have gathered a lot of funds for the campaigns

  5. I think that instead of commenting on the political situation of a country, we really need to be taking action on corruption and bribary that lead to these decisions in the first place.

    The funny thing is that the corruption that caused all of this was created by the west. But we all like to point fingers at other people to deflect from the real situation

    The. Nothing gets done, nothing changes and we move on to blaming someone else

  6. Just another stain on Arsene’s legacy.
    He’s towing the party line.
    The hypocrisy is profound.
    Just another stain on FIFA’s corruption.

    1. Hypocrisy? Like saying “your not allowed to follow your rules in our country, but we want our rules followed in yours?”

      It is not a stain on arsenes legacy. He has an opinion and he is allowed to voice it. Sock of free speech being stifled by calling it hate speech

  7. No he hasn’t, what he said is correct. Their laws aren’t acceptable in our culture and society but we have no right to dictate what they do in theirs even if it isn’t right.. just because we as the west let people come in to our countries and let them disrespect our culture,customs and laws and don’t stop them which is wrong. Dosent mean we have a right to tell them how to run their countries

  8. I fully support wenger…… Instead of teams protesting in games why not withdraw from the world Cup instead

  9. Not sure he said anything wrong IMO and for fans talking about corruption
    He’s one man you would want at FIFA ,because we all know he’s not corrupt in the slightest.
    An honest man gave his opinion nothing more nothing less and it certainly as not stained his Arsenal legacy as he left 5 years ago .

  10. Back from the ashes, this is one of the most creative free kick have seen in recent times

    Argentina 2 Holland 2

  11. The attacks on Wenger by the writer is plain nonsense. First off all the man is right to question why countries would mix football with politics.
    Secondly I still believe FIFA made the right choice to award the world cup to Qatar. Football is for everyone and the Arab world deserve to have it hosted on their soil.
    I don’t think is too much for the west to respect the traditions. All these hypocrisy has to stop.

  12. This is getting ridicules.. This world cup has been the safest and in one of the safest countries in the world cup.. If the west are regressing morally doesn’t mean we have to do the same.. When we visit your countries we respect your laws and our laws shall be respected and followed too when you enter our borders.. What makes you think Wenger was paid to have this opinion? Smh

  13. Oh how I wish i could hear more from the Honorable Frenchman, it is going take much more to stain him.

  14. I do not know for certain exactly what AW said and in what context; context being IMPORTANT!

    I have seen what was reported but I am aware enough to know that the media reports exactly what it does and not what it does not want, to bring to our atention.

    Until, I know for sure exactly what was said and in what context AW spoke, I will not join the condemnation that DAN BRINGS TO HIS ARTICLE.

    I am also aware that DAN HAS AN AGENDA TOO ,as do most articles that actually say something , which to be fair to Dan, THIS one does .

  15. It is because of such disgusting practice as homosexuality that God’s wrath was visited upon cities of Sodom and Gomorrah presently dead sea. The entire tribe of Benjamin was almost wipe out thanks to disgusting habit of Sodomy

    Such ungodly acts should be frowned upon rather than uplauded and marketed as human rights

    1. So we should just accept your primitive fictional and mythical ancient beliefs as the template for how we should treat our fellow humans beings in the 2023?
      This is why religious bigotry continues to be rejected in the developed world where people are encouraged to use rationality, critical thinking and logic when assessing any given point.

      The quicker we can distance ourselves away from such primitive mythical beliefs the better for our humanity..

      And what do you think about these same religions being okay with child sacrifice, child marriage, misogyny, slavery, and blatant genocide?

    2. Hill, Neanderthal man rules! YOU SHOULD TRY TO EVOLVE, as others have done. Try being a human sometime, instead of a thick as a plank bigot and dimwit!

  16. But job above. Regarding Wegner, clearly money talks. Let’s leave it at that. In any case he has always had the gift to justify his own righteousness.

  17. The West should stop trivialising the issue of human rights and concentrate on real issues that concern humanity. Why should the rights of so-called gays become a very big issue at a world cup? Were gays denied playing time? Everybody should know that when you enter a certain country you must abide by that country’s laws or else don’t go there. Everybody is not going to be swayed by the West’s views on issues of morality and human rights. World cup is a time for football but not for promotion of whatever Ideas the West believes to be dear to them. Let the West know that clearly and desist from confusing the rest of us. I am don’t see any reason why Wenger should be demonised.

    1. Because whatever his stance is it’s pathetic to say a team failed due to using their rights to say they disagree with human right laws being broken

  18. Human rights a trivial issue? I’m always going to be on the side of the women of Iran protesting than stupid football.

  19. You’re not smart, are you?
    Cause if you were, you’d understand he was telling teams to focus more on competition than the political stuff.
    Can’t believe I even clicked on this article.
    Do better.

    1. I’m not the smartest tool in the box but the idea that everyone should just focus on the football sounds like a cop out. At least the likes of Beckham, Neville and Wegner are digging their heads in the sand for the money, what’s your excuse.

      1. Yeah it’s become fashionable
        Actually sad ….essentially what some are saying is its okay to mistreat others if we just say that’s their religion and culture
        So wheres the line ?

        If a nation said come to the world cup and learn about us and that nation abused children
        If we say that’s wrong is it , ‘ SSH that’s their culture ‘

        1. Dan we have had many differences and no doubt will in the future.
          BUT from your fine and humane stance on this topic and standing firmly against the non evolved humans who cannot look further than their own Neanderthal prejudices, I am 100 % with you .

          I, like all evolved humans know, in my very soul, that treating people whose instincts or skin shade you may not share but who are humans and have a perfect right to be as they are, as equals, is evolved, decent and civilised.

          Treating people as inferiors , because of blind prejudice, hatred, bigotry, stupidity, religious intolerance or any COMBINATION of those Neandertal instincts, is WRONG AND EVIL.

          Sadly many countries around the globe lack enough evolved percentage ofpeople to see how evil their idiots are.

          I do notice – and I will of course be I am stupidly accused of being racist, as I AM OF COURSE NOT AT ALL, though I will be accused of such by the thickos I now denounce – that most of those Neanderthal thickos on JA are from countries that are in general backward in culture, in outlook and in evolvement.

          I say no more than that and I ALSO SEE MANY THICKOS FROM EVOLVED COUNTRIES TOO INCLUDING Britain, my own country.

          We who are evolved, need more than ever now to keep banging the drum for TOTAL EQUALITY OF ALL PEOPLE, and to remain staunch, compassionate and decent, in our long fight against NEANDERTHAL MANKIND, from WHEREVER it rears its evil and ugly head.

          I should add that I have been a liberal minded, committed Christian since my very early days.

          But I am extremely aware , even in my own church, neighbourhood and country, that a number who CALL themselves Christian are as bigoted and Neanderthal in their human views, as all the thickos who spout such evil, unevolved, claptrap on JA. GROAN!!

  20. Are you Mourinho in disguise? I find Arsene Wenger’s words are spot on. Footballers are paid to play football. Politicians are paid to represent their constituents and make policies accordingly. And Arsene Wenger is paid as the Chief of Global Football Development and said exactly what was needed. Footballers are not expert of social problems. With fame, social media and outrageous money, their misinformation can lead to propaganda. And most importantly, this is not how real men conduct themselves.

    1. Yeah wouldn’t it be great if countries could just do what they wanted and were not allowed to be questioned .
      How different history would be if every nation could do what they want and hide behind
      ‘ it’s our culture and beleifs ‘
      I can name you historical figures , the most evil , who would say , ‘ thats our beleifs and culture , stay out of it ‘
      Thank goodness brave people spoke up

      Quite simply FIFA says the game is for everyone and zero association should discriminaite
      Of course they and Qatar would like to take the money and no one point out laws they are breaking
      Wouldn’t that be convininant ?

  21. I totally disagree with this comment… Totally.
    First off, coming from a country where my grandfather was simply press ganged into going to fight for Britain in the Burma campaign in WW2 and yet there are basically few records and no thanks, I really believe no one in Britain has any right to offer moral lessons on anything to anyone.

    Now unto more modern times, Qatar punishes you if you’re CAUGHT having LGBQT relations or if you dress in a provocative way. If you simply come to watch football, nothing is written in your face regarding your sexuality right? So why not obey for 1 month. Why is it so important to ‘Live your truth’ over that month? Why protest their rules? A barely 60 year old country… How long did it take for the USA, a country who’s founding documents states ‘All men are equal’ to get rid of racist and sexist statutes and outcomes and did any of the fine folk in the West protest then, or ask why the United Nations was situated there? In 1994 were LGBTQ rights protected in the USA when they hosted that world cup?
    To progress just 10 minutes ago and then proceed to decide everyone must follow your standard not because you have shown leadership and example and convinced them by patience and actions but because you, the superior, folk have decreed it thus, is actually stupid and will generate push back that will weaken the cause you espouse.
    I won’t even get into all the Qatari and Middle Eastern money that flows into Europe free from scrutiny or that Qatar is in fact guarded by the US with a massive base because of oil and they have no issues with rights. So it’s sporting competitions that involve the entire world with all its different cultures that should then be the vehicle for Europeans bleating about rights and behavior… I think not.
    Play the game or go home. As for FIFA awarding Qatar the rights, the places that vote and have similar outlooks to Qatar far outnumber those that don’t so it’s a democracy and the majority view wins.

  22. 06 Jul 2022 · The 123 worker deaths in 2021/ › 2022/07/06
    Should we pay attention to workers death in Qatar ?
    Should we force our values on other nations ?

    1. Agreed! Why so many deaths? Normal construction should not have so high deaths. Less than 5 is still quite high.
      No LGBT deaths so protest for what? Other countries have the vision to change Quatar to a LGBT country? But first, Germany should change their country to LGBT provided they can gather so much support.
      I doubt true Christians supports LGBT.

      1. Kenny, TRUE Christians DO! Fake Christians and those who fail to understand that Christianity means love and compassion, do NOT!
        It seems that you do not understand what TRUE Christians are or what they do to stand up for love and compassion for ALL.

  23. The problem comes when the former colonizers feel they have to go around the world and entrench their rules and moral standards anywhere they go.

    Superiority complex will make you feel the world revolves around you. Wenger has a good track record and it does not get tainted when he says what you don’t like as an individual.

    Your views are not the yard stick of greatness for Wenger mate.

    1. I hate the use of the term former colonizer – it’s part of the insidious ideology that aims to assign guilt to people/groups for the sins of their fathers, which is immoral.

      Aside from that, I agree completely with your point.

    2. Mate if saying that women and same sex couples and immigrants should have rights gives me a superior complex , that’s fine by me lol

  24. Don’t think Wenger said anything wrong

    CNN—Former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger said teams who focused on “competition” rather than “political demonstrations” performed better in the group stages of the World Cup.
    Wenger, speaking as part of a media briefing for FIFA’s Technical Study Group in Qatar, appeared to be referring to the likes of Germany, which suffered a surprise exit from the tournament earlier this week.
    “Going to the World Cup, you know you have to not lose the first game,” said Wenger, who has taken up a role as FIFA’s chief of global football development since stepping away from management, said on Sunday.
    “Other teams who have experience, they have results in former tournaments like France, like England, like Brazil – they played well in the first game. And the teams as well who were mentally ready … [and] had the mindset to focus on competition and not on political demonstrations.”

  25. Wengers legacy is intact. What he said is very correct. In Russia they do not support LGBT but Noone said all of this. Now that it is Qatar you suddenly find your voices. The fact of the matter is that these acts are not accepted by God according to the Bible and some territories choose to follow their culture and the Bible. You must respect that. If you are in Rome do as the Roman’s do. The notion of trying to impose your thinking on others which is akin to colonialism is outdated and unacceptable. Teams that felt strongly about this matter should have just withdrawn from the tournament. I fully support FIfa and Wenger on this one. Any foolish posturing should be punished severely. Footballers should play football. The Qataris made it clear that they will not be disrespected in their own country. If you are gay then don’t go to Qatar or if you choose to go then don’t practice your your acts in public. It is that simple

    1. England wanted to wear the one love Armband and are in the last 8
      That was Holland’s idea who are in last 8
      Australia posted a video saying want they believed in that Qatar were doing wrong and got out of their group
      So he’s actually being selective

        1. Yeah ?.
          So you proved 7 nations wanted to wear an armband
          Forcing FIFA the night before England’s first game to threaten them with sporting sanctions
          So that’s England also thinking about political statements ?
          The Australian video on YouTube?

  26. I can confidently said that Jon Fox doesn’t belong to LGBT. I can’t imagine Jon Fox in miniskirt. What’s a scene!

    Dan Smith?

  27. I’ve been visiting this site for over a decade, wonderful and amazing site with lovely articles and writers. Dan is actually my second favorite writer. I love your articles but I must say this right here is a huge disgrace and an embarrassment of an article. So anyone who has an opposing view about this whole saga has sold his/her soul for money? Utterly ridiculous. Do you understand what the term sovereignty means? So Qatar should bend their rules because of the footballing world? If you had a rule that no one pours water on your couch including your children. Will you then let a visitor do that just because they believe pouring water on the couch is good? Your house, your rules. So far Qatar is giving us one of the best world cups ever. Stop these irrational articles of criticizing whoever doesn’t align with your opinion about the Qatar world cup situation. Actually Wenger is right in his statement. This article is just unbelievable. What a joke!!!

    1. No mates
      It’s as simple as , if FIFA say in their rules football must be for everyone and must not discriminate you shouldn’t ask football fans to go to a country who can’t do that

      And mate I like to think some things are not debatable simply wrong ?
      Like the migrants unlawful working rights which led to death
      I don’t care if that’s your culture it’s wrong end of

      1. Then blame FIFA not Wenger. What he said is actually correct. You made an assumption that he along with the likes of Beckham and Neville had a pay day which is not a fact. You can’t prove that, it’s just your personal assumption. Blame FIFA then for dropping their standards and selling their soul for money.

        About what you said about somethings being not debatably simply wrong; I don’t want to sound barbaric and inhuman but who actually created the concept of morality and ethics? Was it the strong or weak? This goes way beyond Socrates. A concept that was coined by the weak because they couldn’t measure up to the strong and needed that to stand a “fair” chance in life. Then what makes the concept in itself right? Just? Nature has its way of working which naturally favors the strong. If the concept weakens the strong from flexing strength in full might is that in itself just and right? Is that “moral” according to what morality stands for? The concept of morality and ethics seems more unnatural than natural.

        Everything is debatable because this is life and no one knows for certain what the real truth is. So in conclusion I say you leave your sentiments aside and respect the sovereignty of Qatar. Pour your grievances on FIFA for dropping their standards.

  28. Dan…

    You have always been a staunch supporter of people’s right to freely express themselves, whether positive or negative… Why have you suddenly decided that Wenger’s opinions deserve such harsh condemnation and condemnation from you… Aren’t you partial?

    You are free to express your own opinions, which may differ from Wenger’s; however, haven’t you gone a little too far in passing judgment and condemnation on Wenger, concluding: “He just became another suit, another nodding dog?” This appears harsh, and for someone like you, to whom some level of intelligence may be attributed based on your previous articles, I believe it falls far short.

    Do you have any evidence that Wenger was bribed? So how did you come to the conclusion that he had taken money? You have always been open to evidence-based arguments, so why did you act differently in this case? Were you forced to do so, or should I assume you were bribed to write this article?

    If certain national team players believed Qatar’s laws against a specific group of people were a heinous violation of human rights, the honorable course of action would have been to boycott the World Cup… They failed to do this… So they are all hypocrites, right? Should we call them hypocrites because they caved when threatened with not wearing the band? These are all subjective matters that can be interpreted differently.

    We all have different perspectives on morality and the human way of life, and I believe we should all uphold our respective laws. These are simply issues of different laws; whether you consider another man’s law to be against human rights or not is entirely subjective, particularly when it does not involve killing innocent people or taking human lives innocently.

    I believe we should leave it to the Qataris to change their laws if they find them inhumane, just as Iranians are doing now. Humanity evolves, and we must simply respect their beliefs until the time comes for them to change.


    1. Hey mate
      I see your point
      It’s more does he really think that or Is he saying it because of who is bosses are ?

      I accept I don’t know that answer

      But to say ( Germany as an example ) failed due to being distracted by political things ….I just think he’s smarter than that ?
      Firstly because it’s not true , many teams have done well who disagree with Qatar’s human right laws
      Equally teams who have not done well have been teams who have not spoken up
      Look at that Japan goal Vs Span where it looked over the line
      That knocked Germany out not their views

      1. True Dan…

        You are completely correct! I agree with you that Wenger’s explanation for the German’s surprise exit was unjustifiable and fell short of Wenger’s expected intelligence. I agree with you!

        Again, I respect your opinions in general, and your positive impression of Wenger may have influenced your emotions, especially after hearing his opinions…

        Nonetheless, I believe that mutual respect for ourselves and our various laws is critical to our survival! The World Cup has been a lot of fun despite our differing opinions and beliefs!

        Remain blessed!

        1. Okay I get it. You don’t really believe in all the same sex marriage stuff. You are just doing this for the comments. Before you touch Wenger again, reflect, if you are looking for an hypocrite, look at yourself in the mirror.

  29. FIFA in their rules state football is for everyone and there must be no discrimination, has anybody stopped to think of what they really meant by “no discrimination” ?
    Protesting against Qatar hosting the World Cup because of their laws/views on LGTBQ which are as a result of their religion/cutler would be some form of discrimination wouldn’t it ?

    I particularly believe there is an agenda by the powers that be to control the world and get us thinking/living like sheep, by forcing their views on everything on everyone, especially through media.
    We have to be able to think for ourselves, see things objectively without any bias.

    Christians/Muslims and all other religions have their beliefs, you don’t have to agree you just need to respect them, by avoiding them completely if you like.

    If you feel so strongly about their laws in Qatar, simply don’t go to Qatar and this applies to fans and national teams.

    Now I’m not suggesting the working hazards and other issues be ignored, but those issues should be addressed by the relevant bodies and not Football associations. Football must remain football!
    I believe the system of holding football competitions in different parts of the world should allow all us experience different cultures and traditions of others, to give us a better understanding of all people in the world. It is only through understanding and respecting the next man that we can attempt to create a world of peace and love.

    LGBTQ and other organizations like it that seek for people or countries all over the world to accept their ways or be boycotted are actually dividing us!

  30. This is truly a rubbish Write Up…. If you are in rome act as the romans Do…

    You expect a whole country to compromise its principle because of just world Cup…. So what happens to the fallout after World Cup ends when all visitors Leave??

    Think wisely

    1. Yes mate I think If a nation who in 2010 who has 200 registered players at the time and one stadium
      Who has zero plans to leave a footballing legacy afterwards
      Who ares sports washing, eg can we host this event that means allot to the world
      They can’t just Exspect people to say nice things
      In 2022 there are people who.feel that women and same sex couples should be treated equal.
      There are some who think one person dieing over unlawful labour is wrong
      If they ( or you ) can’t compromise your views dont ask to host the ‘ World Cup ‘

  31. Hi Dan, I’m not sure if your comment is in response to mine, I’d like to respond to it though.

    The World Cup is for the “world”, it is football and I’m sure you would agree football is for everybody….football as a sport should not be politicized.

    However, if the western world is choosing to genuinely use football to protest against infringements on human rights, surely they would want to look inwards first.

    For example in England, Chelsea fc was acquired by a Russian Oligarch and everybody knew how they acquire their wealth yet nobody did anything to stop him from buying the club (they wanted the money ofcourse), there’s also Manchester city and a few other football clubs in England owned by individuals of questionable values or morals.

    Another example is some of the sponsorships the clubs get, like the “Visit Rwanda” …Rwanda has a long history of violating human rights.

    The UK happily accommodates members of the UAE royal families and other middle eastern countries. They are happy to collect their money and Oil in return for granting them access to the country and this is all happening right under our noses.

    Do you remember when Ozil protested against the Muslims being violated in China?
    Did he get any support ? As a matter of fact did our dear club not come out to distance themselves from the situation ?

    Do you remember when Ozil was singled out for blame by his own countrymen when the German national team failed to perform at a previous tournament due to his Turkish heritage?

    It’s all just convenient politics, hypocrisy and superiority complex. There’s no winners or losers, good or bad governments here, they all just sing tunes that further their agendas.

    But I will implore everyone that’s not interested in politics to start by having tolerance for other races,cultures,traditions, religions,laws etc

    If you want to change your enemy way or views, you should start by learning his ways, dining with him…in essence, get close to your enemy, this is how you’ll understand what motivates and drives him, what influences his views and how to change them.

    The world is divided enough already on so many things and this works in Favour of the powers that actually rule the world.

    Let’s not let them divide us who have stood together and as one for several decades through our mutual love for this sport.

    When the world cup is held in European countries, countries with different religions, cultures, beliefs etc attend and don’t complain or try to force their views on the hosting countries do they? All visiting countries abide by host country laws even if they don’t agree or support these laws in their home countries.

    take a closer look at the situation in Iraq currently, the US government led its people to believe they knew what was better for a country of people, they invaded the country in 2003 much like Putin is invading Ukraine today, they occupied the country for close to 10 years in the name of providing security, stability, protecting human rights etc but today we now know they weren’t any better than the oppressors they claimed they were there to dislodge. Do you know how many innocent people have died since the US army went to Iraq under false pretenses of WMD?

    So who is to say who is evil or who is good or what should be generally accepted around world?

    Let’s just play and watch football! This sport should be our safe zone where we can all come together free of any Prejudice.

    I strongly believe this is the discrimination talked about FIFA. Accepting different people regardless of their sexual orientations, colour, religion.

  32. He has a valid point, Europeans think they can take their way of life to other people and dictate to them how they should live their lives. They are silent about Istael killing palestinians yet want people to applaud sex orientation. Wenger is a wise man.

  33. I didn’t take A.W’s comments to be anti-protestation in intent, but more as a comment on how teams who have focused on playing football seem to have faired better than those who publicly made demonstrations.

    It does seem that Wenger and Klinsmann at the time were discussing why Germany hadn’t done as well as expected in their opening game.

    I think the media, as is often the case, have taken his comments somewhat out of context.

  34. You ‘’ are actually hiding your true identity. Qatar is 100 percent to discriminate against gays and lesbians…….(deleted)

    (ADMIN COMMENT – You are a warped mind with no human feelings or empathy. Please go and crawl back under your rock and never return)

  35. Imagine being a woman and/or a homosexual over in that part of the world, hell on earth one would imagine. It’s a truly brave soul living under those conditions out there. God bless

  36. bros,

    your opinion doesn’t change the gentleman’s legendary status…

    Arsene Wenger only spoke in the continues spirit of ” live and let live” that he is known for.

    Qataris dont need to adjust their laws to suit your unholy lifestyle choices.

    1. Unholly??? Who the eff are you to decide who is holy and what is not? tell me is branding a section of humanity as Kafirs and advocating for their eradication Holy??? BTW a kafir is anyone that does not subscribe to your religious dogma. Is marrying off clueless teenagers to old grown men Holy?? This is a rabbit hole that I strive to avoid in life. your pontification’s gotten to me.

      1. So the next time England hosts the world cup, Qararis can come and marryoff your 13 year old English daughters and you will be quiet about it because you want to preserve their foundamental human rights right?

        Bro, that Qatar played host to the world does not give the world the right to dump their dirts on their streets.

        Moreso, they did not legislate your right to be gay away from you, they just said keep private matters privat ‘do not bare your balls in public in front of our kids etc’.

  37. Why do you think Wenger’s comments are flawed based on his principles?He chose his own belief, football has nothing to do with your sexual preference and it ends in your bedroom and not on the pitch.

  38. Hi Dan,

    You seek to undermine Wengers reputation simply because he did your support your bid to bare your balls in public?

    Qatar did not put laws in place to antagonize any class of people, all they asked as hosts was for guests/fans to keep private matters private and not advertise them in public in view of kids etc. Need i remind you that there may even be gay people in Qatar and no one has publicly humiliated them, what you seek to do is debase the moral values of a people who have trived on sound cultural values.

    The fact they said no public consumption of alcohol did say stop people from doing so in private quaters neither did it prevent Budwizer from sponsoring the event. The fact theyo take played host to the world does not permit the world to dump their dirts on their streets.

    So i am with Wenger on this one odwe are here for football not to showcase immortality.

  39. From my knowledge, perhaps deficient, Qatar did not forbid any fan from going to Qatar.
    What they forbade was the practices they deem against their values to be done on their land. Meaning Gays could go, but just abstain.
    It’s like a middle Eastern abstaining for polygamy in Britain, since it’s illegal in the land of the queen.

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