Arsene Wenger has word of advice for Ozil after his squad exclusion

Arsene Wenger has advised Mesut Ozil to start training and preparing for a career with another team after he was left out of the Arsenal Premier League squad.

The German will be unable to play for the Gunners until at least January when teams can re-register their players.

This is because he hasn’t been named in either the club’s Premier League or Europa League squads for the season.

The German has been told to look for a new team for a long time and now that he won’t be playing for them possibly for a year it may be a tough time for him, but Wenger has advised him to start preparing for his next team already.

The Frenchman also claimed that he hasn’t spoken to the midfielder since he was axed from his position as the manager of the club in 2018.

Asked how Ozil should respond if he is left out of Arsenal’s Premier League squad, Wenger told Sky Sports as quoted by The Metro: ‘You practice every day and you make sure that your level doesn’t drop and that you can go somewhere else after and play somewhere else.’ 

Asked if he has spoken to Ozil, Wenger said: ‘No, I haven’t spoken to him since I left.

‘Because I decided to take a distance and not interfere with anything. 

‘I explained in my book, when you’ve been [at a club] for such a long time it’s important you cut at some stage your relations and let them get on with it.’

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  1. I guess if Ozil chooses to take Stan on then Kronke unquestionably has the resources and probably the ego to make the sums involved less important than demonstrating publicly who is top dog. For Ozil, Arsenal, and our owner it’s hard not to see it as a waste of the potential that arrived at the Emirates way back when. Yes Ozil will get his wages but wasn’t he offered contracts at other clubs?
    Anyway gotta back Arsenal and our manager.

    1. Ed, got to agree with you on everything you say, except the second last sentence, only because I don’t know if it was a genuine offer he received, or just media talk.
      The last sentence is 100% right.

      Don’t you just love the way AW talks about all things football though?
      Always honest and sensible in what he says – let’s hope Ozil takes what he says on board.

      1. What is telling is Arsenal management is scared to let Ozil go on a free this year and thought he could be bought out with another high salary in an unknown league.

        If Arsenal are to be believed, let them pay Ozil now and see if any other club would sign him in January.

  2. It’s not good this whole Ozil situation for the player, the team and the club hierarchy behind the scenes having to pay out his wages and not use him.

    I dont see how they cannot agree a severance package where he leaves now. This has went on too long and now he is not in either the Europa league or Premier league squads then what else is there to do?

    What a sad way to end all this.

    1. Ozil refuses to go, not much the club can do, apart from what they have done by excluding him.

      If there was ever a mercenary, Ozil is it!

      1. Really ? He has a contract agreed by the Club. I pretty sure I never read the player put a gun to anyone’s head and forced them to give it to him. So how does that make him a mercenary?

        1. He has a contract with Arsenal we all know that pal now you are sounding like a broken record.Question is was the contract justified whether it offered to him is neither here nor there as the fraud who offered it are no longer at the club hence no one to protect his lazy ass

          1. Broken record or not PAL- Ozil has every right to get the full terms of his contract paid.
            What would YOU do PAL. I can imagine YOU running home to your mummy if you were told to leave your paper round and would not get your £2 pocket money each week. Why is Ozil different? And if Gazidis is the one you blame then again why would Ozil be the one who is expected to walk away with nothing.
            It’s you and your broken record PAL that needs to think harder

        2. He’s a mercenary for 2 reasons. Firstly, he decided to sign a contract extension and stay at Arsenal, at a time when the club was regressing badly under Wenger. Surely a top player, of ambition, would have left for a better club? Like all our stars did previously. He decided to stay because he got offered an insane amount of money.

          Secondly, he has decided to stay at a club, that clearly doesn’t want him. He’s been told he’ll never play again for us, and hasn’t played for over half a year, yet he’s happy with it?

          Makes me laugh, that some fans accused Alexis of being a mercenary, yet somehow Ozil isn’t? Work that out!

          1. I have worked it out PAL- and as always you are totally wrong. Ozil didn’t want to leave. His contract couldn’t make him leave. He has never refused to play. Therefore how is he a mercenary?
            It’s Arteta who decided he is surplus to requirements not Ozil. And the player should just accept this and move on should he? Just because it suits the Club? Really PAL?

              1. Facts do no matter in this Trumpian world!

                Contract can be bound out, but the owners are too stingy, and thought they could force Ozil out. Arteta does not have the spine to defy the owners and play his most creative player, as that would contradict the narrative of the those working with the owners to encourage hate towards Ozil.

  3. So, my take on MO10, which I accept is likely be be different from others views. However, after two years of constantly arguing and disagreeing, I would always say I accept and respect the opinions of others, until such times as it got personal and insults were traded.
    However, sad as I am to see such a gifted and talented footballer find himself in this position, the Club ALWAYS comes first. NO player is ever bigger than the Club, never has been and never will be.
    One point I would wish to state is how Mikel Arteta has worked hard to instil a system that makes the team more compact and without doubt harder to score against.
    Arteta the coach has also dramatically improved a number of individuals and made them better players.
    So with such a talented coach, the question I would ask is this. Why could he not improve the performance on the pitch of by far the most talented player at the Club?
    And before the obvious individuals come back and say it was the player who refused to adapt I would only say I’m not having that for one single minute.
    Ozil has NEVER once commented on his position, especially with all that has gone on post lockdown. That alone demands respect in my book.

    1. Ozil did fine with Arteta.

      However, to get more transfer money from the stingy owners, the key condition was no more Ozil.

      So, what does Arteta do?

  4. Phil…. if that’s the case u have not been paying much attention… Ozil always contradict the manager..

    with his PR stunts…
    post lockdown.

    1. Did what exactly PAL? He trains every day and is available for selection. The manager does not pick him. His contract says he is entitled to be paid in full until it ends next June. Tell me what I’ve missed PAL

      1. Phil, the question is whether Mezut Ozil is a “professional” footballer or not? By way of comparison, Alexis Sanchez had a contract with Manchester United for much more than Ozil is receiving at Arsenal. He was out of favour, not being selected, but rather than sitting on his digs and collecting his supposed £500k per week, he first took a loan deal to AC Milan and has now gone on permanent transfer on less money, so that he could continue to play football.
        As you are well aware, a football career (like any sport) has a limited duration and as the saying goes “you are a long time retired.”
        It is difficult to understand, why given that Ozil has got limited playing time left, he wants to waste it at a club where he will not play and where he has divided the fan base? Mark 8:36

        1. No argument from me OG- but it was only yesterday the Club told Ozil he would not be used.
          I accept Ozil is playing hardball on his contract, but from what I understand re Sanchez I’d that Inter are only paying part of his wages with Man Utd paying the balance, do the player isn’t exactly out of pocket

  5. It’s good news that we can’t see Ozil in Arsenal shirt till the end of this calendar year. Bear in mind that we’ll soon be dealing with the same scenario as Ozil’s. Im talking about Willian

  6. I only want to point out that Wenger was not sacked, as mentioned in the article, but left on his own free will. Such a great manager cannot be sacked.

  7. Unfortunately for Arsenal, we will soon be in the same situation with Auba and Willian. Auba has been crap since his signature and I’m yet to understand William’s role in the future of our great club.

    1. The owners are stingy and do know football.

      Auba is failing as he no reliable supply, as the creativity was never really allowed to get to him.

      Arsenal will come 6th or so this year. Behind Liverpool, Everton, Spurs, Leicester, Chelsea. It could be worse if United starts to fire, and other teams begin to surprise.

  8. Usually when a player puts in a transfer request, the club allows him to leave and join a new club of his choice. The club never holds the player ransom. So, Ozil should not try to hold Arsenal ransom, as he is not part of Arteta’s plan. He knew that for some time now and should have left in the just concluded transfer window. It’s a shame that he now has to face this redicule and embarrassment of not being named in both the Europa cup and the premier league squads. Ozil, had served arsenal well ,before this huge contract,which, caused his early retirement. There were reasonable offers made to Ozil, but, he refused them.He seems content to just sit and cash in than to be on the field of play.

    1. Wayne, if your last sentence is true, haven’t the club just made it easier for him to do just that?

      That’s the real stupidity of this situation and both sides have now decided to wait until June next year to resolve it – meanwhile both club and player are the perfect target for media humiliation.
      What a complete mess.

  9. Ozil knows he is finished. If he was as half good as some of you make him to be, teams would be lining up to sign him, if De brune finds himself in this situation today, the Barca’s Madrid, etc will be falling over each other to sign him, but arsenal is ready to let him go for free but nobody is asking to take him. Even after his contract runs out, he will end up in China, MLS. No European team will take Ozil

    1. But but he is a “Shirt Selling Genius”. If he became available every big club around the world would be tripping themselves in order to get their hands on him.

  10. Sirjoe, it doesn’t matter if he’s good, bad or indifferent as far as our club is concerned, as they will have the albatross of his salary until next June and that is why no other club has come in for him.
    All this decision has done, is it has made it easier for Ozil to claim that he wants to play, but the club have made it impossible for him to do so – it’s a lose lose situation from whatever angle you look at it.

    1. But remember he is a shirt selling genius like we have been assured season after season. He has more social media followers than Arsenal an a whole football club.
      His wages shouldn’t be a problem for any suitors, should they? Just the amount of merchandise ozil sells should be able to make up those wages woth millions to spare.
      Isn’t it?

      1. Well at last your beginning to see the picture.
        Clubs are waiting until June, so they get him and his millions of followers for free, use his name to promote their club, sell thousands of shirts, negotiate a sensible salary and the rest will be history 😭
        Meanwhile, we can get behind our manager and whoever he buys to replace Ozil – June and it’s suddenly a win win situation, except for that little issue of £9,000,000 we are having to find, but that’s OK, as the club is brimming over with cash it’s made from the shirt sales. 👚😂

        1. Finally, closer to the real answer.

          The question remains why do these stingy owners not want Ozil to play? Is there a race/religion/politics/etc. issue going on?

          We know Ozil is German. Of Turkish parentage. A Muslim. Is that what is going on here? He is too famous and his charitable actions, etc., is not good for the owners. Do the owners have a China connection?

    2. Why should elneny (the only viable option, willock is hg) get dropped? Came back head down worked hard and dosent post messages declaring himself fit jusy before games when dropped. He could of left, wanted to stay in london, is earning insane money, what is the problem? Its his choice, we didnt refuse to release him, how are we the bad guys?

      It makes total sense as well we havent been playing with a cam regularly and ceballos/willian/saka/nelson/smith-rowe/willock can play there (last 4 are hg/u21 so literally cant replace them.)
      Hed have to take elnenys place as mentioned but can he play effectively in a 2 man mid? On the wing? Or even an 8? Even if you think he can we’d be short in that deeper cm pos unless you dropped willian/ceballos/pepe/auba instead?

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