Arsene Wenger hints at retirement?

There’s been plenty of talk surrounding Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal over the past few seasons and whilst many believed that he may have left the club on a high note when he won the FA CUP back in 2014, he has since stayed on for another two seasons. Wenger now takes charge of Arsenal for the 2016-17 season, the 21st campaign of his career in England having joined the Gunners back in 1996. However many expect this will be his very last, with even Wenger himself hinting at retirement.

There’s been plenty of questions surrounding his future at the club after this season, and his contract is up at the end of the campaign. Wenger is yet to commit to a new deal and has said he will wait to the end of the season before making a decision, however his language may suggest that he’s already given his future a fair bit of thought.

When questioned about his future and possible retirement, Wenger said: “It’s been my life and, honestly, I’m quite scared of the day. The longer I wait, the more difficult it will be and the more difficult it will be to lose the addiction.

After Alex retired and we played them over there [at Manchester United] he sent a message to me to come up and have a drink with him. I asked: ‘Do you miss it?’ He said: ‘Not at all.’ I didn’t understand that. It’s an emptiness in your life, especially when you’ve lived your whole life waiting for the next game and trying to win it.”

The last few years may have been difficult but there’s no doubt that his departure would truly be the end of an era at Arsenal and in the Premier League. No matter if you are still a fan of his or not, there’s no denying how much Le Prof has done for the club and if it is to be his final year in charge, I hope that not only he goes out having won something, but that he also gets the respect and sense of achievement he truly deserves.

I’ve always wanted Wenger to move upstairs onto the Arsenal board, to consider his legacy and use his wealth of knowledge on a scale that perhaps he is more suited to nowadays, business. However there is also talk that Wenger may have a go at international management before hanging up his suit and tie.

Will this be Wenger’s last year?



  1. Arsene goes on record “Arsenal must spend big ” but what he probably means is “in the future” !!

    In another news ( Arsenal are after Griezmann and Lewa; rumours should at least have 1 % truth in them (sigh!!!)

    1. I’m certain we are.

      £12 millions for Griezmann and £18 millions + Sanogo for Lewandowski is enough for Wenger to say “look, we were active and we tried but our targets didn’t tick all the boxes. Takuma is back from the Olympics, like a Jew signing”

    2. Yeah there’s zero truth in that and anyway why would Lewandowski and Griezmann leave their clubs who they can actually win titles with because we all know Atletico and Bayern are aiming for the champions league not just top 4 like Arsenal!

    3. The rumour is more than 1% correct, it says that greizman plays for athletico madrid and lewa plays for bayern munich, so they have got about 10% of it correct, nothing else though.

  2. How I wish Wenger would retire,the club really do need a change of direction and the Lewandowski,Griezmann rumours are laughable to say the least when we’ve just made a derisory £30m bid for Mahrez

    1. Dee@ease, there is plenty we can criticise arsenal for. However it is unfair to criticise arsenal for making derisory offers when the vast majority of these rumours are made up and totally false. On this one Sky Sports are reporting that no offer has been made.

  3. I think no best time to leave than after his contract expired, We may not want him to carry as Arsenal manager but I do believe more than 90% of the fans will always remember him as a legend no matter what happens this season.
    I want him gone from Arsenal,
    But I will always respect him.

    1. I completely agree- not agreeing with him of late and being angry is one thing but overall for what he has done for us – respect! (with the hope that he does not renew)

  4. the funny thing is that if he leaves arsenal without retiring, real madrid will sack zidane nd sign him

  5. does anyone think this is selfish?
    if wenger is being honest about waiting till the end of the season to decide his future, how does that leave Arsenal in the search for a replacement, we end the season, then spend more time looking for his replacement..
    If wenger wants to do whats best for arsenal, he should say by christmas what his intention is, and if he is retiring, let the club then make an informed choice for his replacement, not a rush job.

    1. I think this “wait untill the end of the season” is for the media. Otherwise he will be asked in every post game interview about his future. If he intends to leave at the end of the season the board will know well beforehand and be looking for a replacement.

  6. Soon the better, just GO ARSENE! he has no ambitions and give fan no hopes! We play the liverpools 4 days!!! And still no purchases to LACASSETTE MARHEZ OR MUSTAFA!!!!

  7. Hasn’t Wenger always waited late to sign a new contract? (barring one of his more recent ones), I believe if he fails to qualify for the CL this year he may well go but I’m not holding my breath

  8. I wish he can retire now and go to France, he shouldn’t be around any AFC facility or stadium.

    1. It is very common to hold a perty when someone retires, to thank them for all their efforts. It is very thoughtful that you are going to join in.

  9. Personally I would like wenger to go out on a high note like fergie. Winning the PL this season and then wenger retiring would be great. I cannot see it happening though.

  10. When Wenger retires, I will go to the nearest church and put my hands together to some Gospel music ??
    ? Oooooh, Happy Dayyyys ? ???

  11. Sad legacy for someone who once was amongst the greatest….SAF retired and every MANURE fan shed tears for him leaving….the great majority of ARSENAL fans will shed tears for WENGER but of joy, fans will remember the WENGER of late his demeanor, stubbornness and lack of ambition, his 8MILL salary, looking over the interest of the owners above ARSENAL interest, really a sad epilogue for what could have been a great legacy…..

  12. He is going no where, this Arsène football club and he is loving it… This club belongs to him and we are, well, you are paying customers only and nothing else. He will decide when it is time and I reckon he will sign for 2 more years, just because he can.
    He said he was scared of retiring or something in those lines, because he knows after Arsenal no one will give him a managing job, well none of the top teams in Europe. May be as English manager …!?

  13. Arsene has earned the right to spunk every last drop of money the club has, to go out with a bang! I wish he would, Perhaps he’s saving that privilage for his final season, suggesting he’ll extend his own contract next year

  14. please retire. Club has stagnated. Board changes would also have to come with Arsene though, but nobody can deny Wenger is part of the problem.

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