Arsene Wenger insists that Saka is World-Class despite Ferdinand’s comments

According to Arsene Wenger, Saka is world-class. And no one can convince me otherwise. Over the last few weeks, we’ve received a lot of queries regarding our star boy.

This debate about whether Saka is world class or not began with these comments by Rio Ferdinand: “Bukayo Saka is not a world-class player. He hasn’t done it in the Champions League. I’m talking in the knock-out stages.

“Saka’s top, don’t get me wrong. He just isn’t world-class yet.”

Ferdinand believed Saka needed to prove himself in the Champions League knockout stages to be considered world class.

Many were hoping last Wednesday Saka will prove Ferdinand wrong. However, he did not steal the show, especially given Arsenal’s poor performance in their first UCL knockout game.

But who said you have to shine in the knockout rounds to be world-class?

Nobody can deny that Saka has already proven himself in the Premier League. However, I believe he has already demonstrated his uniqueness in the Champions League.

In six UCL games, the Hale End graduate has three goals and four assists; do regular players have such stats? I do not think so.

Critics will call Saka a typical player, but once our great Wenger calls him world class, no one should tell us otherwise.

“He’s top-level, because players at that age who make differences at that level of a game have a great future,” he said.

“He is a top person as well, humble, wants to learn wants to work. He’s certainly already one of the three best English players.”

When asked by Richard Keys whether he considered Saka world-class, Wenger replied affirmatively: “I would say he’s world-class.”

Arsenal host a crucial Champions League round of 16 return leg on March 12th at the Emirates. Given the 1-0 loss in the first leg, they will need to be ruthless in that game. In that game, I believe Saka will steal the show and validate Wenger’s point that he is a world-class player.

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  1. Saka could be more productive if he has a physically-dominant CF to win aerial duels and do hold-up play for him, as Alexis Sanchez was when he played with Olivier Giroud and Michael Owen when he played with Emile Heskey

  2. Key elements for being world class in my opinion.

    Is he consistent – YES
    Does he turn up in big games – YES
    Does he produce crucial goal contributions – YES
    Does he also produce all this on the international stage – YES

    On top of all that, Saka works hard tracking back defending for the team, which many world class wide attackers either don’t do or are asked not to do.

    Some claim you need to win the big trophies be world class, which is such a ridiculous thing to say, with Kane being the most obvious example of how easily that argument is dismantled.

    The guys numbers in the EPL were off the charts for, let’s face it, a decent club at best.
    And he’s now playing for a huge club, where the pressure has intensified given Bayern’s struggles, yet he’s continuing to bang them in. It’s the same story at International level.

    So to say Kane isn’t world class because he hasn’t won anything, would be completely delusional.

    Winning trophies is a team achievement. Putting quality performances in each week is down to the individual.

  3. Agreed, Saka is very consistent. He can go whole game quiet and yet still pop up with an assist or goal. This is his 3rd consecutive season scoring +10 PL goals and he’s just 22! There aren’t actually THAT many wingers who can say that.

    Hes now on 13 PL goals with 13 matches to go…

    Also I’m fairly certain he will win the February POTM with Arteta winning Manager of the month.

    3-1 vs Pool
    0-6 vs Hammers
    0-5 vs Burnley
    4-1 vs Toons

    That is an insane February! Also worth noticing, we went January/February UNDEFEATED. When is the last time that happened..? Notoriously we’ve faltered badly during these months.

  4. There was this wholesome moment when Saka met the legend Arsene and this is how the conversation went- “Bukayo [Saka] didn’t know him but he called him ‘boss’ immediately. He said, ‘Boss, how can I improve?’ – [and] Arsene very dryly said, ‘I think you could use your right foot a bit more’.”

    I am really impressed that Saka took that advice seriously and lately we’ve been seeing him taking shots and crosses with his right foot, making it difficult for defenders to predict his moves. As to whether he’s world class, this for me depends on what an individual considers world class. For example, if someone says the likes of Foden and Sane are world class, then I have to insist that Saka is in that conversation too. But if one says world class is only limited to Mbappe,Haaland,Salah,KDB level, then Saka is not,yet.

  5. If the current criteria for world class wingers is Vinicious jr & Salah, then I’d say that Saka isn’t quite there yet.

  6. For me its all about how humane Wenger is/was. His assessment is fair not to mention his ability to improve players. I don’t think his predecessors would have managed with his last two squads that were packed with mediocre players. But he still produced results with them. Yes Bukayo is indeed world class, no doubt.

  7. Who is rio ferdinard to determine who is world class or not. Was he ever a world class player in his playing days.

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