Wenger interview – Arsenal have to bounce back against Swansea

Arsenal received a massive setback in the race for the League title by losing at Old Trafford, but Arsene Wenger thinks that his team showed a lot of commitment but lost to a bad couple of goals too quickly to come back from.

You can tell Wenger is loathe to criticize his players, and didn’t react to a question about Theo Walcott, but instead emphasises that it is three points lost and they simply have to bounce back on Wednesday and show that they are still up for the fight.

This interview (from BBC Sport) is telling for what he doesn’t say, but he hardly sounds very happy! See what you think…..

Interview courtesy of AudioBoom

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    1. Is this guy for real, he says he can’t fault the commitment WHAT commitment, if he can’t see that he is killing this club by his arrogence and his lack of judgement in buying players on the cheap and sticking with the ones who have nothing to add to the game, Walcott Oxy Gibbs earn huge money but give nowt in return. Mr Wenger your judgment in player ability to enhance the likes of Ozil Sanches is woefull, please step back and let Bould have a go, but that will never happen of you. CB

      1. Tottenham has a better british core Rose,Walker,Dier,Alli,Kane even the subs like Carroll are contributing something to their team while at Arsenal Walcott,Wilshere,Ramsey,OX,Chambers,Gibbs are awful

    2. I don’t see us bouncing back against Swansea they are our bogey side,I already know their tactics they’ll sit back allow us possession then counter yet Wenger still won’t have a game plan to beat them because he’s useless!

  1. Honestly , Wenger is a nice man , too nice in fact , to be a football coach , modern football is no gentleman game , he lacks the ruthlessness required to win games at times , and that reflects on his players.

    MU ‘s young team was hungrier , they pressed for the ball every time Arsenal players have possession, whereas our players were content to let MU have the ball & watch their players play , why ? Becos Arsenal have a fatherly figure as a coach who finds it hard to reprimand & criticise his players.. Arsenal players are too comfortable in their own skins and they forgot they need to fight in every game to be champions ! U will never progress when u r too comfortable, and that’s why our players make the same mistakes game after game !

    Unless Wenger himself change and progress as the leader , otherwise this Arsenal team will stay the same like Wenger , weak and short of ideas !

    1. If you even saw the goals, the crosses came in the box and Monreal was jst standing with his hands behind his back, no pressure no nothing, crosses came in freely. why were the players not pressing like how Man U were doin it?? and the coach was clueless as to why the players were just lazy. I hate the old man

  2. I am surprise d way sanchez,wacott,Aoc and ramsey have retrogress this season. Until we sign a world class striker and another cb to pair wth konscielny,it will b heart break every year for the fans and smiling to the bank for our myopic manager and greedy owners

    1. The same problems exist every year,we need a top striker to replace Giroud,a world class DM because Elneny is just not good enough I can see it already,a CB because Gabs is awful and Per has no pace

  3. How i hate this boring possession football

    There’s no end product to it…… Low intensity side to side passing all day… With a bunch of below average players playing around the ball only to lose it cheap…

    Then they hit us on the counter……..fast an furious…… Football comes alive again ….. They take their chances and score or it’s rescued by Cech or it’s cleared out by the Defenders…

    rinse , dry , repeat

    1. Possession stats are the most useless in football,when we beat Bayern we only had like 30% of the ball and look at Leicester in almost all their games they always have low possession stats,possession doesn’t win games but goals do!

  4. In the last few matches,ramsey is even worse than flamini. Sanchez issue is even more alarming,while walcott need to re-evaluate himself if he is actually a footballer,try to check his statistics aginst man utd yesterday

    1. If Barcelona are serious about their interest in Ramsey we should sell him asap,also Walcott,OX,Wilshere,Gibbs they can leave too they contribute zilch to the team and are wasting space for deserving players

      1. Wenger won’t sell his fav sons, he better sell the good ones to the rivals and stay with his kids, praising them everyday of how the team is gr8, and why there are no better players in the market than what we have.

  5. We are in problem as our beloved Arsenal FC have unexpectedly lost another League game yesterday to Man Utd at Old Traford. Did we see LvG mocking Arsenal with his sliding fall? He was trying to say Arsenal have slipped and fell down from the title race.

    That our lost of all the 3 points means, the maximum total points we can now collect if we won our remaining BPL 11 fixtures are 84 points. And how confident are we that Arsenal will win all their remaining 11 league games to reach the 84 points, if we are go by the inconsistent ways the Gunners have been playing in their recent outings.

    And even that 84 points to become Champions is hinged on if Leicester and Spurs will both dropped at least 6-5 points each to allow us a passage to top the table to lift the title trophy. And should that even happened, would Arsenal capitalized on Leicester & Spurs dropping those points. To even start with, will Arsenal beat Swansea City to keep our faint hopes alive. And will they also beat Spurs at White Hart Line to curtail Spurs’ title hopes excesses or even sink their title hopes altogether if they should lost to West Ham instead of them sink our own hopes.

    1. LVG was describing the refs about our player which he thought was diving, dude.
      ManUre usually were playing like shit before, but they looked highly motivated and well deserved winner against us.
      Mathematically the title is still there to compete. But having a nearly complete team who’s playing without “mojo”, is like walking in the cave seeking for sun light.

  6. ? Bounce back? …. Hahaha ???
    Yeah and We are Bouncing back down to 4th spot!
    And now I couldn’t care less if we finish 5th or 6th,
    What’s the point, when he doesn’t want to spend,
    It’s always been about making money and not winning major trophies. … I respect the Fa cup but its not enough for a club like Arsenal.

    Yet the deluded fool still believes that we can win the premier league ???
    The Spuds and Leicester are grinding out results and nicking the 3pts, while we keep throwing them away!

    Oh and we play another one of our Bogey teams on Wednesday,
    It’s going to take something extraordinary to pump up the deflated fan base.

    1. Not big enough indeed, but you still have to be please if we win the FA Cup, fatty. ManShitty won the Capital One Cup last night, and their faces were all shiny like a new polished shoes. I don’t know what’s that mean for them. Cap Cup is a truly Micky Mouse one.

  7. We need miracle now. Only left Santi and Ox at treatment table, our nearly full team still can’t find the loosing mojo. If we can crawl back from this, I think it’s gonna be too late. Leister and Spuds (gosh!) seem unlikely to slip. Even all of our “St. Toteringham Day Trophies” look more shiny now eh Londoners?

  8. Wenger trying to help these English players to be in Euro Squads but that let’s the team down!!can’t see why Walcot starting ahead of Campbell!!!!I could even give a Chance to young Adelaide …

    1. Wenger boys in here are finally quiet, now they know their father or God, is taking us nowhere. but come Wednesday and we luckily beat Swansea, they’ll come back here like ‘have you seen our daddy you AKBs??’

  9. If Arsenal has to bounce back a few things need to be done. First and foremost Wenger should have no leniency towards any player who is not up to standard. In this regard I would propose benching Ramsey and Walcott for a start and bringing in Elneny and Campbell or if Giroud is recalled then Welbeck should play on the left and Campbell on the right as Sanchez is also rested to freshen up. At the back return Mertesacker. This would put all players on tenterhooks and make them realise that nobody has an automatic place but everyone must fight for his position in the team. For sometime now many fans have expressed concern about Ramsey’s antics but the manager did not seem to care. However now that Elneny has shown us what he can do let Ramsey be rested for a while as he regains composure. It is disgusting to watch the lack of spirit by our team. Some players just seem to appear as a duty not a determined side to win games. Such pleasures should be talked to and put on notice for purging from the club regardless of the long time they have been at Arsenal. Walcott is perhaps the greatest disappointment currently. He either puts his act together or he is shown the exit door!

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