Arsene Wenger is NOT Arsenal Football Club

Some people think that Arsene Wenger is Arsenal football club by KM

It’s hard to believe that there are still people out there who think that Arsene is some sort of god who does magic tricks to put Arsenal into the top 4. I read a lot of comments on this site saying that “there is no pot of gold hiding somewhere”, when the truth is that Arsenal have lots of money to fix some obvious problems.

Looking at the Forbes statistics about the richest football clubs, Arsenal lie 5th (ranked July 15, 2014) with a value of 1,331 million us dollars.The clubs above us are Bayern, Man Utd, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Our revenue is 370 million and that is not counting the Puma kit deal which came into action in the summer.

For 2013 Arsenal were ranked 4th (above Bayern Munich) with almost similar numbers to the German giants, who have climbed above Arsenal by a staggering 500 million US dollars, something you can expect when you dominate the Bundesliga and win the Champions league.


So tell me, how do you believe that Arsene is sitting there counting his pennies, when we have the grand canyon in our defense? We have Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta starting, thankfully Arteta will probably miss the Swansea game.

Arsene Wenger is not Arsenal Football Club regardless of the similarity in his name to the one of the club. When people talk about Sir Alex Ferguson they all speak of the trophies he’s won. His success left Man Utd. in a position to hire any manager and give him all the money he wants and they can still buy great talent without champions league football.

At Arsenal what was achieved in the last 10 years was not based on success. The money Arsenal DO HAVE are because of smart business management, not Arsene Wenger. Arsenal football club has more employees than the Manager and the players. People on the board are equally if not more important for the stadium move than Arsene.

All Arsene has to do is spot what’s sitting in front of his eyes as a defensive black hole that sucks every headed ball in the back of our net and do something about it. A tactically adequate manager with a few good signings would be the messiah to some Arsenal fans, considering how happy some are with Wengers “4th is a trophy”.

The Swansea game could go either way, but whichever way it goes it will not matter, because the deeper problem will not be resolved. Who starts on our next game will actually matter when we take advantage of being the 5th richest club in a world where countries go bankrupt, and we can be spoiled enough to solve our problems by dropping bags of money here and there, to clubs who actually have limited resources.

Dortmund and Atletico Madrid are examples of how you can be successful in football with low budgets. That’s of course when you measure success in trophies and finals and medals, because on the business side, we’re doing pretty damn good!

Konstantin Mitov

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    1. No arsen ain’t mr arsenal but he has made arsenal into what they are today a global power house by the way you written this article your the twat that thinks your me arsenal and think you know everything that’s going behind the scene and know what’s best for our club were one of the best run clubs in the world and look good for the future. Dam this new generation of arsenal fans are so spoilt it’s untrue it was never like this in the highbury days we just love the badge COYG

        1. NO NO NO, no upstairs, Wenger needs to go end of.
          He can’t be around to dabble in a new managers plans.
          We need a manager that will make decisions on the pitch and in the transfer market.
          We need a manager who will argue with the board if it is for the good of this club.
          We need a manager who can motivate players.

      1. You do realise there was an Arsenal football club pre 1997 and that they had won a hell of a lot more silverware in the 5yrs before Wenger arrived than they did in the last 10 yrs.
        Sickens me when people think this club was formed the day Wenger arrived.

    2. In a week you’ll be able to google “straw man argument” and this article will be there as a case study

    1. In Other News…
      Robin Van Persie Got Betrayed by Sir Alex .. He said to him that He will be manager for another 3 years. And then retired after one. LOL..
      Betrayal for a Betrayer .. Karma is a Bi***…

  1. I don’t think we can win tomorrow match. We have to depend on sanchez again but can he carry on like that? The result of this match will depend on Walcott too, I find he quite sharp for a player not played so long as for the rest I just hope they finally turn up.

    Nowadays we only can hope cos quality of management is not there.

    1. Umm.. Its Swansea. Of course we can win. We can also lose and we can also draw, but don’t lose your mind.

  2. I’m tired of thinking about wenger he frustrates me beyond belief! Id rather focus on our players and hope they all click soon. Coyg! I heard this morning from someone who has friends wirhin the club that arsene may move upstairs at the end of this season if they win no silverware, good luck with that then. Not sure how reliable this is but he’s been righton transfers before, pinch ofnof salt I think. Ot: imagine you can pick one player from Chelsea or city’s sqaud who would it be? The candidates for me are aguero, costa, fabregas, matic, kompany, silva, ya ya. For me in our current situation it has to be matic or kompany. Matic wins it for me, tremendous player. Just a bit of fun 🙂

    1. I’d go for either Kompany or Cahill. For me our centre back situation is so bad it even takes priority over a defensive midfielder right now.

  3. Ps hoping balo starts for pool today. I’d like to see him bring it and scrap with the Chelsea players. Still hoping for costa to get broken or get a red 🙂

    1. Yep The BABA (Blame Anything But Arsene) crew are trolling. Guess they have nothing else to do until after tomorrows game when they can whine about how the referee cost Arsenal the game, the FA do everything to make life hard for us and oh the press simply hates us. God forbid you’re an Arsenal supporter and you criticize Lord ‘haven’t got a Scooby-Doo’ Wenger because you obviously know nothing abut football and are not a true supporter. Muppets!

      1. @5th-Gen, I’m happy to announce to you that your application to join the SAWS (Special Anti-Wenger Squad) has been accepted.

        Welcome aboard!!!

    2. They just can’t be cured. The virus had invaded 18 years ago, only those with brain can think by them self one than can evolved from this virus. Those only can follow will never recover unless the virus left himself.

      1. @justsoccerfan
        You just put your bias and hatred into perspective. It’s not about whatever AW does. It’s all about who he is and where he hails from. Wish others of your ilk would simply own up to this as well instead of nit pickin on bullsh*t trying to create an excuse for their xenophobia…
        Appreciate the honesty.

  4. Wenger says we can still catch Chelsea. last year it was Man City, the previous year Man Utd and the years before the same teams in a diiferent order. What we want is to see these teams hoping to catch us. Honestly, I am bored with the Arsenal approach to most games. Possession football, leaving it late ti find goals, an utterly confused defence after taking a lead, fighting to salvage draws agains weaker teams, reliance on one or two special players to bale us out, poor timing of substitutions, the frequent long term injury list,quality players played out of position, referees gunning us and yet our players commit the kind of fouls leading to cards and penalties . How the hell are we expected to catch anybody above us when all these factors come into play?

    1. Wasn’t we top for most of last season ?so doesn’t that count that teams had to catch us up for the mijority of it

      1. True, we were top, but then end up losing away and drawing at home to these teams. 3 points from 18 from these games last year is a poor return, and we end up playing catch-up again.

  5. KM Totally agree with with you regarding finances however on the pitch newer mind competing with the likes of Bayern, Barcas and Reals we are having problems with the likes of Everton, Southamton, we need a manager with great players behind him like Pep Guardiola we need world class left/winger we need world class defensive/midfielder one or two in defence and may be world class striker but let’s see Dany and Sanchez until January, people we have the money,

    As for AW would be a great leader in FIFA instead of Sepp Platter.

  6. I agree with you partly, Wenger is the problem. NOT how much we spend or who we buy. In contradicting yourself you gave examples of Dortmund and Athletico. SEE the difference, they both have very good managers. You are also talking about buying defenders: you can buy all the defenders in this world and still leak goals like Man city, Liverpool etc. Look at Southampton , they have conceded only five times this season and am sure u don’t even know their back four. It all comes down to how you manage your players not how much u spend.

  7. @thando. Akb around indeed! 🙂 personally even though wenger has his contacts and has ecnomic prowess I’d prefer he got his oppurtunity to nanage at monaco or the french national team. Do we really want a alex ferguson scenario?

      1. @thando
        That is some backwards azzd logic you got there dude. When the team wins its down to the players, but when they lose its down to AW…
        Damn, thats some choice lunacy…lmfao

        1. @ny gunner who was responsible for that 3-3 draw?wenger doesnt give instructions he just watch and what made get to that conclusion that players try their best because they not told what to do

          1. @thando
            Did he instruct them to score 3 goals as well as give away 3 goals? Dude, at some point you gotta realize how f**kn idiotic your logic sounds…

  8. Yes a lot of new generation fans popping up on here now. Soneobey yesterday said we should start ospina tmorrow, lmfao!

  9. Also a strange one for me is sending coquelin out on loan to Charlton for 1 month. Areteta and flamini look suspect at dm sometimes and coquelin looks like he may be needed before Jan due to injuries etc so we loan him out. Any idea why people?

  10. You can have an opinion about Wenger, but the level of abuse he gets is completely unjustified given all that he has done for the club. Arsene doesn’t stay for the money or the prestige. He stays because he loves this football club and wants it to succeed, just like us fans. It’s been his life nonstop for 18 years. It’s going to be difficult for him to let go. If you don’t think he’s the right man for the job and want him to go, fair enough, but does it really warrant all these personal attacks?

    1. And what of the fans don’t you think we love Arsenal FC and we don’t get paid to love it we pay to love it, Arsen had his day his making stupid mistakes in what the teem needs, his in a different world then the top 20 clubs in Europe, his thinking too small no pation to win major trophys if it happens it happens attitude,

  11. perhaps wenger thinks he own Arsenal fc …… Cuz His name “ARSENE” kinda rhymes with d club’s name “ARSENAL” …Tsk Tsk

  12. People defend wenger for the things he has done for behind the scene but they forget that he is the mananger not c.e.o or what whatever the position,but what does he put on field? Start counting from 2007-2014.we are talking about a man who refused to 1 player, i mean 1 player! That would have won him the league and we were leading in jan (2013-2014)

  13. Dose that complain about Wenger were not 2tru suppoter of arsenal FC. Wen we glamouring for well good condicve sTadium and he did it for us with taut of kept us on CL with likely thropy if possible. So why we crucified Him bad altitude of player on the pitch. So come behind him to succeed b’cos all media are not us to be in Prem league. Mancheeet no where to find in Europe with all star they parade, they all want us to sink down and take better side of us. So Ars player needto to prove critics wrong always. Looking to swans game 2moro. Ars 3 vs Swans1. COYG!!!!!!!!

      1. Same here I have great respect for the guy he has done great things in the past when we was cash poor but being Rich is not in his blood
        Footbal has moved on clubs are getin huge cash for TV rights and sponsers and not forgetting gate money, last January when Walcott got injured and our goal taly was behind all the top clubs AW should of just taken the risk and bought a striker, if it didn’t work out no one would of blamed him for tring but he chose to do nothing and that’s a sighn of weeknes.

  14. @NY-Gunner, all he is saying is very simple: Arsenal is indeed a financially stable and well to do club. We don’t have to be extravagant when it comes to signings before we win trophies, we can buy smartly like Dortmund and Atletico—- even like Southampton for that matter—- and still accomplish great things.

    Moreover, a football club is known for it’s brand of football and results. Our brand of football is crumbling, our results are unimpressive, all because our manager isn’t doing the right things tactically, and he isn’t getting the right and necessary players too.

    Of a truth, Arsene doesn’t mean Arsenal. #Simple

  15. Reminds me of what happened between Wenger and his teacher in High School.

    Teacher: What do you call a deer with no eye?

    Wenger: No eye deer, ma!

  16. Unfortunately I don’t raise my hopes with the January transfer, not with Wenger in charge, the man has proven again and again that he has no idea or willingness on how to improve the squad or fix our weaknesses…continue pointing his ineptitude as a Manager is pointless, we have to sit tight and wait till his time is over…it is frustrating seeing other teams giving Chelsea a run for their money while we just pray not to be humiliated

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