“Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers in history”

Wenger still holds the wow factor! by AH

Whilst Arsene Wenger may have lost his wow factor according to many Arsenal fans, the players at Arsenal football club may think otherwise!

Many fans believe that Wenger’s time at Arsenal football club should be over and that he has long overstayed his time. Many fans also called for the Frenchman to check out at the end of the season, but as of this moment it looks like he will be staying on for another year, despite his openness in saying that he is unsure where his future lies when his current contract with the club ends. His contract runs until the end of next season and Wenger has already spoken out about that situation, stating that he does not know whether he will still be at the club after next season and that it will be up to the club officials, players and fans to decide whether he will remain after 2017.

One of the biggest concerns with Wenger that fans have is that players will soon lose confidence in him. However according to star player Mesut Ozil, Wenger is still highly important to Arsenal football club and that he certainly brings an additional attraction to signing for the Gunners!

Speaking to the media, Ozil was quoted saying: “At Arsenal, Arsène Wenger has shown that he is one of the best managers in history. He has revolutionised the club and created magnificent success. I am proud and aware of the luxury I have of working for such a coach. His simple discourse immediately seduced me when I was asking questions about my future in the summer of 2013. He chose the perfect words to convince me. The great strength that Wenger has is he knows how to talk to his players.”

It is a major boost for the Gunners to know that Wenger still receives the respect and attraction from top calibre players such as Ozil to come and sign for the club. Without Wenger’s presence, the likes of Ozil may not have been convinced to come to the Gunners and we could be looking at a very different Arsenal side. Since Ozil, we have seen the likes of Alexis, Cech and now Xhaka, all join and all believe highly in Arsene Wenger.

It’s very important the players continue to believe in their manager and if they do, Arsenal can hopefully continue to attract some of the best available players, making our ambition to achieve silverware next season every more likely.


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  1. In my opinion, we can divide wengers years into three sections
    1) pre-Emirates with the invincibles squad
    2) post-Emirates with very limited spending
    3) economically liberated from Emirates stadium

    In the first two stages I can agree that he has been world class in two different ways – but the last stage has definitely been his worst. He has not caught up with modern day football management. Whether it’s his fault alone or being heavily enforced by kroenke and gazidis can be debated, but he is definitely a part of the problem at Arsenal. I don’t think anyone will disagree with that, perhaps more whether or not the problem is a problem in the first place?

    1. You are more or less spot on mate,
      But, I am not of those that point any of the blame on the board or the majority share holder, if anything, Wenger has been given more control of the club since Kroenke took over!

      What goes up! must come down and as the saying goes, nothing last forever but boy is this stale fart lingering! ?

      #Open the god damn windows!

      1. It’s funny how Xhaka has been given Ramsey’s old shirt number (16) when the player himself joked about phoning Coquelin and asking for his shirt number, As everyone knows that he has that number tattoo, on his back. ??
        Surely, Xhaka can’t be happy about that? ?

        Talking of Ramsey, he has gone from number 16 to 8, maybe thats because he is half the player that he used to be! ? Oh and one day, he wants to ply his ? in Spain… I can’t wait! ….. the sooner the better!

  2. You can’t be one of the best managers in history if you’ve never won a European title. One of the best in Arsenal’s history perhaps but that’s it.

  3. Arsene Wenger is ONE OF the best managers in history…
    No one doubts that Wenger’s been awesome for Arsenal. But he’s started tarnishing his awesome record. I hope he redeems himself before finally resigning…so that we remember him MOSTLY for the good.

  4. Changing the subject a little, does anyone know why Mathieu Flamini is still listed on the Arsenal website with a jersey number? Rosicky and Arteta are listed but they don’t have jersey numbers. But Flamini has a number. Isn’t his contract ended this year?

    1. Hahaha ? Well done for noticing!
      I have mentioned that a few times already, on here,
      That Wenger hasn’t said his Goodbye’s to Flamini, Yet!
      It obviously means that mr wenger is sucking up to the future billionaire and will probably give Flamini another year extention! ???

      1. @FbG
        Flame is, besides Kos, Alexis and Gabe are our only players who have “stones” and are up for a scrap. I wouldn’t mind if he stayed another year…

        1. Flamini might not be first team material anymore, and he’s certainly not close to feature anytime soon with xhaka, ramsey, coquelin and elneny (+Cazorla?) in front of him, but I’m sure he contributes to a good spirit in the team, and I’d keep him if it would affect özil staying.

  5. Wenger needs to buy LW/CB/ST or 2 ST to stand a chance of even making top 4 next year. I really hope he’s not arrogant enough to think chelsea and utd will be going through transition period. we need the right players to cover us through injury layoffs plus a massive CF.

  6. For me Wenger kmows how to get himself into trouble and surprisingly wriggles himself out of it in spectacular fashion. He has enjoyed it at Arsenal and still wants more of the fun. But….. I don’t think he likes it when fans call him out. I think he feel hurt because he believe his job is not done yet. He wants to leave Asernal with a better identity and culture. I think he wants it to eclipse Barca and all untill every Jack and Jill bows down to say, ‘your worship, football is perfected at The Emirates!’ What I am not sure about is, will the new hired coaches in ‘those’ clubs allow him the freedom to bring his dream to a climax? Only Xhaka knows!

  7. Off topic!

    I am not a fan of England in international competitions, for many years I haven’t trusted them but this year after seeing the Vardy and Kane combination I get the feeling that they will destroy the competition.

    The team has two very hungry guys I have ever witnessed for many years after the Shellar, Owen errors. What they real want is their midfielders and wingers to give them when they need.

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