Arsene Wenger is “Very Happy” – Why aren’t Arsenal fans?

With all the criticism of Arsene Wenger on JustArsenal over the last week, an outsider looking in would think it was safe to assume that Arsenal had lost their last two games and are way behind the leaders in the Premiership. But the reality is that we have WON our last two games and are currently fifth in the table, just two points behind the reigning Champions Man City in third place.

After the 2-0 win at Sunderland, Wenger said on “It was very pleasing. The team was very focused, very united, very concentrated not to make mistakes.

“In the end we got a good win with a clean sheet on top. I’m very happy about that.

“It’s our second away game in three days. Before the game, I would have signed for a 1-0 – it became a 2-0 very late in the game.

“I’m very happy. We dropped two points against Hull, so we could compensate and win today.

“It was very important for our morale and to come up the table again as well.”

Okay so we all know it wasn’t the most artistic or dominant display, but the fact remain that we won despite our massive injury list. Also Wednesday’s win makes us hot favourites to go through to the knock out stages of the Champions League. So why can’t Arsenal fans just be happy? I’m certainly glad I’m not a Sunderland fan….

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  1. i for one have never criticized arsene wenger….an im delighted with how things have gone….off to pick up my meds now…. C O Y G

    1. Honestly, the reason why fans like me are not happy is because Arsenal can really do better than this.

      When we played against Sunderland, the sole reasons why we won were because, first of all, they (Sunderland) made two silly mistakes, and secondly, Alexis capitalised on those mistakes becuz he was relentless in his efforts to make sure we won, he was dogged, most of his teammates.

      1. Meant “unlike most of his teammates”.

        We did not win becuz we played better or becuz we had better chances we created ourselves.

        1. this week, i’m going to disagree with the sentiment you mentioned above. the whole team was dogged, chasing down balls, and generally hustling. now, i do agree that the display was still otherwise lackluster, and left me thinking we got a tad lucky. and so for that, i can agree that we share the desire to see improvement. but for once, the team hustled collectively. doesn’t happen every week.

          1. @Mike, no problem sir. Ur comment has elements of the truth, just slightly off mine.

            I agree the chased the ball, but sincerely it’s never like Alexis does. That dude follows the ball everywhere.

          2. I agree Mike, I think in the first half I was satisfied; we were dogged and seemed to be at least moving towards a deserved win but it wasn’t quite working yet but then the second half we were again putting in more effort than Hull or Anderlecht but it was simply was not good enough so I was disappointed overall.

  2. The title is very depressing on its own there’s nothing to be happy about we are playing some terrible football at the moment!

    1. Wengers not happy. This comment was taken out of context. Go watch his post match interview at Sunderland and you tell me if you think he’s happy. To me it looks like a lot of disappointment from Wenger and the players. Wenger might not be the best tactician but he knows good football when he sees it.

  3. wenger is being paid well over 7million per annum… Why shouldn’t he be happy? Its not like d pressure is on him 2 win trophies or take us to glory ….. Honestly, wenger’s approach towards games can be so frustrating ….fear is often written all over his face each time arsenal is playing…. Plus, its rare to find him stand by the touchline motivating players …..all he does is sit and shiver (even in a hot sunny afternoon)

    1. I wrote an article earlier in the season in form of a letter to Arsene. I mentioned this attitude of his, panicking on the touch line or on the bench instead of giving tactical instructions to his boys to change our game plan if what they are doing is not working, few people went with me. I just hate his mental strength. He is weak and that has rubbed off his players.

  4. I will be more happy then he is if he but some quality players,if when the Lille boss tell him to chose Hazard or Gervinho cuz they will not sell both of them in the same summer and he chose Hazard not Gervinho.If he bring back Cesc last summer(I’m not a fan of Cesc but I recognise he is a quality player).If he change the sistem in 4-3-3 not 4-1-4-1(like a little team who stay in the defense to try to surprise big teams),because we have 3 good players who can play strikers,Walcott,Welbeck,Sanchez,and if that don’t work can remove they to wingers or replace with Ox,Cazorla,etc.
    Now I think Wilshere can come back in a good form in the end or be banched,I personaly belive in him.In january we can bring Gotze,becauze he will not play anymore at Bayern now after Ribery recovery and when Thiago will come back to(Guardiola favorite)and this can resolve a part of our CM problem,he is not a CM,doesn’t have speed but have quality passes,good vision of play and more workrate and”soul”then Ozil.We also need a quality CB two.

    1. And I will be a happy fan if AW will leave next summer,he is a quality manager but not for us anymore,like Mourinho says he can’t bring again succes for this club.I think will not be a catastrophy if we don’t qualify in UCL for next year and reconstruct our team to fight for winning PL.

      1. No,he’s the goalgheter in Bundesliga right now but he will not play anymore after Ribery and Thiago’s come back and is not happy to be banched.He have say that PL can be a new chalange for him.He can leave Bayern when will not play again and Bayern want Ozil so will be some talks betwin clubs.The problem is Mourinho want him two.

          1. Not very reliable,just some rumors,but if Bayern want Ozil anything can happen.

            http:// www . express. co .uk/ sport /football/ 509448/Mario-Gotze-puts-Arsenal-Chelsea-and-Man-Utd-on-alert-after-admitting-move-abroad-appeals (you know pal,delete the spaces).

  5. Arsenal fans are NEVER happy, I heard fans moaning after both our wembley victories this summer. They are moaning again now and will continue to moan until wenger is replaced. Even when Wengers replacement spends all our money leads us to mid table obscurity and no trophies they will still be moaning.

    I had an argument with some clown in Brussels, who feels that because he has a season ticket and goes to the odd away game he is entitled to a break down of where every penny goes that the club spends. I asked him if he had rail season ticket and an oyster card he said he did. It turns out that he spends 4 times the amount on his travel, yet has never demanded once to know where national rail and London underground spend their money. His answer was that’s different!! He also spends more a year on his sky TV package than his arsenal season ticket and also more per year on his mobile phone bills. Honestly some fans need a reality check. Apparently those 2 bills are also different as they are essential!!! When I said we’ll there is your answer no one is forcing you to go matches, so don’t bloody go, he got really annoyed. Finally I pointed out that arsenal do provide a downloadable version of the annual and interim accounts, he didn’t even know that.

    It’s all about choices, if u can’t afford it all give something up or cut down its simple, but do not go around making demands for a view of the accounts and moaning when everything is right there at your fingertips and at your disposal.

  6. Why aren’t we happy?

    We’re playing terrible, boring football. Not ‘the Arsenal way’.
    We get so many injuries and have to watch our teenagers against some of the best in the world.
    We don’t have a proper holding midfielder.
    We don’t have a back up centre back.
    Our best striker is Danny Welbeck.
    We have millions in the bank unspent.
    Ticket prices continue to rise.
    We’ve drawn 5 games already, having only drawn 7 in the entirety of last season.
    We’ve only won 3 games out of 9.
    Our players are played out of position.
    Most of our players just don’t seem to be putting the effort in.

    But if Arsene is happy then that’s all fine of course.

    1. you are spot on mate!…… But dn’t be too harsh on welbz … Just not yet . Wenger can take all the blame …. He deserves it

    2. yes we are playing terrible football, but is Wenger really the man to blame? I dont think so. First of all, most of our players are out of form – the likes of chamberlain, carzola, flamini, rosicky, podolski, mertesacker have simply lost it! Our midfielders even struggle to make the right passes. The blame should really be on the players – they’re the ones who fail to execute the manager’s tactics (unless Wenger’s tactics involve passing the ball to the opposition every time and firing shots to the crowd). I don’t need to remind you that key players like ozil, arteta, ramsey, walcott, diaby, kos, debuchy, giroud are struggling with injuries, so basically Wenger is out of options yet he still manages to keep the team afloat. you gotta give the guy some credit.

      We’ve drawn games that we should have won because we conceded goals that are a result of some silly mistakes that happen at the back and not because we were tactically outplayed, its really unfair to put the blame on the manager for that.

      One other thing…we have been without a “proper” DM since Gilberto left, but we still played some good football and won some big games thereafter. My point is, the reason we are playing poorly is not because we dont have a proper DM so stop blaming wenger for not buying a DM as if a DM will start winning us games!

    3. Not sure how many people here understand finance.
      We millions in cash reserve, which is not revenue or profit.
      It is added up in a number of years, it is not like we will have the same cash reserve every single year.
      Fact is our self sustain model means we still cannot compete financially with the like of Chelsea and Man city who can spend hundred millions per season.
      We need to spend smart on the right player, and avoid bidding war with top team.

  7. I feel sorry for the fans who pay costly tickets to watch such crap and still appear for the next game. Fans need to act.

  8. I still say #FACK AW I don’t care what hes happy about.I know im not happy wit the way the club iz running ALL ILL LIKE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN TO #JOELCAMPBELL!!! #AW IZ DOIN HIM VERY DIRTY BY MAKING HIM SCRUB THE BENCH,FOR WHAT THO SMFH

  9. “I’m very happy. We dropped two points against Hull, so we could compensate and win today.” what the hell is that?? we only have to win our games at home so we can secure our 4th place trophy?? how low are our ambitions that the manager can say that in our face without a problem?? WE ARE A F* BIG TEAM! OUR DUTY IS WIN ALL OUR GAMES!!!!! Wenger cant just say loud and clear the we can compensate games, especially if we are talking about low half teams. WE SHOULD WIN THOSE GAMES, ALWAYS! NO EXCUSES! WTF! I respect the old man but that opinion really pis** off

    1. There are three possible outcomes in every match. A win, draw, and a loss. Those outcomes are a reality no matter. So if you support a team because it must always beat those fonsidered inferior to it you base your support on an unrealistic premise. Man city lost to qpr and west ham, hardly top teams while liverpool lost aston villa, a team that has now gone for five games withoit scoring. Arsenal on the other hand is yet to lose to a team that finished below it last season.

    2. Which big team beside on form Chelsea win all their games?
      Man City just lost to West Ham, and Stoke a few weeks back
      Liverpool, Spuds, Everton, Man Utd…LOL
      The team is not on form so it is right to criticize but some perspective please.

      What is the definition of BIG team? History or Money? It is clearly money rule football nowadays.
      We are top 5 of the European richest club chart in revenue, things the oily club does not care about, their owners can just simply inject cash with the same amount as our revenue every single season.
      We are 4th richest in the EPL behind Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd. We are already happy about the 30M deal with Puma, when the fact is Man Utd got 70M deal with Nike
      All these 3 teams all have top class managers and players. Even Arsenal match these 3 teams in spending (taking risk of going bankrupt) , our chance to win the EPL is 25%. Manage your expectation or you will never be happy.
      Too many Wenger haters nowadays

  10. Wenger can not deny himself happiness because of some individual who find solace in negativity and moaning. Let the moaners moan while people with positive outlook of kife rejoice with the club.

  11. We don’t play good football anymore.
    Players injured
    Players play out of position
    Lack of Depth in defensive position
    playing his favourite position and out of form players.

    These result in struggling in every match regardless of what opposition we play even if we do end up winning.

    1. If you believe that rubbish and get depressed by it just make sure your medical aid cover is in good shape otherwise you will have to cough out some pennies from your meagre income to meet medical expenses.

  12. Change the record with your b*tching and moaning please, if you’re all that upset make a petition or write a letter. I’m fed up of coming on here to discuss AFC and instead bombarded with people making ridiculous accusations about concepts they don’t understand. Obviously we haven’t played great in our last couple of games but we have won both. I would rather be winning ugly than drawing in style; at least until we have some of our players back to full fitness and find a balance to our team. If Chelsea had lost the amount of key players through injury that we have they would not be in the place they are, let’s say Fabregas got injured (Ozil), Oscar (Ramsey), Cahil (Kos), Ivanoivic (Debuchy) and don’t worry I won’t compare Costa to Giroud. Yes they do have more cover than us but with these injuries do you seriously think they would be unbeaten? Ideally we would have clicked already but for a multitude of reasons we haven’t, Wenger can be blamed for not signing a DM and a back up CB but the players have to be accountable to an extent.

  13. As an arsenal fan not only am I happy I’m lucky to be one I’ve enjoyed every min of my 30+ years of beign a gooner and I love the highs and even the lows wen my pride has been dented cause I will always wake up the next day still a gooner COYG in wenger I trust

  14. i’m always happy we win. But definitely not happy that both our goals came from Sunderland’s silly mistake.

    we hardly created chances, but we definitely tried. Especially liked seeing Wilshere willing to try more long lobs, but only to the flanks. would love to see a more attacking team against a team that’s so out of form(just lost 8-0 against southampton)

    we still need to improve the width of our game, and the clarity of roles between the centre mids, or that they have to figure out a way to play together themselves.

    Cazorla is definitely trying harder, but perhaps a little too rushed with the shots. Still the overall more positive attitude in the team is good to have, but lets hope the rest of the team can start working just as hard or at least 80% of what Alexis is doing, s o we’re not just a 1 man team.

  15. Wenger is happy because he has no ambition he is quite happy to finish 4th and get to the last 16 in the Champions League with the odd FA Cup. The Fans are not happy because they are hungry for success. They don’t want Arsenal to be also ran’s.

  16. It is obvious Arsene Wenger is “happy”.
    1-When you are an “average” manager, so far the performance could be qualified as “good enough”.
    2-He is “deluded”, so why worry? (on his part of course).
    3-The fact is top four is not far and we are still (will be) in course to achieve that (since this is a club with no real ambition, it will then suffice)
    4-With this squad and his tactical choices, it is clear “the players” are pulling us up, not that delusional “overrated” manager.

    This all story will finish soon because with the means (thanks to the fans too, let’s no way forget about that) at our disposal and the fans base, this club will achieve greatness as it was supposed to do long time ago.

    I am not “spitting” on Wenger achievements, but we should have won a CL (and more leagues) by now and so far we have been clearly regressing on a constant and steady speed.

    It is unacceptable, incomprehensible, illogical, that a manager earning such a “ridiculous” amount of money qualify himself as “happy” with what is going on right now and is not delivering trophies on a regular basis…

    Fans are being ripped off for a disgraceful spectacle and little consolation at the end of the season. Wenger, the board, the “invisible” yankee and the shareholders are just taking a piss…
    This is a farce and it will end soon…!

  17. I don’t understand you Guys that do not see a problem with Arsenal. Injuries should not stop us from defeating Sunderland or Hull or Anderlecht comfortably. WTF!!!
    I blame Arsene for anything that goes wrong. He knows his players. Should the fans motivate the players for him? We can not play the same way every game, its unacceptable, that’s why we have a Manager. If it were about just getting on the pitch and play, the players could as well choose amongst themselves.


  18. What a joke a win against a team that just lost 8-0 NOT to man city or Chelsea but to Southampton.
    Sure Southampton is currently in 2nd place but that also is reason not to be happy. Sure Arsenal is only 3 pints behind city but that would be something to be happy about say if City was sitting top of the table but they are 6 pints off the top and that means Arsenal is 9 points off the top after 9 games. and Chelsea is only looking like they will widen that gap. we can thank Ex-Gunner RVP for his late goal that the gap is not 11 points.
    If your ambition is a league title you have to beat the top teams and so far Arsenal has been unable to beat the expiated title contenders. In my option Mourinho can partly thank Wenger for Chelsea’s early success as they should not have Cesc Arsenal should have invoked the right of first refusal and paid what ever it took to NOT allow Cesc to go to ANY other EPL team. now we are told we did not need Cesc because we have Ozil. Well that is bull for one Chelsea had Oscar, Eden Hazard, Willian already but Cesc is fitting right in and creating goals. Ozil is NOT producing goals of asits and is not injured and the press is full of rumors that he is on his way out in January. Really? if that happens Arsenal is run by the stupidest manager and team management is history of English football. You think had the role been reversed Mourinho would have let Cesc go to Arsenal? And the injury issue we are having is only a issue because of the sorry state the team started the season. The worst transfer window management in the league (except Sánchez) we made horrible use of the transfer window to strengthen to build a balanced squad with plenty of depth. Wenger take pride in successive success in CL qualification yet over the past season instead of capitalizing on that success to build a team capable of wining the CL we flounder like We are a mid table team struggling to attract big talent. It is just unecusabel that we still have players like Diaby on the roster who has yet provide anything in over 3 seasons. we put faith in Wilshere Walcott and Ramsey (all good players mind you) when season after season they fall short of that break through to world class. and We bring in World class players like Arshavin, Podolski and now Ozil and watch as they slowly die a slow death at Arsenal. we sell are best players that showed proven ability to make thinks happen and win games in favor hoping players grow into top players. We have a number ten that scores fewer goals in his entire Arsenal career then Cesc has scored or been responsible for at his new EPL home in just 9 games. Sorry but promising talent and proven results I will take Results every time. And so does Mourinho and that is why they sit top of the table and we sit in 5th. Why Arsenal lost to Chelsea and they won. And why I AM NOT Happy with how things are going so far. I am NOT giving up by a long shot but Wenger and Arsenal management sure has not made they right moves so can Arsenal still win the title Sure bit they cow shave made it a who lot easier had better managed the past 8 seasons of transfer windows. (not all that impressed with Wenger’s team selection lately ether,

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