Arsene Wenger leaves the door open for a return to club management

Arsene Wenger has left the door open for a return to club management at some point in his career, although he insists he is focused on his job at FIFA right now.

The Frenchman departed as Arsenal’s manager in 2018 and he is yet to get a job from another club since then.

He is not unemployed though after earning a role as Fifa’s Chief of Global Football Development.

He is trying to bring some changes to the game, including a plan to hold the FIFA World Cup every two years.

That is something that will change the game and add more football fixtures to an already jam-packed calendar.

While he continues his work at FIFA, it seems he still has his eyes on a return to day-to-day club management.

The former Arsenal boss spoke about the idea recently and claimed that he doesn’t rule out a return even though he is focused on the work he is doing for FIFA now.

The legendary Frenchman told The Telegraph: “Overall we have to accept that our days come to an end at some stage.

“I don’t rule it out, but I am completely focused (on Fifa) and I don’t worry too much about the rest.

“There are always people who say ‘You are too old’ so at the time, maybe I thought they were right.

“But I am in good shape and I have not completely decided not to do it anymore.”

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  1. I would accept him with open arms. But he should groom someone with same philosophy as his assistant because currently academy and senior players are playing two different styles. We should bring someone that’ll believe that football is meant to entertain the spectators. It’s the Arsenal DNA. We don’t want to see Arsenal players running around like headless chickens, as is the norm nowadays

  2. If he thinks he can get the job done, so be it. We cannot force our opions on him. After all by December, many clubs will require managers – Doncaster Rovers, Oldham Athletic to name a few to match his methods and player selection. Good luck Mr. Wenger. Hope to see you some day at the Emirates for an EEL clash with the lucky team who hires you.

    1. Yes, just like your favourite Mr. Arteta will be hired by a sunday league club as assistant manager and maybe take his gum chewing assistant and the depreciated Rollls Royce with him..

  3. It’s probably best that he does not return to management. It is unlikely that any of the top teams in world football would hire him.
    I am also not convinced that he could be a transformative figure at a lower level club with the current state of world football.

  4. I think working for FIFA is the best decision he has made in the past 7 years, Arsen has a lot to offer to world of football his honest fare man and his not a corrupt person, FIFA has been labeled as a corrupt institute for a long time now and someone like Arsen can change that thought, so Arsen for the presidency of FIFA he has my vote

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