Arsene Wenger makes a very revealing admission

Former Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, has revealed that he is still open to new managerial opportunities as he misses daily training.

The Frenchman was boss at the Emirates for more than 20 years as he led Arsenal to the final of the Champions League in 2006 among winning several leagues and cup titles.

He was, however, relieved of his job in 2018 as the Gunners began to look to take a different direction for their club.

He looked for another job briefly before becoming employed by FIFA as their Chief of Global Football development.

He has been travelling around the world and fulfilling his obligations in that role, however, he still wants to manage.

Speaking to Europe1 recently, he admitted that he misses daily training and will want to make a return because he has done that for much of his life.

He also added that it will take the right conditions for him to be tempted back to football management.

He told Europe 1: “Every day, I want to train, I’ve been doing this all my life,”

“I’m 70 years old, I gave a lot. Should I play Russian roulette a bit, even when it comes to my health?

“I can’t do things by halves, so I ask myself this question.”

When asked what it would take to tempt him back into the top job, Wenger said: “It will be in conditions that I consider optimal. Otherwise, I will not do it.” 

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    1. It’s a shame that we can’t afford £2m to pay staffs but we can pay an agent £2m for him to take a picture with Willian signing a contract.
      More so bloody shameful knowing our owner’s worth is £6 billion.
      If any fan or anybody who thinks to call out players or anyone for not taking a pay cut doesn’t really know what’s important in this life.
      Ozil is even the least of problem right now.
      We can do terrible business every year, yet we can’t pay £2m per year for Salary of 55 people.
      This club is a disgrace, from the owner down to the board

      1. “Arsenal, it’s worth remembering,
        are owned by a billionaire whose
        net worth is estimated to be in
        the region of $8bn, and for whom
        covering the salaries of 55
        employees would barely be a
        drop in the vast ocean of his
        fortune – even with the LA
        .stadium project ongoing.

        KSE also pushed through pay
        cuts on the playing squad almost
        as soon as the pandemic started,
        and to this date we remain the
        only Premier League to have
        implemented such measures.

        It’s a real shame that 55 ‘ordinary’
        people are going to lose their jobs
        during this incredibly difficult time,
        and it’s shameful that the
        ownership – who are willing to
        sanction significant outlays on
        players and agents because of
        their cosy relationships with club
        executives –
        are allowing this to happen.

        Trying to frame the relatively
        trifling savings these job cuts will
        have as something which will allow
        us to invest is the team isn’t going
        to wash with any fan with a
        modicum of common sense.

        We have to let 55 people go so we
        can pay a month of Willian’s wages?
        That’s not it.

        Best of luck to everyone who might
        be affected.”

        Kroenke and the board should be
        embarrased, disgraced and
        ashamed for what there doing
        to the reputation club and most
        importantly these 55 individuals
        who dont deserve this
        professional disrespect.

        *copied from another AFC sight

        1. Ace this is really burning me.. I’m not related to any of the folks losing their job but this is really disturbing and hurting.
          All of these going on while we have a rich owner.
          I’m waiting for some stupid folks to come out and try to drag Ozil into this because he refused to take a pay cut.
          With everything that’s happened at the club so far with Kroenke not helping out I wish none of the players took the paycut.
          They should’ve all done what Ozil did. Then we’ll know if this greedy and stingy owner of ours will do nothing

          1. Kroenke might be the dumbest
            Billionaire on the planet. This
            is the PERFECT opportunity for
            Silent Stan to personally inject
            himself into the financial resolution
            of this crisis and in the process
            score so major browns points
            with the Arsenal faithful.

            If the muppet would just come
            out and say the following he
            would in an instant erase all
            the deserved hostility and
            negativity that has defined his
            time as Arsenals owner.

            “I will be personally covering the
            financial obligations for these 55
            valued AFC employees thru this
            time next year and investing £50-
            100M of Kroenke capital to
            support the continued rebirth
            of AFC under MA.

            Stan, are you really that big of
            a simpleton?

      1. Ken, the club released a statement about some financial bûllshit. 55 more staff will apparently lose their jobs, claming it’s to help raise funds to invest in the club.
        While out billionaire owner is out there being useless

    2. Today is a dark today.. I agree with all of you. It’s insane that someone like Ozil gets paid 350k a week and is not accepting a SMALL wagecut in order to safe 55 other people. Now it also feels weird if we sign anyone in my opinion.

      I also read that one of the 55 is Francis Cigagao. That makes it an even darker day..

      1. Last I checked MO doesn’t own
        AFC. The man doesnt owe
        anybody a single penny of that
        contract and quite frankly
        spends MILLIONS of pounds
        each yest supporting charitable
        organizations and the less

        This is all on that muppet Kroenke.
        the man is an absolute disgrace
        and embarrassment to the club
        we love and the human race for
        that matter.

      2. So now you’re targeting Ozil’s refusal to take a pay cut? Really bruv?
        Ozil runs Arsenal? Ozil is the billionaire who owns the club and refuses to do a single thing?

        1. Well both of you got a point and trust me, I’m more irritated with the Kroenkes. But it also annoys me that everyone took a paycut but Ozil refused.. That’s what I meant. If you care so much for the club and individuals, you can take a small (temporary) paycut in my eyes, like the rest of the squad

    3. OT ? No way Sue ! That is a key topic and I pray it is true! I know it is not, sadly, but I can dream can’t I?

  1. Oh! didn’t know that he has been “employed by FIFA as their Chief of Global Football development”. Very good choice indeed by FIFA. Even though fans, myself included, wanted him out during his last few years, Mr. Wenger is undoubtedly a man of high integrity and professionalism.

  2. I think he is too old now for managerial career. And why is there no statue of him yet? It’s better to put it when he is still alive.

  3. Francis Cagigao, the head scout who brought in Cesc Fabregas and Gabriel Martinelli is among the 55.
    This whole is irking to me and I cant tell why. It’s just so annoying to see this happen to hardworking staffs

    1. What a kick in the teeth, knowing how much the owner is worth and how much all of them rake in each week!!
      Really is a case of how the other half live….

  4. 2 million is a drop in the bucket for our billionaire owner, but it’s his money and he can do as he pleases.
    But be consistent; don’t talk to me about an Arsenal “family” environment with the club. Immediately cease saying he “cares” about employees, and what matters to him.
    It’s quite simple, he values 2 million dollars more than he values his employees, full stop. Personally I find it disgusting and deplorable, but it’s not illegal.

    1. One more thing, I’m now glad Ozil told him to pay up and he’s not taking a pay cut. Hold that greedy bastard to the terms of the contract he agreed too.
      At least Ozil is charitable with his money and look at all he has done for those in need.
      Rather see Ozil freely give to his fellow man than Kronke line his pockets with the savings. Kronke is a real piece of work; really hope Karma is paying attention to him FFS.

    2. Maybe this bit of Karma will be a silver lining. Kronke’s Rams have settled one case regarding them leaving St. Louis costing Kronke $24 million.
      Secondly the US Supreme Court has rejected his appeal in the overall relocation suit to be settled in arbitration. The high court agreed with Missouri supreme court that the case will go to trial next year in St. Louis, and Kronke may be called to testify.
      Scheduled for next year, and not looking good for Kronke. FINALLY he may be held accountable for his actions towards the fans and taxpayers in St. Louis.
      Not sure the amount being asked by city of St. Louis, but I will try to find out.

      1. This man’s wealth increased by £323 million during this Pandemic bro.
        He isn’t losing at all.
        Why does the world have to work this way?

        1. 12.5% of £18 million is £2.2million which could have paid for those employees for another year
          I hope this isn’t down to something else

          1. Either ways Owner or Ozil, both are millionaires we debate who should do what, but simple folk are losing jobs, so sad. Too bad this should affect our staff. Hope they find work soon. Prayers and best wishes in these grim and dark times. Too hell with both millionaires, I care less for both who are heartless.

          2. Every senior player at The Arsenal is a millionare, not just Ozil. Here are some examples for you to ponder over

            Auba is reported to be worth $30 million.
            Lacs is reported to be worth $15 million.
            Arteta is reported to be worth $19 million.
            Luiz is reported to be worth $76 million.
            Martinelli is reported to be worth $4 million.
            Holding is reported to be worth $2 million.
            Bellerin is reported to be worth up to $5 million.

            I’ll let you do the other players, as this gives a broad picture of what our players personal wealth is.

            I wonder if the players who took a salary cut in good faith, now feel as if they’ve been misled, as some of us more cautious fans (and three reported players) wondered as well?
            Perhaps, if they had done what the other three players had requested and found out if the wage cut was going to protect the likes of these 55 personnel, what their decision would have been?
            Let’s remember, we are the ONLY club that have seen players take a salary cut.

            Kronkie should hang his head in shame.
            £2.2 million of an estimated $10 billion (forbes @ 2020) is 4.54% and yet he asked staff and players to take a 12.5% pay cut?!?!?!

            His personal wealth rose by £323 million since the start of 2020 (Source Daily Mirror 6/5/20) yet we question why three reported players refused to take a pay cut until they knew where and why the money would go?
            As disgusted as we feel as supporters of The Arsenal, what must they feel like? They’ve been done up like a kipper.
            Well, all but three of them – maybe they are the modern day version of the “Three Wise Men?”.

        2. Don’t think so? He recently lost every motion and filing in this case, (4 in total), forced to submit years of phone calls and emails, forced to pay relocation fees of teams (already in tens of millions and rising), and the CEO of NFL may even be called to testify.
          Add to that he already settled one suit for $24 million, and the case will be tried in St. Louis. Legal experts estimate it could cost him hundreds of millions possibly nearing 1 billion in total reparations.
          Now that the NFL is getting dragged into the case, how long before they pressure Kronke to settle?
          No way his lawyers want email and phone records made public, especially if it shows collusion with the NFL during relocation.

    3. Not illegal Durand, but morally

      This decision IMHO is a transparent
      FU to the millions of hard working
      Arsenal fans that span the globe.
      We are witnessing the callous and
      unnecessary purging of 55 peers
      to ensure our Billionare owner and
      his pathetic crownies can recoup
      a paltry sum to REINVEST in the
      squad? £2.5M? WTF

      A man worth north of $8 billion
      dollars could find this chump
      change in his couch if he truly
      gave a damn about the club,
      its peon employees and the millions
      of loyal Gunnera that bleed red and

      I could care less about the FA Cup and
      the summer transfer window. Sadly
      something died inside my Araenal
      heart today.

      1. It is really, really disappointing… we all ripped it out of the spuds and pool for using the furlough scheme, yet we’re laying off 55!! Does that mean that Kia bloke will go without his fee for Willian and possibly Coutinho? No, thought not….

        1. We’re paying Kia the money Sue…. We’ve sacked all our scouts.
          We’re depending on Kia now.
          You see why I’ve kept on singing about how Raul is a fraud?

          1. I agree with you about Raul, Eddie. Mislintat warned us about him and what a mess we’re in! It’s only going to get worse….
            Quite frankly it’s embarrassing….

    1. Certainly this is not the Arsenal I know. It is enough the heartache they give on the pitch but news like this give a lingering feeling that won’t go away. Can’t explain how it is but its not a pleasant one.

      I really hope Mesut and other players find it in their hearts to support these people even outside the management. But I can only dream.

      1. When you check out Arsenal news, it goes from those redundancies to the Willian/Coutinho/gabriel (?) deals and how much they’ll cost/earn… how much Kia will receive etc… doesn’t sit quite right with me, HH…. absolutely ridiculous amounts of money!!

        1. If we are in such a financial difficulty is Willian signing necessary? After all he is in the wrong side of age for a 3 years contract and we have Pepe who play in the same position.

          1. We’ve just picked up 3.6m for the cup win… I believe up to 40m (?) for EL qualification…..I’m sure there are ways around this…
            It stinks, it really does….

  5. If only the fans in North London or around London can do something about it. Many fans just go online to rant about how much they hate the way the club is being run and when the season resumes,, the same fans buy season tickets to watch games. Why not form a structured fans union, come out and protest at the Emirates. Support the players from home but do not spend money on any arsenal merchandise until you see the change you desire. Create online petitions for arsenal fans across the world to sign. Publish them on popular sites such as this. But instead, many fans will still put more money in the greedy owner and clueless board’s pockets. We don’t know the power we have as fans. Without us the club doesn’t function. Simple as that. Now we have an owner and a board that would soon make us the next Newcastle or the team that was once great. A Quick reminder, Nottingham Forest once won the champions league. Where are they now? Must have had sleeping fans too. We went from winning the league unbeaten, to just finishing in the top 4, to finishing top 6 and now it’s top 8. Can’t we see a trend here? The sooner the fan base unites aggressively to get the owner and board out, the better for us. There’s no victory without sacrifice. Missing out on games, not buying merchandise are the sacrifices we have to make for the good of our club.

    1. Kstix, I can see where you are coming from, but why put the onus on the fans?

      We are not millionaires, billionaires and we are not responsible for the running of the club either.

      What about asking the players to go on strike, or refuse to pose for merchandising photographs etc etc etc ?
      They have more power than a full 60,000 Emirates stadium – they all have fortunes that we mere fans can only dream about.

      One collective action from the players, such as announcing they will not play in the Community Shield, unless the owner puts his money into saving these 55 jobs, would make Stan Kronkie take notice – what would/could he do? Fire every single player for breach of contract and see his investment plummet into obscurity?

      Let them turn up for training with the number 55 on their shirts for starters- how hollow the number 14 seems at this moment in time now.

      We, the fans, are not responsible for these redundancies, the owner has made this decision.
      Let’s see if he pleads with the players to, once again, do what he should be doing, protecting the jobs and the image of The Arsenal.
      Let’s see if they have the guts to do what you are asking the fans to do…make a stand against the owner.

      1. While I agree with you that the players have some type of power, I must disagree with you how much that power can do.
        First of all, the players are employees of the club, they’re like passengers that can be replaced at any given time. They can’t even be bothered by how the club is run as long as they get their weekly pay. Fans are the constant thing a football club has, the fans are the ones that suffer the most from stupid decisions from the board and owner, the fans contribute a very large percentage to seeing the club runs successfully. We’re strong stakeholders, the players are not, they just do a job for the club and fans and get paid for the job they do. The fans pay them by buying tickets and merchandise.
        Knowing all these? Would you say the fans have no power still?. Let’s protest at the Emirates just once and leave an empty Emirates stadium (Heck we’ve compulsorily done that during this corona period and see how much financial hit the club has taken). The only thing is they can blame this all on the pandemic now but if it was safe for fans to go back to stadiums and we refuse to spend our money to go and revolt and protest on grounds of incompetence from the board and constant neglect from the owners. I can guarantee you something will happen because they would really be exposed. The board will either be sacked or there would be a change of ownership just to get back on the good graces of the fans because A FOOTBALL CLUB IS NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITHOUT IT’S FANS. Players come and go but fans are forever. The board and owner do as they please because the love the fans have for the club makes them really vulnerable. They know no matter what they do, we can’t resist the urge to go watch our team play or buy a really cool kit when it’s launched. They are predators who prey on our love for the club. We have to take a stand and say enough is enough. It’s not going to be easy as it will take massive courage to do so.

  6. ”More so bloody shameful knowing our owner’s worth is £6 billion” Arsenal FC is a business entertainment not a charity organization. the owners do not happen to have the passion about it the way some of the fans do..

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