Arsene Wenger makes a very surprising managerial claim

Arsene Wenger has sensationally revealed he was offered the Manchester United managerial job, but he refused to say when.

The Frenchman was the manager of Arsenal for more than 20 years before he was ousted from the position in 2018.

During his time with the Gunners, his team always battled Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United for the Premier League title.

From the late 90s to the early 2000s, Arsenal and Manchester United fought for most of the trophies in England.

Wenger struggled when Ferguson retired and new managers like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp came to the Premier League, and Arsenal had to part company with him when the team could no longer enter the Premier League’s top four.

He has been Fifa’s head of global football development since he left Arsenal and he seems to have cut off all ties with the Gunners as he has not been seen anywhere near the club since he left.

Speaking to the Times recently, the Frenchman claimed that he was offered the managerial role at PSG, saying: “I was offered that job a few times.”

When asked if he was offered the Manchester United job, he said: “Yes”

But he refused to say when the offer was made, saying: “I don’t tell you that.

“But I can tell you Man Utd offered me the job but I don’t tell you when.”

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  1. What does it matter now! It never happened and THAT is what matters, NOT what didn’t happen! It did not rain the other day, but it might have done, so lets all discuss why it didn’t, eh!

  2. Great man
    Premier league legend who transformed our club ,now let’s hope he can now sort this VAR mess out which he has mentioned ,or atleast tweak it for the better .

    1. Shame on you Declan!!!
      As one of the older Gooners on here, AW is part of our incredible history and to think he saw our club as bigger than those I name below (all of whom asked for his services) and you say “do we care?”

      1. I rate him as the best manager we ever had but we’ve moved on ken and it is very old news that Man U wanted him as well as all the others of which stories were rife at the time. Do we care about hearing it here now was what I said. Not sure I see it’s relevance today. Anyway just my opinion.

        1. Sorry Declan, thought you were slating him and, as usual, I jumped in too quickly….especially as I always read your thoughts and opinions.
          It’s just that I get so p***ed off with those who keep on abusing him for his last two years.
          I apologise my fellow Gooner!!

          1. It’s ok ken I’ve been so guilty recently jumping down other posters throats. I would never abuse Mr Wenger, he gave us the best football the world has seen and I miss our free flowing football he g@ve us and the players he signed, far too many to list here.

  3. One of the very best Dan and Mikel Arteta says how much he has influenced his managerial thoughts and decisions.
    It was on the 1st October 1996, that he came to our club and how he changed the image of our “boring” club for the better.

    His autobiography come out in ten days time and I ordered my copy months ago…hope he addresses some of the fans questions and thoughts, but being the gentleman he is, I doubt he will name names, more the pity.

    Not only Manure, but Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG all approached him during his time at Arsenal, but he turned them all down for The Arsenal.

    A true legend of the club.

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