Arsene Wenger makes audacious Arsenal Premier League prediction

Arsene Wenger is of the opinion that if any team is going to challenge Liverpool and Man City this season it will be Arsenal.

Wenger feels that out of Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal, it is his former club that is best equipped to challenge last season winners and runners up, strangely he does not mention Tottenham, though that may be how his comments have been reported.

“Maybe the team who has the potential is Arsenal who could be the closest,” Wenger told beIN Sports USA as cited by Teamtalk.

“Chelsea looks a bit young; not enough mature up front, not enough mature at the back.

“Manchester United hasn’t found certainty where you could say today they can fight for the championship. They look quite comfortable with two in front. Man City has a huge technical level where they can always create chances.

“Liverpool looks very strong at the back and up front and they have a midfield who knows their job; maybe less creative than Man City. So they look a little bit in front of all the others.”

Obviously Wenger will be accused of bias and it is hard to argue with that accusation but it does not mean he is not right.

His analysis of Chelsea and United is fair and even though he did not mention Spurs, they are hardly in a decent shape themselves.

Arsenal is a lot more settled than last season, they have strengthened and the weakest area, the defence, will very soon receive reinforcements in the shape of Kieran Tierney, Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin.

We have yet to see the best of Nicolas Pepe and Dani Ceballos and we know what they are capable of. So, it is ok calling Wenger biased but it is difficult to totally disagree with him as well.


    1. The flawed genius speaks the truth!! All hail the saviour of Arsenal FC. I bet you anything in the future, his legacy will prove to be the longest and the best.

      1. Ok – bet you £1m that in a hundred years his record will be broken by a manager who goes
        10 years winning every single EPL game
        Tell me where you live so I can come round and get my money in 2119

        1. So let’s stop blaming him whenever anything goes wrong then – nobody said this was his team…If you read the article, he was praising our team, because he is a real gooner through and through. ..and just like most of us biased in the extreem!!!

          See, that’s the problem, some fans just can’t move on from (as welbeck so succinctly stated above) the flawed genius.

        2. @karen, what about the mess your supposed incompetent messiah is causing now with his clueless tactics and selection and man management. I am no fan of wenger neither will i be fan of this clueless manager. After putting out wrong team he will then stay on touchline controlling traffic

  1. Play David Luiz in defensive midfielder role and sokratis and holding at the back with Ceballos behind the front 3, please for God sake bench xhaka and start torriera or guenduzi with luiz

  2. I stuck my neck out at the beginning of the season by predicting Arsenal could finish third and I’m sticking to it.

    1. Georgement, I look forward to your application for the coaching position, if Arsenal do not take up the option of extending Emery’s contract into the third year.
      One thing I respect about Arsene Wenger, is the class he shows in not commenting adversely on Arsenal, or undermining the coach who came after him. It is unfortunate that so many “so called” Arsenal supporters don’t act the same.

  3. Not one to always agree with the gaffer but with his know it all and tons of experience am not challenging him on this one

  4. Right now if Emery gets 3rd/4th most Arsenal fans
    will celebrate and Emery will get an extension.
    But if fans expectations are raised to 1st/2nd then
    3rd/4th may well be seen as a fail and Emery may be sacked.
    Wenger raising fan expectation to 1st/2nd seems absurd
    because Wenger lived off 4th is a trophy for a decade<.
    Wenger sold himself as the Savior of AFC because he kept
    the club in CL a line which is oft quoted by the AKB's.
    Wenger also claimed to have saved attacking football
    in fact he claimed to having saved football itself.
    Millions of Arsenal FC fans bought into Wengers bullsh#t.
    I for one did not believe a word of it and never will.
    Wenger got lucky in a very weak league early on.
    When the titles stopped in 2005 he invented the 4th place trophy myth and was paid 100 mill to maintain the fraud.
    Now he is saying 1st or 2nd is the pass mark.
    Go figure.

    1. Agu Emen, once again you are making falsehoods…no let’s call it as it is, absolute lies.

      I laid out all the facts to you on a prefious thread regarding ĺiving off 4th for decades…you failed to answer any one of th points/questions put to you.

      Here’s another question…see if you can answer this one? If Wenger got lucky in a very weak league early on, why hadn’t the club finished in the top four for twenty years in a row before he arrived?

      Your right in one respect, millions of Arsenal FC fans bought into Wenger….along with millions of other football fans, managers, coaches, pundits and players.

      Go figure that one out!!!

      Just to prove you talk utter and complete BS, show me where he is saying “1st or 2nd is the pass mark?

      Have an opinion, but don’t make up lies to try and bolster such a ridiculous fairy tale or myth as you caalled it.

  5. For many years even when he was struggling at Arsenal,Wenger has always got his analysis spot-on.On Euro championships,World Cup finals and even after.The latest one being the audacious prediction that Liverpool would overturn a 3-0 first round lead by Barcelona to reach the Champions league final.His last years at arsenal might have been terrible but when he speaks football,i pay attention

  6. I hope he is right, and I would agree if we could improve our defense and get more points away from home.

    Resting key players during Europa should also provide us with an opportunity to eat into the gap from last season.

    Just a bit worried that some place too much hope on Bellerin. To me his defense is ok, and his delivery is poor. I do not rate AMN as a RB but unfortunately I do not see Bellerina being much of an improvement. I would personally add him to the list of players that we should cash in on.

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