Arsene Wenger must be a nervous wreck at the moment

With Arsenal’s big game at Old Trafford coming up next weekend, Arsene Wenger must be becoming increasingly distraught as to whether Chile will carry out their threat to play Alexis Sanchez on Tuesday, but obviously the Chilean is not the only problem he is worried about.

Èveryone may think that, with most of his players away on international duty, Le Prof can just relax and do a little light admin until they return, but according to him these interlulls are extremely stressful. Wenger explained: “You’re always on the phone before the game, but especially after the game to see what happened and how they played,” he told BeIN Sports.

“You wait for your statements from your physios because they are in touch with the national associations.

“We have an hour afterwards where we text each other, myself and the physios, to ask: ‘are they alright’.

“Before you start the game, sometimes you have a sleepless night because some of your players have been injured and sometimes you are angry because they play a friendly game, they are overloaded with games and instead of being taken off they play the full 90 minutes.”

The Gunners have more than a whole team of players that are off this week with their countries, so he must be pulling his hair out over the Alexis situation, never mind the other 12 players that are out there somewhere. And this must also be why he wants Laurent Koscielny to be dropped for France’s next game, so he will have one less to worry about.

Poor Mr Wenger. That must be why he earns so much, he is a nervous wreck!


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  1. Alexis the Great says:

    On 8 million a year I’d pay someone else to make all those calls. It’s not like he can do anything about it!

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