Arsene Wenger on the verge of a return to football

Ever since Arsene Wenger left his job as Arsenal manager many wondered what his next job in football would be, well the wait is now over, the 70-year-old is set to be FIFA’s technical head, according to the New York Times.

His actual title is yet to be confirmed, however, his brief is to advise on coaching standards and suggest improvements, he will also be tasked with consulting on other aspects of the game and how it is played.

An official announcement is expected with the next few days confirming the Frenchman in his new high profile role with the games ultimate authority.

It is understandable why FIFA would offer Wenger the role, he is very experienced at the top level of the game but at the same time, it is hard to ignore the fact that he failed to evolve and the last few years at Arsenal has to be considered a failure.

Some, I am sure, will question the wisdom of FIFA’s decision to appoint Wenger to a role that is to advise on coaching improvements when he was unable to implement any improvements himself in his final years at the Emirates.

In his prime, Wenger was one of the best coaches in the world but the modern coach is a lot different nowadays, the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Diego Simeone play a totally different type of football, the type that Wenger just could not adapt to.

I am not saying that Wenger does not have a lot to offer but I am not sure he is the right man to be head of FIFA technical department charged with improving coaching.


  1. He ran out of ideas at Arsenal because he got stuck in his comfort zone for more than fifteen years

    He was surrounded by many “yes” men and got too complacent with his status at the club, which eventually clouded his judgement

    I believe he can see things better now, after he was released from his daily routines at the Emirates. Wenger is the perfect man for that job, because he has vast experience

    1. things got better because we got a good negotiator in Raul with vast contacts and good relationships

      we able to sign better players when Raul reports directly to Josh korenke who has the authority

      Just like Dein in the past who can convince the board

  2. What has been introduced by “modern coaches” that Wenger has not introduced? His game is based on the “pass & move…all attack/all defend game with highly technical individual players with wonderful tactical nous”. He has brought along fast players with quick feet who are “fast on their feet = good football brains” even as his hands were tied by unavailability of funds which would have enabled the snapping up of/assemble of “best players” as has past Chelsea and present ManCity, Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona and Liverpool TEAMs. He was in the process of rebuilding as could be seen with the bringing in of Lacazette, Aubameyang and others along with youth from Arsenal’s Academy.

  3. As much as I wish Arsene Wenger well and future success I do not think he is the right person for this job because he could not change or adapt his own tactics when necessary. I believe he would have had enough time to review his view of tactics since he left Arsenal and I would like him to put that to test with another club. He has said it himself that he would like to be in the dugout one more time.

  4. Wenger is going to encourage FIFA to put enough pressure on UEFA when it comes to FFP rules.
    Our wenger loved to cite “But we have to abide by the Fair play Regulations”.

    But Good luck to him in his new venture.

  5. I can’t believe people are saying crap such as he’s not the right man for the job as he couldn’t evolve in his last years. I understand those are your opinions but please grow and and stop being what people call haters, let the man do whatever he wants to do next before throwing judgements already.
    Geez!! he’s out Arsenal FFS! Give the man some break!

    Wenger is not being asked to take the actual role or job as a coach, matter of fact even if he does take that, he failed in his later years means he’ll fail everywhere or anywhere he decides to go next?
    By the way with the level of corruption in FIFA, who’s best for the position if not Wenger for his personality?
    I ask anyone of you to give me a better name for the jov

  6. a mistake what a joke!by the way how many former managers,players….real football people has FIFA or UEFA employed in the past apart Platini ? that’s right barely none only businessmen,at least Wenger knows the game inside out he changed the game for the better so that would be a great appointment,I don’t see the link between his last years at ARSENAL and his potential new job,could you enlighten me please?

  7. Iunderstand some fans may be still bitter with wenger but let the man be,he is a legend of the game and earned his respect for being displined and successful in his long carreer.OT I watched Ibrahim Sangare of touloouse can be a steal for 15m as DM to replace xhaka, he got everything athletism,physicality at 6.3ft,averages 3.6 tackles per game an accamplished dribbler,posses speed,dribled past once last season while xhaka was dribbled past 45 times than any active arsenal player lats season and at 21yrs he is better than ndombele who spurs paid 60.REMEMBER THE NAME.We should get him in January and declare xhaka PERSONA NON GRATA AT THE EMIRATES like we did with with ozil and mustafi

  8. All the best in whatever he does. Those who find it in their armchair coach wisdom fail to realise this man has forgotten more about football than we all claim to know. Those calling him a failure and that he just sat back and took the money fail to understand or are ignorant to the real side of how it all unraveled for him at AFC. Per gave some insight into it, as did AW himself. He was undermined by the board, coupled with his inability to motivate under performing players with his soft approach at man management was part of his downfall. But a failure he was not. He tried to do it his way, maintain his integrity and put his stamp on the game. And that he did. Yeah,the game moved on around him, with corporation, and social media style profit driven, instant gratification. Which his old school style had no place in. Think what you will about him. One thing you cannot deny, he put AFC on the map of the modern game. And held us up there. So next time you utter his name, put some respect on it…✌?

    1. NY Gunner, perfectly summed up in every respect.

      With all the corruption in our game, at leasr we can be certain they have appointed a man with the highest principles imaginable.

      Now, perhaps, we can move on as fans and start dissecting every decision UE makes in his quest to bring our club honours yet again.

    2. the game moved on from what he was doing almost a decade before he was finally sacked. That is not success. It’s stubbornness. Try keeping your job when you have been unwilling to adapt to the new methods in the industry that are proving to be more successful while you stick to your old ways… At a time AW was a pioneer, but for far too long he was allowed to remain stagnant. Not ALL his fault, because the people at Arsenal allowed it to continue for so long.

      1. Explain how the game moved on,I dont see the drastic change as some of the people claim here. Staying in leagues , fa cups and staying in champions league for such a long time with minimum to no investment seems failure to you. You are deluded my friend. Same ppl who called for his head for delivering champions league football year in year out are the ones who now have a view that if we finish top 4 then we are successful this season. Grass is always greener on the other side…lol!..Arsene wenger is a legend n still one of the best managers around.

    3. “he’s forgotten more about football than most of us claim to know” ? very well put, couldn’t have said it better,you”re right no matter what show him some respect and let him move on with his life!!

  9. Only the anti-Wenger, anti-aircraft will speak disparagingly of Arsene. He revolutionalised the way the beautiful game of football should be played. His only fault was that he was so immersed in his project at the Emirates Stadium that he found it hard to let go. He deserves whatever accolades and good opportunities that come his way.

    1. Jerryking, so much sense you type, a real picture of what the man was doing – so much better than the rubbish coming from the posr above yours.

      As someone else asked recently, what exactly has changed in the game from when the Invincibles reigned supreme?

      Unless you believe that inverted, converted, subverted, deadlegged, onelegged wingers playing at a false no. 10 instead of a real no. 11 really means anything.

      By the way folks, the BFG has yet again confirmed that Arsene resigned, but if little things please little minds, carry on spouting the same old rubbish – if it makes you feel good.

  10. FFS, Diego Simeone what???

    Simeone’s Atletico play typical Italian catenaccio — tough defense then nick it on the break — but with more fanatical coaching plus having the most intense fitness coach in football.

    It’s basically catenaccio on steroids and the only coaching ‘expertise’ of Simeone is pushing his players very hard. Which admittedly works in a league like Spanish one, but comparing him to Guardiola or Klopp is downright foolish if you’re talking about progression of tactics.

  11. perhaps he should be employed as a video ref at next years euros. he never saw a penalty when he was in charge at arsenal. so , he would be perfect for the job i think.he never even saw one penalty that was awarded against us during his reign. great man, but, honesty must be questioned. either that, or, he needs to go to specsavers !.

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