Arsene Wenger promises more Arsenal signings

As we all know Arsene Wenger has only spent about 21.5 million of Arsenal’s transfer kitty, so it is only to be expected that he will still be looking at further action, especially another centre-back to replace Thomas Vermalen.

After yesterday’s demolition of Man City, Wenger admitted that he had a good squad already with his new signings but admitted he was still after a centre-backat theleast.

Wenger said in the Daily Star: “I would say overall it was a united team performance and it was a first half of quality, togetherness and good movement,”

“It’s very difficult to compare (with past squads) but yeah, in the last two years I’ve been speaking about big transfers.

“In the years before that we always lost big transfers so (the current policy) has now strengthened the squad.”

“If I can find another centre back I will do it,” Wenger added.

“You make your position with your performances.”

The Star also repeated an earlier quote from Wenger when he told fans: “I think August 15 to 30 will be busy again,”

“I’m very happy [with our business] and I’m still open to doing more.”

So it looks like Arsenal fans will still be getting some more good news in the next few weeks!


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  1. We also need a DM Wenger to really compete at all fronts. Arteta is okay though he is currently the weak link in the first 11.

    Any news on whether Kos is injured?

    1. The commentator confirmed from the touch line reporter during the game that Koscielny is fit and there’s nothing to worry about.

      1. Thank God his okay. Don’t want to start the season with injuries to our key players. Cant wait for Theo and Diaby (cough cough) to return aswell.

        Will our German superstars hurry back already and begin to prepare for the great season ahead.


      1. If only Arsenal had registered the term “trophy drought” as an official club trademark – Arsenal would be the wealthiest club on the planet by now – royalties every time the media uttered or published the term – pure gold.

      2. I knew it, I sensed it, There is going to be a FLOOD of trophies, ( u can call it an avalanche) but the FA cup is responsible for this (and many more yet to follow)! So cooool being an Arsenal fan

  2. The biggest make or break signing Arsenal will do is the person to take over from Wenger. Hope they are already considering it and scouting

    1. I am really sorry for you. Wenger just renewed his contract. So your bill may pile up and explode longer before Wenger retires.

    1. You are right. He did not promise which was smart because many deals fall apart. He is looking and working on deals – maybe they will work out, maybe not.

    1. And a good ball playing CF – remember the great through balls that both Sanogo and Giroud were too slow to get onto?
      Well a bit of speed and some footwork and we shall see those in the back of the net as well.
      Our midfield players are past masters at creating gaps – we now need an Arsenal Messi.
      Someone to tuck them in… if Walcott had been on the end of some of the long balls that were put through we might have had our revenge on the defeat the inflicted on us last year.
      Somewhere in the vicinity of 6 was definitely on… but without a center forward of the same class as our center field I’m afraid we are going to create many opportunities and see them go to waste.

  3. The figure is not quite right, we actually spent £32m but that is not important. We should have monies left.

    Arsene is always open to exceptional talent and do not forget some big moves are still due to happen with Madrid and Paris having to sell one or two big names each. That should cause a few good players to move around Europe.

  4. 5 replacements so far.
    Ospina the new Fabianski
    Debuch the new Sagna
    Chambers the new Vermaelen
    Campbell the new Park
    Sanchez the new Bendtner.
    3 promised additions yet to be made.
    Carvalho, Reus and Cavani will do.

    1. But if we buy Reus then sell Ryo will Reus be the new Ryo??
      Or sell Coquelin and buy Carvalho same deal??

      Or just maybe you don’t have a clue how squad building works…?

      1. Thats what we should do
        sell crap like Ryo and Coquelin and
        buy quality like Reus and Carvalho.
        I did not sign crap like Ryo
        and keep Coquelin.
        Tell Wenger he needs to learn how to build a squad..
        Likes he’s had 30 yrs years.
        Wheres your beast man of steel DM Diaby?

  5. I would not believe Arsenal demolished City if i did not see Arsenal demolish city.
    There seems to be a subliminal or subconscious hatred against Arsenal and anything even remotely affiliated to it. We beat city and the media is going on about how they had some key players absent. Hello, dumb alien from out of space(you see that’s funny because hollywood tells us that aliens are super intelligent and will subdue and colonize humans if they finally get within our gravitational field and crash into earth), Arsenal had key players absent too. Ozil, Mert, Podolski, Theo, in fact, the last time Theo played for Arsenal, Arsenal were still trophiless.
    Arsenal wins, all of a sudden it’s -“it’s just a community shield”, “it’s not even a trophy, it’s a round something”, “whether you like it or not, it’s a pre season friendly”
    If Arsenal had lost oh boy oh boy, it would be – “City beat them with their second team”, “Arsenal are not ready for the league yet”
    I thought one of the reasons they repeatedly bashed Arsenal in comparison with city is that city has so much in depth that their second string side could beat Arsenal.
    What a bunch of double mouthed, double speaking Hypocrites!!!
    And Nasri, it’s funny, nasri said Alexis is a great signing but, the EPL is different from la liga so, he doesn’t see him doing much then, he goes on to give chelsea credit for signing Costa. Wow.
    Those who would hate, would hate.

    1. There is a clear double standard. If Arsenal get a nice win, the pundits claim the game did not really mean anything in the long run. If the other club wins, the pundits declare Arsenal too fragile to beat any really good teams. No way to please these people.

      1. Forget about them lads and lets enjoy our success. Even when we beat Bayern or R. Madrid in the CL final pundits will always find something negative to go on about. They must be something very special about this club that our rivals don’t have hence people are jealous about us. Even when we try to do things the right way, play the most beautiful football in the land, and Arsene has actually dedicated his time building an English team that can win something for once the media keeps stepping on our toes.

        The media and other fans outside England actually respect, admire, and appreciate Arsenal and Arsene for our contribution to the football world.

    2. And the worst culprit? Steve Howard, chief sports writer for the sun!! That guy is always slagging us off from beginning to end of season! At it again today in the sun………..

    3. Totally agree with you Free Gaza. The reality of things now for the media are still not the reality of us fans. They still look at where City finished in the league last year and where we did. So in there eyes whatever happened (we demolished City) City should have won so the logical thing for them to say is things like City missed half there squad and so on. I think that at the end of this season when we are finally champions again the media won’t stop telling everyone how fantastic Arsenal is. So fantastic that we are all gonna be like: whaaat.. don’t overdo it peoples.
      I mean come on. Did they watch the same first half we did? I forgot to breathe sometimes during it. Only after they brought on Silva they had a midfield again. Still after that they could not take real control. Got dangerous be accident once maybe.

  6. Davindz can i ask u a question?
    Do you ever think wenger will sign cavani? You’re deluded !
    Everybody knows a striker is out of it. What we need are in 3 postions
    A CB A CDM (deeplying plamaker) & A LB.

  7. If I can find another centre back I will do it,” Wenger added.

    obviously he will not be looking…he cant find any with his penny pinching ways

    1. Penny pinching? This is the biggest budget we have spent in a window and he is still open to more business.

      Do not forget a team is constant work in progress, we should definitely improve and challenge this year and with the always improving financial we will get better every year.

      I want success too and I think the future is bright, we will nail the EPL in the next 2-3 years MAYBE EVEN THIS YEAR with the right mentality and a versatile DM.

  8. I believe Wenger is working to get more players but he also strictly adheres to the criteria he uses to get players so the deals do not always work out. He refuses to pay more than he believes a player is worth and if he feels the other club is not serious or diddling with him he refuses to deal with them further.

    We can just hope he is able to finish off the transfer season for the remaining players needed.
    I still see a need for a CB and DM – Chambers is great but he cannot be backup RB, backup CB and DM all at the same time. Some decisions about his usage must be made.

    1. Wenger does business with Barcelona, Southampton, and when he needs someone quick he calls France. He did business with Malaga because Malaga needed the cash. he obviously went to Germany for the PRICE and quality.
      He is very prudent when comes to acquiring players. He will NOT overpay for anyone PERIOD! I call that good business !

  9. Arsene. Wenger can actually make dis season great; with those 2 signings– CB n DM; n we ll have some steel

    1. He will get one man for both roles, mark my words. Are we heading back to the days of total football and players that can play anywhere ?

  10. What he actually said was that it is difficult to replace Vermaelen because he had two big clubs after him who had obviously looked at all the alternatives and not found anyone better. He said that he may get a versatile defensive player that can play CB plus some other positions. That explains the interest in Chris Smalling. To me William Carvalho is a DM who could play CB and fits the bill perfectly. Cannot complain about how Arteta played on Sunday but Arsenal had the numbers in midfield. It is when the opposition matches numbers but has more strength in those central areas, as Chelsea may do, that Arsenal struggle.

  11. It was a long wait but our two month trophy drought is finally over 😀


  12. With all due respect the press do have a point in that the winners of this competition last year were the team that finished 8th. As a fan it is always worth celebrating a trophy, and the thrashing of a serious rival, but the real work starts on Saturday at 5pm. A victory in the league at the Etihad would taste twice as sweet.

  13. I don’t think Wenger is going for a CB but for a DM who can play CB. He said, after the community shield, that available quality CBs are hard to find in the current market and that’s why teams like Barcelona and United struggled. That’s probably how we got £15m for Vermaelen. I think it’s better for the team if he actually goes for a DM as a priority instead of CB.

  14. lets spend some money and get some quality players..

    As for quality players wise the grass is always greener outside…..

    1. @Hafiz Rahman
      “wise the grass is always greener outside….”
      Your stash getting low Hafiz 🙂
      Good grass can be grown inside just throw on that
      high pressure sodium bulb on a 12/12 cycle.

    2. Are you implying that we have no quality players? Okay then, let’s just go out and sign Reus, Cavani, Ronaldo, Messi and Neuer.

  15. Damn right we need another player (at least one… Even though 2 would be great but let’s not hold our breath), we lost Vermealen and we have to replace him somehow (we are one “body” short).
    In a ideal world a DM and CB would be perfect, but again, I am not living in “Coucou Land” and I sense that Wenger is done with the transfer market.
    If it is the case, we will again pay for it. There is no power in that midfield (Unless Chambers plays there, because Wilshere is just not good enough) and we need to be able to press the opponent and protect the back four.

    1. On the contrary I thought Wilshere had a great first half and was involved in many of the attacks. He also worked hard and tracked back.

  16. Arsenal need to sign someone to pray for the team when obstacles(unfair referees, injuries, poor tactics) come their way. I am a free agent with very reasonable wage demands

  17. OT
    I think…. After Match…. KJ starts his FIFA 14… He played a similar match to generate ratings and post those ratings on……. Now everybody is bashing KJ for the genuine reason, KJ is planning to buy FIFA15 so he can get the better ratings out of that 😉

  18. Decent win but as the media clearly state everytime and No they dont all h8 arsenal, iys clear for all to see yes arsenal can be brilliant but the biggest weakness is there for all to c C.D.M and unles that is addresed They will never rate arsenals chances and deep dwn every fan knows we will not win the prem ir champs league unless it is addressed.

    Hoping arteta being made captain doesnt mean no midfield signin how he has been made captain baffles me, bfg,kosc,ramsey were bankers.

    Where is ospina by the way not even on bench?

    Also any update on diaby?

    1. Hold on a minute there. Arsenal are being rubbished for playing in a game they are OBLIGED to play in.

      As for weaknesses, I’m sorry but this nonsense of DM needs to stop. That is just one weakness. The biggest weakness was lack of pace. Wenger addressed that directly and not just any old signing to fix it but Sanchez!!!!!!! On top of that Campbell has been retained

      Look at the game yesterday. Chambers and Sanchez transformed the way Arsenal played and how they pressed higher.

      So while a DM is needed stop being a whineyassbitch and actually enjoy for once. **** what the media think. If you can’t see the good work already done then go to specsavers!!!!

    2. If I’m not wrong, Ospina has a slight thigh problem and probably isn’t at full fitness. Nobody knows about Diaby, just praying that he’s merely getting his fitness up and not injured.

  19. I’m sure Wenger will buy a DM who can cover as cb but also hope we add a cf,Sanogo needs to be loaned as think with him in the team he will miss more than he scores unless we buy Reus and play Sanchez as the cf

  20. Lets be honest none of us truly know the finances of arsenal. We can just take what the media say, some say we got no money from fabregas and some say Sanchez only cost £30million and others say £35million. And anyway saying that we have only really spent £21million is pointless, arsenal have money to spend anyway, there’s no point spending money on players we don’t need just because we havent spent all this so called budget that everyone seems to think they know exactly what amount we have to spend. Gets quite annoying when people act as though they are playing football manager or something this is real football with real money and people who know what they are doing.

  21. Rumors of Gala sniffing around Campbell and Poldi. I have a funny feeling Wenger might let Joel go, I know he said he would keep him but I am not too convinced that Wenger has him in his plans this season. Wenger likes playing a few set of players who he builds trust in as see in the past few seasons.

    I hope am wrong though, would love to see Joel get a chance and not just the 84th minute subs, you could see he didn’t look too happy coming on at that stage of the match yesterday. As for Poldi now that’s another story, IF and only IF we could find a left winger to replace him in time then we should cash in, too many 29yr old and above in our 25 man squad currently.

    1. I can’t see Campbell leaving and if Poldi goes to Galatasaray then we are in for a LW.

      The important bit is to have a look to find successors for Arteta, Rosicky, Mertesacker and Flamini well in advance. A DM and CB are needed (or a DM able to cover CB like Chambers), I think Rosicky will eventually make way for Zelalem.

      Diaby will need to be honestly assessed at the end of the season, I do not think he will be offered a new contract if his injury woes continue.

  22. All this attention from the media should be taken as a compliment because the more Arsenal do well, the more these tw@ts make a noise. All it means is that Arsenal are on the rise and they are sh*tting bricks.

    Even the ‘second team’ they fielded, is by no means rubbish and justifying their loss with that excuse is laughable. As many have said, Arsenal were missing 3 of our world cup heros, plus Walcott. So end of the day, the teams were well matched on paper, but in reality, Arsenal had a far better chemistry. At times, especially in the first half, our passing game was simply delicious and reminded me a lot of the Invincibles. I smell fear from our rivals.

  23. Applying for the Gunnersaurus job I heard. He failed the Mickey Mouse job interview for EuroDisney although I thought he had the required skills!

  24. All this negativity about winning a trophy ?

    I celebrate three points against bottom of the league at home , why ?

    Because we won !

    …. And that’s how football should be !!!!!!!!

  25. Wenger said ‘IF I CAN FIND another centre back’ we have heard that before. It usually followed by ‘ we couldn’t find any quality players’.
    I fail to see how it’s Wenger ‘promising’ us more signings.

  26. Formation should be 4-3-3

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