Arsene Wenger ready to help out, unfortunately not at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger set to help Premier League make better use of VAR.

Former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger is set to come to the aid of the Premier League as they struggle with the inconsistency of VAR.

Wenger recently landed a new role in football as he was named FIFA’s new Chief of Global Football Development a few weeks back.

VAR has made a controversial entry into the Premier League this season and the early signs show that the referees need all the help they can get.

Every matchday fans have had to deal with controversial decisions from VAR. Arsenal has been on the receiving end of some wrong decisions too after they were denied a winning goal in their game against Crystal Palace.

Mike Riley who has been tasked with helping the Premier League integrate the technology has admitted that there have been four correct calls overturned by VAR this season, Wenger would be hoping he can help to make that better.

According to the Mirror, Riley says he is looking forward to discussing VAR and its problems with Arsene Wenger next month when IFAB meets in Belfast.

Wenger is a member of the International FA Board’s Football and Technical Advisory Panels who make the changes to the game and he would be looking to use his position to help improve the Premier League’s use of VAR.

It is a shame that nothing can be found for Wenger at Arsenal. The club needs all the help it can get right now.


  1. Glorious says:

    VAR and Wenger, it is well

  2. Twig says:

    __________Aubameyang Lacazette
    _____Zaha Ndidi Guendouzi Pepe
    ___Tierney Luiz Upamecano Bellerin

    Arsenal 2020/21

  3. Gasero says:

    Really happy for Arsene
    If some fans still think that he’s not relevant again
    I think FIFA can recognise him
    That alone speak a lot about ARSENE

  4. Durand says:

    I appreciate Wenger, but he was done at Arsenal. He clearly had no answers and couldn’t or wouldn’t admit the players he raised were not good enough.

    He had 2 years and couldn’t evolve so he had to go. Hope Emery is soon gone because of his failures based on the same standard. Failure to secure CL and you get sacked.

    Emery and his cowardly setups are slowly poisoning our identity and he should go now.

  5. Uchman says:

    No coach could have succeeded with the torrent of abuses he got from fans,they created a toxic environment which made it practically impossible for the players to excel, a lot of lies were fabricated to defame shame to any one involved,finishing 2nd behind Leicester was labelled a failure which gave them the thought that he was finished, I still believe that Wenger’s last difficult years was hindered by more of distractions than ability! I thank God he left, I believe no one will call for Emery’s head if we r 2nd today in the league behind Aston villa, then what else is hypocrites!

    1. Segun says:

      Uchman, very well said. Much appreciated.
      The entitlement mentality of fans, coupled with influence of the herd mentality on social media plus the toxic AFTV folks are already at it again. They got Mustafi and now, it’s the turn of Xhaka (whose absence hasn’t resulted in a sudden upsurge in performance, contrary to the sentiments); who will it be next?

  6. Jeff says:

    Just allow the refs to use the monitors.
    Apparently they are just ornamental in the premier league.

  7. Uchman says:

    He’s last message as arsenal manage as arsenal manager ” fans behold the values of this club” its a pity that few months after, we r fighting to stay up what a shame,the legacy you enshrined in this club is bring threatened by out clueless recruits!its not only VAR needs help ,arsenal fc need a bigger help,we r just one loss away from fighting to stay up, 6 wins in 20 league matches is relegation standard,may God help us

  8. gerry burke says:

    how can mr. wenger help out VAR. i mean he was unable to see any penalty awarded against us in his long history with the club. so , who, in their right mind , would employ a blind man for such a job, the mind boggles.

  9. Craig Barrett says:

    Maybe it’s time the fan base took a chance on supporting team with everything we got win or lose for a 3 month period get behind players. We have power to lift players. Their fear on pitch is derived from fan disappointment. We’ve tried changing management. We’ve changed players. The final thing to try is to unite the club. Lift the roof game in and game out. We can power the team up to top four if we support them. Believe in fan power. Stop working against our own. We may find we are a big part of the problem. Let’s at least try.

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